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完形模拟-记叙文 (6) After an hour or so, the bus stopped in a small town, and a few passengers got on. One of them was a blonde (金发) girl, very good 1 in a fresh but sort of careless way. I thought that she was 2 a farm girl, and I wished she'd sit by me. By God, she 3 .She was really attractive and she smiled a bit so I felt 4 she'd be easy to talk to. Oh boy, what luck ! I didn't want to be too 5 , so I closed my eyes pretending to sleep. I hoped to talk to her later on. But I did fall 6 .The last thing I remember was that I smiled at her and she smiled back ! About four hours later we were walking along the road in complete darkness 7 I opened my eyes. Her leg was 8 mine, and the way it 9 and moved with the motion of the bus woke me up. This was more than I'd 10 of. I was terribly excited, and when I moved a little the steady pressure of leg didn't 11 away. By this time I was 12 myself with joy. I was 13 to say hello when we 14 into a gas station for a stop, and when the light came through the window, she wasn't there at all ! She must have left while I was asleep. A fat man with a growth of beard and a dead cigar 15 ash on his vest was sitting next to me, 16 asleep. It was his leg pressing against me, and he was so fat that even when I 17 myself away, his body 18 against me. I was so 19 __that I got up and moved to 20 seat. 1. A. look B. manner C. looking D. one 2. A. probably B. normally C. necessarily D. generally 3. A. would B. did C. sat D. was 4. A. surely B. sure C. certainly D. confident 5. A. hurry B. impolite C. eager D. soon 6. A. asleep B. sleeping C. sleep D. sleepy 7. A. before B. after C. until D. when 8. A. next B. by C. beside D. against 9. A. stopped B. waved C. pushed D. pressed 10. A. thought B. expected C. dreamed D. wanted 11. A. move B. get C. pull D. take 12. A. beside B. filled C. laughing D. happy 13. A. eager B. about C. almost D. happy 14. A. got B. drove C. moved D. pulled 15. A. dropping B. falling C. leaving D. putting 16. A. nice B. well C. sound D. deeply 17. A. took B. drew C. picked D. brought 18. A. sat B. staved C. was D. moved 19. A. anxious B. upset C. worried D. disappointed 20. A. other B. next C. another D. back (7) An old friend of mine from abroad, whom I was expecting to stay with. telephoned from the airport to tell me that he had arrived. I was still at the 1 at the time, but I had made 2 for his arrival. After 3 where my new flat was, I told him that I

had left the 4 under a piece of stone near the 5 As I was likely to be at home rather late, I 6 him to go into the kitchen and help 7 to food and drink. Two hours later, my friend telephoned me from the 8 . At the moment, he said. he was listening to some of my 9 after having just having 10 a truly wonderful meal. He had found a 11 on the gas stove and 12 two eggs and had helped himself to some cold chicken from the refrigerator. Now, he said, he was 13 a glass of orange juice and he 14 I would join him. I asked him if he had reached the flat 15 difficulty, and he answered that he had not been able to find the key under the piece of stone, but 16 the living room window just by the apple tree had been open and he had 17 in. I listened to all of this in 18 There is no apple tree in front of my living room, 19 there is one in front of my 20 . 1. A. home B. office C. station D. corner 2. A. plans B. agreements C. suggestions D. arrangement 3. A. knowing B. discovering C. explaining D. introducing 4. A. lock B. key C. address D. paper 5. A. stove B. room C. tree D. door 6. A. suggested B. hoped C. advised D. persuaded 7. A. us B. ourselves C. him D. himself 8. A. flat B. office C. store D. school 9. A. radio B. songs C. records D. talks 10. A. made B. cooked C. ordered D. had 11. A. pot B. pan C. bowl D. container 12. A. fried B. made C. cooked D. broke 13. A. having B. getting C. taking D. drinking 14. A, wished B. hoped C. thought D. considered 15. A. through B. in C. without D. with 16. A, fortunately B. unfortunately C. suddenly D. surprisingly 17. A. came B. rushed C. climbed D. jumped 18. A. secret B. astonishment C. particular D. anger 19. A. however B. yet C. and D. but 20. A. neighbor B. neighbor's C. friend D. friend's (8) When I was in Germany, one day at Christmas time I went to a post office to send a letter. To my 1 . I found people queuing some paces away from the person at the savings deposit window. 2 so ? Each did his business 3 but the line never moved a step 4 I was very 5 , so I walked to the window to find out the cause. There was a notice on which was written "Thank you for your 6 for others' privacy", a polite 7 to keep people away from nosing into others' 8 money matters are regarded as privacy in western countries. I was deeply impressed by the 9 and stayed a while to watch: they were waiting so 10 at a distance that they seemed quite 11 to the practice .The 12 thing happened at a public telephone box. 13 waiting for their turns always kept their distance enough to be out of 14 . It's another typical example ! From then on I 15 to watch their ways of doing things, manners ,treatment

16 towards others. I found the Germans always mindful of others' privacy. They avoided putting others in an embarrassing situation. For instance, they never 17 about age, incomes or the place to buy such a coat, 18 would they comment on the clothes or jewelry others wore. Their laws forbid reading diaries or 19 letters without permission. That shows 20 matters are not allowed to be disturbed . 1. A. sorrow B. anger C. delight D. surprise 2. A. Why B. How C. What D. Where 3. A. in secret B. with care C. in turn D. by turns 4. A. slower B. nearer C. farther D. longer 5. A. curious B. angry C. interested D. impatient 6. A. care B. respect C. help D. search 7. A. voice B. phrase C. warning D. sentence 8. A. pockets B. savings C. needs D. affairs 9. A. word B. sight C. people D. matter 10. A. honestly B. anxiously C. nervously D. calmly 11. A. used B. familiar C. uncomfortable D. polite 12. A. interesting B. strange C. same D. different 13. A. They B. These C. Those D. That 14. A. seeing B. hearing C. touching D. asking 15. A. went on B. took care C. paid attention D. took charge 16. A. moving B. shown C. facing D. offered 17. A. asked B. heard C. talked D. learned 18. A. so B. nor C. but D. if 19. A. sending B. writing C. reading D. opening 20. A. public B. personal C. small D. important (9) "Is the plane strong enough?" I asked myself when I saw my aeroplane . We saw luggage 1 to it on trolleys and being loaded from under the aircraft. Next,three men and three girls, all in 2 , went over to the plane and 3 it. Over the loudspeakers we were 4 the plane was ready to leave and were asked to walk 5 to it. Everybody moved quickly in order to get the seats they wanted. I was 6 to get a seat near the tail, but the plane looked 7 inside than it had from outside. I fastened my seat 8 before we 9 and tried to 10 my nervousness. After an hour's flying I 11 black clouds ahead through my window. My 12 immediately returned. An electric sign flashed 13 : "Fasten your seat belts, please." And one of the hostesses made a 14 request over the loudspeakers. She told us we were about to fly into a storm but 15 cheerfully there was nothing to worry 16 . The plane shook all over. dropped about 20 feel and seemed to hang on one 17 .Then very suddenly it rose 20 feet and a great flash of 18 lit up the passenger compartment. For five minutes the three 19 did their best to give out anti-sicknes pills and 20 the passengers. The plane rose and fell. Then we noticed it was climbing higher and higher. The sky became light again and soon we were flying steadily. The pilot had managed to get above the storm. I realized then that the plane was definitely stronger

than it looked, and it was unnecessary for me to worry at first. 1. A. going out B. gone out C. making out D. taking out 2. A. clothes B. uniform C. form D. uniformity 3. A. reached B. flew C. entered D. climbed 4. A. asked B. noticed C. announced D. told 5. A. out B. along C. in D. by 6. A. impossible B. incapable C. unable D. unsuitable 7. A. prettier B. stronger C. steadier D. smaller 8. A. belt B. string C. hand D. ribbon 9. A. took off B. took out C. landed D. took of 10. A. smooth B. decrease C. forget D. relax 11. A. noticed B. had been noticing C. would notice D. had noticed 12. A. sadness B. forgetfulness C. nervousness D. excitement 13. A. on B. up C. out D. in 14. A. general B. similar C. common D. sharp 15. A. smiled B. spoke C. added D. acted 16. A. at B. about C. on D. with 17. A. edge B. hook C. line D. wing 18. A. lightning B. fire C. sun light D. thunder 19. A. hostesses B. men C. pilots D. passengers 20. A. smooth B. save: C. cool D. comfort (10) Peter climbed about 100 feet up and hammered a piton (岩钉 ) into the rock. Fastening one end of a 165 foot rope 1 the piton, he let one end of the rope fail down. Mark 2 the rope and fastened it to his belt with a 3 instrument, This instrument would allow Mark to move upward, but would 4 hint from falling even as much as a single inch. He next reached above his head and fastened a T-shaped bar to the rope, using the same kind of 5 . Mark took a deep breach, pushed the T-bar up almost 6 his arms could reach, and began the first of the 7,000 pull-ups needed to reach the top. High above ,Peter 7 a cheer, "You're on your way." 7 years before, at the 8 of 21, Mark had fallen while mountain climbing. injuring his backbone. The fall 9 him the use of his legs, but he never lost his 10 of adventure or his joyful spirit. For the first 4 days the 2 men progressed steadily 11 without incident. But on the 12 day an unbearably hot wind began to blow, and 13 time went by, it became stronger and stronger, causing Mark to sway violently on his rope. But Mark kept on 14 pushing up the T-bar and pulling himself tip. 15 that. He had to admit that he felt a lot better when the wind finally 16 down and his body touched solid rock again. It took them one day more than they had 17 , but on July 26 at 1:45 in the afternoon. the crowd of people waiting on the top went 18 with joy as the 2 heads appeared. Mark Weltman had shown that 19 you set your heart and mind on a goal, no wall is too high, no dream 20 . 1. A. with B. around C. on D. to

2. A. caught 3. A. common 4. A. make 5. A. rope 6. A. as long as 7. A. let out 8. A. speed 9. A. lost 10. A. interest 11. A. upward 12. A. last 13. A. when 14. A. excitedly 15. A. Instead of 16. A. calmed 17. A. thought 18. A. mad 19. A. if 20. A. believable

B. cut C. pulled D. threw B. musical C. special D. strong B. prevent C. hold D. fix B. instrument C. piton D. belt B. as soon as C. as far as D. as much as B. gave out C. put out D. speak out B. height C. depth D. age B. failed C. cost D. spared B. love C. hatred D. worry B. downward C. backward D. forward B. second C. fifth D. seventh B. since C. as D. though B. surprisedly C. disappointedly D. determinedly B. In case of C. In spite of D. In place of B. died C. reduced D. cooled B. counted C. spent D. expected B. silent C. worse D. wild B. unless C. though D. because B. impossible C. possible D. valuable (11) A German taxi-driver, Franz Bussman, recently found his brother who was thought to have been killed 20 years before. While on a walking tour with his wife, he 1 to talk to a workman about something After they had gone on. 2 said that the workman was closely, like her husband and even 3 that he might be his brother. Franz 4 the idea, pointing out that his brother had been 5 in an action during the war 6 .Mrs. Bussman knew this story quite well, she thought that there was a 7 in a million that she might be 8 . A few days later, she 9 a boy to the workman to ask him if his name was Hans Bussman. Needless to 10 , the man's name was Hans Bussman. And he really was Franz's long-lost brother. When the brothers were 11 ,he explained how it was 12 he was still alive. After having been 13 towards the end of the war, he had been sent to hospital and was 14 from his unit. The hospital had been bombed and Hans 15 his way back into Western Germany on foot. 16 his unit was lost and all records of him had been 17 Hans returned to his family house, but the house had been bombed. Guessing that his 18 had been killed during an air raid (袭击), Hans 19 down in a village miles away where he had remained 20 . l. A. decided B. like C. stopped D. continued 2. A. Mr. Bussman B. Mrs. Bussman C. the driver D. someone 3. A. suggested B. advised C. hoped D. imagined 4. A. agreed with B. thought of C. laughed at D. talked about 5. A. caught B. lost C. missed D. killed 6. A. Because B. Though C. If D. After

7. A. chance 8. A. dead 9. A. took 10 A. ask 11.A.discovered 12 A.. that 13 A. killed 14.A. divided 15.A. lost 16. A. Meanwhile 17. A. disappeared 18.A. parents 19.A. moved 20.A. over since

B. person C. hope D. danger B. alive C. wrong D. right B. ordered C. sent D. told B. say C. doubt D. discuss B. found C. until D. reunited B. why C. whether D. even if B. injured C. wounded D. brought B. saved C .recognized D. separate B. made C. felt D. fought B. However C. Instead D. Therefore B. destroyed C. discovered D. rescued B. brothers C. family D. friends B. calmed C. put D. settled B. for long C. from then on D. so far (12) I was very disappointed not to be able to go to the jazz concert .Last Friday it was said 1 the paper that you could buy tickets at the theater box office in Richland Hills 2 day between 10:00 and 4:00. Since I work from 9 o'clock to 5:30, the 3 time I could go to the theater was during my 45-minute 4 . To make it worse, the theater is on 5 of town, and the bus service between my office and Richland Hills 6 not very good. But if you are 7 , you can make the round trip 8 45 minutes. On Monday, I stood at the bus stop for fifteen minutes 9 for a bus. By the time I saw one come 10 the corner, there was not enough time 11 to make the trip, so I 12 and went back to the office. 13 thing happened on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. On Thursday, my 14 changed. I got on a bus right away and arrived at the theatre exactly in twenty minutes. When I got there, however, I found a long 15 of people at the box office. I heard one man say he had been waiting in line for over an hour. 16 I would not have enough time to wait in line, I caught the next bus and 17 back across town. By Friday I realized my only hope was to make the trip by taxi. It was expensive, but I felt it would be 18 it to hear the concert. The trip by taxi only took 10 minutes, 19 it felt like an hour to me. When I got to the theater, I was relieved to see that 20 was waiting in line. The reason, I quickly discovered, was that they had already sold all the tickets. 1. A. in B. on C. from D. with 2.A. some B. any C. that D. the next 3.A. free B. first C. only D. right 4. A. lunch break B supper hour C. office hour D. work break 5.A. other part B. the other part C. other side D. the other side 6.A. is B. are C. was D. were 7.A. tired B. pleased C. lucky D. busy 8. A. for B. in C. by D. with 9. A. wait B. waited C. to wait D. waiting 10. A. from B. around C. in D. at 11. A. given B. use C. left D. remained 12. A. gave up B. came up C. got on D. set off

13.A. One 14. A. turn 15. A. group 16. A. Hoping 17. A. headed 18. A. worth 19. A. for 20. A. somebody

B. Another B. luck B. army B. Thinking B. led B. worth of B. and B. nobody

C. The same C. wish C. crowd C. Expecting C. marched C. paid C. but C. many a man

D. The last D. idea D. line D. Realizing D. advanced D. paid for D. or D. only one man

(6) 1~5 CABBC 6~10 ADDDC (7) 1~5 BDCBD 6~10 CDACD (8) 1~5 DACBA 6~10 BCDBD (9) 1~5 ABCDA 6~10 CBAAC (10)1~5 DACBB 6~10 CADCB (11)1~5 CBACD 6~10 BADCB (12)1~5 ABCAD 6~10 ACBDB

11~15 ABBDA 11~15 BADBC 11~15 ACCBB 11~15 ACABC l1~15 ACCDC 11~15 DACDB 11~15 CACBD

16~20 CBBDC 16~20 ACBDB 16~20 BABDB 16~20 BDAAD 16~20 BDDAB 16~20 ABCDA 16~20 DAACB

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