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牛津英语7B Unit 6 基础知识测试

7B Unit 6 基础知识测试
Class__________ Name___________ Mark__________ 一.根据首字母、中文提示、句意或英语解释写单词 1. Many _________ (老鼠) are eating the ________ (胡萝卜). 2. Those _________ (猎人) caught the group of

_______ (骆驼)at last. 3. The workers ________ (建造)many _______ (大楼)last year. 4. He ________ (刷) the dog’s fur every day. 5. It’s n_____________ to read English every morning. 6. Don’t f__________ the little boy. He is very f__________. 7. He is the o________ of the ________ (篮子). 8. Many _________ (讲话人) are speaking in the room. It’s n________ . 9. In these ________ (抽屉) there is lots of ________ (纸). 10. Could you tell me something _________ (unusual) about the trip? 11. “There is nothing in the box.” means this is an ________box . 12. _______ are clever birds which can sing and learn to speak. 13. In the m________ of the river, there is a boat. 14. What’s the t_________ with you? I’m not feeling well. 15. We put some stones at the b_________ of the tank. 16. I have two _________ (a kind of small orange or red fish) in the fish tank . 17. My dog goes to the door when someone rings the d_________ . 18. The little boy likes p________ the rabbit’s ears. 19. My parrot’s f_________ are very beautiful. 20. Jack opened his mouth ________ (张大地). 二.用所给词的适当形式填空 1. People hate all ________ (mouse) except one called Mickey Mouse. 2. A dog is ___________ (difference) from a cat. 3. You should keep the water clean at _______ (little). 4. I only feed them ________ (two) a day. 5. I have some _________ (trouble) in learning English. 6. My father can do it _________ (easy). 7. What’s your ________ (weigh), please? 8. The little girl can’t find her keys. She looks _________ (worry). 9. Who are the _________ (own) of the old houses? 10. The boy was ____________ (frighten) to see the tiger. 11. He was very surprised and opened his eyes _________ (wide). 12. Here are some _________ (brush). 13. I like listening to those _________ (speak) wonderful voice.

14. We can do the work with fewer people and ________ (little) money. 15. There are many children in the room. It’s very _______(noise) there. 16. The tiger cries ___________ (terrible). 17. There are many new _______ (hutch) in the shop. 18. Peter is the __________ (clever) student in my class. 19. Today is Tom’s __________ (twenty) birthday. 20. Millie lives on the _________ (twelve) floor. 三.动词填空 1. Who ________ (teach) you English last term? 2. Who _______ (write) the best articles in your class? Mary does. 3. She says Lucy ________ (ride) her new bike to school next week. 4. Our teacher told us __________ (not play) football in the street. 5. The bird _________ (look) very beautiful. 6. I often heard Mary _______ (sing) in the evening. 7. The boy hopes _______ (be) a scientist when he grows up. 8. You ____________ (speak) at the meeting tomorrow, aren’t you? 9. You should _______ (hand) in your exercise book first. 10. Don’t make any noise. Your sister ___________ (sleep). 11. People _____ (be) afraid of dogs. They think dogs might ______(bite) them. 12. He _______ (hide) behind the door. So I couldn’t find him. 13. It’s a good idea _________ (go) fishing this Sunday. 14. It’s very important ________ (not be) late again. 15. The dog ________ (weigh) 20 kilograms last year. 四.翻译词组 1. 在路的尽头 ____________________ 2. 在河中间 __________________ 3. 在阳光下 ____________________ 4. 在……的底部 ______________ 5. 看它游来游去 __________________ 6. 教某人做某事 ______________ 7. 做精彩的把戏 __________________ 8. 发出很大的噪声 ____________ 9. 在桌旁 ________________________ 10. 听一个关于……的报告______ 11. 一条建议 _____________________ 12. 忙于工作 _________________ 13. 全世界 _______________________ 14. 一台黑白电视 _____________ 15. 在……边沿上 _________________ 16. 所有动物当中最聪明的______ 五.单项选择 ( )1. ______ is important ______ fish fresh water. A. That; to give B. It; to give C. That; giving D. It; to giving ( )2. Do you know ______ her mother looks like? A. how B. when C. that D. what ( )3. Peter likes watching his goldfish ______ around every day.

A. to swim B. swim C. swimming D. swims ( ) 4. _______ big fish they are! A. What B. How C. What a D. How a ( )5. You _______ be polite to the old man. A. should B. can C. need D. may ( )6. –Must I return the book right now? –No, you _______ . A. mustn’t B. don’t have to C. needn’t D.B and C ( )7. My dog likes to ______ , but it never ________ me. A. bark; bark at B. barking; bark C. bark; barks at D. bark at; barks ( )8. Who taught you ______ a rabbit? A. feed B. feeding C. to feed D. fed ( )9. We are not in _______ . We are in_____________ . A. same class; different class B. same classes; different classes C. the same class; the different class D. the same class; different classes ( )10. Feeding the fish _______ is bad for them. A. much too food B. too much food C. much too foods D. too much foods ( )11. I don’t like the colour of the T-shirt, could you show me ______ one? A. other B. the other C. another D. others ( )12. Timmy plays with his pet for _______ every day. A. sometime B. some times C. sometimes D. some time ( )13. The old man looked _______ after he hearing the bad news. A. angry B. angrily C. anger D. at angry ( )14. Dog is ______ useful animal. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )15. Don’t forgot ______ your schoolbag here tomorrow. A. to bring B. bringing C. to take D. taking ( )16. He has some trouble _______ English. A. to learn B. learns C. learned D. learning ( )17. Don’t read ______ the sun and it’s bad ______ your eyes. A. under; for B.in; for C. with; for D. in; to ( )18. Two boys are fighting ______ a picture book. A. with B. at C. for D. to ( )19. He can speak ______ English but he can write _____ English words. A. a little; few B. a few; a little C. few; little D. little; few ( )20. Why don’t you tell her ________ ? A. how to do B. what to do C. to do what D. what to do it 六.句型转换

1. Tell him something about it, too. (否定句) 2. Do you know the boy? He has yellow hair. (合并成一句话) Do you know the boy_______ ______ _______ ? 3. You need to give the bird fresh water every day. (同义句) It is ________ for you ____ ______ the bird fresh water every day. 4. Millie has a dog. Its name is Eddie. (合并) Millie ____ a dog _____ Eddie. 5. He usually walks his dog at weekends. (同义句) He usually _____ his dog _____ _____ ______ at weekends. 6. Does Alice have any class today? (改为陈述句) Alice ____ ___ class today. 7. He couldn’t get out because he hurt his leg.(对划线部分提问) 8. I spent a lot of time doing my homework . (同上) 9. We should feed them once a week. (同上) 10.You mustn’t pull the rabbit’s ears. (改为祈使句) 11. He went to work by car. (用 by bike 改为选择疑问句) ________ he ______ to work by car ______ by bike? 12. They are learning about how they should look after pets. (改为简单句) They are learning about ______ _____ _______ after pets. 七.翻译句子 1.不要给金鱼喂太多的食物很重要。 2.你不可以把你的宠物带到学校来。 3.我的狗是我的最喜好的朋友。我会终身照料他。 4.当我的猫感到疲劳时,她会睡在阳光下。 5.在阳光下读书对你的眼睛有害。 6.Millie 正在学习弹钢琴。 7.学好英语很有必要。 8.昨天一个 11 岁的男孩迷路了。


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