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名词的用法 48. 【2011?广西柳州】I bought an ice cream in the shop. A. river B. store C. home 【2011 内蒙古包头】( ) 34. —Dad, I’ve got an ―A‖ in the math exam. —Great. And I’m sure you will do better, because this is a good _________. A. report B. result C. start D. skill 2011 湖南湘潭】21. The_______ of most trees will fall in autumn. A leaf B. leafs C leaves 【2011 四川宜宾】23. There are many _______ playing on the playground. A. child B. children C. man teachers D. sheeps 【2011 乌鲁木齐】21. He has something wrong with his _ .He cannot see clearly. A. leg B. eye C. hand D. arm 【2011 福建莆田】 ( ) 25. —I want a________ to cut the big apple. Could you pass me one? —Certainly, here you are. A. fork B. knife C. spoon 【2011 贵州贵阳】 "Excuse me, how can I get to the nearest bus stop?" "Go down this road. It's 33. about_________ walk A. five minute's B. five minutes' C. five-minutes 【2011 湖南岳阳中考】25.It’s from our school to my home. A. ten minutes’ walk B. ten minute’s walk C. ten minutes walk 【2011 郴州】22. There isn't any ______in the fridge. We need to go shopping. A. oranges B. milk C. eggs 【2011 遵义】21.The foreigners from the USA like Chinese dishes very much. A.plates B.food C.fruit 【2011 泰州】3. He has poor _______, so he can’t see the words on the blackboard clearly. A. smell B. taste C. hearing D. eyesight 【2011 重庆江津】( ) 22.I have to speak to my grandpa loudly because something is wrong with his . A. eyes B. ears C. hands D. legs 答案:B 【2011 山东菏泽】21 .As young adults, it is our_____ to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teacher. A. work B. job C. duty D. task 答案 C 【解析】句式结构。work 工作;job 职业;task 任务。句意:作为未成年人,在老师的帮 助下尽力处理好教育方面的每次挑战是我们的责任。故选 C。 【2011 重庆】24. Could you please get me some_______? I’m hungry. A. apple B. water C. bread D. egg 答案 C 【解析】考查可数名词与不可数名词。some 意为―一些‖,后跟可数名词复数形式或不可数 名词,A、D 为单数形式,需排除。由答语―I’ hungry‖可推测,想要点吃的东西。故选 C。 【2011 浙江宁波】21. — Excuse me, where can I exchange _________? — There’s a bank on the second floor. A. books B. food C. money D. stamps

答案:C 【解析】词汇辨析。books 书;food 食物;money 钱;stamps 邮票。根据答语的意思,在二 楼有一家银行,再结合问句,请问我可以在哪里换钱?得出答案 C。 【2011 广安市】23 —Are there any _______ in the picture? —Yes, there are. A. fish B. pork C. beef 答案:A 【解析】考查名词。B 与 C 都是不可数名词,be 动词用单数;fish 表示鱼的数量时,单数和 复数同形。故选 A。 【2011 浙江丽水】26.The singer felt very sorry and decided he would never drive again after drinking. The traffic accident was really a _________ to him. A.game B. pleasure C. skill D. lesson 答案:D 【解析】词义辨析。be a lesson to sb 意为―对于某人来说是一个教训‖。 【2011· 南京】7. –Mrs Black, could you give me some advice on how to write an application letter? –With pleasure. Remember that the letter should be written in the formal ______. A. value B. style C. effect D. mood 答案:B 【解析】考查句意理解和词义辨别。理解句意,此处指用正式的格式,style 意为:样式, 风格。 【2011 浙江舟山】19. — Would you please pass me something to drink? — What about some ______? A. beef B. fish C. juice D. bread 答案:C 【解析】名词词义辨析。beef 意为―牛肉‖;fish 意为―鱼肉‖;juice 意为―果汁‖;bread 意为―面 包‖。根据上句提及 something to drink(一些喝的东西);下句中只有 juice 符合问句。故选 C。 【2011 山东德州】 Today, we have many other ________ to pay besides coins or paper money. 25. A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans 答案:B 【解析】词汇辨析。excuses ―借口‖;ways ―路,方式‖;chances ―机会‖;plans ―计 划‖;又 根据句意:今天除了硬币或纸币外,我们还有其他的方式付钱。只有 B 符合题意。 【2011?扬州】—I’m sorry I went out for a smoke. I was very tired. —There’s no ______ for this while you are at work. A. cause B. excuse C. matter D. choice 答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。Cause 指的是“原因” ;excuse 指的是“借口” ;matter 指的是“麻烦事” ; choice 指的是“选择” 。根据句意:在上班时没有借口出去抽烟。 【2011 湖南怀化】24. At night, we can see colorful lights on both ______ of the streets. A. sides B. side C. side’s 答案:A 【解析】名词复数的考查。街道的两边是复数,得出答案 A。 【2011?铜仁】24. ________ is the most important festival in China. A. Christmas B. Spring Festival C. Mid-autumn Day D. National Day

答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。Christmas 是圣诞节;Spring Festival 是春节;Mid-autumn Day 是中秋 节;National Day 是国庆节。根据句意“在中国最重要的节日”当然是春节。故选 B。 【2011 浙江绍兴】18. — Excuse me. may 1 know your_______? — Sure. It's No. 3. Bridge Street. A. house B. address C. way D. place 答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。由答语是“No. 3. Bridge Street.” ,为“地址” ,故选 B。 【2011 四川绵阳】17. My classmate lent me a(an) so that I wouldn’t get wet in the rain. A. candle B. umbrella C. scarf D. Wallet 答案:B 【解析】词义辨析。 candle 意思是―蜡烛‖;umbrella 意思是―雨伞‖;scarf 意思是―围巾‖;wallet 意为―钱包‖,根 据句子意思可推断―同学借给我一把雨伞以便在雨中不会淋湿‖,故选 B。 【2011 湖北· 武汉】 36. - I’m going to the supermarket. Let me get you some fruit. - OK. Thanks for your _____. A. offer B. information C. message D. order 答案: A 【解析】 考查名词的用法。 句意:我打算去超市。让我给你买些水果。好的,谢谢你的提 议(帮助) 。offer 提议;information 消息,信息;message 消息,口信;order 命令;定单。 【2011 贵州安顺】15. _______ about the sports meeting make us excited. A. News B. Information C. Messages D. Advice 答案:C 【解析】 名词的考查。 根据句意, 谓语动词 make 是原形, 可知主语应该是复数形式, news, 而 information, advice 都是不可数名词,故 C 是正确的。 【2011 贵州安顺】11. Can you imagine what life will be like in ______ time? A. 50 years’ B. 50 year’s C. 50-years’ D. 50-years 答案:A 【解析】本题考查名词所有格做定语的用法, 当名词为复数作定语时, 直接在后面加’即可。 【2011 湖北荆州】21. —What do you like?? —I run every morning, and often play tennis at weekends.? A. sports B. music C. art D. subjects? 【答案】A 【解析】本题考查名词词义辨析。由 run―跑步‖和 play tennis―打网球‖可知所做之事均属 sports 范畴,故答案选 A。 (2011 湖南衡阳) 29.—Jack, will your family move to Shanghai? —Yes. That’s a very big my parents made. A. decide B. decision C. education 答案: B 【解析】词义辨析。根据句意:那是我父母做的一个大决定。用名词形式。 【2011 襄阳】26. ---- I hear you are not allowed to eat in class. ----Right. It’s one of the in our school. A. plans B. orders C. rules D. suggestions 【答案】C

【解析】名词辨析 上课不允许吃东西是学校的纪律。 【2011 上海】49. These natural disasters have warned us that everyone should start to protect the _____ immediately. A) amusement B) development C) environment D) government 答案:C 【解析】考查点:名词辨析。 解题思路:该句意为“这些自然灾害已经警告人们每个人应 当开始保护环境。 ”故选 C;选项 A 意为“快乐” ;选项 B 意为“发展” ;选项 D 为“政府 【2011 上海】50. Edward, you have grown up. You should learn to make your own room _____ . A) empty B) noisy C) dirty D) tidy 答案:D 【解析】考查点:名词辨析。 解题思路:make sth.+adj 意为“使某物保持??” ,该句意为 “Adward, 你已经长大了。你应该学着把自己的房间保持整洁” ,故由句意可知答案选 D; 1. 【2011?无锡】 theme park is about __________ ride from the museum. You should start out The right now. A. two hour B. two hour’s C. two hours’ D. two hours 答案:C 【解析】本题考查名词所有格。以 s 结尾的只加“’” ,故答案选 C。 【2011 贵州安顺】18. —Mr. Smith always has _____ to tell us. —So he does. A. some good pieces of news B. some pieces of good news C. some good piece of news D. some piece of good news 答案:A 【解析】不可数名词的考查。News 是不可数名词,当要表示几条消息时,应用量词 piece, 并且根据句意要在 piece 的后面加 s。 【2011 四川德阳】4. Stop making so much _____. The children are sleeping. A. voice B. noise C. sound 答案:B 【解析】本题考查词义辨析。voice 一般指人的声音,说话、唱歌。谈笑都可用 voice。noise 意为“噪音”“喧闹声” 、 ,常指不悦耳、不和谐的嘈杂声。sound 作“声音”“响声”讲时, , 可以指人或动物发出的声音,或物体碰撞的声言。这个词的使用范围很大。可以说,大自然 的任何“声音”都可以用 sound。句意“不要制造那么大的噪音,孩子们正在睡觉” 。根据 句意可知用 noise。故选 B。 【2011 上海】34. The old man used to raise many _____ to make a living on the farm. A) duck B) horse C) bird D) sheep 答案:D 【解析】 考查点: 名词复数形式的用法。 解题思路: many 之后要使用可数名词的复数形式, 选项 A、B、C 都是可数名词,其复数形式为都要加-s;而 sheep 也是可数名词,其复数形式 与单数形式相同,故答案选 D; 【泸州市 2011】1. --- How far is your family from here? --- It’s about ten _____ walk. minute’s B. minute C. minutes’ D. minutes 答案:C 【解析】名词所有格。名词复数所有格在 s 后面直接加’。 【2011?盐城】8. The two cities have reached an to develop science and technology. A. education B. excitement C. agreement D. invention

答案:C 考查名词用法。句意:这两个城市间达成一项协议,发展科学技术。 3. 【2011· 苏州】 There are millions of websites on the Internet and there ________ a lot of useful _________ on the websi tes. A. are; informations B. are; information C. is; information D. is; information 答案:C 【解析】考查 there be 结构。information 意为“消息”是不可数名词,be 动词应用单数,先 排除 AB;故选 C 【2011 浙江宁波】25. — You look so healthy! — Yeah, I like eating apples. An apple a day keeps the _________ away. A. teacher B. worker C. f armer D. doctor 答案:D 【解析】结合俗语考查名词意义。―An apple a day keeps the doctor away.‖这是一句俗语。意 为―每天一只苹果,医生远离你。‖ 【2011 山东聊城】35. Peter regards Liaocheng as his second because he has lived here for ten years. A. family B. house C. home D. room 答案:C 【解析】名词词义辨析。family 指的是家庭成员,一般不涉及房屋。house 是指居住的建筑 物。home 是指家庭成员所居住的那种环境或与房屋有关的―家‖。句意:彼得把聊城看作他 的第二个家,因为他已经在这儿住了十年了。故选 C。 【2011 广西贺州】36. Mazy's skirt is the same as her_____. A . sisters B. brother C. brother’s D. sister’s 答案:D 【解析】D 考查点:名词所有格。解题思路:skirt 表示“裙子” ,根据常识可知一般女孩才 有裙子,故排除 B、C。根据句意:Mary 的裙子与她妹妹(姐姐)的(裙子)一样。比较的 对象应该相同。故选 D。 【2011 遵义】29.—Where’s Jack? —He’s left a ________ saying that he will be back in a minute. A.message B.news C.informat ion 答案:A 【2011 山东滨州】22. Work hard, and you’ll get good ________. A. lessons B. notes C. grades D. answers 答案:C 【解析】考查词义辨析。lessons―课‖;notes―笔记‖;grades―成绩‖;answers ―回答,答案‖。 由句意―努力工作,你就会获得好成绩。‖可知选 C。 【2011 广西崇左】28.—What’s in the icebox? ---A few ____, but little ____. A.apple,milk B.apple,milks C.apples,milks D.apples,milk 【解析】D 考查点:形容词辨析。解题思路:few 修饰可数名词的复数形式,little 修饰不 可数名词。故选 D。 【2011 山东泰安】32. —Yao Ming is very popular among teenagers. —Yes. Many middle school students are his ______. A. heroes B. stars C. fans D. brothers

答案:C 【解析】句意理解。姚明在青少年中很受欢迎,因此很多中学生是他的粉丝。 【2011 四川资阳】16.—There are so many ______ over there. What’s happening? —Let’s go to have a look. A. flower B. car C. child D. people 答案:D 【解析】考查名词用法。many 后接可数名词复数。故选 D。 【2011 天津】31. For my home work I have to write a(n)______ about the wonders of the world. A. music. B. picture. C. composition. D. exam 答案:C 【解析】 词义辨析。 Music 音乐, picture 图片, exam 测试, 都不符合句意。 只有 composition 作文符合句意。 【2011 贵州毕节】22.—Hello! May I speak to Lucy,please? —Sorry,I’m afraid you have the wrong . A.way B.name C.number D.telephone 解析:本题考查名词词义辨析。Hello! May I speak to Lucy,please?是打电话常用术语,故答 案选 C,意为“号码” 。 【2011 梧州】40. Please pick up the ____. Don’t keep it on the floor. A. paper B. boxes C. books D. bottles 【答案】A 【解析】名词的考察 由“Don’t keep it on the floor.”可知应是不可数名词或单数可数名词 【2011 广东深圳】4, — Could you please tell me something about the two_ ? — ____. They arc exchange students of No. 1 Middle School. A. Frenchmen; Yes, please B. Frenchmans; Come on C. Germen; Not at all D. Germans; All right 答案:D 【解析】名词复数与交际用语用法。Frenchman 的复数是 Frenchmen,German 的复数不是把 a 换成 e,而是直接加 s, 即 Germans,故 B,C 错。Yes, please 包含“好吧和感谢”的意思, All right 指指“好吧” 。故 D 对。 【2011 大庆】11. — Did you hear any strange _____when the quake happened? — No, I was in my garden with my flowers and was enjoying the beautiful _____of my birds at that time. A. voice; noise B. noise; sound C. whisper; sound D. sound; voice 答案:D 【2011 本溪】1. Could you lend me your ______?I want to take some photos. A. watch B. radio C. camera D. telephone 答案: C 【2011?宁夏】( )28. We have only one Earth. It's our common _. A. family B. house C. home D. room 答案:C 【2011· 福州中考】— I am thirsty. May I have something to drink? — Ok. Here’s some _______. A. rice B. bread C. water 答案:C

【解析】考查名词的用法。由问句句意―我渴了,我可以喝一些东西吗?‖可知,只有 C 为 液体。故选 C。 【2011 江苏淮安】7. —Would you like some ___________? —Yes, please. I’m thirsty. A. water B. bread C. pens D. clothes 答案:A 【解析】名词语境题。根据后面的语境“我饿了。 ”可知上文“你想来一些吃的吗?”water 水 bread 面包 pens 钢笔 clothes 衣服。故选 B。

【2011 温州】5.I am tired after the long walk.I want to have a __. A. talk B. look C. party D.rest 答案:D 【解析】 词义辨析 have a talk “谈话” have a look “看一看” have a party , “举行聚会” have a rest“休息” 。根据句意“长时间走路以后我很累。 ”可推测“我想休息一下” 。 【2011 湖北黄冈】 —Mrs. Wang was sent to teach English in a poor mountain village last year. 37. —She said she would never forget some pleasant ______while working there. A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. emotions 答案:C 【解析】 名词辨析。 根据句意 “她说他将永远不会忘记她在那儿工作的愉快经历。 experience ” 当经历讲可数。故选 C。 【2011 山西】17. Read the ______ carefully. They will help you know how to use the popper. A. instructions B. decisions C. results 答案:A 【解析】名词辨析。Instruction 意为“说明” ,decision 意为“决定” result 意为“结果” , 。 根据句意“仔细阅读说明”可知选 A。 (2011 江苏宿迁)2. When you visit France, you can go to ______ and take photos there. A B C D 【答案】A 解析:考查国家标志。A 项埃菲尔铁塔是法国巴黎的标志之一;B 项澳大利亚悉尼歌剧院是 悉尼的标志之一;C 基富士山是日本的标志之一;D 项长城是中国名胜古迹。句意“当你参 观法国,你可以去____ 拍照。。到了法国我们可以去埃菲尔铁塔拍照。故选 A。 ” 【2011 湖南衡阳】18.There are two and three on the table. A. apple; banana B. apples; banana C. apples; bananas 答案:C 【解析】可数名词复数的考查。Apple 与 banana 都为可数名词,故选 C。 【2011 湖南永州】22. There are many _______ at the foot of the hill. A. cow B. horse C. sheep 答案:C 【解析】 many 修饰的是可数名词的复数形式,sheep 的复数形式还是 sheep, 故选 C。 【2011 湖北十堰】27. In order to stay fit, people pay more attention to their ___________. A. diet B. experience C. thoughts D. awards 答案:A

【解析】词义辨析。diet 饮食;experience 经验;thoughts 想法,思想;awards 奖品。根据 句意:为了保持健康,人们更加注意他们的饮食。选 A。 【2011 邵阳】21. I’m not sure about the meaning of the word. You’d better look it up in a (n) ______. A. letter B. dictionary C. article 答案:B 【解析】名词的词义。句意为:我不敢确定单词的意思,你最好的在字典里查一下。不确定 单词的意思,应该查找一下字典。 【2011 山东德州】 Today, we have many other ________ to pay besides coins or paper money. 25. A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans 答案:B 【解析】词汇辨析。 “借口”“路,方式”“机会”“计划” ; ; ; ;又根据句意:今天除了硬币或 纸币外,我们还有其他的方式付钱。只有 B 符合题意。 【2011 山东德州】17. _________ is celebrated on September 10’. A. National Day B. Teacher’s Day C. Dragon Boat Festival D. Spring Festival 答案:B 【解析】词组辨析。September 10 意思为 9 月 10 号,是教师节,故答案为 B。 【江西省 2010】37. The doctor told me to eat more_________ because it's good for my health. A. orange B. vegetables C. ice cream d. fish 【答案】D 【解析】名词用法 由句意“??有益于健康” ,排除 A 和 C。vegetables 为复数形式。故选 D。 【2011 哈尔滨】21. Boys and gills, feeling peaceful is the first step to become in the exam . So please take a deep breath and calm down. A. runners B. winners C. players 答案:B 【解析】考查名词词义辨析 根据句意:保持平静心态是成为考试“获胜者”的第一步。 【2011 四川达州】25.—How many teachers are there in your school? ?— them over two hundred. ? A. woman; The number of; is B. women; The number of; is ? C. woman; A number of; is D. women; A number of; are 答案:B 【解析】本题主要考查名词复数的用法。英语中有这样使用习惯:child、man、women 这样 的名词作定语时,如果后面被修饰的名词是复数,child 用原形,而 man 和 women 要变成复 数。a number of 表示若干,许多,谓语用复数。the number of 表示...的数量。题意为:-你们 学校有多少女老师?-数量超过 200。可知本题选 B。 【2011?四川广元】10.Our hospital needs two ___ doctors, Mrs Li. You can ask your son to have a try. A. women B. man C. men 答案:C 【解析】名词复数。由“你让你的儿子试一试”可知“我们医院需要两名男医生” ,排除 A; man 作 doctors 的定语,doctors 用复数,故 man 也应用复数形式。 【2011 黑龙江绥化市】 () 3. She likes______best of all the vegetables,

A. potatoes B. eggs C. oranges 答案:A 【解析】词义辨析。用排除法,B、C 不是蔬菜范畴,故选 A。 【2011 四川德阳】23. – Can I help you, sir? -- I’d like to have 100 _____. I want my students to draw pictures. A. piece of paper B. pieces of paper C. pieces of papers 答案: B 【解析】本题考查不可数名词的运用. paper 是不可数名词,它没有复数形式,若表示数量, 一般用 a piece of 短语表示,它的复数形式应体现在 piece 上。 paper 是不可数名词,故排除 C;答句意“我想要 100 张纸??” 。100 张纸中,量词 piece 应用复数形式,故排除 A。正 确答案是:B。 32. 【2011?广西柳州】Tony has many Chinese ______. A. stamp B. stamps C. a stamp 答案 B 【解析】考查名词复数的用法。many 意为“很多”后接名词复数,故选 B。 【2011 陕西】23. John wants to be a , so he often helps sick people in the hospital. A. reporter B. doctor C. scientist D. cook B【解析】考查点: :本题考查名词的词义。reporter“记者” ;doctor“医生” ;scientist“科 学家” ;cook“厨师” 。句意为“约翰想要成为一名医生,所有他常常在医院帮助病人” 。故 选 B。 【2011 清远】38. I'm so hungry. Please give me ______ to eat A. three bread B three pieces of bread C. three pieces of breads D three piece of bread 答案 B 【解析】考查可数名词与不可数名词的用法。bread 为不可数名词,不加 s,也不能直接用 数字修饰,排除 A 和 C。量词 piece 片是可数的要加 s。 【河北省 2011】30. Cici enjoys dancing. It's one of her . A. prize B. prizes C. hobby D. hobbies 【答案】D 【解析】考查名词用法及 one of 这个句型,由题意可知:跳舞是 Cici 的一种爱好。One of 后加名词复数。 【2011?河南省】23.1 have some problems with my English writing. Can you give me some_? A. advice B. decisions C. information D. messages 23.答案:A。考查名词。依据句意应该选 A。句意:我的英语写作有困难,你能给我一些建 议吗? 【2011 黑龙江绥化市】 () 2. Tom's watch is the same as his_______. A, brother B. brothers C. brother's 答案:C 【解析】 名词所有格。 根据句意: “汤姆的手表和他哥哥的一样” 。His brother’s =his brother’ s watch.

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