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care 一、care (careful --- careless : a. ( n. ~+ ness ) ex.) 1、vt. vi. 注意以下用法: 1) care to do 表示“愿意” “喜欢” “想要” ,通常用于否定句、疑问句或条件句等。 She did not care to go with them. 她不想和他们一道去。 Would you care to stay with us? 你想不想在我们这里住? If you’d care to see the photographs I’ll bring them round. 如果你有兴趣看那些照片,我就带来。 Like to do Like doing sth “愿意” “喜欢” “想要” “愿意” “喜欢” “想要”

Would like to do “愿意” “喜欢” “想要” Want to do “想要做某事” 2) care + 从句, “在乎” “在意”等,多用于否定句或疑问句,偶尔也用于肯定句。 如: She didn't care what happened. 她才不管会发生什么事呢。 I didn’t care which of us won. 我不介意我们之间哪一位获胜。 I’ll go. I don’t care what happens. 我要去,我不管会发生什么情况。 Don’t you care what happens to him? 你难道不关心他出什么事吗? I really care whether we win or lose. 我们是输是赢我真的很在乎。 I don't think he cares very much. 我看他并不十分关心。 2、n. 1) 【U】 “小心;谨慎;注意;爱护;关怀;关心;照管”

Care is needed when crossing the road. 过马路时要小心。 Take care not to break it. 留神别把它打破了。 Do your work with more care. 做工作还要仔细一些。 The composition was written with great care. 这篇作文写得很用心。 with great care 很用心 2) n. [u]“保护;照料;管理;责任” Her job was to take care of the wounded soldier. 她的工作就是照料这个伤员。 The children were left in the care of their grandfather. 孩子们留给(外)祖父照顾。 I don't really care. 我不是很在意。 I don't really care if my friends are the same as me or different. 我并不十分在乎我的朋友跟我一样或与我不同。 此句中 if 不是“如果”的意思,而是“是否”的意思。另外,if 之后所引导的句 子是主句 I don't really care 的谓语动词 care 的宾语,故称作“宾语从句” 。又如: I don't care if he likes it or not—I'm coming! 我不管他喜欢还是不喜欢——我会来的! I know she cares about me because she's always there to listen. 我知道她关心我,因为她随时都能够听我倾诉。 Care about 关心,在意 二、辨析:look after,take care of,care for “照顾,照料” look after 就是行为上比较具体的照顾,比如说: The mother is looking after her sicky son. (就不能翻译成 is taking care of??) take care of 是比较广义的照顾,一般都用来嘱咐说,照顾好自己或是自己的东西,

比如:Take good care of your handbag! care for 则更多的表示操心、关心之类的意思。且在这里 care 是动词,在 take care of 里,care 是名词。 三、对于

care for:care for

中的 care 是动词,表示“把...放在心上” ,以

下是它的引申意思: 1. 把某个东西放在心上,引申为“喜欢,喜爱,宠爱” , (like;be fond of)通常用 于否定句或疑问句。 I don’t care for standing in queues. 我不喜欢排队。 Does Ann care for horror movies? 安喜欢看恐怖影片吗? I don't much care for that sort of man. 我不太喜欢那种人。 I don't much care for sweets. 我不太喜欢吃糖果。 I don't care for riding on a bike very much; I'd rather go on foot. 我不太喜欢骑自行车, 宁愿步行。 She doesn't care for that colour.她不喜欢那种颜色。 She did not care for him.她不喜欢他。 I didn't care for the movie I saw yesterday. 我不喜欢昨天看的那个电影。 I don't care for music. 我不爱好音乐。 有时还可接不定式的复合结构。 I wouldn’t care for that man to be my doctor. 我不愿意让那个人当我的医生。 2. 把某个人放在心上引申为“照看,照顾,服侍” , (take care of;look after ) (可 用于各种句型) She moved back to care for her elderly parents.

As an orphan,he is cared for by the local authorities. 他是个孤儿,受到当地政府的照顾。 He spent years caring for his sick mother.他数年中一直在照顾生病的母亲。 The mother cared for the sick child day and night. 母亲日夜照料着生病的孩子。 I am glad to see that you are being well cared for. 看到你得到很好的照料,我非常高兴。 He was given treatment and cared for until he recovered. 他一直受到治疗和护理直到痊愈。 That ancient temple looked well cared for. 那座古庙看来保存得很好。 3、表示“关心、关怀;爱护” ,这是一种比较正式的用法。 We must care for each other and help each other. 我们要互相关心, 互相帮助。 He spent years caring for his sick mother. 他照料他有病的母亲好多年呢。 He cares for no one. 他不关心别人。 He cares only for himself.他只考虑自己。 3. 把某件事情放在心上引申为“介意、在乎” (mind;care about) Would you care for another helping? 你还介意得到帮助吗? 4. 把某件事情放在心上引申为“尊重;重视” (have regard for;trouble about) I do care for what my teacher says.我的确尊重老师说的话。 I don’t care for what he says. 我对他的话不以为然。 5. 把某件事情放在心上引申为“愿意要? ” Would you care for some more tea? 想再喝点茶吗? 6. 口语中说 couldn’t care less,其意为“根本不在乎”

They couldn’t care less. 他们根本不在乎。

四、take care of 中的 care 是名词,表示“承担对...的责任” ,其引申义如下: 1. 承担对人的责任引申为“照料,赡养,关怀” ,如: My mother is ill. I must ask for a leave to take care of her. 我母亲病了,我必须请假照顾她。 It is your duty to take care of your aged parents. 赡养年迈的双亲是你的义务。 2. 承担对物的责任引申为“看管,维护,保养” ,如: There was something wrong with the machine and the manager asked him to take care of it. 那台机器有点毛病,经理让他维护。 Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves. [ 谚]节约每一个铜板, 财富自然会积累起来。 五、辨析:care for my son 和 take care of my son 的区别: 1. care for my son 着重于把儿子放在心上,从问寒问暖、关注成长的角度对儿子给 予照顾、呵护; 2. take care of my son 着重于承担的义务和责任,从物质供给到精神安慰对儿子进 行抚养。 六、care about (1) “在乎” “介意” 。如: The only thing he cares about is money. 他只在乎钱。 I don’t care about what people call position. 我对人们所谓的地位并不在意。 I really care about whether we will win or lose. I don’t know, nor do I care

(2) “对??感兴趣” 。如: I don’t care about your opinion. 你的意见我不感兴趣。 (3) care about + 动名词, “想做某事” 。 All of the reporters care about writing good articles. 这些记者全都想写好文章。 (4) “关心” 。 Each of us had to care about the other. 我们人人都必须互相关心。 This government doesn’t care about the poor. 这个政府不关心穷人。 (5) “为??担心或担忧” Don’t you care about this country’s future? 难道你不为国家前途担忧吗? care for 照看,照料 = take care of care about 在意,在乎 take care 当心,注意

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