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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修六(十二省区)课后强化作业 unit 4 Section 2 Word版含答案]

Unit 4

Section Ⅱ

1.There is a ________(趋势)towards regional cooperation. 2.The earthquake caused ________(分布广的) damage to the country. 3.My mother is an ________(节俭的)housewife. 4.The graph shows the ________(平均的) temperature of April. 5.So far no evidence has been found to support the e________ of any living thing on the moon. 6.It is a happy marriage on the w________. 答案:1.tendency 2.widespread 3.economical 4.average 5.existence 6.whole Ⅱ.句型转换 1.A.After talking for half an hour, the old man mentioned the name of Kunta Kinte. B.It was after talking for half an hour __________________________________________. 2.A.I realized what trouble he was in only when he told me. B.Only when he told me_____________________________________________he was in. 3.A.I worked in a factory in 1975. B.It was in a factory________________________________________________________. 4.A.It was the factory. I worked there in 1975. B.It was the factory __________________________________________________in 1975. 5.A.What made you so sad? B.______________________________________________________that made you so sad? 6.A.I don't know why you want to change your idea. B.I don't know _________________________________ that you want to change your idea. 7.A.I am wrong. B.It is I___________________________________________________________________. 8.A.She didn't realize it was too late to go home until the sun set. B.It was ________ the sun set ________ it was too late to go home. 答案:1.that the old man mentioned the name of Kunta Kinte 2.did I realize what trouble 3.that I worked in 1975

4. where I worked 5.What was it 6.why it is 7.who/that am wrong 8.not until; did she realize Ⅲ.完成句子 1.在我们这个公司,工人的工资平均在 3000 元。

In our company,the workers' wage is 3000 yuan ________ ________. 2.大体上说,这是一篇好作文。 ________ ________ ________,this is a good composition. 3.自从三个月前到现在,我国的西南部大面积持续干旱。 ________ ________ ________ has kept on since three months ago. 4.宇航员能够看到外太空里数百万的星星。 The astronauts could see millions of stars ________ ________ ________ at night. 5.我们已经意识到恐龙的存在。 We have realized ________ ________ ________ dinosaurs. 答案:1.on average existence of Ⅳ.完型填空 I have been blessed with the opportunity in my life. It took the near-death experience of my dad to make me realize that my purpose in life is to __1__ others. My dad suffered from leukemia(白血病) in 1998. __2__ the pain and treatment that he endured(忍受) inspired me to be a more kind and __3__ person. I realized life is just too __4__ and it was time for me to make some __5__—do the things in life that I wanted to do without making __6__ why I couldn't do them. My dad __7__ a bone marrow transplant (骨髓移植) operation,and after that he was able to __8__ his own “cleaned” marrow,so a donor(捐献者) was not needed. That was excellent __9__ as donors that are a match are __10__ to come by. That __11__ me to become a bone marrow donor and hopefully help someone else one day. I also __12__ money for the cancer patients. Yet, I was not __13__ with just that. I had to do more. I __14__ blood every other month and seek opportunities to do other acts of kindness daily. The __15__, some days, presents itself very __16__ and some days I have to seek it out. Either way,it comes. I would like to __17__one of my favorite quotes with you all: “In an average lifetime, a person __18__ about sixtyfive thousand miles. That's two and half times around the world.I wonder __19__ your steps will take you. I wonder how you'll use the rest of the __20__ you're given.” I want to use my miles to create footprints of love in this world. 文章大意: 人的一生平均要走 65000 英里, 你的步伐将把你带向哪里?你将如何走完你 剩余的人生旅程?本文作者用自己的所作所为很好地回答了这一问题。 1.A.advise C.help B.ask D.understand 2.On the whole 3.A widespread drought 4.in outer space 5.the

答案:C 从下文作者所做的帮助别人的善举可推知,help 在此符合语境。

2.A.Suffering C.Discovering

B.Watching D.Bringing

答案:B 作者的父亲患上了白血病,看着(watch)父亲所遭受的痛苦,激励着作者做一 个更善良、更有爱心的人。 3.A.patient C.giving B.independent D.receiving

答案:C 从下文作者所做的一系列事情可推知,他要作一个能对别人有所奉献的人, 能给予别人帮助和关爱的人,故选 C 项。 4.A.short C.dangerous 答案:A B.wonderful D.boring


后的“...it was time for me to make some __5__”也可推知,这里用 short 符合语境。 5.A.money C.experiments B.progress D.changes

答案:D 于是作者想要做一些改变(changes),做一些以前没做过的事情。 6.A.efforts C.excuses B.promises D.plans

答案: C 句意为“去做一些我一直想做的事而不去为自己找理由(excuses)推辞不做”。 7.A.refused C.learned B.had D.stopped

答案:B 从下一句话“...and after that he was able to...”可推知,父亲接受了这次手术。 8.A.reuse C.make B.transplant D.find

答案:A 从本空后“his own cleaned marrow,so a donor was not needed.”可推知,父 亲不需要接受别人捐献骨髓,在这次手术后,他可以重新使用(reuse)自己的骨髓。 9.A.expression C.news B.knowledge D.sense

答案:C 这对于作者来说是一个再好不过的消息(news)了。 10.A.cheap C.hopeful B.expensive D.hard

答案:D 句意为“匹配的骨髓捐献者很难(hard)找到”。 11.A.forced C.allowed B.inspired D.expected

答案:B 这件事情激励(inspire)作者要做一个骨髓捐献者。

12.A.raised C.paid

B.kept D.hid

答案:A 作者还通过各种活动为癌症患者筹(raise)钱。 13.A.casual C.bored 答案: D (satisfied)。 14.A.check C.donate B.test D.sell B.strict D.satisfied 从下文 “I had to do more.” 可推知,作者对于以上所做的并不感到满足

答案:C 从语境可知,作者要做一个乐善好施的人,由此推知此处意为“捐献”,故 选 C 项。 15.A.luck C.trouble 答案:D 16.A.secretly C.peacefully 答案: B B.clearly D.wildly B.health D.opportunity

上句中 opportunities 有提示,句意为“有时候,让我帮助别人的机会

(opportunity)自己就来了,有时候我还得自己寻找帮助人的机会”。 17.A.share C.record B.divide D.repeat

答案:A 作者想与所有人共同分享(share)一句他最喜欢的名言。 18.A.conveys C.measures B.owns D.walks

答案:D 从下文“I wonder __19__ your steps will take you。”可推知,D 项符合语境。 19.A.where C.when B.why D.if

答案:A 句意为“我们不知道你的脚步会把你带向哪里(where)”。 20.A.materials C.world B.miles D.wealth

答案: B 从上文“...a person __18__ about sixtyfive thousand miles.”可知此处用 miles。 句意为“我想知道你将如何利用上天所赠给你的剩余的人生之路”。

Ⅴ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为 多余选项。

Michael Jackson was a huge success, but he was also a very troubled man. __1__ He had many operations to change his face. __2__ Jackson bought a huge property in California which he called “Neverland” after the children's story of Peter Pan. He had amusement park rides, a zoo and a large movie theater built for his home. Michael Jackson also went into major debt. And he suffered from injuries and illness that reportedly led him to take many kinds of painkilling medicines. During this time, Michael Jackson kept recording and performing music.His later albums include “Dangerous”, “History” and “Invincible”. __3__ He later married a nurse named Deborah Rowe. They had two children, Michael Joseph Jackson and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. The couple divorced in nineteen ninetynine. Mister Jackson later had a third child, Prince Michael Jackson. After his two thousand five trial,the singer spent much of his time in Europe and the Middle East. __4__ Michael Jackson died of heart failure on June twentyfifth, two thousand nine. He was just days away from launching a series of fifty concerts in London. __5__ Prisoners in a jail in the Philippines danced for him. Fans in Paris, France attended a service at the city's ancient religious center in his honor. Famous performers around the world told about the influence he had on their work. A.He was the lead singer and danced with great energy. B.He acted and spoke in a childlike way. C.He returned to the United States with the aim of planning what was to be a victorious comeback. D.He recorded it with many other famous performers. E.His behavior and appearance became increasingly strange. F.Fans around the world mourned his death. G.Michael Jackson was briefly married to Lisa Marie Presley. 答案:1~5 EBGCF Ⅵ.阅读理解 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 【全国新课标卷题型】 There once lived a boy named Woo Sing, __1__ father brought home a mirror. Woo Sing had never seen one before. So when he saw it for the first time, he didn't understand __2__ it was, but thought he saw __3__ boy, which made him very happy, for he thought the boy had come to play with him. He spoke to the stranger in a very friendly way, but received no reply. He laughed and waved at the boy, who did exactly __4__ same thing. Then he thought, “I'll go closer. It may be that he doesn't hear me”. But when he began to walk, the other boy imitated(模仿)him. Woo Sing stopped __5__ (think) about these strange actions, saying to himself, “This boy is fooling me. He does everything that I do.” and the more he thought about it, the __6__ (angry) he became and

soon he noticed the boy became angry too. So Woo Sing __7__ (strike) the boy in the glass, but he only hurt his own hand and went __8__ (cry) to his father, who said, “The boy you saw was __9__ image. This should teach you an important lesson, my son. You should never show your anger to others. Now remember that in real life when you strike __10__ cause you'll hurt yourself most of all.” 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答案:1.whose 2.What 3.another/a 4.the 5.to think 6.angrier 7.struck 8.crying 9.your 10.without 【辽宁卷题型】 A:Hello! How are you? B:Not too__1__! I'm just to the doctor. I haven't been feeling too weak over the last few days. A:What have you got? A cough? A cold? B: That's the__2__(fun) thing. I don't know what's wrong__3__me. I just feel__4__(exhaust). A:Perhaps you've been working too hard. You do have__5__highpressure job. B:Maybe. I haven't been able to keep my food down__6__. That's unusual. A:Well. I'm sure the doctor will be able to prescribe something__7__make you well again. Dr. Jameson is very good. B:Yes, he is. I've make an__8__(appoint) for 10 o'clock, so I'd better move along. A:OK. Hope you feel__9__(good) soon. You should take__10__easy. I'm sure the doctor will prescribe rest, you know. 1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 答 案 : 1.well 7.better 10.it 2.funny 3.with 4.exhausted 5.a 6.either 7.to 8.appointment

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