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A Dream of the red mansions


Introduce the author
About the story three main characters Twelve beauties of jinling


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CAO XUEQIN (1715?-63) was born into a

family which for three generations held the office of Commissioner of Imperial Textiles in NanJing, a family so wealthy that they were able to entertain the Emperor four times. But calamity overtook them and their property was confiscated. Cao XueQin was living in poverty near Peking when he wrote his famous novel “The Story of the Stone”

Introduction of the story
A Dream of Red Mansions describes the life and declining fortunes of a large feudal family. At the heart of the novel is a tragic love story between Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai 红楼梦介绍了生活 在大型没落封建家 庭。在小说的核心 是贾宝玉,林黛玉 和薛宝钗的爱情悲 剧故事。

Baoyu is a rebel of feudal noble class. His rebellious character is fully expressed in his attitude of indifference to the ways of aristocratic life .He holds in contempt the tiresome men and greatly sympathizes with women, oppressed and trampled by the feudal system, demonstrating his distinct democratic thoughts

Lin Daiyu
She is also a rebellious figure of the novel. She represents ,to a certain degree ,women’s unfortunate fate in feudal society, their resistance to its oppression and passionate pursuit for true love. But her weakness is in her restrained and fragile character

Xue Baochai She is one of the principal characters in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red mansions. She is extremely beautiful and socially graceful, but is noted for her inner coldness .She is portrayed as a conventional woman of feudal society, and she is also a tragic figure.

Twelve beauties of jinling

二十年来辨是非,榴花开处是宫闱。 三春争及初春景,虎兔相逢大梦归。

For twenty years she arbitrates.

Where pomegranates blaze by palace gates,
How can the late spring equal the spring’s start? When hare and tiger meet, From this great dream of life she must depart.

才自精明志自高,生于末世运偏消。 清明涕泣江边望,千里东风一梦瑶。

So talented and highminded,

She is born too late for luck to come her way ;
Through tears she watches the stream, On the clear and bright day A thousand li the east wind blows But her home in her dream is far away.

展眼吊斜晖, 湘江水逝楚云飞 富贵又何为,襁褓之间父母违

Riches and honors too

what benefit are they? In swaddling clothes thou.
lt be when parents pass away; The rays will slant,quick as the twinkle of an eye; The Hsiang stream will recede, the Ch’u clouds onward fly!

可怜金玉质,终陷泥淖中。 Chastity is her wish, Seclusion her desire;

Alas, though fine as gold or jade,
She sinks at last in the mire.

子系中山狼,得志便猖狂。 金闺花柳质,一载赴黄粱。

For husband she will have a mountain wolf , His object gained he ruthlessly berates her, Hair bloom ,sweet willow in a golden bower, Too soon a rude awakening awaits her.


She sees through the transience of spring,
Dark Buddhist robes replace her garments fine; Pity this child of a wealthy noble house,

Who now sleeps alone by the dimly lit old shrine.

The bird appears when the world falls on evil times;

None but admire her talents and her skill;
First she complies ,then commands, then is dismissed, Departing in tears to jinling more wretched still.

一凡 从鸟 二偏 令从 三末 人世 木来 ,, 哭都 向知 金爱 陵慕 事此 更生 衰才 。。

势败休云贵,家亡莫论亲。 偶因济村妇,巧得遇恩人 。

When riches will have flown will honours then avail? When ruin breaks your home, e’en relatives will fail! But sudden through the aid extended to Da me Liu, A friend in need fortune will make to rise for

桃李春风结子完,到头谁似一 盆兰。 如冰水好空相妒,枉与他人作 笑谈。 What time spring wanes, then fades the bloom of peach as well as plum! Who ever can like a pot of the olea be winsome! With ice thy purity will vie, vain their envy will be! In vain a laughingstock people will try to make of thee.

情天情海幻情身,情既相逢必主淫。 漫言不肖皆荣出,造衅开端实在宁。 Love high as heaven ,love ocean-wide ,thy lovely form will don; What time love will encounter love ,license must rise wanton; Why hold that all impiety in Jung doth find its spring,
The source of trouble, verily is centered most in ning

都满 云纸 作荒 者唐 痴言 ,, 谁一 解把 其辛 中酸 味泪 ?!


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