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With large and small keyboards everywhere, neither children nor adults need to write much of anything by hand. That’s a big problem. Study after study suggests that handwriting is important for brain development — helping kids get fine motor skills and learn to express and create ideas. Yet the time devoted to teaching penmanship in most schools has shrunk to just one hour a week. Is it time to give up handwriting? Have a look at the link between the brain and penmanship, and you may get the answer. A test among students in grades 2, 4 and 6 found that they not only wrote faster by hand than by keyboard, but also created more ideas when composing essays with handwriting. And other research shows that the finger movements required to write by hand activate brain areas involved with thought, language, and short-term memory. A recent Indiana University study had one group of children practice writing letters by hand while a second group just looked at those letters. Then, both groups of kids entered a functional MRI (核磁共振)that scanned their brains as the researchers showed them the same letters. Researchers found that the brain activity in the first group was far more advanced and “adult-like”. Handwriting also affects other people’s way they think of adults and children. Several studies have shown that the same average essay will score much higher if written with good penmanship and much lower if written out in poor handwriting. These studies have also found that people judge the quality of a person’s ideas based on his or her handwriting. And the consequences are real: On standardized tests with handwritten sections, like the SAT, all essay that is considered hard to recognize gets a big zero. Studies show that this isn’t only an English-language phenomenon. Chinese and Japanese youths are suffering from “character amnesia”. They can’t remember how to write characters, thanks to computers and text messaging. Some experts fear that Chinese writing and reading are so closely linked in the brain that China’s reading ability as a nation could suffer. 31. According to the passage, it can be learned that ________________. A. many researches have been done on handwriting B. essays can’t be composed without handwriting C. all children write faster by keyboard than by hand D. most schools are trying to teach more handwriting 32. What does the Indiana University study imply? A. Children should practice writing letters B. Handwriting can increase brain activity C. It’s good for children to enter a functional MRI. D. Letters should often be shown to children 33. What does the 4th paragraph mainly talk about? A. Handwriting affects both adults and children. B. Handwriting helps a person write better essays. C.SAT should be done with good handwriting. D. Good handwriting makes a person seem smarter.

34. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. Essays written with keyboards will get lower scores. B. The quality of your ideas depends on your handwriting. C. Chinese and Japanese youths don’t know how to write. D. Less handwriting may affect China’s reading ability. 35. The passage tries to tell us that __________________. A. keyboards are more popular than handwriting B. we shouldn’t judge people by their handwriting C. handwriting is of great importance D. it’s time to give up using keyboards C Most American schools have boys and gifts in the same classroom. But a public high school in the small, rural town of Boonsboro, Maryland, offers a special program called the Academy. Top students in the ninth and tenth grades can attend single-sex classes for math, science, English and social studies. The aim is to help teenagers keep their mind on their work by keeping males and females apart. What they really want to do is take that top group of kids and take them to the very highest level they can achieve there, so that they’re prepared for college. Students are invited to enter this program after they finish middle school, and placement in the Academy is voluntary. However, they need high marks and test scores and strong teacher recommendations. They also need to be involved m activities. Almost 350 students have taken part in the Academy. It began as an experiment in 2010. Michael Bair has been at Boonsboro High for twenty years and directs the Academy. His ninth-grade English class for boys centers on books that he believes boys find interesting. He says that the novels the students are reading now are very manly (男子气概的) novels. These novels deal with the arrogance (傲慢) of man and the pride of man which finally leads to man’s downfall. One of those books, for example, is The Call of the Wild by Jack London. This classic story tells of a dog stolen from his home and sold to work as a sled dog in Canada’s Klondike Gold Rush. Morgan Fleet, a senior at Boonsboro High, likes being in the Academy. She says boys and girls act differently when they are together in a classroom. She believes this difference seems to prevent her from developing herself because she’s more focused on thoughts like “Oh, I wish they would shut up. Oh, what do they think of me?’’ instead of focusing on “What’s the homework? What’s going on in this class? What’s the lesson?”. There is one activity that girls and boys in the Academy do together. At the end of the day, many of them stay and help tutor students who are having trouble in school. 36. What is the purpose of the Academy program? A. To offer a special program in high school. B. To help students concentrate on study.

C. To strengthen sex education for teenagers. earlier.

D. To start learning college courses

37. To enter the Academy program, students are NOT required to ________________. A. do well in their study C. take part in some activities _________________. A. should learn more about literature C. are reading more manly novels B. should have a sense of protecting the wildlife D. are interested in stories on animals B. be recommended by teachers D. have worked as volunteers

38. The Call of the Wild is given as an example to show that male students

39. Which is likely to be Morgan Fleet’s opinion? A. A girl cares about the boys’ opinions of her. C. Girls are more focused when studying with boys. D. Boys and girls act the same in separate classrooms. 40. The passage is intended to _________________. A. introduce the single-sex class project girls C. persuade students to enter the Academy program study D Whether in the workplace or on the football field, effective teamwork can produce amazing results. However, working successfully as a team is not as easy as it may seem. Effective teamwork certainly does not just happen automatically; it takes a great deal of hard work and compromise. There are a number of factors that must be in place to make a good team. Effective leadership is one of the most important components of good teamwork. The team’s leader should possess the skills to create and preserve a positive working environment and motivate and inspire the team members to take a positive approach to work and be highly committed. An effective team leader will promote a high level of spirit and make them feel supported and valued. Communication is a vital factor of all interpersonal relationship and especially that of a team. Team members must be able to articulate their feelings, express plans and goals, share ideas and see each other’s opinions. Conflicts will arise no matter how well a team functions together. The best way to deal with conflicts is to have some organized methods of handling conflicts. Team members should be able to voice their concerns without fear of offending others. Instead of avoiding conflict issues, a hands-on approach that settles them quickly is much better. It is often advised that the team leader sit with the conflicting parties and help work out their differences without taking sides and trying to remain objective if possible. The team leader must set a good example to create good teamwork. In order to keep team members positive and committed and motivated, the team leader herself / himself needs to show D. urge students to work hard in their B. explain the differences between boys and B. Single-sex classes should be stopped.

these qualities. The team turns to the leader for support and guidance. So any negative words or behaviors on the leader’s part can be disastrous. Regardless of what type of work you are in, knowing how to effectively work on and with a team is going to be extremely important to your success and that of your team. 41. Effective leadership is important partly because ___________________. A. it helps a leader to develop lots of skills B. it makes a leader feel supported and valued

C. it creates a positive working environment D. it depends on interpersonal relationship of a team 42. The underlined word “articulate” probably means _________________. A. hide B. feel C. express D. plan

43. When conflicts arise among team members, the team leader should A. worry about the team members C. try to avoid conflict issues B. ignore the team members’ voices D. work out their differences

44. To become a good team leader, you have to ____________________. A. be positive and committed C. look for support from the team B. set up a good team D. avoid natural disasters

45. Which is the best title for the passage? A. Football And Teamwork C. Handle Conflict In A Team B. What Makes Effective Teamwork D. Communication And Teamwork

Zoos divide opinion : there are those who think it is cruel to keep animals locked up while others believe zoos are essential for the survival of endangered species. To argue that zoos imprison animals is to misunderstand what zoos are about. Without zoos many of the creatures we love and admire would no longer exist. Every single day,over one hundred animal species vanish. Scientists predict that as early as 2050 one quarter of the Earth’s species will become extinct. Some animals are in danger because they are hunted. Alarmingly, the population of tigers has already fallen by ninety-five percent. Other species are in danger because of a lack of food. For example, there are fewer than 1300 giant pandas left in the wild. Zoos have special breeding programmes to help those animals at risk. These breeding programmes are proving extremely successful. As Irene Shapiro from Zoo and Wildlife Support says, “the Puerto Rican Parrot has

grown in numbers from just thirteen to about eighty-five and the Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey, which has almost ceased to exist twenty years ago, has been reintroduced back into the wild. ” Unfortunately, not everyone understands this important role zoos play. For example, Brian Featherstone from the Anti-Zoo Forum says, “I can’t believe we take animals from the wild and put them in cages for the entertainment of the public! We should view them on film or TV in their natural environment.,’ However, this misses the point. A zoo does more than display animals to the public. It ensures their survival. Without zoos you would not be able to see many of these animals on TV or anywhere else! 26. What’s the writer’s attitude towards zoos? A.He shows no opinion either for or against them. B. He thinks that they are unnecessary and cruel. C. He believes they play an important environmental role. D.He expresses a desire that more of them be built. 27.The underlined word “vanish” in Paragraph 2 most probably means _____. A. remain B. disappear C. become rarer D. get killed

28.According to the passage the world’s tiger population _____. A.will rise by 5% next year C/ is 95% smaller than in the past B. is relatively stable D. has fallen to 95%

29 ? According to the passage some people do not agree with zoos because they _____ A.are too expensive to run B. put animals in danger

C. do not provide enough food D. keep animals locked up 30.According to the writer ,the most important function of the zoo is to _____. A.make a lot of money C. ensure animals’ survival
3l. A 32. B 33. D 34. D 35. C 41. C 42. C 43. D 44. A 45. B 36. B 37. D 38. C 39. A 40. A

B. entertain visitors D. educate the public

26. C

27. B 28. C

29. D 30. C

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