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必修 1 重点词组
Unit 1 Friendship 1. be good to 对….友好 be good at (doing) sth. 擅长于干某事 2. add up 合计 4. calm down 镇定下来 6. walk the dog 遛狗 8. hide away 躲藏;隐藏 10. share sth with sb 和某人分享某物 12. set down 放下;记下 14. be crazy about 对…着迷 15. on purpose = by design 故意 偶然地 3. get sth done 使…被做 5. have got to 不得不 7. make a list of 列出 be good for 对…有益、有好处

9. be concerned about 关心;挂念 11. go through 经历;仔细检查 13. a series of 一系列;一套

by chance = by accident = accidently = by coincidence 16. in order to/ so as to do sth. 为了 in order that/ so that + 从句 17. at dusk 在黄昏 18. face to face 面对面地 20. no longer = not … any longer\more 21. be\get tired of 对……感到厌烦 为了 at dawn 在黎明

19. get along with 与…相处 不再

22. pack up 收拾,打理行装 24. have trouble with sb/sth

23. according to 按照;根据…所说 同某人闹意见;做…有困难

have some problems (difficulty, trouble) in doing sth. 做某事有困难\麻烦 have no trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事没有困难; 25. communicate with sb 和……交际 26. get along\on (well\badly) with sb. 和某人相处(融洽、不好)

27.throw away\end the friendship 放弃/终止友谊 28. join in 参加(活动) 30. be in love 相爱(强调状态) fall in love with sb. 和某人相爱(强调动作) 31. be ignorant of 无知的 32.cheat sb (out) of sth 骗取某人某物 29. far and wide 到处

33. be in \have the/a habit of doing sth 有做…的习惯

form the/a habit of doing sth 养成…....的习惯 get rid of the habit of doing sth 除掉、改掉做…的坏习惯 34. ask (sb.) for same advice\suggestions on\about sth. 征求某人关于某事的意见 offer\give (sb.) some advice\suggestions on\about sth. 关于某事给某人一些建议 35. find\make it easy\hard\difficult (for sb.) to do sth. 发现某人干某事很容易\难、使得某人干某事很容易\难 Unit 2 English around the world 1. in…ways 在…方面 in a way 在某种程度上 in the\one’s way 在路中;挡着某人的路 在某人去……的路上 看电影

on the\one’s way to spl.

2. go to the pictures / movies / cinemas 3. by underground / subway 4. an official language 5. at the end of 在…末期 乘地铁 官方语言

by the end of?(通常用完成时态) in the end 最后,最终 航行去


6. make a voyage to 8. than ever before

7. because of 因为;由于 even if/ though 即使 come up with 提出

比以往, 比从前

9. come up to a place 来到某地 10. be based (more)on 11. at present 目前 be present at 在席;出席 present sth to sb / present sb with sth


be absent from 缺席 赠与某人某物

12. make (good/ full/ no ) use of (好好/充分)利用 13. at that time 14. the latter 在那时 后者 前者 the former “许多,大量”

15. a (very large\great) number of = many the number of “……的数量”

16. be different from 与…不同

17. in the 1600’s = in the 1600s 18. close to 距离…近 19. such as 例如 20. in fact = as a matter of fact = actually 21. without a second thought 22. leave for spl. 动身去某地

in the next\21st century


没有多加思考 leave A for B 离开 A 地去 B 地 24. as we know 正如我们所知 have a command/knowledge of 掌握,了解,精通

23. as a rule 通常;照例 25. give commands 命令 make a request 请求

at one’s request/ the request of 应某人的要求

advise/suggest/command\request\require that …(should)+v 原形 26. standard English 标准英语

27. believe it or not 信不信由你 28. there is no such thing as? 29. in the early days 在早期 30. play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用;扮演一个角色;参与 play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用 31. from one place to another 从一处到另一处 32. change…into 把…变成 34. the same…as 与…相同的 35. Only time will tell. 时间会证明一切. Unit 3 Travel journal 1. one-way fare 单程票 2. graduate from 从…毕业 3. care about 忧虑,关心 care to do 愿意/同意做某事 4. give in 投降;屈服;让步 give up (doing sth) 放弃(干某事) 5. as usual 像往常一样 7. at an altitude of 在…海拔上 attitude to/ toward(s) sb.\sth. 8. change one’s mind 改变主意


33. take…with…随身携带

round-trip fare 往返票

care for 喜欢,照顾

6. at midnight 午夜


to my mind = in my opinion 在我看来;我的观点是…… make up one’s mind (to do sth.) 9. make camp 野营,宿营 10. put up one’s tents 搭起帐篷 11. sth be familiar to sb sb be familiar with sth\ sb 某事为某人所熟悉 某人熟悉某人/某物 决定\下定决心干某事

12. dream of/ about doing sth 梦想做某事 13. go for long bike rides 做长途自行车旅行 14. persuade sb to do sth = persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事

persuade sb not to do sth= persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事 15. determine to do sth ( 动作) be determined to do sth (心理) make a determination to do sth decide to do sth make a decision to do sth make up one’s mind (to do sth.) 16. get sb interested in 使某人对..感兴趣 (sb.) be interested in (sth) be interesting 某人(开始)对某事感兴趣 决心干某事

(sb.) have\ get an interest in (doing) sth.

17. insist on (one’s) sth/ doing sth 一定要;坚持要 insist (that) sb.(主格形式) (should) do sth 坚决要求某人干某事

18. the best way of doing sth/ the best way to do sth 干某事的最好办法 19. can’t wait/ can hardly wait to do sth 迫不及待想干某事 20. for one thing… for another (用来引出某事的理由)一则… 二则… 21. take one’s breath away 使某人大吃一惊 Unit 4 Earthquakes 1. have (no) time to do


2. happen to do 碰巧做某事

3. shake hands with sb 握手 4. burst into tears/ laughter 6. cut across 穿过、横穿 7. fall down 倒塌 8. rescue workers 救援人员

5. in ruins 成为废墟

9. be pleased\happy to do

乐意做某事 11. judging from… 根据……来判断 12. dig out 挖掘;挖出

10. make/ give a speech 发表演说 12. tens of thousands of 成千上万

13. burst out crying/laughing 突然哭/笑起来 14. think little of 对……评价低 15. be proud of = take pride in 以……而自豪 16. invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 invite sb for\to sth\spl. 17. think highly of 18. one-third 1/3 邀请某人去某处 对……高度评价 two-thirds 2/3 seventy-five percent 75%

19. agree with sb\doing sth (sth) agree with sb agree on about sth agree to do sth.

同意某人的看法、意见;同意干某事 (食物、天气)适合、适应某人 (双方)在某件事上取得一致意见


20. give out 发出(气味等);分发;耗尽 21. a great/ large number of = a great/good many of + 可数名词复数 “许多、大量” 谓语动词用复数 a great deal of = a large amount of + 不可数名词 the number of + 可数名词复数 “……的数量” 谓语动词用单数

22. be trapped in/ under 陷入……/ 陷在……下面 23. speaking competition 高中演讲比赛 24. make\ let \ have sb do sth = get sb. to do sth make sth\spl + adj. 是某物、某地…… 让某人做某事

25. come to an end (vi) = put/ bring sth to an end = put/ bring an end to sth 26. give off 发出(气味等) 28. give away 赠送;泄露 29. right away = right now = at once = immediately 立刻 30. as you know 正如你所知道的 be known as be known for 作为……而知名 因……而出名

结束某事 27. give sth back to sb. 将某物归还某人

as is known to all 众所周知

be known in


31. as could be expected 正如可以预料到的 32. It is useless\no use doing sth It is a waste of time doing sth It is no good doing sth 干某事是无用的 干某事是无用的\ 一种时间的浪费 干某事是没有好处的

33. happen = take place = come about = break out 战争等的偶然爆发(不能用被动语态) Unit 5 Nelson Mandela 1. lose one’s heart 丧失信心、勇气 2. worry about be worried about 3. be in trouble 担心 担心(状态) 处于……麻烦中 在做某事方面有困难

have trouble \ difficulty \problems (in) doing sth = have problems/ difficulty/ trouble with sth 4. be sentenced to 被判处 5. be out of work = lose one’s job 失业 6. be equal to 相等的,平等的 7. invite sb for/ to sth invite sb to do sth 邀请某人去某处 邀请某人做某事

give an invitation to sb. for/ to sth\ to do sth as a matter of fact = in fact = actually 事实上 8. blow up 充气 爆炸 10. send up 发射,使上涨 set up 建立,创立;设置,竖起 set about 着手做某事 (set about doing sth) set off 出发,动身 set out 陈列,摆出;开始(set out to do sth) 11. go up 上升,增长;被兴建 12. prevent\stop sb (from) doing sth keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人干某事(from 可以省略) 9. beg for 乞讨

阻止某人做某事(from 不可以省略)

13. be active in = take an active part in 积极参与,在……活跃

14. die for 为……而死 die from 死于(外因) die of 死于(内因 如:饥饿,寒冷,疾病等) 15. put sb in prison= throw sb into prison= send sb to prison 把……投入监狱 16. a piece of advice advise doing sth advise sb to do sth advise sb on sth give sb. some advice on about sth advise (that) sb(主格形式) (should) +v(原形) sth advice 不可数, 后不能加-s

suggest (one’s) doing sth give sb. some suggestions on about sth suggest (that) sb(主格形式) (should) +v(原形) sth

propose doing sth propose to do sth propose sb to do sth propose (that) sb(主格形式) (should) +v(原形) sth 17. fight for 为争取……而斗争 fight against 为反对……而斗争 fight with 同……并肩作战/ 同……斗争 18. work out 算出 20. be willing to do sth 乐于做某事 21. realize one’s dream of (doing) sth 实现…… 的梦想 22. answer violence with violence 以暴制暴 23. come to power 当权,上台 24. social activities 社会活动 19. break the law 违反法律


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