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英语万能作文(模板型) 1.Along with the advance of the society more and more problems are br ought to our attention, one of which is that.... 1. 随着社会的不断发展,出现了越来越多的问题,其中之一便是 ____________。 2.As to whether it is a blessing or a curse, however, people take different attitudes. 2.然而, 对于此类问题, 人们持不同的看法。 (Hold different attitudes 持 不同的看;Come up with different attitudes 有不同的看法) 3.As society develops, people are attaching much importance to.... 3. 随 着社会的发展,人们开始关注............ 4.People are attaching more and more importance to the interview durin g job hunting 4.求职的过程中,人们慢慢意识到面试的重要性。 5.As to whether it is worthwhile ....., there is a long-running controversial debate. It is quite natural that people from different backgrounds may h ave divergent attitudes towards it. 5.关于是否值得___________的问题,一直以来争论不休。当然,不 同的人对此可能持不同的观点。 6.In the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves i n a dilemma.

6.在都市的发展中,我们往往会陷入困境。 7.Recently the phenomenon has aroused wide concern, some people are in alarm that.... 7. 最 近 , 这 种 现 象 引 起 了 人 们 的 广 泛 关 注 , 有 人 开 始 担 心 ______________ 。 8.The human race has entered a completely new sta ge in its history, with the increasingly rapid economic globalization and u rbanization, more problems are brought to our attention. 8.人类进入了一个历史的崭新的阶段,经济全球化、都市化的速度不 断加快,随之给我们带来了很多问题。 9....... plays such an important role that it undeniably becomes the bigge st concern of the present world, there comes a question, is it a blessing o r a curse?" 9._______显得非常重要而成为当今世界所关注的最大的问题,这是 无可厚非的。不过,问题是:"我们该如何抉择?" 10.Now we are entering a new era, full of opportunities and challenges, 10.现在我们正在进入一个充满机会和挑战的新时代。 11.People from different backgrounds would put different interpretation s on the same case. 11.不同行业的人对同一种问题的解释不尽相同。

12.The controversial issue is often brought into public focus. People from different backgrounds hold different attitudes towards the issue. 12.这中极具争议性的话题往往很受社会的关注。不同的人对此问题 的看法

也不尽相同。 13.When asked ..., some people think..... while some prefer... 13. 说 到 ______ , 有 人 认 为 ________ , 而 另 一 些 人 则 认 为 __________ 。 14.Just as the saying goes: "so many people, so many min ds". It is quite understandable that views on this issue vary from person t o person. 14. 俗话说, "" 。不同的人对此有不同的看法是可以理解 的。15.To this issue, different people come up with various attitudes. 15. 对于这个问题,不同的人持不同的观点。 16.There is a good side and a bad side to everything, it goes without sayi ng that... 16.万事万物都有其两面性,所以,勿庸置疑,____________。 17.When it comes to ..., most people believe that ..., but other people re gard ...as ?.. 17.提到_________问题,很多人认为_________,不过,一些人则认 为______是____. 18.When faced with...., quite a few people claim that ...., but other peopl

e think as... 18.提到_________问题,仅少数人认为________,但另一些人则认为 _________。 19.There is a public controversy nowadays over the issue of .... There wh o criticize ..argue that ...., they believe that ...,but people who favor .., on the other hand, argue that...

19.目前,_______问题争议较大。批判_______的人认为_______,他 们 认 为 _______ , 不 过 , 另 一 方 面 , 赞 同 _______ 的 人 则 认 为 _________ 。 20.Some people are of the opinion that.. 20. 有 些 人 认 为 _____________ 。 21.Many people claim that... 21. 很 多 人 认 为 _____________。 22.A majority of 绝大多数 A large number of 很多人

23.Some people contend that ... has proved to bring many advantages (d isadvantages) 23.有些人认为________有很多有利之处(不利之处)。 24.Those who argue for ... say that ...economic development of the cities . 24. 觉 得 _____ 的 人 认 为 , ______ 城 市 的 经 济 发 展 。 25.Some people advocate that .... 25. 有 些 人 在 坚 持 认 为 _________。 26.They hold that ... 他们认为_________。

27.People, who advocate that ..., have their sound reasons (grounds) 27. 坚持认为______的人也有其说法(依据)。 28.Those who have already benefited from practicing it sing high praise o f it. 28.那些从中受益的人对此大家褒奖。 29.Those who strongly approve of ... have cogent reasons for it. 29. 强 烈 认同_______的人有很多原因。 30.Many people would claim that...

30.有人会认为___________。 31.People who support ... give some or all of the following reasons. 31. 那 些 支 持 _________ 观 点 的 人 列 出 了 如 下 原 因 : ________。 32.But others hold the view that ... 但是,另外一些人则认 为_______。 32.观点的用词:Attitude, opinion, 与其搭配的动词以及 词组:Take, have, come up with,set forth, put forward 等。 33.But on the other hand, there are also quite a few people who strongly advocate that..,. 33. 不 过 , 另 一 方 面 , 也 有 少 部 分 人 坚 持 认 为 _______________ 。 34.But people who are ..., on the other hand , main tain that... 34.不过,另一方面,________的人认为__________。 35.However, there are a large number of people who hold a different vie

w concerning this case. 35.然而, 很多人对此有不同的看法。 问题用词: Issue, phenomenon, 后接介词, on, over 等。 36.However, some others argue that... 然 而 , 另 一 些 人 则 认 为 _________。37.However, there are also some others who contend that... 然而,也有人认为__________ 38.But other people set forth completely totally different argument conc erning this case. 38. 不 过 , 对 于 此 , 另 一 些 人 则 持 完 全 不 同 的 观 点。 39.Some people examine this issue from another angle.

39.有的人用另一角度来看这一问题。 40.On the other hand, there are also many opponents who strongly ... 40. 另 一 方 面 , 也 有 很 多 反 对 的 人 , 他 们 认 为 _____________。 41.According to my personality and fondness, I would prefer ... rather than... 41.根据我的个性以及兴趣, 我选择_______而不 会 选 择

__________ 。 42.Personally, I side with the latter (former) opinion... 42. 就 我 个 人 而 言 , 我 支 持 后 者 ( 前

者 )___________ 。 43.Personally, I am in favor of the former point of vie w. 43.就我个人而言,我较同意前一种看法。 44.To my point of view 我

认为 45.To my mind, the advantages far overweigh the drawbacks(disadvantag es, shortcomings) 45.我认为,优点胜过缺点。 46.For my part, I stand on side of the latter opinion that.. 46.就我而言, 我较赞同后一种观点________________。 47.As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter v iew. 47.在我看来,我较同意后一种观点。 48.After a thorough consideration, for my part, I am in favor of the latter view that... 48. 经 过 深 思 熟 虑 , 我 较 支 持 后 一 种 看 法 , 亦 即 ________________________ 。 49.If asked to make a decision, I would p refer... 49.如果真的需要作出选择,我宁愿____________

大学英语四级考试作文预测(2011.5) 恩波教育英语研究所 预测作文(一) 1. 2. 【范文】 Recently many university students launch spontaneous donations for helping classmates suffering from serious illnesses or victims in disasters. Along with the behavior of donating, the donation amount has become a controversial topic. Some even hold the opinion that the amount is a standard for measuring love. The more amounts are donated, the more help the needed can get. I support that donation for the needed is a kind of behavior which shows kind giving, unselfish and priceless devotion, benefiting in improvinginterpersonal relationship and building up a harmonious society. What matters a lot is not how much money is donated, but the care and support hidden behind. All in all, the behavior of donation itself should be encouraged, but it shouldn’t become a competition. The money donated cannot be equated with the love and the meaning hidden. Every penny is an expression of love. 【点评】 文章首段引出要讨论的话题—--大学生捐款现象, 并引出由这一现象衍生出的人 们对捐款金额的争议,甚至有的人认为捐款数目越多,需要获得帮助人受益越多。 第二段提出自己对捐款一事的看法---捐款是一种行善积德,无私奉献,大公无私的 行为,有助于改善人际关系,创建和谐社会。最后一段进行归纳总结,说明应该鼓 励捐款这一行为,但不应该将捐款视为一种“金钱”的竞争,无论捐多捐少,每一 分每一厘都意义深重。 第一段中 launch spontaneous donations 表示“发起自发捐款”,后面 for 接的是 捐款救助的对象;第二段中 improving interpersonal relationship 表示“改善人际关 系”, building up a harmonious society 表示“创建和谐社会”;第三段中的 cannot be equated with 表示“与??相提并论”。 Donating Money on Campus 如今校园里经常会出现大学生捐款的现象(为同学或者别人) 你怎么看待这种现象?

预测作文(二) Dependence on Internet 1. 人们对网络的依赖性越来越强 (甚至连小学生做作业都会上网去搜索答案) 2. 出现这种现象的原因和后果 3. 为了改变这种情况,我认为??

【范文】 Internet has penetrated into all aspects of our life and work. On the Internet, we can do anything anywhere anytime, hunting jobs, chatting with friends, shopping online, and so on. What strikes us most is some students, even in primary schools, search for answers on Internet while doing their homework. The motives for dependence on Internet are various and complicated, including releasing dissatisfaction and anger against societyby playing computer games, fulfilling self-value by indulging in the virtual world. Most of them are related with their environment of growing up. Without appropriate guidance, it may cause serious mental illnesses and bad habits such as laziness. In order to change the situation, governments should take measures to enrich people’s life, parents should share more time with children for understanding them better, and teachers should aim to develop students’ self-discipline. Most importantly, people should be aware of the harmfulness of depending on Internet too much.

【点评】 本题属于提纲式文字命题。 文章第一段指出现象“网络已经渗透到生活的点点滴滴, 导致人们习惯于依赖网络”; 第二段分析了依赖网络的动机----通过玩游戏发泄不满 和怨恨情绪,在虚拟世界中实现自我价值,同时也指出其危害---导致严重的心理疾 病及不良恶习。最后一段从政府、家长、老师的不同角度提出解决意见。 第二段中 releasing dissatisfactory and anger 表示“发泄不满和怨恨”; indulging in the virtual world 表示“沉迷于虚拟世界”;第三段中 be aware of 表示“意识到”。

预测作文(三) My View on University Students’ Employment 1. 目前对于大学生来说就业仍是最大的问题,有人认为是大学生人数太多, 有人认为是大学生能力差,?? 2.你对此有什么看法?

【范文】 Nowadays, the employment of college students is still the main concern since many of them cannot find jobs. When looking to the reasons, some agree it is due to the increasing enrollment of universities, some think the degradation of ability accounts, while others believe it should blame governments for not offering enough occupations. The following factors can account for this problem. First and foremost, college students hold wrong attitudes towards jobs and set their job objectives at unreasonable levels. Furthermore, college students fail to realize their own defects and to make further self-improvements. Last but by no means the least, the courses offered by colleges cannot meet the requirements of economic development. What’s more, related departments have not provided more trainings and internship opportunities, which benefit students a lot before they enter into the society. All in all, only through the combined efforts of related ones can college students find satisfactory jobs.

【点评】 文章第一段指出目前大学生就业难的现象,提及不同的人对待此事的看法。文章第 二段引出自己对此事的看法,最后一段总结全文。 在第二段陈述自己的观点时,作者分别从学生,学校及政府部分的角度着手分析, 大学生对待工作期望值过高并且没有认清自身的缺点;学校课程设置跟不上经济发 展的要求;政府部门未提供足够多的培训实习机会。 第一段中 increasing enrollment 表示“扩招”;第二段中列举原因分别用 First and foremost 表示“首先”,Furthermore 表示“其次”,Last but by no means the least 表示“最后但并非最不重要”。第三段中 only?can 为倒装句,表示“只有??才


预测作文(四) How to Prevent High-rise Fires? 1. 近来城市高楼火灾频发 2. 造成事故的原因 3. 应如何防范火灾 【范文】 Recently there has been a remarkable growth of fire accidents, and almost everyday we can see fire engines rushing through streets. Fires have not only resulted in heavy economic losses but also injured and killed many people.

In most cases, fires are caused by casual carelessness and violation of fire safety regulations; some are due to improper usages or poor quality of electrical appliances; yet some are indirectly arisen from ignoring fire precautions.

Generally speaking, fire disasters can be prevented if proper precautions will be taken. First of all, we should arouse people's sense of alertness and let them put fire-prevention in mind and take care in daily life, such as checking electrical appliances regularly, and making sure cigarettes and stoves with no flames before leaving rooms. Furthermore, let students and children know the measures of fire control better. Last, we can add more fire facilities in high-rise buildings. 【点评】 首段直接点题,说明现象;第二段分述原因;第三段呼应第二段,给出防范建 议。 范文首段提出火灾频发这一普遍现象;第二段提及三个原因,分别是:粗心大意, 违反火灾安全条款;家用电器质量太差或者使用不当;忽视火灾预防措施会间接导 致火灾。第三段就预防火灾的措施提出建议,首先提高民众的警惕性,从身边的小 事做起,并举例说明。其次要让学生和儿童更好地了解控制火灾的方法;最后增加

消防设施。 第二段中的 casual carelessness 表示“不经意间的粗心大意”,precautions 表示 “预防措施”;第三段中的 check electrical appliances regularly 表示“定期检查家用 电器”。

预测作文(五) Psychic Upheaval Caused by Natural Disasters 1. 近来,地震、海啸、泥石流等自然灾害频频光顾地球,很多人因此出现了 恐慌的心理,认为地球末日可能来临 2. 作为一名大学生,你有什么看法,且如何缓解自己的心理恐慌?

【范文】 In the past few days, there have been frequent natural disasters, namely earthquakes,mud-rock flow, tsunami, floods and so on, which killed millions upon millions of people, destroyed countless homes. Consequently, large numbers of people have suffered psychic upheaval and deemed the doomsday of earth is coming near. As a university student, I hope people should be aware that those disasters are not the hints of doomsday, but just retribution of our doings on earth. So as to calm psychic upheaval, we should take actions to stop damaging our home-planet, for instance, do not cut down too many trees in the forests, try to protect environment right start from daily things and make the earth a lovely place suitable to live in. What’s more, in case of emergencies and disasters, we should keep our head, and rely on ourselves to escape from the disasters.

【点评】 范文首段列举了种种自然灾害,说明了灾害导致的结果,提及人们由此引发的 恐慌心理----认为地球末日来临。第二段,作为大学生,作者的看法是:这些现象并 不是地球末日的象征,而是我们破坏地球环境所带来的‘报应’。随后作者指出, 消除恐慌,就应避免灾难发生,提倡人们保护环境。最后指出当灾难发生时,应保 持冷静,采取自救的方式逃离灾难现场。 第一段中涉及自然灾害的名称 earthquake 表示“地震”、tsunami 表示“海啸”、 mud-rock flow 表示“泥石流”; doomsday 表示“世界末日”。第二段中 retribution 表示“回报,报应”;第三段中 keep one’s head 表示“保持冷静”。

2014 年 6 月最新英语四级作文预测:大学生就业变化 The two pie charts given above reflect the changes of employment of university graduat es. From 1992 to 2002, the proportion of graduates going to graduate school and joint-v enture remained unchanged at 25%. The proportion of graduates who intended to join s tate-owned firms increased markedly from 50% to 20%. However, the percentage of gra duates with intention of entering private firm increased dramatically from 20% to 50%. We learn from the pie charts that more graduates tend to choose private firms while less of them would like to work for state-owned firms after graduation. What might account for this phenomenon? Possible reasons can be listed as follows: for one thing, quite a fe w graduates come to know that, compared with state-owned firms, private firms can pro vide them with higher salaries. Moreover, private firms are famous for scientific manage ment and fair competition, they seem to enjoy more experience and opportunities. Last but not least, some graduates hold that private firms surpass state-owned firms in worki ng conditions, career promotion and personal relationships. Graduates do have rights to choose their ideal firms. However, they should also bear in mind that what kind of firms will not determine how successful they will be. It is their abilities, attitudes and diligence that determine how long they can go. (211 words) 参考译文: 这两幅饼状图反应了大学毕业生就业的变化。从 1992 年到 2000 年,毕业后读研和 加入合资企业的毕业生的比例维持在 25%不变。毕业后想加入国有企业的学生的比 例快速地从 50%下降到 20%。然而,毕业后想去外企的学生的比例从 20%迅速增加 到了 50%。 我们从饼状图中得知,越来越多的毕业生在毕业后选择私企而越来越少的学生愿意 到国有企业工作。如何解释这个现象?可能的理由可以罗列如下:首先,相当多的毕 业生逐渐知道,与国营企业相比,私企能够为他们提供更丰厚的薪水。其次,私营 企业以科学的管理和公平的竞争而闻名,他们似乎可以在私营企业里获得更多的锻 炼和机会。最后,有些人认为,在工作环境、职场晋升和人际关系方面,私企也胜 过国企。 毕业生确实有选择自己理想的公司的权利。然而,他们也应该牢记在心,什么样类 型的公司不能决定他们会如何成功。倒是他们的能力、态度和勤奋会决定他们能够 走多远。 2014 年 6 月最新英语四级作文预测:出境旅游人数

From the bar chart given above, we can observe that the number of people traveling abr oad experienced some changes in China during the past several years. From 1999 to 200 0, the number of Chinese people traveling abroad increased rapidly from 7.5 million to 1 0 million, and then to 12.1 million in 2001. The bar chart reveals that people in mounting numbers are going to travel abroad. What exactly contribute to this phenomenon? Reasons can be listed as follows: for one thing, t he authorities have issued some preferential policies to promote the development of the overseas tourism industry, which encourages a sudden emergence of travel agencies tha

t can provide customers with convenient overseas tourism services. Additionally, with th e improvement of financial status and purchasing power, a considerable number of Chin ese people can afford the once-deemed-expensive traveling expenses. Last but not least, as there exists huge difference in cultures, customs and landscapes between China and overseas countries, quite a few people hold that overseas traveling is not only a perfect way to relax oneself, but also a good chance to enrich their knowledge and expand their horizons. By observing the trend in the past, we may forecast that the growth tendency will contin ue. However , overseas tourism is also a highly variable industry which is vulnerable to seasons and cli mates , international political situation , fluctuations in exchange. (226 words) 参考译 文: 如图所示,我们可以看到中国出国旅游的人数在过去几年经历了一些变化。从 1999 年到 2000 年,出国旅游的人数从 750 万快速地增长到 1000 万,然后又快速地增长 到 2001 年的 1210 万。 这幅柱状图揭示了越来越多的人去海外旅游。 到底是什么导致了这个现象?理由可以 罗列如下:政府发布了一些优惠政策来推进境外旅游行业的发展,这促使很多旅行 社一夜之间就冒出来了,这些旅行社为消费者提供了便利的境外旅游服务。其次, 随着财务状况和购买力的提升,相当多的中国人可以承当曾经被视为昂贵的出国旅 游费用。最后,因为中国和海外国家在文化、习俗和风景上存在很大的差异,相当 多的人都认为海外旅游不仅仅是放松自己的完美方式,也是一个丰富知识和拓宽视 野的好机会。 通过观察过去的趋势,我们也许可以预测这种增长的趋势会继续下去。然而,境外 旅游也是一个高度变化的行业,它很容易受到季节和气候、国际政治局势以及汇率 波动的影响。 2014 年 6 月最新英语四级作文预测:社会公德的缺失 From the cartoon given above,we can observe that there are many people in a bus. When seeing that an elder man is entering into the bus, the old man near the seat just st ands up instantly, says “ please have a seat here ” and offers his seat to the elder one. However, all of the other people around, young and healthy, show no intention of giving seats to the old and infirm man. The cartoon aims at informing us of the phenomenon of the gradual loss of social morali ty. Quite a few people today are selfish and egocentric. when putting self-interest in the first place, they tend to overlook others’ benefit or feelings and become nonchalant. M oreover, this phenomenon can also be attributed to people ’ s concern that their social morality, which can be best expressed through kindness, hospi tality and warm-hearted behaviors, will sometimes invite unnecessary trouble. However , no one can deny the importance of social morality. It is conducive to the harmony of soci ety, people equipped with the awareness of social morality are more likely to provide ot hers with a helping hand, endeavor to abide by social orders and curb on their undesirab le behaviors. Confronted with the inexorable decline in the emphasis of social ethics, we

should adopt some measures to reverse the current situation. (218 words) 参考译文: 根据上面所给的这幅漫画,我们看到有很多人在 bus 上。当看到有个老者正进入车 子, 一旁的老人马上站了起来, 并说: “请坐我的位置” 然后把座位让了出来。 然而, 周围其余的所有人,他们年轻而且健康,却没有显示出任何想要给这位年长且虚弱 的老人让位的想法。 这幅漫画旨在告诉我们一个现象,关于社会公德的逐渐缺失。现在相当多的人都很 自私,以自我为中心。而当把自己的个人利益放在首位的时候,他们往往就会忽略 别人的利益和感受并且变得冷漠。再者,这个现象也可以归因于人们的某种担心, 他们担心通过友善、热忱和热心的行为而得到良好展示的社会公德心,有些时候反 倒会给他们带来不必要的麻烦。 然而,没有人可以忽略社会公德的重要性。它有利于社会和谐,拥有社会公德意识 的人们更有可能为别人提供援助之手,努力地遵守社会规则并且约束自己的不良行 为。面对对社会公德的重要性的不可抑制的下滑,政府应该开展大规模的教育运动 来营造出一种尊重社会公德的氛围。与此同时,我们自己也应该提高意识。 2014 年 6 月英语四级作文预测:大学授课模式 2014 年 6 月英语四级考试已经近在眼前,各位考生在复习英语四级作文时,更应该 掌握复习技巧,多看范文,勤加练习。 作文话题: Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Lectures or Discussions. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese. 1. 一些学生赞成讲座式教学 2. 另一些学生偏爱讨论式教学 3. 你的 看法 范文: Lectures and Discussions There is a heated debate over the role of lectures and discussions in the classroom. Som e people believe that lectures can help students learn more quickly. In contrast, others h old that discussions can stimulate students to learn by themselves. Those who hold the first opinion suggest that students attend more lectures. In their vie w, by giving lectures teachers help students master the knowledge they've accumulated over years of study and research. However, others think that in a discussion, the teacher usually guides the students instead of dominating them. They argue that to get involved in a discussion, students have to develop their ability to analyze problems independently . In my opinion, I stand on the side of neither idea. First of all, either method has its disad vantages. Furthermore, each student has his or her preference. Thirdly, lectures ate pref erable to discussions in the teaching of science subjects, and on the contrary, discussions are preferable to lectures in studying the humanities. Therefore, we should adopt differ ent teaching methods according to different subjects.
预测一 1.I have had great deal of trouble______________________________. ( 跟 得 上 班 上 的 其 他 同 学 ) 2.I don't mind your_____________ ( 你 延 期 做 出 决

定) the decision as long as it is not too late. 3.In the Chinese household, grandparents and other re latives_____________(起着不可缺少的作用) in raising children. 4.Mark often____________________________ ( 试 图 逃 脱 罚 款) whenever he breaks traffic regulations. 5.When I __________________ ( 发 现 他 骗 我) I stopped buying thins there and started dealing with another shop. 答案及解析: 1.keeping up with the rest of the class. 「超级句型」trouble 可以用在句型"have trouble doing sth. " 做某事有困难"中,这时,trouble 可以用 difficulty 来代替。 「超级短语」 keep up with 意为 “跟上??” , 指并肩前进, 并驾齐驱, 不至落后、 掉队。 catch up with 意为“赶上” ,指从后边追上或改变落后状。 ; 2.delaying making 「超级单词」 mind 作及物动词, 后面通常接名词、 代词、 V-ing 形式、 复合结构、 从句等。 Delay 后接动词时,应该接动词的 ing 形式。 3.play indispensable roles 「超级短语」play a part/role in 起着??作用,饰演??的角色。 4.attampts to escape being fined 「 超 级 单 词 」 escape 后 面 要 接 动 名 词 形 式 。 常 与 介 词 from 搭 配 , 如 He has escaped from the fire. 5.caught /found him cheating me 「超级句型」find/catch+宾语+宾补,如 I found him standing by the river. 预测二 1.I suggested he ____________________ ( 使 自 己 适 应) his new conditions. 2. What a lovely party! It's worth_________________( 牢记一生 ). 3. If you won't agree to our plan,_____________________ ( 他 们 也 不 会 同 意 ) . 4. His remarks left me ____________________________ ( 想 知 道 他 的 真 实 目 的 ). 5. If you had_____________________ ( 听从了我的劝告,你就不会陷入麻烦) 答案及 解析: 1.should adapt himself to 「超级句型」suggest 作“建议”时,其宾语从句中要用虚拟句型"suggest that sb. (should) do sth. “结构;从 suggest 还可以联想到宾语从句中同样要用虚拟语气的相关动词如:insist, demand,order,ask,advise 等。 「超级短语」adapt oneself to 使自己适应或习惯于,其他搭配: adapt from 根据??改写/改 编 2.remembering all my life 「 超 级 单 词 」 Be worth doing ? / 值 得 做 某 事 , 还 有 说 法 是 worth sth. 如 : He is worth the praise. 3.neither will they 「超级单词」 neither 表示“两者都不” , 表示 " 也 " 、 " 也不 " 的句子 要部分倒装。如: If you won't go, neither will I. 4.wondering about his real purpose 「 超 级 单 词 」 leave sb doing 让 继 续 处 于 某 种 状 态 ; leave sb to do sth 让 某 人 干 某 事 5.followed my advice, you would not be in trouble now. 「超级句型」虚拟语气在 if 引导的条

件句中的用法 从句:if + 主语+ 动词的过去式(be 用 were) + ?? 主句:主语+ would (should, could , might) + 动词原形+ ?? 预测三 1.Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not____________ ( 失 去 联 系 ) the outside world. 2.The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence,_____________ ( 正在研制 ) and perfected now. 3.How close parents are to their children_________________ __ ( 有 很 强 的 影 响 ) the character of the children. 4.The room is in a terrible mess; it _____________________ (肯定没打扫过) . 5.With tears on her face, the lady _____________________ ( 看 着 他 受 伤 的 儿 子 被 送 进 手 术 室) 答案及解析: 1.lose contact with 「超级短语」lose contact with/lose touch with 与??失去联系 2.are being developed 「超级句型」"be being done"现在进行时的被动语态表示此时此刻某事正在被做。其中动词 be 应随主语作相应变化。 3.has a strong influence on/effect on 「超级短语」influence/effect 作名词(常与 on 连用)对?有影响力。 influence 指" 通过说服、举例等对行动、思想、性格等产生不易觉察到的 , 潜移默化的影响 ", 如:Influenced by a high-school biology teacher, he took up the study of medicine. effect 指 " 实 现 " 、 " 达 成 ", 着 重 " 造 成 " 一 种 特 殊 的 效 果 , 如:This book effected a change in my opinion. 4.can't have been cleaned 「超级句型」"情态动词+have done"表示推测,must/can/may/might/could 各用于不同句型中, must 只用于肯定句中,can/could 不能用于肯定句中,may/might 不能用于疑问句中。can't 表示 不可能,may not 表示可能不。如题中推测的为过去的事情,情态动词后则用完成形式。 5.watched her injured son sent into the operation room. 「超级句型」see/watch?sb./sth.+done 强调某动作的全过程,且宾语和动作间是被动关系。 预测四 1.(这个计划成功的关键) ___________is good planning. 2.The specific use of leisure______(每 一人都不同) 3.The ship ' s generator broke down and the pumps____________________ ( 不 得 不 用 手 工 操 作 ) instead of mechanically. 4.Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used______________ ( 习 惯 了 学 生 迟 到 ) his lecture. 5.I prefer to communicate with my customers ______( 通过写电子邮件而不是打电话)

答案及解析: 1.The key to the success of this project 「超级单词」key 除作名词“钥匙”外,后接介词 to,表示“?的钥匙,?的答案,?的关 键” 。 2.from individual to individual.

「超级短语」不及物动词 vary 的用法。搭配为:vary ? from ? to 各不相同。 3.had to be operated manually 「超级短语」have to 通常指由于客观原因则不得不做某事,意 思为“不得不” 。 其否定形式意思是“不一定”或“没有必要” 。 4.to students' being late for 「超级句型」be used to+doing/noun,表示过去习惯于做某事。used to+do,表示过去有规律的 习惯性动作或状态,而现在已不存在了。 「超级短语」be late for,迟到。 「超级句型」one's doing,非谓语动词的复合结构。 5.via E-mail instead of telephone 「超级短语」Instead of 的意思是“代替??” 、 “而不??” ,后面常跟名词、代词和动名词, 偶尔也跟复合结构 预测五 1.After the terrorist attack, tourists ______ ( 被劝告暂时不要去该国旅游) 2. ( 他 把 自 己 奉 献 于 社 区 工 作 ) ______ and is passionate about what he is doing. 3:Man should not exploit the natural resour ces ______ ( 以 牺 牲 其 他 物 种 为 代 价 ) . 4.When Sandy recovered from cancer, her doctor ______ ( 把 此 归 因 于 她 对 未 来 的 信 念 ) . 5.At the end of his speech, the school master encouraged the children to work hard ______ ( 不要让父母失望 ). 1.were advised not to travel to that country at the moment 「 超 级 单 词 」 advise 一 般 用 法: advise sb. to do; advise doing 特殊注意: 后面的宾语从句要用虚拟语气。即:advise that sb. (should) do 的形式。 2.he devoted himself to the community 「超级短语」be devoted to 有两个含义:A.专心致志于,献身于;B.热爱,很喜欢。作为动词 的 devote 常用下列成语类的搭配:devote oneself/one's life to sth/doing sth. 3.at the cost of sacrificing/loss of other species_ 「超级短语」 at the cost of (以??为代价) , 其含义和用法与 at the expense of 相同。 另 at all costs 意为“不惜一切代价” 。 4.attributed it to her firm belief in the future 「超级短语」 “ attribute ? to ” , “把?归因于?”是大学英语四级考查率极高的一个语言 点。 5.and not to let their parents down 「超级短语」let??down(使??失望) ,形容词表示失望有 disappointed. 预测六 1.In the budget for this building, they failed to __( 考虑价格增长的因素 ). 2.Only after I slapped him on the back ____ ( 他 才 发 现 我 并 高 兴 得 叫 起 来 ). 3.I didn ' t even speak to him, ____( 更不用说与他讨论事情 ). 4.Some young people would rather try hard themselves to go through life than _____( 求助于他们 的父母 ) with a sense of guilt. 5.The victim _____ ( 本 来 有 机 会 活 下 来 ) if he had been taken to hospital in time . 1.consider/take into account the factor of increasing price. 「 超 级 单 词 」 Take ? into account=take ? into consideration 把 ? 考 虑 在

内 2.did he notice me and shouted with happiness 「 超 级 句 型 」 这 是 only 引 起 的 半 倒 装 句 , only+ 强 调 内 容 + 助 动 词 + 主 语 + 谓 语 + 其 它 3.let alone discuss with him 「超级短语」let alone 用作连词,译为“更不用说了” 4.turn to their parents 「超级短语」turn to sb. for help 求助于别人 5.would have survived 「超级句型」在虚拟条件句中,如果表示与过去事实相反的情况,从句用过去完成时,而主句 中则用“情态动词+现在完成时” ,即 would/ could/ should/ might have done 预测七 1.Though a skilled worker, _____( 他被公司解雇了 ) last week because of the economic crisis. 2.He was disabled from birth, but he never felt frustrated, __( 也从未屈服于任何困难 ). 3.The little boy next door has been beating his drum for a whole morning, which got on my nerves s o much __( 以至于我无法集中注意力学习 ). 4.The scientist tried to convince us that a tiger would not attack us __ ( 除 非 它 走 途 无 路 ) . 5.The nation ' s population continues to rise ______ ( 以 每 年 1200 万 人 的 速 度 ) 1.he was dismissed/fired/sacked 「超级单词」主要考察“解雇”的表达方法。Dismiss 解职、开除;fire 解雇<口>;sack 解雇、 洗劫。 2.and never yielded to any difficulties as well 「超级短语」yield to 屈服,让步。 3.that i have no way to concentrate on my study 「超级短语」concentrate on+sth./doing sth.全神贯注地做某事。 4.unless it"s cornered 「超级单词」unless 除非,如果不;corner 名词作“角落、绝路” ,作为及物动词时表示“无 路可走” 。 5.at a speed of 12 million per year 「超级短语」at a speed of? (以??的速度) ;其 二是数字 1200 万人的表达, 也就是 12 个百万――12 million 而 million 后面加上多余的复数 s 则 是很多同学容易出现的错误。 预 测 八 1. ( 如 果 你 设 法 与 Smith 先 生 取 得 联 系 ) ___the problem will be solved easily because he is an expert in this field. 2.The problem lies in how people look at those students ___ ( 专 心 追 求 知 识 的). 3.On Children's Day, kids ___有资格免费进入) to all the city parks. 4.The restaurant next door serves good food, but the one across the street is much better ___ (就服 务而言). 5.___ ( 每 当 天 气 不 好 时), he takes whatever umbrella he can find. 1.if you manage to get in touch with Mr Smith 「超级短语」manage to do 表示成功地做成某事,不成功不可以用。 2.who are kownledge-oriented/absorbed acquiring kownledge 「超级单词」 sth.-oriented 追求?, orient n.东方 adj.东方的,上升的 vi.向东 vt.使适应、确定方向。oriented 导向的,其实这里可以很多种译法。 3.are entitled to free admissions

「超级单词」be entitled to do sth. 对??享有权利, 值得; 有(做某事)的资格[权利] 4.as far as the service is concerned 「超级单词」 so/as far as?be concerned 就??而言, concerned 用作形容词解作 “有关的” 时, 是后置定语,大都放在它所修饰的名词之后。 5.whenever the weather is bad 「超级单词」whenever 无论何时, 随时 n.只要,这个好像不怎么难~呵 预测九 1.Animal experiments will continue to be necessary to resolve existing medical problems ___( 尽管一些人公开反对 ). 2.Professor Clark was a bit strict with us, ____ ( 但 我 们 确 实 从 他 那 里 学 到 了 很 多 ). 3.The more you explain, ___( 我愈糊涂 ). 4. He has done so much for the poor in his community that ___ ( 再 怎 么 赞 扬 他 都 不 过 分 ) . 5.Since my childhood I have found that __ ( 没 有 什 么 比 读 书 对 我 更 有 吸 引 力 ) 1.even though some people object to/are against it openly 「超级短语」object to/be against 反对 2.but i do learn a lot from him 「超级单词」do 放在动词原形前,加强该动词的语气。 3.the more i am confused 「超级句型」"the more??, the more??"句型常表示"越??就越??",是一个复合句,其中前 面的句子是状语从句,后面的句子是主句。 the 用在形容词或副词的比较级前,more 代表形容词或 副词的比较级。 4.you can't praise him enough 「超级句型」用在"主语+cannot??+enough"句型中该句型形式上是否定句型,实际上表达的 是肯定意义,意思是"再??也不过分;越??越??". 5.nothing is more attractive to me than reading 「超级短语」 "Nothing is more?than"和"Nothing is so?as"都具有最高级比较的意思, 指 “没有? 比?更?” 。 预测十 1. 他进步如此的快以至于通过了这次考试。 2. 我毫不费力地解决了这个问题。 3. 她以一种我们从未料到的方式讲话。 4. 杰克由于政治 原因被迫离开了家乡。 5. 这些设想队你来说也许觉得奇怪。 答案: 1.He made such rapid progress that he passed the exam. 2.I had no trouble in solving this problem. 3.She spoke in a way that we had never expected. 4.Jack was forced to leave his home town for political reasons. 5.These ideas may seem strange to y ou.

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