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Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges


cave 山洞

cliff 悬崖

lake peak 湖泊 山峰

plain 平原
slope 斜坡

plateau 高原
valley 山谷

shore 海岸
wood 树林




the side of the mountain.








Fill in the blanks.
valley is the low ground between the sides of 1. A ________ mountains. plain is a large area of flat low ground. 2. A ________ 3. The ________ shore is the area where the land meets the sea or a lake. slope is the side of the mountain. 4. A ________ 5. _______ Cliffs are the steep sides of mountains at the edge of a river or the sea. 6. A ________ peak is the top of a mountain. 7. A ________ lake is an area of water surrounded by land. 8. A ________ wood is a small forest. 9. A ________ cave is a large hole in a cliff or a mountain. 10. Aplateau ________ is a large area of flat high ground..

n. 平原 adj. 清楚的;平凡的;普通的 to be plain/ frank/ honest 坦白说 翻译:It’s plain that you are wrong. 很显然你错了。 1. plain 2. flat adj. 平坦的;瘪了的 c.n 公寓 (apartment)

flat land 平地 flat tire/tyre 瘪了的轮胎

3. at the edge of 在…的边缘 1)在…的边缘(物体表面) on the edge of

1) He stood on the edge of the cliff. 2) She sat at the edge of the lake. 3) Don’t put the cup on the edge of the table. 4) He lives in a big house on/ at the edge of town. 5) The company is on the edge of bankruptcy(破产).

4. surround


周围的;附近的 (周围的)环境

surrounding adj.
surroundings n.

surround…with...-----be surrounded with/ by… Eg. 1) Police surrounded the house. 2) When Jim got off the train , he found surrounded by his students. himself ____________ 3) Children should be brought up in surroundings healthy______________.

Reading A Trip along the Three Gorges

Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges

In August 1996, Peter Hessler, a young American teacher of English, arrived in the town of Fuling on the Yangtze River. He and a colleague were to spend two years there teaching English at a teacher training college. They were the only foreigners in the town. The first semester finished at the end of January and they had four weeks off for the Spring Festival. They could go anywhere they wished. They decided to take a boat downstream.
What will the writer tell us in the following

1.Who took a trip along the Three Gorges? Peter Hessler and his colleague. 2.Where were they from? They were from America. 3.Where did they start their trip? The town of Fuling.

In what order do you think the whole passage was written?
It was written in the order of space/ in space (spatial) order.

A Trip Along the Three Gorges Time Passengers during the Spring Festival,1997 Peter Hessler and his colleague

Means of transportation boat

What they saw and what they did
From Fuling to Fengdu

the sun setting Xiang River, home of Qu Yuan rocks, streams, and hills

Along the Qutang Gorge slept through it Along the Wu Gorge

Coming out of the Xiling flag blowing, a sign, took pictures and pointed at the site Gorge

课文原文:He and a colleague were to spend two years there teaching English at a teacher training college.

5. colleague companion

c.n 同事 c.n. 同伴,伙伴

翻译:We were friends and colleagues for more than 20 years. 20多年来我们既是朋友又是同事。

课文原文: You shouldn’t go on those ships. They are mainly for goods and people trading along the river.
6. goods (pl)n. 货物;商品 cheap/ expensive goods leather goods 皮制品 sporting goods 体育用品 7. trade vi. 做生意 vt. 交易,交换 u.n.贸易

International trade foreign trade 国际贸易 对外贸易 翻译:Trade between the countries has increased. 两国之间的贸易增长了。 1) trade with sb. in sth. 与sb.做…的生意 2) trade…for… 用…交换… with 1).The country trades ________a lot of in arms(军火). European countries ______ 2).The young man traded information for money. ____

课文原文:The gorge narrows to 350 feet as the river rushes through the two-mile-high mountains. 峡谷狭窄处只有350英尺, 江水在两英里 高的峰峦间奔流。

vt./vi. 变狭窄,缩小 adj. 狭窄的,勉强的 narrowly adv. 勉强地 1) The gap between the two teams has narrowed to three points. 两队之间的差距缩小到3分了。 2) The government must take measures to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. 政府必须采取措施缩小贫富差距。 3) I narrowly escaped drowning. 我差一点溺死。 narrow to/ by… 缩小到/缩小了 a narrow escape 死里逃生 8. narrow

9. At least we have two more left. at least 至少 at most 至多
1)It will cost at least five dollar 那至少要5美元。 2)The little girl was five at most. 这个小女孩至多五岁。

课文原文:At Wushan we made a detour up the Daning River to see some of the smaller gorges. 船到巫山时,我们绕游大宁河,观赏了几处 小峡谷。 10. detour n. 迂路;绕行之路 v.

make a detour


making It’s well worth __________a detour to see the village. 绕道去参观一下这村子是值得的。

课文原文:The next day we went through the big gorges on the Yangtze River. 11. go through 1) We went through the forest. 2) The law went through finally. 3) The poor girl has gone through such a lot since her parents died. 4) She went through the room but couldn’t find the missing ring.

1) 经过 2) (法律,合同)通过 3) 经历,遭受 4) 仔细检查

拓展:get through 用完;通过(考试);(电话)接通 look through 浏览;假装没看见 e.g. 1) I tried calling you several times. but I couldn’t get through. 2) He finally got through all the exam. 3) We got through a lot of money while we were in New York. 4) When I saw Alice last week, she looked through me.

课文原文: Every rock looked like a person or animal, every stream that joined the great river carried its legends, every hill was heavy with the past. 每块岩石形象各异,条条支流都流淌着传 说,座座小山承载着过往。

12. be heavy with 有大量的……;充满…… 翻译 1) The air was heavy with the scent of flowers. 空气中弥漫着浓郁的花香。 2) His voice was heavy with sarcasm. (讽刺) 他的语气带着十足的讽刺意味。

On a distant mountain was a sign in 20-feet characters.“Build the Three Gorges Dam, Exploit the Yangtze River. 远山上写着20英尺大的汉字:“建造三峡 大坝,开发长江资源。”

13. distant adj. 遥远的 distance n. 距离 Eg. The time we spent together is now a distant memory. 我们一起度过的时光已成为遥远的记忆。 in the distance 在远处 Eg. We saw lights in the distance. 我们看到了远处的点点灯光。 keep sb. at a distance 与…保持距离

14. exploit

vt. 开发;开采 开采自然资源 exploit natural resources exploit solar energy 开发太阳能

P45 页 15. forbid vt. 禁止 forbad/ forbade---- forbidden 1) forbid sb. to do 2) forbid doing 拓展:ban—banned--banned ban sb. from (doing)sth.

翻译: 1)The teacher forbids speaking loudly during class. to go out 2) Anyone is forbidden_________ during the day. (go out)

Complete the definitions of the words in the box. 1A _________________ construction site is the place where something is being built. 2 To _________ trade means to buy and sell things. 3. If you _______ rush somewhere you go there quickly. 4. _________ Distant is the opposite of near. 5. ________ Goods are things you can buy or sell. 6. A __________ legend is a very old story which is probably not true. 7. The sun rises in the east and ______ sets in the west. poet is someone who writes poems. 8. A _______ 9. A colleague __________ is someone who works with you. 10. __________ Bamboo is a plant which grows quickly and is used to make furniture.

Match the words with their definition. characters deck dock detour exploit pagoda raft 1. a place where boats load and unload dock 2. a simple boat made of pieces of wood tied raft together 3. a Buddhist temple pagoda 4. a change of route detour 5. a floor on a boat deck 6. marks or signs used in writing characters 7. to use or take advantage of exploit

Smoking is forbidden. No smoking.

The use of mobile phones is forbidden.

课文原文:The most beautiful spot on the river is the Three Gorges. 16. spot c.n. 地点;场所;污点;斑点 vt. (spotted/spotted)认出;看见 on the spot 当场,在现场 e.g. 1) a good fishing spot a cat with spots 2) I easily spotted him in the crowd because he was tall. 3) The police caught the thief on the spot. 4) The scandal(丑闻)left a spot on his reputation.

Cultural corner

Cultural corner

Postcard to myself

Read the passage and answer the questions. What does Colin McCorquedale like doing when he travels? He likes to send himself a postcard of every place he visits for more than 24 hours.

翻译下列短语和句子 1. 每到一个地方, 他都送给自己一张明信 片。 ___________________________ Everywhere he goes, he sends ________________ himself a postcard. 2. 他总是挑选一张带有美丽风景的明信 片并贴上有趣的邮票。 _________________________________ He always chooses a postcard with _________________________________ beautiful view, and sticks on an _______________ interesting stamp.

n. 1)(某一角度)景色; 2) 观点 3) 视野,视线 翻译: 1) The view of the top of the hill is beautiful. 2) In my view, the plan is practical. 17. view 鉴于;考虑到 3) In view of the circumstances (情况), we must give up. 4) The lake soon came into view. in view of


view vt. 把…视为;看,查看 view … as 把…视为…

We all view English as a tool of international communication. We had no chance to view the house before buying it.
regard…as think of … as treat …as consider…as look on…as

3. 只有我在一个地方超过24小时我才 可以在此处的地图上别上一根。 ______________________________ I’m allowed to stick one in only if ______________________________ I’ve been in a place for more than __________ 24 hours. 粘贴,粘住 18. stick vt. 刺,插入 (stuck/stuck) 卡住,陷住

be stuck in=be caught in stick to sth.

陷入 坚持,固守

1) He stuck a stamp on the envelope. 2) The nurse stuck the needle into my arm. 3) He promised to help us and he stuck to his word. 19. only if 只要,只有 (放句首,主句半倒装) Only if you study hard, will you pass the exam. Only if you are in Paris, can you find a park like this. if only 要是…就好了 (虚拟语气) If only I were younger.

There is a saying in the travel that all tourists are ripped off. At least, the Italians rip you off with a smile.

rip off 20. 敲竹杠(俚语) _______ I was ripped off by the shop. 21. 把…描述为 describe…as… _____________ get a kick out of… 22. 从…中得到乐趣__________________ He thinks he can get a kick out of the computer.

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