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Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。


文华高中高一英语必修 3
Unit5 Canada-“The True N

orth” Period1 Warming up and Reading 导学案(教师版) 编制人:魏秀冬 审核人: 编制时间:2014 年 3 月 3 日 学习目标 1.能记住这些单词的发音和拼写 multicultural, scenery, surround, harbor, Canadian, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, beaver, polar, penguin rather than, baggage, scenery, eastward, chat, surround, harbor, measure, aboard, have a gift for, within, manage to do, catch sight of, eagle, acre, urban 2.能说出关于加拿大的一些信息和准确描述文中人物在加拿大旅游的路线以及谈论加拿大 和领会文章的主旨。 3.能激发学生了解外国的兴趣和养成学生合作学习的意识。 学习重点难点 1.能说出关于加拿大的一些信息和准确描述文中人物在加拿大旅游的路线以及谈论加拿大 和领会文章的主旨。 2 能激发学生了解外国的兴趣和养成学生合作学习的意识。 学习方法. 看图法,朗读,精读,快读 学习过程 Warming up: Step1 课前预习 Task1 读本单元这两部分的单词以及阅读课文把难理解和不会的作上标记,可以请教同学或 老师。 Task2 根据提供的汉语意思在课文中和查字典找出对应的词汇。 1.测验,问答比赛(n) _______2.大臣,部长(n )_______ 首相,丞相(n) _______ 3.文化(n) _________ 文化的(adj)_________ 多种文化的(adj)_________ 4.加拿大(n )_______ 加拿大人(n)_______ 加拿大人的((adj)_______ Step2 合作学习(看加拿大的地图和查阅资料,老师展示幻灯片) Task1 Let's have a quiz(做 warming up 的 5 个小题 on page33) Task2 language points 1.Canada is a multicultural country. 点拨 multi- (构词成分) 有很多……的 , multicultural adj.多元文化的 翻译: ______________________________


Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。
知识链接 multicoloured adj.多色的 multimedia adj. 多媒体(的) multiparty 多党的 multinational 多国的、多民族的 2.It is the second largest country in the world. 加拿大是世界上第二大国家 点拨 限定词(the 或形容词性物主代词)+ 序数词+形容词的最高级+名词,表示“第……的 翻译句子 (1) The Yellow River is the second longest river in China . ____________________________________ (2)巴黎是世界上最伟大的城市之一 Paris is _____ _____ _____ _______ _______in the world . (3)长江是中国最长的河流,世界第三长河。 The Yangzi River is ____ ______ _______in china and ____ ________ _______ _______ _in the world. 3.Compare your answers with another pair. Compare……with 把。 。 。 。 。 。与。 。 。 。 。 。比较 Compare……to 把。 。 。 。 。 。比作 Compared to /with……与。 。 。 。 。相比 (1)Young people are compared to the sun in the morning. ______________________________________________ (2)Compared to/with many children ,she is indeed very lucky. ______________________________________________ 拓展应用 1) Please compare your writing ___________ his . 2)Shakespeare compared the world ___________a stage. Reading: Step3 课前预习 Task1 单词速记 1. ___________ (vi.& n)聊天;闲聊 2. _________ (n.)景色;风景 3.______ ______ (vi.& vt.)测量;衡量;判 __________ (n.)计量制;计量单位;措施 4. ______ _____ (prep.& adv.)在船、飞机、火车或公共汽车上 5.______ _____(vt.& vi.)包围;围绕→surroundings(n.复数)周围的事物;环境→surrounding; (adj.)周围的 6.______( adv.) 向东 adj.向东的;朝东的 7.______(adj).附近的;邻近的 adv.在附近 8.______(prep)在 之内 9.______(n.)边界,国界 (vt.& vi.)与 接壤,接近

10. _______(n.)行李______ 11.______(adj)城市的,市镇的 12.______(n.) 海港 Task2 短语回顾 1.__________ 与其;不 3.___________对……有天赋 5. __________穿过,检查 7.__________ 看见;瞥见 Step4 自主学习 2 .___________设法做 4. ___________一直 6. _________定居;平静下来;专心于


Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。
Task1 Fast reading:Allow students to read the passage carefully this time to understand the main ideas of each paragraph and get the important details, and then finish the following: Choose the best answer to each question according to the text. (1)As you go eastward, you can see the following things except ______________.(D) A. mountains B. thousands of lakes C. forests and wide rivers D. cows (2)Who will take part in the Calgary Stampede? (D) A. Cowboys from Stampede. B. People from Canada. C. Anyone who has a gift for riding. D. Cowboys from all over the world. (3)Which of the following statements is true? (C) A. One can cross Canada in less than five days by train. B. Many people think Calgary is the most beautiful city in Canada. C. In fact, the population of Canada is more than thirty million. D. Ocean ships cannot reach Thunder Bay. (4)Which of the following shows the right route of the cousin’s travel? (B) A. Toronto→Calgary→Vancouver→Thunder Bay B. Vancouver→Calgary→Thunder Bay→Toronto C. Vancouver→Thunder Bay→Calgary→Toronto D. Toronto→Thunder Bay→Calgary→Vancouver Task2 Skimming(快读) Skim the passage and then answer the following questions: 1) What is the passage mainly about? It is about a trip of two girls; and it tells us some information about Canada. 2) What is “The True North”? The True North is a name of _the cross-Canada train__ Task3 Read the text quickly and quietly to fill in the blanks and match the main idea of the 3 parts. Part 1(Para1) B A. What they really saw and felt after boarding the train Part 2(Para2) C B. Brief introduction of their trip Part 3(Para3-5) A C.Their chat on their way to the station Step5 合作探究 Scanning(精读) Task1 Use the information from the reading passage to fill in the table below. Distance from east to west coast Oceans on east and west coasts Population Where most Canadians live Location of largest fresh water supply 5,500 km Atlantic Ocean-east; Pacific Ocean-west slightly over 30 million within 320 km of the USA border the Great Lakes

Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。
Key point about Vancouver Key point about Calgary Key point about Thunder Bay Canada’s warmest part / Canada’s most beautiful city / some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world famous for the Calgary Stampede busy port city at the top of the Great Lakes

Task2 Summary 1.Complete the summary of the story with one word in each blank and then retell the whole story. Li Daiyu and Liu Qian were on a ______________ across Canada. Instead of taking the aeroplane ______________ the way, they would cross the whole continent of Canada in a ______________ after arriving Vancouver by air. Danny Lin waited ______________ them at the airport and gave them a brief ______________ about Canada, the second ______________ country in the world and Vancouver, the most beautiful city of the country, while taking them to ______________ the train, “The True North”. Having settled ______________ in the seats, they looked out of the window ______________ the wild scenery, the mountain goats, and grizzly bears. They went by the city of Calgary and ______________ in Thunder Bay, a city at the ______________ of the Great Lakes, learning more about Canada of its population resources and so ______________. Their last stop is Toronto, one of the southernmost cities in Canada. Keys: trip; all; train; for; introduction; biggest; catch; down; at; arrived; top; on 2.句型背诵 1)________ ________take an aeroplane all the way,they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机,她们决定先飞到温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车横穿加拿大到东海岸。 2)The thought________they could cross the whole continent was exciting. 她们将会横穿整个大陆的想法让人感到兴奋。 3)As they sat in a buffet restaurant________over the broad St Lawrence River,a young man sat down with them. 当她们坐在一家自助餐厅里眺望广阔的圣劳伦斯河时,一个年轻人坐到了她们身边。 4)It's too bad you can't ________ ________ ________ ________ Ottawa, Canada's capital. 很可惜你们不能一直走至加拿大的首都渥太华。 Answers:1).Rather than 2).that 3).looking 4).go as far as Step6 当堂检测 1.Which continent are the cousins crossing? They are crossing North America. 2.Why are they flying not directly to the Atlantic Ocean? They are not flying directly to the Atlantic coast because they want to take the train from west to east across Canada. 3.Why is the population of Vancouver growing so rapidly? The population of Vancouver is growing so rapidly because it is beautiful. 4.What happens at the Calgary Stampede? Cowboys compete in riding wild horses for thousands of dollars in prizes. 5.Do you know where Vancouver is ? It is / lies in the southeastern part of Canada ,on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。
Step7 Homework 1. Learn the useful new words and expressions in this part by heart. Step8 Self-examination 教学反思:

教学小结: 附 Period1 的答案: Step1 课前预习 Task2 1.quiz 2.minister,prime minister 3.culture,cultural,multicultural 4.Canada ,canadian,,canadian, Step2 合作学习 Task2 language points 翻译:1..加拿大是一个多元文化国家。 2. 1)黄河是中国第二长河。2)one of the greatest cities 3)the longest river ,the third longest river . 3(1)人们把年轻人比作早晨的太阳。 (2)与许多孩子相比,她的确很幸运。 1)with/to,2)to Step3 Task1.单词速记 1.chat,2.scenery 3.measure ,measure 4.aboard 5.surround 6.eastward 7.nearby 8.within 9.border 10. baggage ,luggageb 11.urban 12.harbour Task2 短语回顾 1.rather than 2.manage to do 3.have a gift for 4.all the way 5.go through 6.settle down 7.catch sight of Step4 Task1 DDCB Task2 1) a trip ,.Canada 2)the cross- Canada train Task3 BCA Step5 Task1 5,500 km,Atlantic Ocean-east; Pacific Ocean-west,slightly over 30 million, within 320 km of the USA border,the Great Lakes,Canada’s warmest part / Canada’s most beautiful city /some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in the world,famous for the Calgary Stampede,busy port city at the top of the Great Lakes, Task2 1. trip,all, train,for,introduction,biggest,.catch ,down,at ,arrived,top,on, 2. 1)Rather than , 2)that, 3) looking, 4) go as far as Step6. 1.They are crossing North America.

Today I‘ll do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t 今天我愿意做别人不愿做的事,明天我就可以做别人不能做的事。
2.Because they want to see Canada. 3.The population of Vancouver is growing so rapidly because it is beautiful./It is surrounded by mountains and the Pacific. / People can ski in the mountains and sail in the harbour. 4.At the Calgary Stampede cowboys compete in riding wild horses for thousands of dollars. 5.It is in the southeastern part of Canada,on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


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