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高中英语必修五-Unit 4 language points

Unit 4 Making the news
Language points

cover a story have a “nose” for a story a trick of the trade get the fact straight get the wrong end of the stick This is how the story

goes get a scoop

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. occupation n. (job, profession) Please state your name, age and ~. occupy v. ~oneself( in doing sth/with sth) ——keep oneself busy (doing sth/with sth) 忙着(做某事);忙(于某事物) =be occupied (in doing sth/with sth.) He’s occupied in looking after/ with three small children.

2. His discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin, was to strongly influence his life as a journalist. be to +动词原形,这里表示将来的时态,有注定的意 味。 eg.His continuous effort is to make him a successful man. be to +动词原形可以表示一种责任,需要,警告或命 令、安排或意向 You are to be back before 10pm. I am to inform you that your wife was killed in the accident. They are to be married next month.

n.影响力;有影响力的人或事 influence v. 影响(某人)对…起作用 have great influence on
Eg.Tom is a big influence on his young brother Eg.The influence of parents is very important. Eg.I don’t want to influence you, so I don’t want to tell you my opinion.

3. delighted: very pleased and happy delighted to do something eg.Sandy will be delighted to see you. delighted (that) eg.I'm delighted that we have settled the matter. delighted with/by/at eg.She was delighted with her new home. eg.I am delighted by the result. eg.Andrea was delighted at the chance to go to the ballet ball.

4. go out on a story

on 加名词(visit, holiday ,business, trip)等与 come /go / set out 等动词连用,用来说明活动、 目的或状态。

He is leaving for Shanghai on business tomorrow . He is to go on a visit to Beijing next week .

5. assistant adj.助理的;副的 e.g. assistant manager / director / cook / professor / journalist etc. assistant n. ( C ) : someone who helps someone else in their work, especially by doing the less important jobs e.g. a sales / shop assistant e.g. Hughes, who was Mott's assistant, will now become head coach. e.g. Lydia is the assistant to the Director of Finance.

6. Later you can cover a story and submit the article yourself. 1). cover v. 1). She was sent to cover the event. ( ) 2). The road was covered with snow. ( ) 3). She laughed to cover her worry. ( ) 4). The red army covered about 30 miles a day. ( ) 5). Is the money enough to cover the cost of a new shirt? ( ) 6). The city covers ten square miles. ( ) 7). So far this month I have covered ten lessons. ( ) 1.报道,采访 2.覆盖 3.掩盖;掩饰 6.范围为;占 4.行,行过 7.看完多少页书 5. (钱)够支付

注 意:
cover 和 interview 的辨析: cover 意为“采访”、“报道”,宾语往往为 事。interview 意为“采访”,宾语往往 为人。 选词填空:( interview cover, interview ) a) I want to ________ him about his research work. cover b) The best reporters were sent to _______ the war.

2) submit v. 提交, 呈递 ? submit (that)主张 eg.He submits only that it is not Washington that should do the helping. ? submit an application /claim/proposal … eg.All applications must be submitted by Monday. ? 屈服, 顺从 eg.They submitted an essay to the pressure.

7. No need for a camera. 此句是省略句, 原句为:There is no need for a camera. <拓展> There is no need (for sb.) to do sth. 没有必要做某事情 There is no need to worry about money. There is no need to be in such a hurry.

8. eager adj. 热切的,渴望的 be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事 be eager for sth. 渴望……,很想…… be eager that …
be eager for sb. to do sth. 渴望某人做某事 e.g.Tom was eager for you to come to the party. 他很渴望见到他的女儿。 He was (is) eager to see his daughter. ________________________________ 我们都很想那项工程早点开始。 We were eager that the project would start early. _________________________________

9. assist v.

assistant n. 助手,助理 assistance n. 帮助,援助 assist sb. with sth. 帮助某人某事 assist sb. in doing sth. assist sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事


assist Smith a. in preparing You need to ______ _______ a report. b. to prepare

10. concentrate vt.&vi. 集中;聚集 concentration n. 集中精力;专心
concentrate … on/upon sth./doing sth. 把...集中于... concentrate on/upon sth./doing sth.集中/专心于...

concentrate on/ upon We should____________________our study.
on/ upon fishing. Tom is concentrating _________________

11. Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. 你只有在提出了许多不同的问题之后才有可能获得 你所需要知道的信息。 acquire (1).V 获得;购得 I recently acquired some wood from a holly tree (2).V 获得(技能);养成(习惯) I've never acquired a taste for wine... (3).V 获得,得到(某种名声) He has acquired a reputation as this country's premier solo violinist.

12. We say a good journalist must have a good “nose” for a story.
? ? ? ? have a nose for 对……很敏感;很善于发现 He has a good nose for danger. 此类形象表达法还有: She has an ear for music. (对…有欣赏能 力 ) ? She has an eye for color and style in clothes. (对…有眼光)

13. inform vt. 通知,告知 inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事 inform (sb) that…. 通知(某人)…

me of everything in time. e.g.Please inform ____________________
e.g.The headmaster informed us that the school would be closed for one day next week. 校长告诉我们下星期学校将停一天课。

14. Meanwhile you have to prepare the next question depending on what the person says.
? ? ? ? Meanwhile (1).adv 同时;与此同时= in the meantime = at the same time My mother went shopping. Meanwhile, I cleaned the house. ? (2). adv(引出某一情形的另一方面,尤指与 前面提到的完全相反时)与之相比,然而 ? He had always found his wife's mother a bit annoying. The mother-daughter relationship, meanwhile, was close.

15. This is a trick of the trade.

? trick of the trade (内行人的)诀窍 ? Eg. If you want to succeed , you can ask him for advice. He knows all the trick of the trade.

16. case n.


【习惯用语】 in case (句子) 万一, 以防,如果 e.g. Take an umbrella in case it rains. in case of (名词/名词性短语) 假如;如果;万一 e.g. In case of bad weather, the wedding will be held indoors.

拓展辨析: in any case 无论如何,不管怎样,总之 in no case 决不;无论如何不 in this / that case 如果是这样/那样的话 in the case of 就...来说, 关于...

17. accuse sb. of sth./doing sth.
____________________ 因某事指责/控告某人 = charge sb. with sth.
他被警察指控谋杀。 He was accused of murder/ murdering by ________________________________________ _____________. the police

Tom ____ B his boss of having broken his word. (break one's word 食言) A. blamed B. accused C. charged D. scolded

remind sb. of sth. __________________ 提醒某人…… rob sb. of sth. ___________________ 抢了某人…… inform sb. of sth. ___________________ 通知某人… … cure sb. of sth. _________________ 治愈,治疗某人… warn sb. of sth. ________________ 警告某人……

18. so as to do sth. “为了……” (不能用在句首) = in order to do sth. 可放句子中任何位置 = so that + 从句 = in order that + 从句 句型转换 : I got up at five so as to catch the train. got up at five in order to catch the train. = I __________________________
I got up at five so that I could catch the train. =_____________________________ I___________________________ got up at five in order that I could catch the train.

我买了些牛肉和蔬菜,为的是给晚饭做个汤 ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ so as to make a soup for dinner. ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ in order to make a soup for dinner ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ so that I could make a soup for dinner. ? I bought some beef and vegetables _________________________________ in order that I could make a soup for dinner.

19. demand vt. & n. 需要;需求;强烈要求 demanding adj. 高要求的,费力的 demand sth. demand that sb. (should) do
This kind of job___________________________. demands great patience

The doctor demanded that he (should) give up smoking because of his heart disease. 由于患有心脏病,医生强烈要求他戒烟。

demand n. 需求, 通常与 for 搭配 我们学校需要水。 for water in our school. There is a demand _______________________ 短语积累: in demand 有需要, 销路好

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