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module2 no drugs单元测试(外研版必修2)



Module2 No Drugs 单元测试
一.单项选择 从 A,B,CD 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. People all around the world have been doing as much as they can _______ the people in Afghanistan. A help B to help C helping D helped

22. Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard ---_______, you failed. A in the end B after all C in other words D at the same time

23. ---- I wish Bill would drive us to the train station. ----He has ________ to take us all. A too much a car B very small a car C a too small car D such small a car

24. ----It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now. ----OK._________. A Take it easy B Go slowly C Stay longer D See you

25. ---Susan, will you please go and empty that drawer? -----_______? A What for B What is it C How is it D How come

26. I hope you don’tmind me smoking, _____ where did you buy those shoes? A so B and C yet D but

27. When we had difficulties, we would turn to our maths teacher for _________. A advice B idea C thought D helps

28. ----What were you doing when Tony phoned you? -- --I had just finished my work and ______ to take a shower. A had started B started C have started D was starting

29. The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if _________ whether he was going in the right direction. A seeing B having seen C to see D to have seen

30. Cigarettes are addictive because they contain ________.
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A tobacco B nicotine C drug

D cocaine

31. He has got lung cancer _______ smoking twenty cigarettes a day. A so B as a result of C as a result D so that

32.Almost every country is increasing the price of cigarettes ________ reduce smoking. A so that B so as to C in order that D as to

33. Some people don’t like a pen ______. Instead, they use a computer or a typewriter. A writing B write C to write D to write with

34. All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervousness ________. A has grown B is growing C grew D had grown

35. I do every single bit of housework _________ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A since B while C when D as

第二节 完型填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意;然后从 36-55 个题所给的四个选项 A,B,C,D 中,选出可填入空 白处最佳选项。

The problem started when the family moved and Chris switched schools. He made friends with a new –36—of kids, some of whom used drugs. The first time Chris used cocaine was with friends at Larry’s house. Everyone –37—their money to buy few grams of cocaine. Larry told them, ―It’s safe as –38—as you don’t use it too often. It won’t –39—you into an addict like other drugs.‖ During the following year, the group –40—crack along with cocaine. Chris boasted, ―I can –41—this matter!‖ Larry agreed. ―As long as you only take a little bit, you’ll be okay.‖ He said. He sold it to them ―at cost‖ and –42—it as ―pure cocaine‖. When one friend ended up in the –43—from an overdose, Chris thought, ―That’ll never happen to me. Since I’m mostly –44—the drug, I won’t have any problems.‖ At 16, Chris –45—school. When his parents tried to change his –46--, he left home without telling them where he was going. He –47—two weeks working at a pizza shop before getting fired for stealing money. That’s –48—he started selling cocaine. ― I’ll only do –49—until I get back on my feet,‖ he told himself. Chris’s family –50—him living alone in a rundown part of town. A school friend had called the family to tell them where he was. ― It –51—saved my life,‖ Chris says.
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―I was half dead.‖


To pay for Chris to –52—a drug treatment center, his dad –53—a second job. Chris is grateful to getting treatment. Now he’s able to see –54—again. In the depths of his addiction he saw everything –55—black and gray. 36. A party 37. A drew 38. A far 39. A turn 40. A used 41. A solve B member B pooled B easy B change B tried B deal C set C pushed C long C get C bought C handle C thought C police C smelling D circle D spent D cool D make D brought D control D recognized D bed D selling C dropped out of D idea D asked D where D this D found D possibly D enter C worked C light C in D founded D life D as D fled from

42. considered B described 43. A hospital 44. A using B prison B taking

45. A ran away from 46. A mind 47. A used 48. A how 49. A it 50. A asked 51. A likely 52. A found 53. A had 54. A reality 55. A for 第三部分:阅读理解

B broke away from C thought C got C why C so C forced C probably C stay

B thinking B spent B when B that B persuaded B may be B receive B took B colors B with

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡 上将该项涂黑。 A A letter to Edward, a columnist(报刊专栏作家) Dear Mr Expert:
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I grew up in an unhappy and abusive home. I always promised myself that I’d get out as soon as possible. Now, at age 20, I have a good job and a nice house, and I’m really proud of the independence I’ve achieved. Here’s the problem: several of my friends who still live with their parents wish they had places like mine-so much so that they make mine theirs. It started out with a coupe of them spending the weekends with me. But now they seem to take it for granted that they can shout any time they like. They bring boyfriends over, talk on the phone and stay out forever. I enjoy having my friends here sometimes-it makes the place feel comfortable and warm-but this is my home, not a party house. I was old enough to move out of my own, so why can’t I seem to ask my friends to respect my privacy(隐私)? Joan Edward’s reply to Joan Dear Joan: If your family didn’t pay attention to your needs when you were a child, you probably have trouble letting others know your needs now. And if you’ve gathered your friends around you to rebuild a happy family atmosphere, you may fear that saying no will bring back the kind of conflict you grew up with-or destroy the nice atmosphere you now enjoy. You need to understand that in true friendship it’s okay to put your own needs first from time to time. Be clear about the message you want to send. For example, ―I really love you company but I also need some privacy. So please call before you come over.‖ 56.We can learn from the first letter that Joan A. lives away from her family B. takes pride in her friends C. knows Mr Expert quite well D. hates her parents very much 57.We can infer from the first letter that . .

A. Joan considers her friends more important than her privacy B. Jonan’s friends visit her more often than she can accept C. Joan doesn’t like the parties at all D. Joan dislikes the boyfriends her friends bring over 58.According to Mr Expert, why can’t Joan tell her friends her feelings? A. She is afraid of hurting her friends. B. She does not understand true friendship C. Her family experience stops her from doing so. D. She does not put her needs first. 59.The underlined word ―conflict‖ in the second letter means
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A. dependent life C. bad manners B. fierce fight


D. painful feeling .

60.The second letter suggests that Mr Expert A. is worried about Joan’s problem B. warns Joan not to quarrel with her friends C. advises Joan on how to refuse people D. encourages Joan to be brave enough B

WASHINGTON: Georges de Paris, who once slept homeless on the streets in the US capital, has measured US presidents inside the White House for the past 40 years. Every president since Lyndon Johnson has sought the silver-haired French tailor’s service to be in style. Of all the presidents he has spent hours measuring and fitting under the watchful eyes of Secret Service agents, Georges de Paris prefers Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush as the ―most sympathetic and also the most elegant‖. The least pleasant of all was Bill Clinton, who was ―very demanding, cold and always occupied.‖ The current President Bush displayed one of Georges de Paris’ blue suits when he gave his nationally televised State of the Union address before the US Congress in January. The suit, made by hand by Georges and three skilled helpers, cost about US $3,000 in a shop near the White House. Becoming the unofficial White House tailor was a far climb for Georges, who arrived in the US in 1960 when he was 27, carrying his life savings of US $4,000 in his pocket. Within six months he found himself penniless, living on the streets, speaking little English after his American girlfriend threw him out because he refused to marry her. The seeds of Georges’ tailoring business were plan ted when he was hired as a cutter by a French-Canadian tailor for US$70 a week. He rented a small room and saved his money until he could buy a sewing machine and set on his own. He still uses that machine. A decisive meeting in a restaurant brought Georges, who became a US citizen in 1969, closer to the White House. A conversation with the representative Otto Passman of Louisiana, led the lawmaker to buy suits from Georges. The satisfied lawmaker introduced him to Johnson, then the vice-president, who continued to enlist the tailor’s services when he became president. 61. Suppose Bill Clinton took office in the year 1992, Georges de Pairs A. was in his early sixties B. found it was the hardest time in his life C. was more careful than ever before D. thought Clinton was easy to get along with 62.The writer wrote the passage to tell us
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A. a story about a tailor in Washington


B. the way how Georges de Paris became successful in official duties C. that it is uneasy to work for American presidents D. the poor might be very rich unexpectedly 63.Georges de Paris once slept on the streets of the US capital, probably because A. he and his wife separated B. he had no money to afford a room C. he wanted to learn the truth of the poor in the USA D. he was a stranger who couldn’t find where hotels lay 64.The underlined word ―displayed‖ in the passage means ― A. showed B. placed C. spread D. preferred . ‖. .

65The main idea of the last five paragraphs is that

A. Georges de Paris was very lucky to be chosen as a White House tailor B. the way to success for Georges de Paris was very hard C. rich knowledge is very useful for one’s success D. a decisive meeting has brought George a new life

C Before Felix arrived in Baghdad, Miss Bohun had arranged for him to have lessons with Mr. Posthon of the Education Office. Mr. Posthon was a busy man; he not only had his government job but also taught some Arab boys from a wealthy family who hoped eventually to g o to an English university. He had agreed to ―fit Felix in his spare time,‖ which meant that sometimes Felix went to Mr.Posthon’s office and was told to study this or that, and occasionally Mr. Posthon managed to find a spare hour when he dropped in to Miss Bohun’s and gave Felix some instructio n. Most of Felix’s day was spent in study i n his bedroom. He knew he would not get far in this way and he knew also that Mr. Posthon would have been disappointed in him. Miss Bohun did not say or do anything that gave Felix any clue as to how he had failed her, but Mr. Posthon, after testing his knowledge, said without hesitation, ―What on earth have you been doing with yourself since you left England?‖ Felix explained that in Cario he had taken lessons with an old English lady, an ex-governess(前女家教) to a royal family, who had taught him English composition, French, drawing, geography and history. Unfortunately she had known less Greek, Latin and mathematics than he did. His mother had treated lessons there as a joke, and said: ―Never mind, darling, when we return to England we’ll make up for the lost time.‖ ―Your parents ought to have been ashamed of themselves, keeping you away from school during the most important years of your life. I can’t understand it,‖ said Mr. Posthon, ―Your father is an educated man, isn’t he?‖ Felix explained, ―It wasn’t my father’s fault. Mother wouldn’t let me go back to England
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when the war started. Father was angry, but Mother said, ―If he goes I may not see him again.‖ Mr. Posthon said , ―You will never make up for it.‖ But Felix, although he knew it to be a serious matter, could not really care. 66.According to the passage, which of the following countries did Felix not go to? A. Iraq B. France C. Egypt D. Britain

67. Before he arrived Miss Bohun had arranged for Felix ______________. A. to go to school in the Education Office. B. to have private lessons with some Arab boys. C. to study at home every morning D. to be taught by someone who had another job. 68. Felix didn’t feel the arrangements Miss Bohun had made were satisfactory because ________________. A. he knew Miss Bohun was disappointed in him. B. his lessons were very irregular. C. he did not like Mr. Posthon. D. he did not like studying at Miss Bohun’s. 69. Felix’s lessons before he came to stay with Miss Bohun, ___________________. A . were shared with some children from a royal family. B. were not thought suitable by his father. C. had not covered some subjects properly. D. had frequently been interrupted by his mother. 70. What did Mr. Posthon think of Felix’s education? A. He thought his father had not encouraged him enough. B. He was surprised that Felix had managed to learn anything at all. C. He thought Felix had wasted a great deal of valuable time. D. He believed that Felix could catch up with the other boys later.

D Chinese basketball players have never been so close to the NBA before but questions remain about how they will adjust to life in the NBA if they go.? Wang Zhizhi,the 2.16-metre center for the Bayi Rockets who was chosen by the Dallas Mavericks two years ago,has finally received permission from authorities to travel to Dallas to play for the rest of the NBA season after he finishes playing in the Chinese Basketball Association’s finals on March 25th.If he has no problem s with his visa(签证),Wang will be the NBA’s first Asian player.Wang was chosen by the Mavericks in the second round of the 1999 draft but the Rockets, an army-run club,refused to let him go.After negotiations(谈判)between the Rockets and NBA representatives(代表),the decision was made to allow Wang the chance to try his hand at American basketball,but only for a period of short time.He has to be back to play in the Ninth
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National Games in November in Guangzhou.? Another center who has attracted attention from the NBA is Yao Ming,the 2.25-meter star who has led to the Shanghai Shark s into the finals fight with the Rockets this year.The 20-year-old’s NBA dreams might be harder to realize.Yao is the center of the Sharks and the club’s manager Bei Genyuan has said that he would allow Yao to go only at a proper time,for a proper team and under proper conditions.?Yao hasn’t been chosen yet and it is unlikely that he will be any time soon.People in the Shark’s front office earlier told members of the press that ―it is not proper for Yao to attend the draft this year‖because he has to represent Shanghai in the Ninth National Games.? Even if Wang and Yao make it to the promised land of basketball at last,analysts on both sides of the Pacific have said the NBA road will be a long one for both of them.Besides needing to work on their upper body strength,Wang and Yao will also have to adapt(适应)to the speed,techniques and above all,culture of the NBA.? 71. Yao Ming has attracted attention from NBA because ____.?

A. he is 2.25 metres tall,who is the tallest basketball player in China? B.he is the center of the Shanghai Sharks and has led Sharks into the final fight with the Rockets? C.he is regarded as the best basketball player in China? D.he is thought highly of in the international world 72.Yao Ming can play for NBA if ____.? A.there is no problem with his visa?


B.NBA agrees to supply favorable conditions for him? C.time and conditions are proper? D.NBA can pay a large sum of money for Sharks ? 73.The underlined phrase―try his hand‖in the passage probably means____. A.初试身手 B.碰碰运气 C.成为一员 D.为其效劳?

74.NBA chose Wang Zhizhi so that __________.? A.it can show NBA need talents B.Wang Zhizhi can have a bright future? C.its whole level will be improved D.it can make Wang Zhizhi world-famous ? 75.When Wang Zhizhi plays in NBA,he will have to adapt to many things of NBA except.? A.rules of basketball C.culture 第四部分:书面表达 第一节.阅读表达 There are two kinds of physical activity which require special training.The first demands exact,careful movements of the muscles(肉).This kind of activity must be strictly controlled bec
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B.the speed? D.techniques ?



ause even a slight movement in the wrong direction will lead to a mistake.To type quickly, for e xample,a person needs training;the slightest movement of a finger in the wrong direction may c ause a spelling mistake.A dancer who has to dance on the point of her shoes or turn around on o ne foot must be trained for a long period of time before she can sense her own center and balanc e herself.You may have seen a girl walking on a rope across an empty space,which,too,requires a lot of practice. The second kind of physical activity needs greater strength or extra effort.Most of us get tired if we try to run half a mile without stopping,but a specially?trainedperson can do this without m uch effort.Three years ago,some scientists carried out experiments,which produced meaningful and unexpected results.They wanted to find out whether a certain amount of physical exercise w ould injure those suffering from heart problems.They selected some male patients and trained th em in continuous bicycle riding.They were surprised to find that the harmful effect of a given a mount of physical effort was actually less on the hearts of these trained patients than on those of the patients who were not similarly trained.This is important because it shows that regular phys ical exercise enables us to make better use of the oxygen( 氧

气) we breathe in and that this training, in fact,reduces the amount of work our hearts do.Many t asks which are hard for untrained people are not hard at all for trained people. 1.What is the best title of this passage? 2..The first kind of physical activity must be strictly controlled because___________. 3.What must a dancer do before she can balance herself? 4.The experiments done by some scientists showed that__________.


Translate the underlined sentence in the passage into Chinese.

第二卷 第四部分 写作 第一节:根据汉语提示补全句子。 1. The secretary stayed up the whole night, _________________(为老板准备演讲稿) 。 2.He took away the keys to the car _____________________(为了阻止她参加会议)。 3.It’s not wise to give a child ___________________(他想要的任何东西) 。 4.The government has put forth ________________ (禁止在公共场所吸烟的禁令) 。 5.Since you left your dictionary at home, you can _________________(和我合用一本字典) 。 第二节:书面表达 以 Smoking is harmful 为题,写一篇 100--130 次的短文,内容包括以下要点: 1.

列举吸烟现状(中国吸烟者达 45%,多为年轻人,甚至中学生)
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2. 3. 4.


分析原因(乐趣,提神(refresh oneself) 叙述吸烟害处(坏习惯,有害健康,致病,浪费金钱,引起火灾) 劝告人不要吸烟,别学吸烟

Answers:单项填空 21—25 BCADA 完型填空 36—40 CBCAB 阅读理解 56—60 ABCBC 阅读表达 1.Training Our Bodies 2.a movement in the wrong direction will cause a mistake 3.She must receive long—time training. 4.the physical exercise had more harmful effect on the hearts of the untrained patients 5.你可能见过姑娘在空中走绳索,但那同样需要做大量的练习。 根据括号内的汉语提示翻译句子 1.preparing the speech for her boss 2. in order to stop her attending the meeting 3. whatever ha wants 4. a ban on smoking in public 5. share the dictionary with me 书面表达 Smoking is harmful When you are in public places, you will see many smokers. And most of them are young people and even middle school students. It is said that in China smokers cover abut 45 percent. Why do so many people enjoy smoking? Some think that it is a pleasure, some believe that it can refresh themselves. In fact, smoking is a bad habit. It does great harm to our health, not only to the smoker himself, but also to others. For smokers, it is a great waste of money, and causes all kinds of diseases. Besides, many fires are caused by careless smokers.
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26—30 DADCB

31—35 BBDVB

41—45 CBACC

46—50 ABBDD

51—55 CDBBC

61—65 CABAB

66—70 BDBCC

71—75 BCACA



Today, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm of smoking and decide to give it up. If you are not a smoker, don’t start.

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