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Keys: 21—30 CDABC 31—35 DDBCA 36—45 CADBA 46—55 BBCAD 56—60 BACDC 66—70 DBACD



? 21. What he lacks in courage, he compensates for in bravado. (他用虚张声势 来弥补自己勇气的匮乏。) ? What he lacks in brains, he makes up for in brawn.(以体力来弥补脑力的不足。)

make out (1) 理解,明白 如:Can you make him (it) out? 你能理解他(它)吗? I couldn’t make out what he meant. 我不懂他是什么意思。 (2) 看清,(勉强)辨认出 如:I can’t make out his handwriting. 我辨认不出他的 笔迹。We made out three figures moving in the distance. 我们看出远处有三个人影在移动。 (3) 填写 如:Make the check out to me. 支票上填写清楚给我。I asked her to make out a receipt. 我叫她打了个收条。 (4) 假装,装成,声称。 如 :He made out to be ill. 他假装生病了。 He makes out that he’s younger than me. 他声称比我年 轻。

make up (1)构成,组成,占。 Farmers make up only 30% of the total population of the country. 这个国家的农业人口仅占30%。注:用于此义 时,通常用 be made up of 这样的形式。 如:The United States is made up of 50 states. 美国由五十 个州组成。A car is made up of many different parts. 汽 车由许多不同部件组成。 (2) 编写,创作,编辑。如:He asked us each to make up a dialogue. 他叫我们每人编一个对话。He asked us each to make up a dialogue. One of our students made up the school song. 我们的一个学生创作了这首校歌。 (3) 编造,捏造。如:It’s not true. He made it up. 那不是 真的,是他捏造的。The whole story is made up. 整个 故事都是虚构的。 (4) 和解,言归于好。如:Why don’t you make (it) up with her? 你为什么不与她和好呢?

(5) 弥补,补偿,补上。 如:You must make up the work you missed. 你得补上你耽误的工作。 We should let him make up for his mistakes. 我们应该让他将功补过。 (6) 化妆。如:She makes herself up in the morning. 她早上化妆。 (7) 凑足。如:We can’t make up the money. 我们凑不足钱。 (8) 准备好,做好。如 :Bring the sheets and make up the bed. 拿床单来把床铺好。

make for (1) 走向,往……走去。如:It’s late; we’d better make for home. 时间不早了,我们 最好回家吧。As the thief opened the door, the dog made for him. 小偷一开门,狗就 向他扑去。 (2) 有助于,有益于,促进。 如:Early rising makes for good health. 早起有益于健康。 The large print makes for easy reading. 大号字体便于阅读。

22.有的词典将 I dislike it when (if) … 作为一个句 型来处理。能这样用的动词不多,主要的有 enjoy, like, dislike, love, hate, prefer, appreciate 等表示喜好的动词。 She won’t like it if you arrive late. 她不喜欢你迟到。 She won’t like it if you arrive late. He hates it when people use his bike. 他讨厌别人用他的自行车。 所以同学们可以将以下结构作为固定句式来处理, 这样问题就简单化了:I like it when (if) … I love it when (if) … /I enjoy it when (if) … /I hate it when (if) … / I prefer it when (if) … / I appreciate it when (if) …

? (1) I hate _________ if people say such things in public. A. that B. those C. it D. them (2) I’d prefer _________ if I didn’t have to get up early on Sundays. A. that B. such C. it D. which (3) I would appreciate _________ very much if you could give me some suggestions. ? A. this B. that C. it D. you

(1)I’ll see to _________ that all these letters will be sent to the post before twelve. A. it B. me C. which D. them 2) Will you see to _________ that the luggage is brought back as soon as possible? A. me B. yourself C. it D. them 类似以上 see to 用法的短语还有 depend on, answer for 等。如下面两题: (1) You may depend on _________ that he will turn up in time. You may depend on A. it B. me C. which D. them (2) I can’t answer for _________ that the boy is honest. A. it B. me C. which D. them

Who would you rather _____ you repair your electric bicycle this time? would rather+从句 中用虚拟语气。 该句还原成陈述语序是:You would rather who helped you repair your electric bicycle this time. 比较:Who would you rather have____ you repair your electric bicycle this time?

29. ---How do you like the concert? ---I really enjoy it. I didn’t expect it was _____ wonderful. A. more B. most C. very D. as 从问答第一句的时态可知,音乐会正在进行之中。这 对话发生在现场。 --你认为这场音乐会怎么样? --很好!我的确很喜欢。我没料到会这么精彩。 I didn't expect it was as wonderful (as it is [wonderful]).

? Longman: ? Tina's clever, but her brother is just as clever. ? 柯林斯里说当比较对象十分清楚时, as...as sb/sth 划线部分可以省略。

30. ---Mr. Yang looks rather a kind gentleman. ---But in fact he is cold and hard on us. You _____ believe it! A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t C. wouldn’t D. needn’t 会 (表示相信或期待) 例:No one believed the soldiers stationed at the border would actually open fire. 没人相信驻扎在边境的士兵们会真的开火。
例:Would he always be like this? 他会总像这样吗?

32. On Test and Test Taking The purpose of a test is to check how much we students have learned about a subject. It not only helps make our newly acquired knowledge permanent, but also enables us to find out what needs to spend more time improving. But some students do not deal with test correctly. Some of them are afraid of failing in a test. They cheat even at the risk of being caught on exams. Though cheating might give one “better grades”, it adds nothing to one’s knowledge. This dishonest behavior will do one more harm than good. I think that we go to college in order to have our further studies, and prepare us to be qualified for the future job. Therefore, we should take a correct attitude towards test. As long as we study diligently and review our lessons regularly, we are sure to be used to serve its real purpose.

? A. annualadj.一年一次的;每年的;年度的;全年的 n.-count 年刊;年报;年鉴 ? B. arbitrary adj.随意的,任性的,随心所欲 的; 主观的,武断的; 霸道的,专制的,专横的, 独断独行的; ? C. adequate adj.足够的; 适当的,恰当的; 差强 人意的; 胜任的 ? D. alternative adj.非正统的,不寻常的; 两者择一 的 n.二中择一; 可供选择的事物; 取舍; 非传统(或 他择性)生活方式的追随者(或鼓吹者)

? A. figures 数字;(尤指)统计数字; (绘画作 品中的)人物;雕像;塑像 ;体形;身材 ;知名人 士;重要人物 ; (书、杂志等中的)图,表 ; v.认为;猜想;估计 ? B. numbers ? C. images n.影像; 肖像; 概念,意 向; 镜像,映像 vt.反映; 想像; 作…的像; 象征 ? D. memberships n.会员资格; 会员身 份; 会员全体

? 76. Students’ experience of making money. ? 77. to make money by selling things. ? 78. The team put up a board in order to attract people to buy their ice cream. ? 79. It is objective. / It is not mentioned in the writing. ? 80. To make students know it is not easy to make money. / To make students experience how to make money.

Different people may bid for different things. As for me, I want dream, friendship and an admission notice to a famous university most. Dreams would be on the top of my list. Only by pursuing our dreams can we enjoy a meaningful and fulfilled life. Money can buy a comfortable life, but without dreams, even a millionaire would find his life boring. A person without friends can never be happy. Our life is full of joys and sorrows, which we need people to share with. Faced with difficulties, we need friends to give us comfort and help. Just as a saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friendship can help us through

ups and downs of life, so friendship would be in my list as well. After working hard for so many years, I deserve to go to a good university, because being admitted to a famous university can help me live up to my parents’ expectations and bring me a bright future.

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