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外研社必修五Module 6 Culture Corner

Module 6 Animals in Danger
Culture Corner

Teaching Aims
1. Understand some information about the WWF.

2. Master some language points.

Listen to the passage and decide the following statements are True or False. 1. The WWF was founded in Switzerland in 1961. F T 2. Peter Scott was both a painter and a naturalist. 3. At present the organization has branches in 130 F countries. 4. The WWF only pays attention to protecting wild animals F in danger. 5. It was Dr George Shaller who set up an office of WWF in F Beijing. 6. Saving the panda is one of the projects that the WWF is T carrying out in China.

Read the passage and answer the questions.
1. What is the WWF? It is the world?s largest organization for nature conservation. 2. What?s the aim of the WWF when it was founded?

To protect the natural habitats of wild animals in danger of extinction.

3. What did Peter Scott do for the protection of nature?

He was one of the founders and designed the famous panda logo. 4. Does the organization always have the same focus of
No. Its original focus was to protect the natural habitats of wild animals in danger of extinction while its present focus is to organise activities having an effect on the environment. It also started to introduce environmental education into schools.

5. When did the WWF set up an office in Beijing?
In 1995.

stand for=represent
help by giving money spend…on… 代表 通过给钱给予帮助 把钱花在?? 关注的焦点 对??有影响 只有 维护自然 把环境教育引入/到学校 建立一个办公室 小学和初中

the focus of attention
have an effect on only if

conserve nature
introduce environmental

education into/to schools
set up an office primary and secondary schools

Language points
Ⅰ. 重点词汇

1. aim n.目标;目的;瞄准 v.对??瞄准;打算
Its aim was to protect the natural habitats of wild animals in danger of extinction. 它的目的是保护那些濒临灭绝的野生动物的自然栖息地。 His aim was to swim a mile.



sb.?s aim is to do 某人的目的/目标是??
aim at +n./v.-ing 以??为目标;力争做到

aim to do sth. 打算做某事
take aim at 把目标对准

同义句转换 1) He aimed to swim a mile every day. at swimming a mile every day. →He aimed ____________ 2) I aimed at the tree but hit the car by mistake. took aim at the tree but hit the car by mistake. →I ____________ 3) He aims to be a writer. aim is _______ →His _____ to be a writer.

2. focus n.焦点;集中点


The focus of attention has changed, too.

We shall maintain our focus on the needs of the customers. 我们将继续重点关注顾客的需要。 You must try to focus your mind on work and study. 你应该努力把思想集中在工作和学习上。

【拓展】 in/out of focus 清晰/不清晰的;焦点对准/没有对准的

be a focus of attention/concern 注意力/关注的焦点
focus one?s attention/eyes/energy on 集中注意力/目光/精力于

focus on/upon 集中于

C your attention _____ what you are learning Only by _____ can you learn it well. A. focus; on B. pay; on

C. focusing ; on

D. paying; on

3. The WWF believes that our world has a future only if people learn to conserve nature and not waste energy. 世界自然保护基金组织认为只有人们学会保护自然,不浪费 能源,我们的世界才会有未来。 waste vt. 浪费 adj. 废弃的;荒芜的;无用的 n. 浪费;滥用(时间或机会);废物;废料 【拓展】 waste … on sth./in doing sth. 浪费??(做)某事

a waste of… 浪费??

1) Don?t waste time and energy on something useless. 2)The land becomes waste. 3)That was a waste of money. 4)It?s a waste of time waiting any longer.

Ⅱ. 重点短语
1.The initials , WWF, stand for World Wide Fund for Nature. 缩略词WWF代表世界自然保护基金组织。 stand for 代表;表示;意味着;容忍;支持;主张

The letters ?WTO? stand for World Trade Organization.
We will not stand for this sort of behavior, young man!

【拓展】 stand out 突出 stand by 袖手旁观

stand for/behind 支持某人/主张
stand aside 站到一边;让开;袖手旁观;不参与

stand in line 站队

D I want to know what she _______ before I vote her. A. stands aside C. stands by B. stands at D. stands for

2.The WWF believes that our world has a future only if people learn to conserve nature and not waste energy. 世界自然保护基金组织认为只有人们学会保护自然,不浪费 能源,我们的世界才会有未来。 only if 只有 1) You can make progress only if you study hard.

2)Only if you study hard can you make progress.

3.Then, in 1995, the organisation set up an office in Beijing.

接着,在1995年,该组织在北京建立了一个办事处。 set up 开办;建立;创设(组织,公司);竖立;搭起(柱子,帐
篷等);建造 1) A new government was set up after the civil war. 2) They set up a spare time study group. 3) The young man has set up a tent. 4) Police set up road blocks on roads leading out of(直达) the city.

【拓展】 set down 放下;写下;卸下

set aside 不顾;把??置于一旁;撤销;驳回
set back 使延迟;阻碍

set out 出发,动身;着手做(to do)
set off 出发,动身;引爆;激起;使开始做

set about doing sth. 着手做某事

【辨析】 put up/set up/build/build up/found 1) put up“建起”,修建某一建筑物,还可意为“搭起”某 一简易建筑。 2) set up作“建筑,搭起”讲时与put up 同义,但还可以 指“建立,成立”某一机构或团体。 3) build作“建起”讲时与put up,set up基本上可以通用。 4) build up“逐渐建立”;“逐步建设”,另外还有“增强” 的意思。 5) found除表示建立组织、机关、团体之外,还指“打基


A 1. (2012· 银川高二检测) The leaders ought to ______ their

political differences to pass a health care law.
A. set aside B. set away C. set off D. set out 2. (2012 · 三明高二检测) Having worked for a whole week, D I decided to ____the rest of my assignment and go to the seaside for relaxation.

A.set out

B.set off

C.set up

D.set aside

1. (2012 · 襄阳高二检测) The “Singles’ Day” falls on every November 11th and to my surprise, China is the only country C a special day for singles to in the world that has _____

celebrate their lives.
A. set off B. set up C. set aside D. set down B 2. (2012 · 高安高二检测) It is a good habit to _____half an hour every day to do some exercise. A. set about B. set aside C. set out D. set down

A are to 3. (2012 · 杭州高二检测) The organisation?s _____ provide food for homeless people and help them find somewhere to live. A. aims B. rules C. suggestions D. profits A , and I don?t 4. The picture in the advertisement is _____ know what it is. A. out of focus B. in focus C. on focus D. with focus

Write a passage about a kind of animal in danger.

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. 没有目标的生活如同没有罗盘的航行。

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