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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修六(十二省区)课后强化作业 unit 4 Section 1 Word版含答案]

Unit 4

Section Ⅰ

1.He took a ________(扫视)at the newspaper headlines. 2.We care more about quality than ________(数量). 3.He ________(陈述)his views on the question at the meeting. 4.Most of the students are in the 17-20 age ________(范围). 5.We are making slow but ________(平稳的)progress. 6.The kids soon ________(吃完)all the food on the table. 7.In ________(结果)of the fire, many people became homeless. 8.You shouldn't make a ________(任意的)guess on this matter. 答案: 1.glance 8.random Ⅱ.选词填空 错误! 1.If you ________ to the product, we'll deliver it to your office. 2.Buy vegetables in small ________, for your immediate use. 3.People ________ to need less sleep as they get older. 4.Most of us are ________ to the death penalty. 5.The government needs to clearly ________ its policy on this issue. 6.Even the cheapest property was out of our price ________. 7.The man ________ nervously at his watch. 8.Paul is making ________ progress. 9.I asked a few ________ questions of Ellen as we sat there. 10.He broke the law,and now he must face the ________ of his actions. 答 案 : 1.subscribe 8.steady 9.random Ⅲ.完成句子 1.这种危险的事态是怎么发生的? How did this dangerous state of affairs______ ______? 2.相比其他的网络游戏,是什么使得魔兽世界如此地成功呢? Why do you think World of Warcraft has been such a success when________ ________other MMOs? 3.教育是万业之基, 这是毫无疑义的。 There is________ ________that education is the foundation of all. 2.quantities 3.tend 4.opposed 5.state 6.range 7.glanced 2.quantity 3.stated 4.range 5.steady 6.consumed 7.consequence


4.如果你订阅报纸,它会直接给你送到门上的。 If you________ ________the newspaper, it'll be delivered to your door. 5.这家工厂生产大量的纸制品。 The factory________ ________a large______ ________paper products. 6.这次水灾造成相当大幅度的减产。 The flood________ ________a considerable decrease in production. 7.众多医学家和其他组织都反对克隆人。 Many medical experts and other groups are________ ________the idea of cloning humans. 8.看到你的词汇量在逐渐增长,我很高兴。 I'm very glad to see that your vocabulary is gradually________ ________. 答案:1.come about 2.compared to 6.resulted in 7.opposed to 8.building up Ⅳ.句型转换 1.It is certain that our team will recover from the failure. ________ ________ no doubt ________ our team will recover from the failure. 2.Not only his friends but also Mr White was invited to the party. Mr White ________ ________ ________ his friends ________ invited to the party. 3.We depend on energy to do many things in our daily lives. ________ ________ energy ________ we depend on to do many things in our daily lives. 4.They've tried to cut down on pollution,but there's still a lot of smog in the city. A.They've tried to cut down on pollution, but there's still ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ smog in the city. B.They've tried to cut down on pollution, but there's still smog ________ ________ in the city. C . They've tried to cut down on pollution, but there's still ________ ________ ________smog in the city. D.They've tried to cut down on pollution, but there's still ________ ________ smog in the city. 5.The illness mainly resulted from eating too much bad food. Eating too much bad food ________ ________ the illness. 6.It was so dark that he could hardly see the faces of his companions. It was not bright ________ for him ________ ________ the faces of his companions. 答案:1.There is; that 2.as well as; was 3.It is; that 4.A.a large quantity of/a great deal 6.enough; 3.no doubt 4.subscribe to 5.turns out; quantity of

of/a great amount of B. in quantity C. quantities of D. much 5.resulted in/led to to see

Ⅴ.完形填空 The other day I noticed a young woman, very close to my own age, walking by the store front. I __1__ she was a student at the local college, mainly because of the fact that she was __2__ her books and supplies. She stopped and looked through the window with a __3__ look on her face. The next day, around the same time, she stopped by __4__ as was the case the previous day. I came to the caféthis morning, after having made a comment on how __5__ it was outside. The area experienced a sudden __6__ in temperature last night to around -3℃. It was getting close to the __7__,when I had seen the young woman before, so I __8__her. I saw her come near to the store slowly. She looked as cold as ever. She didn't __10__ long because of the weather, so I ran outside __10__ she was able to walk too far away. I asked her to come __11__ and offered her a hot drink. She was __12__, and fairly shy about the __13__. After a short conversation, I __14__ that she was a college student and that she no longer had enough meals on her meal __15__ because she had met a college freshman who had __16__ his meal card, and she was __17__ her card to make sure he had enough to eat until his replacement came. Her generosity and __18__ returned to her as I was ready to __19__ her with a hot cup of coffee. She asked how she could __20__ me, and I told her she already had.She was very kind and gave another stranger food to eat. 1.A.wondered C.heard B.thought D.watched

答案:B 根据下一空后的 her books 及倒数第二段中的 meal card 等信息可推知,作者 “认为”对方是一名学生。 2.A.carrying C.cleaning B.reading D.fetching

答案:A 结合语境可知,她带着书。carry“携带”。 3.A.happy C.peaceful B.good D.sad

答案:D 倒数第二段中提到她与一名大一新生共用自己的餐卡,所以餐卡的余额已经 不多了,故她的脸上应该有几分愁容。 4.A.soon C.still B.again D.yet

答案:B 结合语境可知,第二天,女孩“再次”来到这里。 5.A.cold C.crowded B.fine D.busy

答案:A 根据下一句及本段中出现的 cold 可知,天气寒冷。 6.A.rise B. balance



答案:D 该地区气温突降。a sudden drop 与该空后的-3℃相呼应。 7.A.level C.desk B.time D.day

答案:B 该空后 when 引导的定语从句修饰该空处的 the time,指快到女孩出现在咖啡 厅前的时间了。 8.A.looked for C.picked out B.called on D.held up

答案:A 因为快到时间了,所以作者在四处找她。look for“寻找”。 9.A.wait C.stop B.drink D.explain

答案:C 因为寒冷,她没有“停留”很久。 10.A.after C.before B. when D.unless

答案:C 作者在她走远前跑了出去。结合下一段中作者请女孩喝咖啡也可知,作者成 功拦下了要走远的女孩。 11.A.inside C.quickly B.outdoors D.early

答案:A 作者叫她进店里,并为她点了一杯热饮。 12.A.frightened C.surprised B.angry D.sleepy

答案:C 面对这种情况,女孩既“惊讶”又害羞,毕竟作者对女孩来讲是陌生人。 13.A.way C.event B.situation D.choice

答案:B 此处 situation 指作者邀请女孩到店里并给女孩提供饮料这一情形。 14.A.recognized C.observed B.noticed D.learned

答案:D 在简短的谈话后,作者“了解到”她是一名大学生。learn“得知,了解到”。 15.A.card C.order B.list D.table

答案:A 结合该空前的 meal 及下文中出现的 meal card 可知,此处填 card。 16.A.found C.bought B.lost D.painted

答案:B 结合语境可知,上文中提到的大一新生“丢”了饭卡。

17.A.selling C.earning

B.sharing D.replacing

答案:B 结合该空后的 he had enough to eat 并分析四个选项可知,女孩选择与丢饭卡 的那名大一新生共用自己的饭卡。 18.A.kindness C.curiosity B.quality D.faith

答案:A 该空所填词应该与该空前的 generosity 属于同一意义范畴,故 kindness 符合 题意。她的慷慨、善良得到了回报。 19.A.trade C.provide B.please D.agree

答案:C 结合本段第一句中的 offered her a hot drink 可知,此处指作者为女孩买了一 杯热咖啡。provide“提供”,符合题意。 20.A.refuse C.receive B.award D.repay

答案:D 陌生人请自己喝咖啡,女孩肯定会问自己应该如何报答对方。repay“偿还, 报答”。 Ⅵ.阅读理解

The world itself is becoming much smaller by using modern traffic and modern communication means. Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago, but it has brought new problems. One of the biggest problems is pollution. To pollute means to make things dirty. Pollution comes in many ways. We see it, smell it, drink it and even hear it. Man has been polluting the earth. The more people, the more pollution. Many years ago, the problem was not so serious because there were not so many people. When the land was used up or the river was dirty in one place, man moved to another place. But this is no longer true. Man is now slowly polluting the whole world. Air pollution is still the most serious. It's bad for all living things in the world, but it is not the only one kind of pollution. Water pollution kills our fish and pollutes our drinking water. Noise pollution makes us angry more easily. Many countries are making rules to fight pollution. They stop people from burning coal in houses and factories in the city, and from putting dirty smoke into the air. Pollution by SO2 is now the most dangerous kind of air pollution. It is caused by heavy traffic.We are sure that if there are fewer people driving, there will be less air pollution. The earth is our home. We must take care of it. That means keeping the land, water and air

clean. And we must take care of the rise in pollution at the same time. 1. ________, our world is becoming much smaller. A.Because of the rise in pollution B.Thanks to science development C.Because the earth is being polluted day and night D.Because the earth is blown away by the wind every year 答案:B 细节理解题。由文章的首句我们得知:世界变小是由于“modern traffic and modern communication means(现代的交通运输工具和交流工具的使用)”, 而这一切都要靠科 学技术的发展,据此我们可以推出答案是 B。 2. Hundreds of years ago, life was ________ it is today. A.much easier than C.much harder than B.as easy as D.as hard as

答案:C 推理判断题。第一段第二句告诉我们“Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago.(今天的生活比以前的容易得多)”,反过来说,以前的生活一定比今天 的艰难,所以答案是 C。 3. Pollution comes in many ways. We can even hear it.Here “it” means ________. A.rubbish(垃圾) C.air pollution B.noise pollution D.water pollution

答案:B 代词指代题。在众多选项中,只有选项 B,noise pollution“噪音污染”是听 得见的。 4. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution because ________. A.it makes much noise B.it makes us angry more easily C.it makes our rivers and lakes dirty D.it's bad for all living things in the world 答案: D 推理判断题。 根据第四段的第一、 二句“Air pollution is still the most serious.It's bad for all living things in the world...”可以得知空气污染之所以最为严重, 正如选项 D(它是危 害全世界生物的)所说的那样。

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