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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:必修1 Unit 1规范训练(2)(人教版,课标通用)]

Unit 1

Friendship (2)

disagree with;be grateful to;dislike;swap...with...;join in;pack up;get along with;be tired of Ⅰ.短语填空 1.I ________ extremely ________ all the teach

ers for their help. 2.Can I ________ the game? 3. In some countries, people who ________ the government are classed as criminals(犯 人). 4.If you continue to behave like that,you'll get yourself ________. 5.He ________ his things and left without a word. 6.It's hard to live with someone if you don't ________ them. 7.The little boy ________ listening to the same story. 8.If he thinks of some good ideas,he likes ________ others. 答案 1.am; grateful to along with 7.is tired of 2.join in 3.disagree with 4. disliked 5.packed up 6.get

8.swapping it with

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.All the people were shocked by what the little girl _________ when she was cheated and sold to the mountain village. A.went over 答案 B.went through C.got along with D.got away

B [本题考查动词短语辨析。go over 走过去;仔细审查/检查;温习,

再来一遍;go through 经受,经历;用光;(法律)被通过;get along with 相处; 进展;继续做某事;get away 走开,离开,逃离,逃避。由语境可知所有的人 都被小女孩所经历的事情震惊了,所以应该选择 B 项。] 2.As soon as the children ________ themselves in their seats in the theatre,the curtain

went up. A.sat 答案 B.settled C.took D.put

B [本题考查动词词义辨析。句意:孩子们在剧院刚刚落座,幕布就拉

开了。settle oneself in one's seat=seat oneself=sit down“坐下”,表示动作。其他 动词无此用法。] 3.My deskmate has difficulty ________ spelling some of the words in American English while I have trouble ________ pronunciation. A.with;with 答案 B.in;with C.in;in D.with;in

B [have difficulty(in)doing sth 做某事有困难;have trouble with...在……

上有困难。] 4.Mr Wang is a person who is easy ________. A.to get along with C.to be gotten along 答案 B.to get along D.getting along with

A [本题考查 get along with 的用法。在定语从句中,介词 with 和主语

构成介宾关系, 此处动词不定式的主动形式表示被动含义。 又如: English is easy to learn.英语容易学。注意:在此句型中,动词不定式用主动形式,如果动词 不定式中的动词是不及物动词,则要加上适当的介词,与前面的名词构成介宾 关系。] 5.They ________ each other for a year. A.have been in love with C.have been in love to 答案 B.have fallen in love with D.have fallen in love to

A [本题主要考查 fall in love 和 be in love 的区别。 fall in love 是表短暂

动作的,不能与一段时间连用,所以排除 B、D 两项;又因“与……相爱”介词 是“with”而不是 to,所以选 A。] 6.—I don't think he has found a job yet because I saw him at home just yesterday.

—________! A.No problem 答案 C B.Maybe C.Exactly D.Good idea

[句意: “我认为他还没有找到工作, 因为我昨天刚看到他在家。 ”“确

实如此!”no problem 没问题;maybe 可能,或许;exactly 正是如此,完全正 确;good idea 好主意。] 7.—What do you think of the meal? —Although some dishes ________ with me,it's really a nice meal. A.disagree 答案 B.agree C.offer D.take

A [此题考查动词应用辨析。 disagree 既有“不同意”也有“不合适”之意,

此题答语是“尽管有一些菜不适合我的口味,但它真的是一顿美餐”。agree 意 为“同意;适合”;offer 意为“提供”;take 意为“取,拿”。] 8.I think we should communicate ________ each other ________ what happens to us. A.for;about 答案 B.for;for C.by;at D.with;about

D [本题主要考查动词 communicate 与介词的搭配。 communicate with sb

与某人沟通/交流;about 表示“就……方面;关于……”。故选 D 项。] 9.Father went to his doctor for ________ about his heart trouble. A.an advice 答案 B.advice C.advices D.the advice

B [本题考查 advice 的用法。advice 是不可数名词,词前不能加冠词,

词尾也不能加“s”。] 10.There are two high schools for you to choose.Which one would you like to ________? A.join in 答案 B.join C.take part in D.attend

D [本题主要考查动词(词组)的区别。join in 和 take part in 后面都是接

表示活动的名词,join 指加入某一组织或团体,所以 A、B、C 三项都不合适; attend school 上学。]

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.我们同学之间应该友好相处。(get along with) We students should ________________ one another. 2.他正患重感冒。(suffer) He is ____________________________________________________________. 3.有个小男孩领路,找到你的家我们没有困难。(trouble) With the boy leading the way,we ________________. 4.我们发现学习一门外语很有必要。(it 作形式宾语) We ________________ a foreign language. 5.你认识这个抱着孩子的妇女吗?(with 的复合结构) Do you know the woman ________________? 答案 1.get along well with 2.suffering from a bad cold 3.had no trouble finding

your home 4.find it necessary to learn Ⅳ.阅读理解

5.with a child in her arms

Having friends may well keep you healthier and help you deal with stress better.Some studies show that people with close friends have a greater ability to fight disease than people who are alone. Make friendship a priority.Find the time to be with friends even if it means letting the lawn go unmowed or the dishes unwashed for a while.When you can't get together, use the phone to keep in touch. Open up to close friends.Maintaining a deep friendship requires a level of “heartfelt” intimacy( 亲 密 ) . Don't be afraid to express your inner fears and disappointments.Listen to your friends when they have problems,but offer advice only when it's wanted.Help raise friends' selfesteem when they are shaken by a job loss ,or other such events. Have different friends for different activities,such as going to the movies,singing in a choir,and joining in a bowling league. Don't wait for a friend to ask a favor.When a friend has the flu,offer to go to the store or drive his or her children to their afterschool activities. Never take a friendship for granted.Like a good marriage, friendship needs care and patience.Become a joiner.Find a group that matches your interests.

Talk to strangers.Conversations started in museums,laundry rooms,or bookstores can lead to firm friendship. Enroll in an adulteducation course.A classroom is an ideal place to meet others with similar interests. 1.People with close friends have a ________ ability to fight disease than people who are alone. A.less 答案 B.greater C.poorer D.little

B [细节理解题。由第一段第二句 Some studies show that people with

close friends have a greater ability to fight disease...可知。] 2.According to the passage,you'd better offer advice to your friends ________. A.at any moment C.only when they want it 答案 C B.only when they are happy D.only when you are glad

[细节理解题。由第三段第四句 Listen to your friends when they have

problems,but offer advice only when it's wanted.可知 C 项正确。] 3.What should we do to have friends according to the author? A.Make friendship a priority. B.Open up to close friends. C.Never take a friendship for granted. D.All the above. 答案 D [推理判断题。本文第一段讲了有朋友的益处,以后的几段分析怎样

才能获得友谊。由文章的第二、三、六段的首句便可归纳得出答案。] 4.Which of the statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.You should have different friends for the same activity. B.You should wait for a friend to ask a favor. C .You should avoid talking with strangers in museums , laundry rooms ,or bookstores. D.You should never take a friendship for granted. 答案 D [细节理解题。由文章第六段的首句可得知。]

Ⅴ.根据下面短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中 有两项为多余选项。 We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another.Then we're frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are.After that,we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with.__1__ We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when we get a nicer car,when we are able to go on a nice vacation,and when we retire. __2__If not now,when? Your life will always be filled with challenges.It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souza.He said, “For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin-real life.But there was always some obstacle in the way.Then life would begin.__3__” This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness.__4__So, treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you share it with someone special,special enough to spend your time with...and remember that time waits for no one. So,stop waiting until you finish school,until you go back to school,until you have kids,until your kids leave the house,until you retire,until you get married,until you get a new car or home, until your car or home is paid off, until you're off welfare, ...until you die, until you're born again to decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy. __5__ A.At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. B.Many people devoted all their life to seeking happiness. C.Happiness is a journey,not a destination. D.We'll certainly be happy when they're out of that stage. E.Happiness is the way. F.The truth is,there's no better time to be happy than right now. G.What's happiness?No one really knows. 答案 1.D 2.F 3.A 4.E 5.C

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