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第四章 形容词和副词的比较等级
第1讲 关于 than 和 as
考点1. as…as 与(not) as (so)…as A. carried out C. carry out B. carrying out D. to carry out

① 在 as…as 句型中,第一个 as 是副词,用在形容 词和副词的原级前,常译为“同样”。后

面的 as 是连词。 He is tall.他高。 He is as tall. 他同样高。 修饰 tall,“同样” (as ,为 副词) He is as tall as his brother is tall) 与他弟弟一样, ( . 他是同样地高。 (后面的 as 为连词, 同……一样。 ) ② 只有在否定句中,第一个 as 才可换为 so。 改错:He is so tall as his brother. 答案:so 改为 as 1. 【1994 全国】 John plays football _____, if not better than, David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as 2. —Did you enjoy the movie last night? —Yes, I didn’t expect it _____ wonderful. A. more B. as C. most D. much 考点2. 在比较状语从句中,主句和从句的句式结构 一般是相同的

4. To answer correctly is more important than ______. A. that you finish quickly B. finishing quickly C. to finish quickly D. finish quickly 考点3. 谓语的替代(参看 P. 错误!未定义书签。错 误!未找到引用源。 )

在 as 和 than 引导的比较状语从句中,由于句式 同前面主句相同,为避免重复,常把主句中出现而 从句中又出现的动词用 do 的适当形式来代替。如: John speaks German as fluently as Mary does. 5. John gives me more help than ______. A. Tom is B. Tom has C. Tom does D. Tom gives 6. I picked more apples than you ______ yesterday. A. picked B. do C. did D. had 7. 【2007 重庆】As I know, he spends at least as much time playing as he ______. A. writes B. does writing C. is writing D. does write

与 as…as 句式中后一个 as 一样, than 也是连 词。as 和 than 这两个连词后面的从句的结构与前 面的句子结构相同,相同部分可以省略。 3. —What do you think of the plan? —It’s easier said than ______.

第2讲 比较级
考点1. 可以修饰比较级的词 他是个聪明得多的孩子。 He is by far the best teacher. =He is the best teacher by far. 他是最最好的老师(他显然是最好的老师)。 1. You are such a woman as always think _____ of yourself than others. A. much B. much more C. little D. much less 2. 【2004 福建】The number of people present at the concert was _____ than expected. There were many tickets left. A. much smaller B. much more C. much larger D. many more 3. —The novel is, I have to say, not a bit interesting.

常用来修饰比较级的词或短语有: a bit, a little, rather, much, far, by far, a lot, a great deal, any, still, even 等。 by far 的用法: 用于强调,意为“……得多” “最最……” “显然” 等,可修饰形容词或副词的比较级和最高级,通常 置于其后,但是若比较级或最高级前有冠词,则可 置于其前或其后。如: It’s quicker by far to go by train. 乘火车要快得多。 She ran fastest by far. 她跑得最快(显然她跑得最快)。 He’s by far the cleverer student.

How do you find it? —Why! It’s _____ that I have ever read. A. a most interesting B. a more interested C. a less interesting D. by far (答疑 qq 329950885) the most interesting 4. 【2007 全国 II】After two years’ research, we now have a _____ better understanding of the disease. A. very B. far C. fairly D. quite 5. —The disease he suffers is not easy to cure. —I know, but is he _____ better? A. much B. rather C. any D. little 6. 【2000 上海】You’re standing too near the camera. Can you move _____? A. a bit far B. a little farther C. a bit of farther D. a little far 7. 【2006 江苏】I wish you’d do _____ talking and some more work. Thus things will become better. A. a bit less B. any less C. much more D. a little more 考点2. more、much 与比较级

13. 【2011 全国 II】Mr. Stevenson is great to work for—I really couldn’t ask for a _____ boss. A. better B. good C. best D. still better 14. 【2011 四川】—How is your recent trip to Sichuan? —I’ve never had _____ one before. A. a pleasant B. a more pleasant C. a most pleasant D. the most pleasant 15. 【2013 浙江】I ______ myself more —it was a perfect day. A. shouldn’t have enjoyed B. needn’t have enjoyed C. wouldn’t have enjoyed D. couldn’t have enjoyed 考点4. not +比较级与 no +比较级

no 和比较级连用时,常表示它所修饰形容词 或副词的相反的意思。 He is no taller than him. 他比他高不到哪儿去。(他和他一样矮) My English is no better than yours. 我的英语比你的好不到哪儿去。(一样差) 16. —Can Li Hua help me with my English? —I regret to tell you her English is _____ yours. A. as good as B. no more than C. no better than D. as much as 17. The technical college education is playing an important part today and its role will be _____ important. A. no less B. no more C. none the less D. not more 18. —Is Mr. White out of danger? —No, _____ than before, I’m afraid. A. no better B. a little better C. not worse D. no worse 考点5. less 构成比较级

more 放在多音节形容词和副词前构成比较级,如: more interesting, more exciting。 单音节词和部分双音节词在后面加-er 构成比较级, 如:taller, earlier, hotter。 much 修饰比较级。如:much more interesting, much taller。而像 much more taller /more taller 是错误的。 8. 【1991 全国】 The experiment was _____ easier than we had expected. A. more B. much more C. much D. more much 9. 【1994 全国】If there were no examinations, we should have _____ at school. A. the happiest time B. a more happier time C. much happiest time D. a much happier time 考点3. 比较级的否定形式表示最高级的意思

19. She is _____ than her younger sister. A. less richer B. not more rich C. less rich D. not rich 20. 【 2006 北 京 】 This washing machine is environmentally friendly because it uses _____ water and electricity than _____ models. A. less; older B. less; elder C. fewer; older D. fewer; elder 考点6. “变得”后常跟比较级

有时比较级用于否定句时, 可以表达最高级的意思。 10. Boris has brains. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has _____ IQ. A. a high B. a higher C. the higher D. the highest 11. —What do you think of the service here? —Oh, _____. We couldn’t have found a better place. A. too bad B. sorry C. wonderful D. impossible 12. 【2010 全国Ⅱ】 Mr. Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been _____. A. popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular

改错:Our world is getting small and small. 解析:改为 Our world is getting smaller and smaller. 在这里,是指比原来更小,所以用比较级。再如: The days are getting longer and longer. 21. 【2004 全国】 Mary kept weighing herself to see how much _____ she was getting. A. heavier B. heavy

C. the heavier D. the heaviest 22. 【2009 全国 I】 How much _____ she looked without her glasses! A. well B. good C. best 考点7. D. better 如: room is smaller than yours. 我的房间比你的 My 小。 Our country is more powerful than theirs. 我们的国 家比他们的国家更强大。 II. 同类异质比较:即指同一个人或事物(同类)在两 个不同的方面(异质)进行比较,这类句子常译为 “是……, 而不是”、 “与其说……不如说……”等。 如: He was more lucky than clever. 他是靠运气而不是靠聪明。 She was more surprised than angry. 她感到更多的是惊讶而不是生气。 按英语习惯, 在进行同类异质比较时, 只能用 more 构成比较级, 不能用-er 形式, (答疑 qq 329950885) 即使是单音节词也是如此。 28. —Oh, how fat he is! —But I think he is _____ than fat. A. short B. shorter C. more short D. shortest 29. —I wonder why Mary is so unfriendly to us. —She is _____ than unfriendly, I’m afraid. A. shyer B. much shyer C. shy more D. more shy 30. —Do you think him naughty enough? —I’m afraid he’s _____ than naughty. A. more clever B. clever C. much clever D. much more clever 考点11. the more, the more I. “the more..., the more...”句型常表示“越……就 越……” 是一个复合句,其中前面的句子是状语从 , 句,后面的句子是主句。the 用在形容词或副词的比 较级前, more 代表形容词或副词的比较级。 The more he gets, the more he wants. The more she learns, the more she wants to learn. II. “the more..., the more...” 句型, 主从句的时态常用 一般现在时或一般过去时。 The higher the ground is, the thinner air becomes. The harder he worked, the more he got. III. 若主句的谓语动词用一般将来时,从句的谓语动 词要用一般现在时表示将来。 The harder you work, the greater progress you will make. The longer the war lasts, the more the people there will suffer. 31. A body weighs less ______ it gets from the surface of the earth. A. far B. farther C. the farther D. the farthest 32. Ash and bits of rock were falling onto the ship, darker and more, ______ they went. A. close B. the closer C. closer D. more closer 33. 【1993 上海】It’s believed that ______ you work, ______ result you’ll get.

come earlier next time

改错:A: I’m sorry I’m late. B: That’s OK. But come early next time. 解析:把 early 改为 earlier。在汉语中,说“下次早 点来”就可以。但在英语中,强调这次晚了,下次 不能再这样了,要比这次早,所以要用比较级。 23. This ruler is too short. I need a _____ one. A. long B. longer C. more long D. more longer 24. 【2013 新课标Ⅱ】It may not be a great suggestion. But before ______ is put forward, we’ll make do with it. A. a good one B. a better one C. the best one D. a best one 考点8. 在比较级中用 to 而不用 than 的几个词

某些以-ior 结尾的形容词进行比较时,用 to 代 替 than。 这些词有 inferior 劣等的, ( 次的) superior 、 (较好的, 优于……) junior 资历较浅的) senior 、 ( 、 (资格较老的)、prior(在……之前)等。 He is superior to Mr. Zhang in chemistry. 考点9. the+比较级

句中有 than 时用比较级, He is taller than his 如: brother. 用于两者时,若在名词前做定语,或后跟 of 短语时 常用 the+比较级。如: The taller boy is my brother. He is the taller of the two boys. 25. 【1995 上海】If the manager had to choose between the two, he would say John was _____ choice. A. good B. the best C. better D. the better 26. 【2006 安徽】Of the two sisters, Betty is _____ one, and she is also the one who loves to be quiet. A. a younger B. a youngest C. the younger D. the youngest 27. 【2007 四川】 the two coats, I’d choose the _____ Of one to spare some money for a book. A. cheapest B. cheaper C. more expensive D. most expensive 考点10. 同类异质比较:he is more hard-working than clever“与其说,不如说” I. 异类同质比较: (答疑 qq 329950885)即指两个不同 的人或事物 (异类) 在同一方面 (同质)进行比较。

A. the harder; the better B. the more hard; the more better C. the harder; a better D. more hard; more better 34. 【2001 上海】In recent years travel companies have succeeded in selling us the idea that the further we go, ______. A. our holiday will be better B. our holiday will be the better C. the better our holiday will be D. the better will our holiday be 35. 【2002 上海】As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, _____. A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for

D. you are equipped the more for life 考点12. 比较级+and+比较级 此句型表示“越来越……”,单音节形容词或副词 用“-er + and + -er”,多音节形容词和副词常用 “more and more+形容词或副词” 。如: Things are getting better and better every day. 情况一天天好起来。 It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a job. 找工作越来越困难了。 Holiday flight tickets are getting less and less expensive.假日机票越来越便宜了。

第3讲 最高级
考点1. 形容词最高级前的 the 不能省略, 而副词最高 级前的 the 可以省略 believe we’ll come for _____ second time. A. a; the B. the; a C. the; the D. a; a 考点4. 形容词最高级前省略 the 的情况

1. 【2009 辽宁】This area experienced _____ heaviest rainfall in _____ month of May. A /; a B a ; the C the ; the D the ; a 2. 【2012 全国Ⅱ】 Next to biology, I like physics _____. A. better B. best C. the better D. very well 考点2. least 也可用来构成最高级

一般来说,形容词最高级前要加定冠词 “the” 如: 。 Li Ming is the tallest student in our class. 李明是我们班最高的学生。 但例外也有: ① 形容词最高级作表语, 用于同一个人或同一个物在 不同情况下进行比较,而不与别的人或事物相比, 这种情况形容词最高级前不用“the”,但如果它后 面接上名词,即使作表语, “the”也不能省略。如: I am busiest on Monday. 我周一最忙。(答疑 qq 329950885)(该句是把“我”在不同时候忙的程度相 比较。并没有跟别的人相比较) The pool is deepest in summer. 这个池塘夏天水最 深。 (把同一池塘在不同季节的水深相比较,并没 有与其他池塘相比较) ② 形容词最高级前若有物主代词、 指示代词或名词所 有格修饰,则不能再加 the。 That’s her best dress. The girl wants this biggest apple. Disney’s greatest wish was to become a famous artist. ③ 在 as, though 引导的倒装让步状语中,形容词最高 级前不用 the。 Youngest as he was, he got the first prize.尽管他年龄 最小,他得了一等奖。 ④ 当两个形容词最高级修饰一个名词时, 后一个最高 级前面的 the 通常省略。 This is the largest and finest building in Shanghai. ⑤ 形容词最高级作宾语补足语时常省略“the” 。如: I think it best to go over it again and again. 我认为最好反复地检查一下。 John found it most difficult to learn Chinese.

He is the most careless boy in our class. 他是我们班级最粗心的男孩。 He is the least careful boy in our class. 他是我们班级最不细心的男孩。 3. 【2005 江苏】 David has won the first prize in singing; he is still very excited now and feels _____ desire to go to bed. A. the most B. more C. worse D. the least 4. 【2007 上海】Alan is a careful driver, but he drives _____ of my friends. A. more carefully B. the most carefully C. less carefully D. the least carefully 考点3. 形容词最高级前有时加不定冠词,或不加冠 词,不表最高级,表示“非常”

He is a most clever young policeman.(a most=very) 他是一个非常聪明的年轻警察。 The film is most interesting.(most=very) 这个电影非常有趣。 It’s a most important problem. ( most=very) 这是一个非常重要的问题。 5. Changsha is _____most beautiful inland city and we

约翰觉得学习汉语最困难。 写作专练1. 正确使用比较级最高级相关知识(P. 错 误!未定义书签。 )

第4讲 倍数表达法
考点1. 表达“是……的几倍” 6. These planes can fly _____ than the old ones. A. as fast three times B. three times as fast C. three times fast D. three times faster 7. More than one thousand American soldiers have been killed in Iraqi since the war began almost two years ago. And it’s reported that the number of Iraqis killed is _____. A. many times higher B. higher many times C. many times high D. high many times 8. The US is about the same size as China, but its population is five times _____. A. as little B. smaller C. as few D. fewer 考点3. 倍数 +名词

先用 as…as 表达“一样”,然后把倍数用在第一个 as 前。 如:要表达“这棵树是那棵树三倍高”,先表达:这 棵树和那棵树一样高。 This tree is as tall as that one. 然后在第一个 as 前添上倍数 three times。 This tree is three times as tall as that one. 再如: 他父亲的年龄是他的两倍。 先表达: father His is as old as he. 再在第一个 as 前加上倍数: His father is twice as old as he. 1. 【2002 上海春】 Americans eat _____ vegetables per person today as they did in 1910. A. more than twice B. as twice as many C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many 2. 【2008 陕西】Ten years ago the population of our village was _____ that of theirs. A. as twice large as B. twice as large as C. twice as much as D. as twice much as 3. 【2009 四川】My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours, but it is twice _____ expensive. A. as B. so C. too D. very 4. 【2012 全国新课标】This restaurant wasn’t _____ that other restaurant we went to. A. half as good as B. as half good as C. as good as half D. good as half as 5. 【2013 安徽】It’s said that the power plant is now ______ large as what it was. A. twice as B. as twice C. twice much D. much twice 考点2. 表达“比……大/小几倍”

倍数可直接用在表示度量的名词前。 The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one. 刚扩建的广场的大小是先前的四倍。 The size of the newly broadened square is four times that of the previous one. The length of the road is four times what it was three years ago. 这条路的长度是三年前的四倍。 9. If you offered me six times _____ you have just offered, I would still take my pound of flesh. A. what B. which C. that D. when 10. Paper produced every year is _____ the world’s production of vehicles. A. the three weight of B. three times the weight of C. as three times heavy as D. three times as heavier as 11. —What’s wrong? You seem restless. —I was reduced to paying ____ price for it. A. double the B. double of the C. double D. double of

先用一般的比较级来表达“比……大/小”,然后 在比较级前加上倍数。 如:要表达“这条河比那条河长两倍”,先表达: 这条河比那条河长。 This river is longer than that one. 然后在比较级前添上倍数 twice。 This river is twice longer than that one. 注意: This room is twice larger than that one. 等同于: This room is three times as large as that one. 写作专练2. 正确使用倍数表达法(P. 错误!未定义 书签。)

答案: 第四章 形容词和副词的比较等级
第1讲 关于 than 和 as 1. 6. 第2讲 比较级 1. 6. 11. 16. 21. 26. 31. 第3讲 最高级 1. 第4讲 倍数表达法 1. 6. 11. D D A 2. 7. B A 3. 8. A B 4. 9. A A 5. 10. A B C 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. D D B C C A C C 2. 7. 12. 17. 22. 27. 32. A A B A D B B 3. 8. 13. 18. 23. 28. 33. D C A A B C A 4. 9. 14. 19. 24. 29. 34. B D B C B D C 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. C B D A D A B B C 2. 7. B B 3. A 4. C 5. C

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