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2016年高考英语仿真押题 专题02 代词和介词(含解析)

专题 02 代词和介词
1.The boy went swimming in the deep lake,________ his mother’s fear for his safety. A.but for C.apart from B.regardless of D.instead of

解析:选 B。考查介词短语辨析。but for“要不是,如果没有”;regardless of“不顾,不 管”;apart from“远离,除??之外,且不说”;instead of“代替,作为??的替换”。 根据句意应选 B 项。 2.Mike is kind,determined and full of energy.________,I can’t speak too highly of him. A.As a result C.By the way B.In a word D.On the contrary

解析:选 B。句意:麦克是一位善良,有决心并充满活力的人。总之,我怎么表扬他都不过分。 in a word“总之”,符合句意。as a result“结果”;by the way“顺便说说”;on the contrary“相反”。 3.My boss made ________ clear that one in three of us will have to leave next month. A.it C.that B.us D.this

4.—Shall I sit at this end of the boat or the other end? —If you keep still,you can sit at ________end. A.neither C.either B.each D.any

解析:选 C。either 表示二者选一;each 表示二者或二者以上中的每一个;neither 表示“两 者都不,也不”;any 表示“任何一个”。 5.—It’s a lovely day,isn’t it? —Yes.I love ________when the weather is like this.Why don’t we sit outside and have our lunch? A.this B.that




解析:选 C。考查 it 作形式宾语的句型。动词 love,like,hate,dislike,enjoy,prefer, appreciate 等词后一般不能直接接句子,前面要加 it,然后再接 when 或 if 引导的句子。 6. —Why not talk with your parents about your willingness to attend 2016 Peking University Summer Camp? —I tried ________to get them to listen to me. A.in time C.in need B.in vain D.in case

解析: 选 B。 句意: ——为什么不告诉你的父母关于你愿意参加 2016 年北京大学夏令营的事? ——我尽力说服他们听我的,但白费力气。in vain“白费力气,徒劳无益”,符合语境。in time“及时,迟早”;in need“在危难中”;in case“以防万一”。 7.One person was killed on the spot and three ________ received minor injuries. A.ones C.others B.another D.the others

解析:选 C。句意:现场有一人被杀,其他三人受轻伤。three others 在此处表示“其他三 人,另外三人”,符合句意。ones 一般不用数词修饰;another 和数词连用时,放在数词前 面,the others 也不用数词修饰。 8.—Lend me some more money,will you? —Sorry,I’ve got ________at hand myself.You know the iPhone 6 cost me all I had just now. A.nothing C.none B.no one D.no

9.—Have you finished your report? —No,I’ll finish it in ________ ten minutes. A.another C.more B.other D.each

解析:选 A。此处 another 表示“又??,再??”。根据语境可知,报告没有完成,再有 10 分钟才能完成,故答案为 A 项。

10.—Which tie would you prefer,the black tie or the red one,Sir? —I’ll take ________ to have a change sometimes. A.neither C.either B.none D.both

解析:选 D。根据对话中的“the black tie or the red one”和“have a change”可判断 出“两者都要”,故答案为 D 项。 11.—Do you often talk with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? —________.I like using WeChat. A.None C.Any B.Either D.Neither

解析:选 D。此处表示“我既不用电话也不用手机和朋友交谈,而是用微信”。neither 表示 “两者都不”,符合语意。 12.—Can we get everything ready by the weekend? —It all depends on ________ we can get Mr.Green’s cooperation. A.that C.whether B.what D.if

13.I just choose a simpler lifestyle,________ where I can ride my bike all over and do not have to make a great living to survive. A.that C.one B.it D.another

解析:选 C。考查代词。句意:我只是选择了一种更简单的生活方式,一种可以到处骑自行车, 不必为生活奔忙的生活方式。one 是 a simpler lifestyle 的同位语。 14.The doors here are really ________,all made of good wood like mahogany. A.something C.nothing B.anything D.everything

解析:选 A。句意:这儿的门真是极品,全部由红木一类的优质木材制成。something 在这里 表示“想来重要(或值得注意)的事物”。 15.Tom told me that he needed a chair and that soon he found________.

A.it C.one

B.that D.the one

解析:选 C。句意:汤姆告诉我他需要一把椅子,不久他就找到了一把。one 在此泛指同类事 物中的一个。 16.—Which of the white shirts appeals to you most? —________.I prefer a yellow one. A.Neither C.All B.None D.Both

解析:选 B。句意:——你最喜欢哪一件白衬衫?——哪一件都不喜欢。我喜欢黄色的衬衫。 从“I prefer a yellow one”可以看出答话者哪件白衬衫也不喜欢,根据“most”可知,这 是三者或三者以上的比较,none 表示三者及三者以上的否定。故选 B。 17.It is important to know what colours look good ________ your skin before you buy clothes. A.for C.against B.upon D.with

解析: 选 C。 句意: 在购买衣服前, 了解什么样的颜色衬你的肤色很重要。 此处要用介词 against 表示“在??衬托下,以??为背景”。 18.Almost everyone is ________ bringing down the housing prices because they’re really too high now. A.in favor of C.in honor of B.in charge of D.in search of

解析:选 A。句意:几乎每个人都赞同降低房价,因为它们现在确实太高了。in favor of“赞 同, 支持”; in charge of“负责, 掌管”; in honor of“向??表示敬意”; in search of“搜 寻”。根据句意可知选 A。 19.The customer didn’t choose ________of the coats and went away without looking at a third one. A.both C.any B.all D.either


20.Nick,it’s good for you to read some books ________ China before you start your trip there. A.in C.of B.for D.on

解析:选 D。on 表示关于,some books on China 意为“关于中国的一些书”。句意:Nick, 你在去中国旅行之前最好读一些关于中国的书。 21.The pronunciation of the speakers living in London is judged to be more native than________of the speakers from Liverpool. A.it C.one B.that D.those

解析:选 B。考查代词。句意:住在伦敦的讲话人发音比那些来自利物浦的说话人的发音被认 定是更地道。that 可等于前文提到的 the+名词,题干中=the pronunciation。one 等于 a +名词的“同类项”;those 等于 the+名词复数;it 等于前文的名词单数或不可数名词的本 身。故选 B。 22.We live in a world in which only the strongest can make________to the top. A.one C.each B.it D.that

解析:选 B。考查代词。句意:我们生活在这样一个世界里——只有最强的人才能爬得最高。 make it 获得成功,为固定搭配。故选 B。 23.With the loss of her husband in the earthquake,the two children mean________to the young mother. A.everything C.nothing B.anything D.something

24 . Many people agree that there has never been a more splendid opening ceremony than________of the Beijing Olympic Games in history. A.one B.what



解析:选 C。考查代词。句意:很多人同意历史上没有比北京奥林匹克运动会更好的开幕式。 A.one 一个;B.what 什么;C.that 那个;D.it 它。比较级中出现代指,只能用 that。故 选 C。 25.We agreed to accept________they thought was the best tourist guide. A.whatever C.whichever B.anyone D.whoever

解析: 选 D。 考查代词。 句意: 只要是他们认为的最好的导游, 无论哪一个我们都接受。 whoever 指代 the best tourist guide,表示的是人,故选 D 项。 26 .People keep to themselves in my neighborhood.We don’t drop by unannounced, ________one night a year,December 30. A.instead of C.as to B.more than

D.except for

解析:选 D。考查介词短语。句意:我们社区的人常足不出户。除了一年中的 12 月 30 号,在 这晚大家可以在互不通知的情况下拜访对方。A 项意为“代替”;B 项意为“超过”;C 项意 为“至于”;D 项意为“除了”。 27.In the final,we narrowly won the game.________,I didn’t expect we had a chance of winning at first. A.On the whole C.In other words B.As a consequence D.To be honest

解析:选 D。考查介词短语。句意:最后,我们勉强赢了比赛。说实话,最初我没想到我们有 赢得比赛的机会。 A.On the whole 大体来讲;B.As a consequence 结果;C.In other words 换句话说;D.To be honest 说实话。根据句意选 D。 28.________the shortage of time,the chairman decided that each candidate should finish the speech within 5 minutes. A.In view of C.In terms of B.In contrast to D.In preference to

解析:选 A。考查介词短语。句意:考虑到时间不够,主持人决定每个参与者的演讲限定在 5 分钟内。in view of 鉴于,考虑到;in contrast to 与??相对照;in terms of 依据;in preference to 优于。根据题意选 A。

29.The disaster relief funds are already________so that people in the earthquake -stricken area can carry out reconstruction work without delay. A.in place C.in order B.in demand D.in vain

30.The pollution in Beijing is expected to improve,________a series of air pollution control measures. A.regardless of C.thanks to B.but for D.such as

解析:选 C。考查介词短语。句意:幸亏一系列的空气污染控制措施,北京的污染有待改善。 A.regardless of 不管;B.but for 要不是;C.thanks to 幸亏;D.such as 好像。故选 C。


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