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Welcome to My Class in This Poetic Spring!

Cloze Test

Today?s task:
命题特点 解题技巧 高考真题

完型填空是对一篇语意完整的短文有目的的挖出一些空白, 造成信息链的中断,让考生在重新理解短文的基础上,综合运用所

学知识和常识,对每个空格的被选选项做出尽可能合理的分析判断, 从中选出正确答案或最佳答案,使重新建构的文章主旨鲜明,文意 畅达,逻辑严密。 2 It is a complexed form of reading comprehension and practising abilities.

Including: ?Understanding in the context ?Usages of the words and phrases ?Logical guessing ?Cultural background and customs

? 从近几年全国高考的完形填空来看, 已经不再考核学生语法方面的知识了, 而是从语义搭配、结构搭配、惯用搭 配及逻辑知识等方面来测试学生词汇 的掌握及运用。而且有些词的选择, 必须在理解整篇文章的基础上,才能 作出正确的判断。

Step1 Skip(跳读) the passage to get the general idea and pay attention to the first sentence. In the cloze test, there is no blank in the first sentence (首句). It helps us to know the topic of the whole passage. (完形填空首句不挖空,帮助进入语境)

Step2 Reread and choose the best answer for each blank by using some methods. (在把握语篇大意的基础上,借助于一些恰当 的方法选择最佳答案)

Four methods(四种常用的方法):
1、context (上下文语境) 2、word distinctions or collocations (词语辨析,语法和固定搭配) 3、information given in the passage (利用文章中的信息进行推断---原词复现、 近义词和反义词等) 4、cultural background and common sense (文化背景和常识)

Step3 Read the passage again and check the




1. 根据上下文语境(关键词,逻辑), 合理推断来解题
[ 例1 08全国卷] After the birth of my second child, I got a job at a restaurant. Having worked with an experienced 36 for a few days, I was 37 to wait tables on my own. 36. A. manager B. assistant C. cook D. waitress
37A. promised B. invited C. allowed D. advised [ 例2 09全国卷 ] On a hot summer day in late August, I sought shade and a cool drink at a waterfront(江边, 海滨) caféon a Greek island. Over a hundred degrees in 36 air. Crowded. Temper of both the tourists and waiters had risen to meet the situation. 不动的,无风的空气 36. A. fresh B. cool C. still D. thin

Practice His big stomach has always ballooned out between his T-shirt and trousers. Although his family often 43 about that, Ed refused to buy a 44 T-shirt or to lose weight.
43. A. cared C. quarreled 44. A. clean C. larger B. forgot D. joked B. straight D. darker

We arrived in Spain for the first time a few weeks ago. I decided to 21 a car because we had sold the one we had in England before 22 home. Yesterday the sales office rang us to say the car was 23 . 21.A.borrow B. drive C. buy D. choose 22.A.leaving B. making C. returning D. getting 23.A.right B. ready C. fixed D. sold

2.从词的习惯搭配,语法,句型方面来 解题
[3.16周练] My taxi driver slammed on his

brakes, slide sideways, and at the very last moment our car stopped and narrowly 34 the other car by just inches. A.Knocked B. overtook C C. Missed D. left [ 3.9周练] You make room for the good by 49 go of the bad.Have a Garage Free Day! A.Letting B. consisting A C. Making D. dreaming

[ 例3 ]

1)She was French --- perhaps from that place ___ he usually spent his holidays. A. where B. when C. which D. how
2) The instructor then ___ that we find ways to make apologize to people. A. expected B. suggested C. told D. said

I went into a caféand asked for a coffee. 21 I was waiting for my drink, I realized that there were other people in the place , but I sensed 22 (loneliness). A.Before B.Since C.Although D.While


1)I have to work late tonight. I doubt if I'll be able to ____ it on time. make it 做成某事 A. reach B. keep C. take D. make

2) The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just ____ the best of everything they have. A. learn B. make C. favor D. try

make the best of 充分利用,好好珍惜

3)The chance passed and I didn?t (1) it. I take the exam the next day and I won. I didn?t (2) to cheat , but I was still cheating anyhow.(10江苏卷)

1. A. take B. have C. lose D. find 2. A. remember B. learn C. mean D. pretend


1) With her slow slow and and clumsy clumsy reactions, reactions she would surely ____ her team. A. hold on 坚持;不挂断 B. hold out 伸出 C. hold over 拖延 D. hold up 阻碍 ★ 2) My ____ raced back more than thirty years to the dark days of 1941. A. minds 头脑;智力 ★ B. memories 记忆 C. thoughts思想;想法 D. brains 大脑;头脑

1) Soon I heard a 41 like that of a door burst in, and then a climb of feet. 41. A. sound B. cry C.voice D. shout 2) When the papers were ______ , she discovered that twelve boys had made exactly the same mistakes throughout the test. A. examined B. completed C. marked D. answered

3 )It was the night before the composition was due. As I looked at the list of topics (题目) , “The Art of Eating Spaghetti (意大利面条) ” caught my eye. The word “spaghetti” brought back the __36 of an evening at Uncle Alien? s in Belleville 37 all of us were seated around the table and Aunt Pat 38 spaghetti for supper.
36. A.Memory B. thought 37. A. when 38. A. cooked B. where C. knowledge C. since D. experience D. after

B. served C. got D. made 服务;端上(饭菜等)

3.利用文章中的信息进行推理判断---原 词复现、近义词和反义词等
How does a tooth go bad? The 51 begins in a little crack in the enamel (珐琅)covering of the tooth. This happens after germs and bits of food have collected there. Then the decay slowly spreads inside the tooth. In the end, poison goes into blood, and we may feel quite ill. 51. A. destruction B. decay C. fault D. hurt
上文中讲蛀牙如何产生。 空51和红体单词在 意义上是一致的, 属于同义词复现现象。

(3.2周练)Some people 50 straight into a new learning environment. 51 , most are nervous and feel they don?t fit in. 50. A. Slide B. fit C. Change D. turn

51. A. Therefore B. instead C. However D. meanwhile

50.fit into fit in 近义词 51. 反义词

She told the front-desk clerk she had had a(n) __1_vacation,__ but was heart-broken about losing several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet developed. 1.A. disappointing B. wonderful C. uncomfortable D. important

4. 根据常识和文化背景的角度来选择
[例1] …the mother was holding their baby daughter, Ally. The little girl had some food stuck in her throat, and could hardly breathe. Mr. White drove them to 2 . The ambulance was running very fast along the road. 2. A. the best hospital B. the biggest hospital

C. the nearest hospital D. the Children’s Hospital [例2] And there on a well-made bed sat Amy, my new roommate, dressed neatly. Greeting me with a nod ,she said in a soft voice, “Hi, you must be Cori.” Then ,she 45 the music and looked over at my father. “And of course, you’re Mr. Faber,” she said…. 45.A. turned on B. turned down C. played D. enjoyed


The rail will expand(膨胀) when it gets ___. A. wet B. cold C. hot D. dry

(08 辽宁卷) The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world. 36(Owning) springs and streams sometimes means control , particularly in the 37 areas like the desert. A.dry B.distant C.deserted D.wild

SUMMARY 解题方法:(科学药方)
总的原则: “先完意,后完形”。 八字方针:上下求索,瞻前顾后。 三步曲:读——填——读





Elizabeth Clay decided to go home. The next day she drove her old car home along the road. 1 she found she got a flat. The 22-year-old student 2 to stop her car by the side of the road in the winter night and opened the trunk. No 3 tire. A.Suddenly Suddenly 1. A.
表现出事件 的突发性

B. Finally

C. Immediately
2. A. afforded C. allowed manage to do 设法做 3. A. spare
spare tire备用轮胎

D. Fortunately
B. wanted D. managed C. full D. empty

B. free

At this time, a car 4 . Paul and Diane told Clay to 5 them to a service station near their 6 . They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to 7 with her car. “Follow us home,” said Paul. The couple called around to find a tire. No They had to stopped the car, 8 .
then they could help Clay.

4. A. passed
5. A. help 6. A. garage 7. A. agree 8. A. way

B. stopped B. push B. house house B. B. match B. message

C. paused
C. take C. shop C. go

D. started
D. D.follow follow D. hotel

go with 与…相配 D. deal

C. success

D. luck

找到一只却不中用,后来 决定让Clay用他们的车。

They decided to let her use their own car. “Here,” Paul said, handing Clay a 9 of keys, “Take our car. We 10 be using it over the holiday.” 一串钥匙 Clay was 11 . “But I?m going all the way to South Carolina, and I?ll be gone for two weeks,” she 12 them. A.set set 9. A. 10. A. can?t B. number C. pair D. chain D. won?t B. worried
Let a stranger use their car. They?re so generous. D. disturbed

B. shouldn't C. mustn't

11. A. satisfied C. astonished 12. A. persuaded C. reminded

B. advised D. promised

“We know,” Paul said. “We?ll be 13 when you get back. Here?s our number if you need to 14 us.” refer to Paul and Diane Unable to believe her eyes, Clay watched as the 15 put her luggage into their car and then 16 her off.
according to the context

13. A. happy

B. B.here here

C. away

D. busy
D is wrong.

14. A. get in touch with C. be in touch with 15. A. repairmen

B. keep in touch with B,C are the same, D. put in touch with C. friends

B. cleaners

D. couple

A.sent sent 16. A.
sent… off 送走

B. shook

C. watched

D. drove

Two weeks later she 17 to find her old car cleaned inside and out with three new tires and the radio 18 . with sth. done无线电设

“Thank you so much,” she said. “How much do I 19 you?” “Oh, no,” Paul said, “We don?t want any money. It?s our 20 .” Clay realized that while it might have been their pleasure, it was now her duty to pass on their “do unto others” spirit. 17. A. shocked C. C.returned returned 18. A. loaded
according to the context

B. happened D. came C. tied C. give D. rebuilt D. offer D. pleasure

欠 / 该给 A. owe 19. A. owe 多少钱 B. lend

B. B. fixed fixed

20. A. wish

B. job

C. duty

He started to paint. Suddenly he thought of a plan to get his friends to help him do the work. “Aunt Polly told me to try very hard, and that is what I?m going to do.” He smiled and began 1 . Just then his friend Ben came past.

He laughed when he saw Tom painting. “What?s the matter, Tom? Does your 2 want you to work on such a nice day?”
He felt happy and pretended to be easy.

1. A. singing

B. crying

C. shouting

D. playing

2. A. uncle

B. aunt

C. mother

D. teacher

Tom didn't stop 3 . “Work? Oh, no Ben. You see, painting is a (n) 4 . First you must choose the right 5 , then you must get the best paint and brush. But most important of all, you must have the right 6 . … 3. A. thinking C. trying 4. A. joy C. art 5. A. day C. wall
It?s a “great word” for kids. They can?t understand it very well. It?s Tom?s trap. 上文提到 “…work on such a nice day?”

B. laughing
according to the D. painting first sentence of the passage

B. job

D. honour B. place D. fence

6. A. colour

B. person 下文提到 C. position

D. master

…Aunt Polly says that there isn?t a 7 in town who can paint this fence like me!” Ben?s eyes opened wide, “ 8 , Tom? Let me try a bit.” Tom is a boy. “Oh, that isn?t possible,” said Tom, “My Aunt Polly is very sure of the 9 she wants her fence painted. Remember, she chose me.” “ 10 , Tom. I?ll give you half my apple if you let me paint.”… can?t believe, want to 7. A. man 8. A. Really 9. A. design 10. A. Come on
compete with Tom

B. woman B. What B. plan
表达出恳 求的语气

C. boy C. Pardon C. way B. Hurry up

D. girl D. Great D. method
下文…be very

C. Take it easy

careful about D. Never mind the way you paint…

… Ben 11 , “Your aunt will never know the 12 !” “Oh, you?re wrong about that, Ben,” answered Tom, “She has very good eyes. And think how I would 13 . After all, she asked me to paint her fence.” “You may have my whole 14 ,” Ben said, “Give me the paint brush now.” suggest he can do as
如果被发现,想想 我的感受如何
well as Tom

11. A. replied 12. A. pattern 13. A. feel

B. promised B. change B. act

C. lied C. trade C. end B. apple apple B. D. help

D. decided D. difference D. start
上文提到 “…give you half my apple” , 现在加大筹码

14. A. friendship
C. trust

“Well, if you really think you can do it — here, take the brush but be very careful the way you paint.” Tom took a 15 at the red apple. Half an hour later, when his friend had painted four 16 of the fence, Tom said, “You?re doing it quite well, Ben, but of course you need to do much more 17 you can really call yourself a painter.” 下文:“paining
take a bite at 咬一口 a few boards”

15. A. bite 16. A. feet 17. A. before
需要再多做一些才 能…

B. smell B. hours B. after

C. taste C. boards C. when

D. breath D. woods D. unless

As each hour passed, Tom?s painting became close to being 18 . Each friend who happened to walk past took his 19 at painting a few boards — all for a price, of course. “You have to make them think it is something wonderful,” thought Tom, “They?d never want to do it without 20 for it.”

18. A. easy
take turn at doing C. pleasant sth.轮流做…

B. complete
D. beautiful C. luck B. thanking D. apologizing D. chance B. turn turn B.

19. A. brush 20. A. looking

C. C.paying paying 他们决不愿意做不 付出代价的事

把握整体 具体分析

跳过空格,通读全文, 把握大意 结合选项,综合考虑,初定答案 瞻前顾后,先易后难, 个个击破 再读全文,反复检查

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