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2016年高中英语 Unit 2 Healthy eating Period 3学案 新人教版必修3

Unit 2

Healthy eating 语言运用课

Period 3

学习目标 1.Learn to comprehend the story Come and eat here. 2.Learn to express the ideas of whether to eat breakfast through


study and cooperation. 3.Help students form a good dietary habit.

Part 1 Reading Pre-reading(读前):
浏览文章内容,把握阅读速度;结合插图,猜测文章话题。 1.Scan the passage and then choose the best answers according to the passage. (1)Why was Yong Hui so angry when she came to Wang Peng’s restaurant?( )

A.Because she thought Wang Peng had spied on her menu. B.Wang Peng offered the same food in his restaurant as hers. C.She disliked the food offered in Wang Peng’s restaurant. D.The customers all went to Wang Peng’s restaurant. (2)What was the final result of the competition of the two restaurants?( A.Yong Hui’s restaurant won. B.Wang Peng’s restaurant won. C.They combined their menus and created a new one. D.They were looking for more delicious food separately. (3)Why was their cooperation a successful one?( ) A.Because of their happy marriage. B.Because of good management skills. C.Because of their balanced diet. D.Because their restaurant was beautiful. 2.Answer the following question. How did they solve their problems and become good friends?


3.What is the purpose of the passage?

nt words are used instead of “said”.Underline these words and classify them.Then go back to the reading and classify the words instead of “said” too.
How a person spoke Add: Why a person spoke Add:

4.Different words instead of “said”. If you are careful readers,you will notice that many differe

5.重点句型与长难句探究 学习建议:通过分析句子成分来理清句子结构。 (1)Why don’t you sit down and try a meal? Why don’t you+动词原形?= (句型),表示建议。 翻译: (2)I thought you were a new customer and now I know that you only came to spy

on me and my menu. I thought 表示说话人以前的想法,宾语从句的时态用 。 (3)Their balanced diets became such a success that before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight.
翻译: 例如:It was that nobody wanted to do anything.天气如此热,谁也不想干 活。 Part 2 Consolidation The next day,his restaurant was full of people again.He did not look forward

to being .Suddenly Yong Hui walked in.She him.She thought he came to her restaurant only to her and her menu.Wang Peng invited her to try a meal in his restaurant.They the ice cream.And they had a good time.After that,they their menus and a balanced menu food full of energy and fibre.At last,they and lived happily. Part 3 Writing
内容:利用本节所学,谈谈你对是否吃早餐的看法。 1.At first we can make a survey on whether we eat breakfast.According to the result of the survey,say your opinions about the topic. 教学建议 :写作前做一个简单的调查“是否吃早餐”。根据调查结果思考 “是否吃早 餐”,说出自己的看法,老师给予评价。

ss with your partners whether we eat breakfast and then enrich your content.In the meanwhile,look up some new words in the dictionary.


3. (1) 晚上作业多 , 睡觉晚 , 不吃早餐可以多睡 会儿。 (2) 有的家长工作忙 , 无暇顾及 , 给钱让孩子 自己解决。 (3)部分女生为了保持苗条身材不吃早餐。 (1) 由于饥饿 , 上课注意力无法集中 , 听课效 果差。 (2)有些同学经常胃痛,身体健康受影响。



个人看 法

(1)早餐中的维生素和矿物质易被吸收。 ??

According to the above points,make an outline about the topic.

4.Please finish the composition whose topic is The Most Important Meal of the Day according to the above outline.

5.After finishing your writing,swap your composition with your partners and

correct mistakes. 6.Hand in your composition.
好词好句 1.according to the survey 根据调查 2.too... to 太??而不能 3.in addition 而且,此外 4.What is worse... 更糟糕的是?? 5.not only... but also 不但??而且?? 写作课堂程序建议如下: (1)Make a survey on whether we eat breakfast. (2)Discuss with your partners whether we eat breakfast and then enrich your

content. (3)Discuss with your partners the advantages and disadvantages of having breakfast.
老师组织学生对(2) (3)问题进行小组讨论,在班内展示,做到集思广益,为下一步的写 作打下基础。 (4)Finish the composition according to the above outline. 写作要求: (1)可根据要点正常发挥,但不要逐条翻译。 (2)词数:120 左右。 (3)参考词汇:维生素 vitamin,矿物质 mineral 写作正文

The Most Important Meal of the Day

课后作业 1.Polish your composition and hand it in. 2.Read the following passage and know more about good health. 阅读拓展 Good health is the most valuable thing a person can have,but one cannot take

good health for granted.It is i mportant to remember that the body needs proper care in order to be healthy.There are three things that a person can do to help stay in good shape:eat right food,get enough sleep,and exercise regularly. Proper nutrition (营养) is important for good health.Your body cannot work well unless it receives the proper kind of “fuel(燃料)”.Don’t eat too much food with lots of sugar and fat.Eat plenty of foods high in protein ( 蛋 白 质 ),like meat,fish,eggs and nuts.Vegetables and fruits are very important because they provide necessary vitamins (维他命) and minerals.However,don’t overeat.It is not helpful to be overweight. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also important.If you don’t get enough sleep,you feel tired and easily get angry.You have no energy.Over a long period of time a little amount of sleep may even result in a change of personality (个性).Be sure to allow yourself from seven to nine hours of sleep each night.If so,your body will feel strong and refreshed (精神焕发的),and your mind will be sharp. Finally,get plenty of exercise.Exercise firms up the body,strengthens the muscles,and prevents you from gaining weight.It also improves your heart and lungs.If you follow a regular exercise program,you will probably increase your life-span (寿命).Any kind of exercise is good.Most sports are excellent for keeping the body in good shape:Basketball,swimming,bicycling,running and so on are good examples.Sports are not only good for your body,but they are enjoyable and interesting. If everybody were to eat the right foods,get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly,the world would be a happier and healthier place.We would all live to be much older and wiser.
参 考 答 案

学习过程 Part 1 1.(1)A (2)C (3)C 2.Wang Peng showed that he wanted to cooperate rather than compete with Yong

Hui and they succeeded in finding a menu that provided a balanced diet.Finally they cooperated successfully in business and they liked each other and got married at last. 3.The purpose is to complete the story of Wang Peng and Yong Hui and to show students that it is never too late to change bad eating habits and begin afresh.
4. How a person spoke shouted Add:whispered,smiled,laug hed,cried Why a person spoke explained,added,admitted Add:agreed,wondered,advise d,replied

5.(1)Why not+动词原形?;你为什么不坐下来吃顿饭呢? (2)过去时或过去将来时

(3)他们的均衡饮食非常有效,不久之后王鹏瘦了,雍慧胖了。such a hot day Part 2 Consolidation in debt;glared at;spy on;were served;combined;provided;with;got married Part 3 Writing 参考范文

The Most Important Meal of the Day According to the survey,some students choose to skip breakfast and have a few extra minutes in bed because they have too much homework and stay up too late.Others are given money to buy food themselves because their parents are too busy with their own work to spare any time to prepare breakfast for them.In addition,some girls want to stay slim and often go to school without breakfast. Without having breakfast,many students can not concentrate in class and do badly in their lessons.What is worse,some even suffer from stomachache and their health is worrying. In fact,breakfast is the most important meal in a day because it provides us with much energy.People who have breakfast tend to take in more vitamins and minerals.Also,having a proper breakfast can not only make us energetic and healt hy but also help us avoid overeating.So,we should start our day with a regular breakfast.


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