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斜板澄清器 斜板澄清器安装方案 Installation program of water treatment plant

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1 编制依据…………………………………………………………………………………3

1 Compilation Foundation

2 作业任务…………………………………………………………………………………3

2 Operation Task

3 作业方法及工艺要求……………………………………………………………………4

3 Operation Method and Technology Requirements

4 安全卫生及环境管理 ……………………………………………………… …………8

4 Safety and health& environmental management

一、编 制 依 据
I. Compilation Foundation 1.1 工程招标相关文件; 1.1 Related files about project bidding

1.2 设计院和设备厂家的相关设计图纸技术资料; 1.2 Design institute and related design drawings and technical documentation of equipment manufacturer.

II Operation task 2.1 作业范围 2.1 Scope of operation 2.1.1 本工程为公用系统斜板澄清池二台。 2.1.1 Two public system water treatment plants are used in the current project. 2.2 作业准备和作业条件 2.2 Operation preparation and condition 2.2.1 人员配备: 2.2.1 Personnel: 施工负责人: 技术负责人: 1 人 Construction director: 1 1 人 Technical director:1 冷作工: 焊 工: 4人 Cold workman: 4 4

4 人 Welder:

2.2.2 主要工器具的配备 2.2.2 Main machines& tools provided: 50T 汽车吊 Truck crane of 50T 5T 手动葫芦 Chain block of 5T 水平仪 Level gauge 电焊机

1台 1 3件 3 1台 1 4台

Electric welding machine 磨光机 Polisher 30m 钢卷尺 Steel tape of 30m

4 4台 4 2把 2

III Operation method and technology requirements 3.1 基础验收 3.1 Acceptance of the base 根据土建单位移交的交工资料及设备布置图、安装图对基础进行验收,基础表面应平 整,无裂纹、孔洞、蜂窝、麻面和露筋等现象,所有基础表面的模板、地脚螺栓固定架及 露出于基础外的钢筋等必须撤除,杂物及污水等应清理干净。对基础的外形、几何尺寸、 位置进行复查,并应符合要求。 To check and accept the base according to the delivery material and equipment arrangement drawing handed over by civil engineering unit, and the base surface should be flat, phenomena of crack, holes, honeycomb, pitted surface, reinforcement exposion are not allowed to exist, all templates, anchor bolt support and reinforcement revealing outside the base must be removed, sundries and sewage should be cleaned. The shape, geometric dimension and location of the base should be rechecked and meet the requirements. 3.2 底斗拼装 底斗拼 3.2 Installation of bottom hopper 3.2.1 底斗钢板的平整度和外形尺寸,外形尺寸超标的要进行修正,变形量超出标准 要求的要进行校正。 3.2.1 For flatness and appearance dimension of Bottom hopper, the dimension which is substandard should be corrected, and deformation which doesn’t comply with the standard requirement should be rectified. 3.2.2 钢板检查合格后,进行钢板与加固角钢的焊接。

3.2.2 After steel plate inspection result turns out to be qualified, to conduct welding of steel plate and reinforcement angle steel. 单块板焊接完后,检查矫正变形量,合格后进行底斗的拼装焊接。 After single plate is welded, to check the deformation degree of rectification, if the result is qualified, to assembly and weld the bottom hopper. 3.3 水箱壳体安装 水箱壳体安装 3.3 Installation of water tank shell (1)筒壁垂直度偏差、筒壁焊缝间隙、坡度及错口量、筒壁上平面高差,严格按图 纸施工,误差控制在最小范围内。 (1)Vertical degree deviation of shell wall, welding space of shell wall, gradient and staggered joint value, plane height difference on the shell wall should be constructed strictly according to the drawing to ensure the minimum error. (2)有关人员检查符合要求后,焊工即可在水箱壁外侧进行纵缝施焊,先焊外侧焊 缝,后进入水箱内施焊内侧焊缝,施焊完毕后进行焊缝检验。焊工焊接时必须执行有关焊 接规范,采用分段退焊法施焊。 (2)After relevant personnel check the wall plate welding quality and make sure it meets the requirements, welder can weld longitudinal seam outside the water tank shell, to weld welding seam outside and then enter into the tank to weld welding seam inside, then to inspect welding seam after welding is completed. Welder must implement welding procedure during welding by using segmental back welding method. 3.4 焊缝质量控制 3.4 Welding quality control (1)焊条采用 E7018. (1) Electrode E7018 is adopted (2)壳体上纵、环形焊接接头的对口错边量 b(见下图)应不大于下表的规定。 (2) Alignment deviation value b (see the pictures as below) of longitudinal and annular welding joint of the shell should not greater than the value regulated by the table below.


(3)制造中应避免钢板表面的机械损伤,对严重的尖锐伤痕应进行修磨,对壳体用 板的修磨深度不得超过名义厚度δn 的 10%,且不大于 2mm,并使修磨范围 内均匀适度,不得有突变。 超出规定的修磨深度,允许采用焊补,但焊补后还应满足本条的要求。 (3) Mechanical damage to steel plate should be avoided in the fabrication, serious sharp bruise should be polished, the polishing depth of the shell should not exceed 10% of nominal depth and not greater than 2mm, and make the polishing area even and proper without abrupt change. As to polishing depth which exceeds regulated polishing depth, it is allowed to adopt repairing welding, but after repair welding, it still should meet the requirement of current article. (4)相邻两层壁板的纵向接头应相互错开且不得小于 500mm (4) Longitudinal joint between adjacent two layer shell should be separated distance should not be less than 500mm. (5)箱壁纵向接头采用全熔透的对接形式,箱壁横向接头采用全熔透的对接形式 (5)Longitudinal joints of tank wall should adopt full penetration’s connection form. Transverse joints at tank wall should adopt full penetration’s connection form. (6)壁板剪裁在长度方向上不得小于 1500mm,在宽度方向上不得小于 500mm。 (6)Clipping of wall board on the length direction is not less than1500mm, and that on width direction is not less than 500mm (7)焊缝高度 K 等于被焊件的最小厚度。 (7)The“K”of weld bead height shall be equal to be minimum thickness of the welding unit. 3.6 盛水试验 3.6 Full water test (1)试验前应将焊接接头的外表面清除干净,并使之干燥。试验中焊接接头应无 渗漏。如有渗漏修补后应重新试验。试验完毕应立即将水排净,并使之干燥。 Welding joint surface should be cleaned and dried before test is conducted. The welding joint should have no leakage during the test. If leakage occurs, test should be conducted again after the repair is completed. Water should be discharged completely and the joint should be dried after the test is over.
(2)箱底的严密性,应以充水试验过程中池底无渗漏为合格 (2)The bottom of tank’s rigidity is qualified according that the bottom doesn’t leak during water filling test (3)池壁的强度及严密性试验,应以充水在设计最高液位并保持 24 小时后,箱壁无渗透漏,

无异常变形为合格 (3)Intensity and rigidity of tank wall should be tested after the water is on highest level and keeps 24 hours. The tank wall is qualified which doesn’t leak and abnormal deform. (4)设备严密性水压试验,即将设备充满水,用 1~1.5kg 锤子沿焊缝(距焊缝 30~50mm 处) 轻轻敲打,盛水时间不少于 24 小时,检验焊缝不应漏水 (4) The equipment carry rigidity test, that is the equipment fills water and beats all welds(distance the welds 30~50mm)slightly using hammer (1-1.5kg), the filling time is less than 24 hours, and the testing welds don’t leak

3.7 油漆防腐 3.7 Paint anticorrosion (1)斜板澄清器内壁油漆: (1)Inner wall paint of water treatment plant 类别 名称 Category Name 底漆 Primer 中间漆 Middle paint 面漆 Finish 环氧富锌底漆 Epoxy zinc rich primer

层数 Number of layer 2

干膜厚度 Dry film thickness 60um

2 环氧树脂云母氧化铁漆 Epoxy resin mica oxidation iron paint 3 环氧树脂漆 Epoxy paint (2)斜板澄清器外壁油漆 Outer wall paint of water treatment plant 类别 名称 层数 Number of Category Name layer 2 底漆 环氧富锌底漆 Primer Epoxy zinc rich primer 中间漆 Middle paint 面漆 Finish 环氧树脂云母氧化铁漆 Epoxy resin mica oxidation iron paint 丙烯聚氨脂面漆 Propylene polyurethane finish 2 2

80um 100um

干膜厚度 Dry film thickness 60um

80um 40 um

四、安全卫生与环境管理 安全卫生与环境管理

IV Safety and health& environmental management

4.1 参加施工人员应进行安全教育,合格后方可进入施工现场。

4.1 Construction personnel should receive safety education, they are allowed to enter construction site only if they are qualified in safety. 4.2.施工现场人员必须正确佩带安全帽,严禁穿拖鞋、凉鞋、高跟鞋或带钉的鞋,严 禁酒后进入施工现场。 4.2 Construction site personnel must wear safety helmet correctly, slipper, sandal, high-heeled shoes or spiked shoes are forbidden to wear, and anyone who drinks wine is forbidden to enter the site. 4.3 作业必须系好安全带,挂在上方牢固处。高空作业的脚手架应搭设牢固,临空 面应设置防护围栏和安全网。 4.3 Construction personnel must fasten safety belt during operation and hang the belt to tight place above him. Scaffolding should be erected tightly in aloft operation, protective fencing and safety net should be installed on the free face of scaffolding. 4.4 吊车起吊不得超负荷起吊,吊运钢板时,卡具应有足够的强度和可靠性,并设 防割措施,吊点应选择适当,防止滑落脱钩翻转伤人,行走时,注意长度方向及左右 3 米 内不准有人,吊运人员随钢板在宽度方向一侧扶钢板行走,以稳定钢板,钢板起吊高度不 准超过一米。 4.4 The crane should not hoist overload, when steel plates are hoisted, fixtures should be strong and reliable enough, and cutting resistance measures should be taken, hoisting point should be properly chosen to prevent hook sliding and rolling over to hurt people, while people are walking, pay attention to the length, direction of the hoist arm and people are not allowed to appear within 3 m of left and right sides of the arm, hoisting personnel should lean against steel plates, walking along the orientation steel plate width direct at in order to stabilize steel plate, hoisting height of steel plates must not be more than 1m. 4.5.构件组合时,吊点应选择合理并焊牢,确认无误后方可起吊,组件吊运时应有 专人指挥,指挥信号清晰、明确、吊件下及周围严禁有人,组合时两组件必须点焊牢固, 并有牢固的支撑,确认无误后方可松钩。 4.5 When components are combined, hoisting point should be chosen properly and welded tightly, to make sure the point is accurate and then start hoisting, specially

assigned person should command aside when components are hoisted, commanding signal should be clear and definite, people are not forbidden to appear under or around hoisting components, two components must be spot welded tightly when they are combined, and firm supports are required, to make sure the spot welding accurate and supports are in place, and then hook can be loosen. 4.6.大件翻转时吊点选择合理,并设专人指挥、专人监护,并特别注意把吊耳焊牢, 经检验合格后方可起吊,起吊时必须缓慢,翻转时起吊不得太高,放下要平,并设有防止 滚动的设施。 4.6 Hoisting point should be chosen properly when large components are rolled over, specially assigned people should command and supervise aside, and pay much attention to welding lug tightly, then start hoisting after it is checked to be qualified, it is advised to hoist slowly, do not hoist too highly when the components are rolled over, and hoist them down stably, and rolling resistance facilities should be installed. 4.7.在组焊时,所搭设脚手架及临时支撑必须牢靠,攀登时设专人监护。 4.7 When assembly welding is conducted, scaffolding and temporary supports must be reliable, when personnel is climbing, specially assigned person should supervise. 4.8 工件吊起就位安装时,由起重工一人统一指挥,并在工件适当位置栓好溜绳。 4.8 When workpiece is hoisted and installed, one lifting worker is required to give unified command and fasten slide rope at proper position of workpiece. 4.9 安装时工件就位,但在未牢固之前,不得摘钩。 4.9 Workpiece should be in place during installation, but hook should not be detached. 4.10.高空作业必须系好安全绳,小型工具及工件上下传递时应在工具袋内,用安全 绳系紧工具袋上下传递。任何时候不得抛掷工具、构件等物品。 4.10 Construction personnel must fasten safety rope, small tools and workpiece should be in tool package when they are passed up and down, and use safety rope to fasten tool package to pass them up and down. Whenever tools, components are forbidden to throw.

4.11.脚手架未安装牢固之前不得攀登或工作。 4.11 Personnel are forbidden to climb or operate before scaffolding is installed tightly. 4.12.使用磨光机必须戴防护眼镜。 4.12 Personnel must wear protective glasses when polisher is used. 4.13 .所有电气设备应有良好的接零,电器部分应设漏电保护器等保护装置,电源 线必须绝缘良好,并设专人经常检查,严禁与钢丝绳交叉使用。 4.13 All electrical equipment should be connected to the neutral polarity, protective device such as the leakage protector should be set for electrical parts, the power wire must have good insulation, and specially assigned person should be designated to check them often, power wire is forbidden to cross use with wire rope. 4.14.施工过程中使用的手锤、木柄应坚实,安装应牢固、打锤时严禁戴手套。 4.14 Hammer, wooden handle used in the construction should be firm and installed tightly, gloves is strictly prohibited when a hammer is stricken. 4.15.施工现场必须整洁、废料应及时清除,做到“工完料净场地清”,高处切割的废 料及工具严禁向下抛掷。 4.15 Construction site should be clean and tidy, wasted material should be removed timely, and to get the goal of “work completed, material used up, site clean” wasted material cut from high place are forbidden to throw downward. 4.16.起吊钩件或钢板时棱角必须加保护衬垫,严禁使用报废的工具、夹具或索具。 4.16 When hook pieces or steel plates are hoisted, the edges of them should be padded, discarded tools, clamps or riggings are forbidden to use. 4.17.成品件应放置稳固,排列整齐,不宜过高。 4.17 fabricated pieces should be placed stably being not at high position, and arranged orderly.


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