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Proof Reading


Steps of correcting a composition:
1. Go through the whole passage to get a general idea .(浏览全文,掌握大意) 2. Read the passage sentence by sentence and find the mistakes.(分句阅读,逐行找错) 3. Read the passage for the third time, check the answers and correct the difficult ones. (检查核对,攻克难点)


主要包括两类错误:动词的时态和语态 错误,以及主、谓不一致的错误。 2007四川卷: When he gets home, he saw the animal waiting at the door, still wearing his jacket with the wallet in the pocket.


2007天津卷: In Grade Eight I took physics. In one test I get only 36 percent of the answers correct.


? 2006安徽卷: ? Anyone can borrow books if he or she wish. ? 2006安徽卷: ? You can sit at the desk and read the daily newspapers, magazines and the other books, but you are not permit to take them out


Not only the students but also the teacher like the film.



2007陕西卷:Personally, I found most lesson rather uninteresting.

2008浙江卷:A nearby company was looking
after students with good handwriting to write addresses on evenlope .The pay were 10 cents per envelope. evenlopes

? 2006陕西卷: ? They have all sorts of course. I’m sure you will find one you like.

? 2006重庆卷: ? In summer, the sea under the blue skies is even more beautiful.



注意形容词和副词在句子中的作用和具体用 法。这也是高考短文改错题的常考点。 2007浙江卷:I got to the finishing line first. I won the race. I felt very proudly of myself.


2006福建卷:We can hear birds singing happy all around.


? 2006辽宁卷: ? She was usual patient with her students and never made them disappointed.


这是考查最多的错误形式之一。主要有现 在分词、过去分词,动名词和不定式错误。

2007浙江卷: I could not to run very fast and fell behind.
2007宁夏卷:Li Meng came see me every day.


(NMET03)Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper. talking NMET2002)As we climbed the mountain, we fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories. visited

2008辽宁卷: We all enjoyed this precious day greatly , remember the time we spent together and the people they were familiar with.


五、 代词格,细领悟
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 人 称 主格 I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they 代词 宾格 me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them 形容 词 my, your, his, her, its, our, their 物 主 性 代词 名词性 mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, 反身代词 ourselves, yourselves, themselves this, that, these, those, such, some 指示代词 who, whom, whose, which, what, whoever, 疑问代词 whichever, whatever that, which, who, whom, whose, as 关系代词 one/ some/ any, each/ every, none/ no, many/ much, few/ little/ a few/ a little, 不定代词 other/ another, all/ both, neither/ either

2008全国II: I should be able to tell visitors about our history and culture and show them their great achievement. our 2007陕西: Just at that time I woke up and found me still in bed! myself

( 2007全国I)

I was only about six when he held his hand out to me. I took it in me and we walked. mine

主要考查习惯搭配方面的基础知识,其 错误表现形式主要有三种:多词、少词和搭 配错误。
in Sunday afternoon

oncatch a sight of
lose my heart

in hurry


? 2006天津卷:Because the help you gave me that summer, My life changed. of ? 2008年辽宁卷 Last Saturday the class held a get-together, which took us a long time ? to prepare (准备). ________

不同的句子成分要用不同的词类;不同的语境要 选择不同的词语。只有对句子结构和成分作细致的分 析,才能找出用词不当的错误。 2008年安徽卷 : She looked at me and started to laugh. “How are you laughing?”I asked. 2007天津卷:I was lucky enough to have a teacher which didn’t take my bad grades as a judgement of my abilities, but … who / that


与句子的上、下文不一致,甚至相矛盾,属 于逻辑性错误,如称谓上的张冠李戴。

NMET 2005: Some students may also save up for our college or future use.

for example, when he bought a chocolate cake, he put them in a secret place that I couldn’ t find.


常考的错误形式有:连词but, however, and, or, because, so, when, before, after, 的用法错误,以及 冠词的用法错误等。

2oo7全国II:I meant to write long letter and tell you all the things I’m doing at the school… a 2007四川卷:An Australian farmer found the kangaroo caught in the fence around his farms.


? 2007浙江卷:Today I was having a PE

lesson while I fell down and hurt my foot.

our homework was finished on time, but she marked strictly on our actual performance. and

? 2006辽宁卷:She always made sure that

? 2007四川卷: He thought the poor animal

was injured, but the kind farmer took off his jacket and put on the animal.

and / so


②大小写不改。 ③词序错误不改。 ④在纲外生词不改。

高考英语短文改错模拟训练 At ____ Christmas Eve, Jim went with his on 1._____ 介词短语常常考,习惯用法要记住 father to choose a Christmas tree. They _________ choose 动词形

2._____ chose

a big one. It was almost as _______ as the room! taller

tall 3._____ it 4._____

还要注意形和副 代词格,细领悟

They put _______ in the corner of the sitting them

高考英语短文改错模拟训练 room. Kate \ covered it with a lot of was 5._____ was \ 动词形 Christmas _______ The sitting room looked light. 6. ____ lights 名词数 really beautifully at the moment. There was _____________ 7. ________ beautiful 还要注意形和副 a fire burning in the fire place, ____ the Christmas but 8. ____ and 冠词连词须关注 tree lights were shinning brightly. Jim and his √ 9. ____ parents singing and dancing happily. ∧ 10.____ were 动词形


When I was in high school, most of my friend had friends bicycles. I hoped I could also have it. One day I saw a one second-hand bicycle, that was only one hundred yuan. which I asked my father with the money. But he said he for could only give me half of the money. He should find I other half myself. So I went to sell newspapers after the the school. My father was pleased if I showed him the when money a month after. He gives me the other fifty. You gave later can imagine how much happy I was when I rode to school on my own bicycle.

Now here are the weather report for our city. 1. _____ is Tomorrow will be fine with the high temperature a 2. _____ 3℃ in the daytime. In the evenings, the temperature 3. evening ______ will fell down below zero. The temperature 4. _____ fall will be -8 ℃. The day before tomorrow, there 5. _____ after


will be the strong wind and the temperature will 6. ____ a be low. It will fall down to -10 ℃. You had √ 7. ____ better \ wear your warm clothes. If you are a to 8. ____ to \ driver, you’d better be more carefully when 9. careful ____ you are driving because the strong wind. ∧ 10. ____ of


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