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高一英语必修三 unit1 单项选择及单词考查 1. With the development of modern science and technology, changes in the ways that people perform their work are sure to _______. A. to be taken place B. take place C. be happened D. be replaced 2. The origins of some religious ceremonies are in no way ________. A. to find out B. to be discovered C. discovered D. found out 3. Many festivals are held _______ our ancestors for their contribution to the world. A. in honor of B. in the honor of C. in memory to D. in the memory of 4. Please never do such things _______ other people. A. that will do harm to B. as will do harm to C. as they will do harm to D. which are harmful to 5. Different peoples _______ at different festivals in different ways because of their cultural or religious _____. A. dress up; beliefs B. put on; believes C . wear; belief D. dress up; believes 6. ______his arrival at the classroom on his first day at school, the teacher _____. A. At; was played a trick on B. On; played a trick at his students C. To; played a trick on his students D. On; was played a trick on 7. The old professor travelled from one school to another, _______ first-hand information about the education situation in China. A. to gather B. collecting C. getting together D. to get together 8. Handsome, young, energetic and talented, the manager ________ both by the male and female in the company. A. is admired B. is fond of C. is enjoyed D. is appreciated 9. _______ the project completed, all the workers anxiously looked forward to __ _____what they should. A. With; be paid B. After; pay C. After; being paid D. With; being paid 10. Food, _____, shelter and transportation are the four basic necessities of life. A. clothes B. clothing C. cloth D. dress 11. The loud noise outside ______ our teacher’s voice so that we didn’t ______ what he was saying. A. put out; hear B. drowned; make out C. cut out; recognize D. threw away; know 12. She promised to ______ at the meeting but she didn’t ______. A. turn up; keep her word B. present; keep her promise C. attend; turn up D. appear; keep her words 13. It was obvious that the ship ______ on its voyage without _______ from the officials in charge or it would not have sailed off so secretly. A. set off; a permission B. set out; permission C. set off; permit D. set out; a permit 14. Whoever ______ such a rare chance to get promoted is a fool A. throw out B. throw away C. throw off D. throw up 15. The old man is so ______ that he has to ______ his meals every day. A. forgettable; be reminded of B. forgetful; be remembered of

C. forgetful; be reminded of D. forgettable; be remembered of 16. With pressure from life and work increasing day by day, there should be something for people to ______ A. make fun of B. have fun with C. play tricks on D. have for fun 17. _______ and see how long you can ______it. A. Take your breath; hold B. Hold your breath; do C. Catch your breath; D. Make your breath; make 18. ---You should ______ to her for what you did _____her the other day. ---Why should I? It was not my fault. A. apologize; to; B. have apologized; to; C. apologize; with; D. have apologized; about 19. Day and night, the old woman wept over the death of her only son, ______ she forgave the driver who killed him. A. as though B. even though C. all though D. even 20. I really don’t understand what_______ it ______ to hold beauty contest worldwide. In my opinion, it is a waste of money, time and energy. A. on the earth; is B. on earth; means C. at all; means D. in the world; is 用所给单词的恰当形式填空 1. The ____________ (arrive) of the aircraft has been delayed due to fog. 2. We must train them to think ____________ (independence). 3. The French, Germans and Spaniards are ____________ (Europe). 4. He tried to appear a bit more ____________ (energy). 5. Smoking is not ____________ (permission) in this office. 6. They didn’t see any ____________ (possible) of improvement. 7. The death of his dog added to his ____________ (sad). 8. I’m not at all ____________ (satisfy) with the present situation. 9. He was a danger to ____________ (social). 10. — Is she sorry? — ____________ (obvious) not! Look at her. 单选 1—5 BBABA 6—10DBADB 11-15 BABBC 16-20BBABB 高一英语必修三 unit2 单项选择及单词考查 1. He sat at the desk, __________ a novel. A. read B. to read C. reading D. reads 2. If you cheat in the exam, you could hardly _________ it. A. throw away B. get away C. get away from D. get away with 3. No potatoes for me—I’m _______ a diet. A. at B. in C. on D. with 4. The speed of cars and trucks is _____ to 30 kilometers per hour in large cities in China. A. limited B. limiting C. limiting to D. limited to 5. Smoking is a bad habit. You should _________ it. A. throw away B. get away with C. get rid of D. throw

6. I’m really tired _______ Tom. He had me _________ for two hours in the rain. A. of, waiting B. with; wait C. of; waited D. with; waited 7. Bob ran the 100 meters in 9.91 seconds, and I have not seen ________ this year A. the best B. better C. the most D. more 8. Filled with anger, he didn’t shout or swear, but just ________ silently at me. A. looked B. stared C. glared D. glanced 9. — Why was Tom scolded by our teacher? — For ________. A. tell a lie B. telling lies C. told lies D. telling lie 10. — Anything new in the new regulations? — They will be ________ to us all A. of great benefit B. do harms C. do many good D. for the beneftit 11. Must I get through the business in one evening? No, you ________. A. mustn’t B. haven’t C. needn’t to D. don’t have to 12. Your article is too long. You must _______ to about 3000 words. A. cut it off B. cut it up C. cut it down D. cut it into 13. If your knowledge can be in some way _______ with my experiences, we are sure to succeed. A. joined B. united C. connected D. combined 14. The news was so ____ that all the people present at the meeting were _______ at it. A. amazing, amazing B. amazed, amazed C. amazing, amazed D. amazed, amazing 15. You ______be sitting in this waiting room, sir. You see, it is for women and children only. A. oughtn’t to B. dare not C. need not D. will not 用所给单词的恰当形式填空 1. Don’t give the baby meat to eat because he cannot ____________ (digestion) it. 2. Outdoor sports are ____________ (benefit) to our health. 3. Her ____________ (curious) made her open the forbidden door. 4. John ____________ (competition) for a place at the school, but didn’t get it. 5. That’s the only ____________ of the system. 6. In Tokyo, all bridges are ____________ (strength) to withstand earthquakes. 7. It was difficult to ____________ (calmly) my brother down. 8. She is working with extraordinary ____________ (energetic). 9. There are only a ___________ (limit) number of tickets available so you should buy one fast. 10. Once or twice she disagreed ____________ (gentle) with his views. 单项选择: 1~5 A C D C C 6~10 D C B C C 11~15

高一英语必修三 unit3 单项选择及单词考查 11.---Would you permit me ____ here? ----Sorry, we don’t permit ____ here in the lab. A. smoking, smoking B. to smoke, to smoke C. smoking, to smoke D.to smoke, smoking

12. Sometimes she’d ask the driver to stop in front of a particular building and would sit ________ into the darkness, saying nothing. A. staring B. glaring C. watching D. noticing 13. After going into the concert hall, the mother ________ a friend and went over to greet him. A. searched B. knew C. spotted D. realized 14— Do you mind my taking the books away? — ________. A. Certainly, please do. B. No, go ahead C. Yes, not at all D. No, please don’t 15 — His mother was ill and he had to look after her in hospital. — That’s ________ he was absent from the meeting. A. because B. what C. why D. which 16 After the hurricane was over, the citizens looked at ________ was left of their houses, feeling sad. A. what B. that C. which D. all 17 — ________ that he managed to get the information. — Oh, a friend of his helped him. A. Where was it B. What was it C. How was it D. Why was it 18 — Do you know why the teacher asks for me? — He wants you to ________ your absence last night. A. account for B. call for C. reach for D. send for 19 — Will you go to his birthday party? — No, I won’t ________ invited. A. if B. as if C. what if D. even if 20— Did you plan to meet here? — No, we met ________. A. by mistake B. by accident C. by the way D. with chance 21— Mum, hurry up. We’ll be late. — I will be through in a minute. Have a little ________. A. time B. patience C. custom D. presence 22________ the visitors around the school, we took them to the library building. A. Have shown B. Shown C. Having shown D. To show 23We were about to climb up to the top of the mountain ________ it began to rain heavily. A. as B. while C. when D. since 24.He can’t get used to the city life here because he was ____ in the countryside. A. grown up B. brought up C. fed D. trained 25 — I will take my mid-term exam tomorrow. — ________. A. Forget it B. Congratulations C. That’s all right D. Good luck 用所给单词的恰当形式填空 1. The boy spoke _______ to the teacher and was punished for his _______ (rude). 2. Though it was ____________ (pay), many volunteers were still willing to take an active part. 3. It seemed to me that my _________ (appear) at the party was not very welcome. 4. At one time during the meeting we lost all ___________ (patient) with him and began shouting.

5. My mother ____________ (simple) wouldn’t put up with her. 6. A politician should be a ____________ (serve) of the people. 7. They didn’t show much ____________ (willing) to help. 8. He can ____________ (probable) tell us all the details we want. 9. A ____________ is a person who ____________ (direct) a play or film by instructing the actors, cameramen, etc. 10. The play, written by an American ____________, was so __________ (humour) that the audience laughed all through it. 单项选择 11—15 DACBC 16—20 ACADB 21—25 BCABD

高一英语必修三 unit4 单项选择及单词考查 1. The plan sounds good in ______ , but I am afraid it’s not in practice. A. theory B. fact C. opinion D. thinking 2. I thought we would be late, but eventually we were just _______ for the train. A. at a time B. in the time C. in time D. at the time 3. The peace talk between the two parties concluded in a friendly and frank _____, reaching a series of agreements. A. wind B. atmosphere C. spirit D.weather 4. One day, the farmer found that the golden egg _______ by his only hen was stolen. A. lied B. lain C. laid D. lay 5. _______ most young students of his time, he has developed a keen interest in archaeology. A. Dislike B. Unlike C. In common D. As 6. Our government has adopted a series of policies to _____ economy from the worldwide crisis. A. protect B. keep C. stop D. prevent 7. The result of the game is really _______, and the majority of the fans were ___ ______ it. A. disappointed; disappointed with B. disappointing; disappointed at C. disappointed; disappointed about D. disappointing; disappointing at 8. — I am really upset about tomorrow’s exam. I am always so slow. — _______! You can pass it. You have been working hard on it, haven’t you? A. Go ahead B. Just feel at home C. Are you kidding D. Cheer up 9. Her cat was found several days later, ______ on the river, _____. A.floating; dying B. floated; dying C. floating; dead D. floating; died 10. ______ really puzzles the scientist is _____ the cloud of dust comes from. A.What; what B. What; where C. What; that D. What; / 11. _______ makes a lot of difference whether everyone tries to live a low carbon life. A.What B. It C. That D. As 12. ______ is reported, Foxcom company is going to set up another new factory in

Henan. A. As B. It C. What D. That 13. Experts say armed conflicts are likely to ______ between the two countries along the border. A. break out B. break in C. break off D. break down 14. ______ everybody is here now, let’s start our new lesson. A. Although B. As though C. Now that D. After 15. Though she was in great pain, she _____ a smile at her children. A. pulled B. forced C. spread D. pushed 1.A in theory 在理论上; in practice 在实践中;in fact 实际上。 2. C at a time 意为“一次,一次动作”;in time 意为“及时,终究”。 3.B atmosphere 有“气氛,氛围”的意思;spirit 意为“精神;情绪”。 4. C lie 作为规则动词时,意为“撒谎,说谎”;lie 作为不规则动词,意为“躺下”,过去 式和过去分词分别为 lay, lain。 而 lay 意为“平放;放下;下蛋”, 其过去式和过去 分词分别为 laid, laid。 5. B dislike 是动词;in common with 与??一样;unlike 与??不一样。 6. A protect sb from sth 为常见用法, 意为“保护某人不受某事伤害”, from 不能省略; keep sb from doing 意 为 “ 阻 止 某 人 做 某 事 ” , from 不 能 省 略 ; stop / prevent sb from doing 意为“阻止、 防止某人做某事”, from 后常接 doing。 7. B disappointing 意为“令人失望的”,而 disappointed 意为“感到失望的”,重在表示 人的感受,be disappointed at sth 表示听到或看到某事而感到失望。 8. D Cheer up! 用于鼓励别人,叫人振作起来。 9. C floating 动作是由 cat 发出的,同时 dead 形容词也作主语的补足语。 10. B what 引导主语从句,而 where 引导表语从句。 11. B 本题中 it 作形式主语,whether 引导的主语从句习惯上后置。 12. A 解析:本题考查 as 引导的特殊定语从句。as 作为关系代词,引导的定语从句放句首,as 指 代后面的整句内容。故 A 为最佳答案。此外,as 还用在有 so, such, the same 修饰的先行 词后, 作为关系代词引导定语从句。 13. A break out 意为“爆发,发生”;break in 意为“插入,插队,插嘴”;break off 意 为“断开;断落”,特别是“断绝关系”等;break down 意为“坍塌;垮掉;中途停 止”。 14. C now that 意为“既然”,往往表示已经存在的现实条件、原因等,而 as though 意 为“好像”。 15. B force 作动词有“强迫,勉强”之意。 用所给单词的恰当形式填空 1. The soldiers __________ (explosion) the gunpowder under the bridge in time to stop the enemy. 2. The use of the Internet in business is an important new __________ (develop). 3. Success is __________ (depend) on constant hard work. 4. His __________ examination marks made his parents feel very __________. (disappoint) 5. This __________ house mainly __________ educational books. (publish) 6. Your _________ (present) at the meeting made many of the participants nervous

7. He doesn’t believe in the _______________ (exist) of God. 8. The __________ (violent) of the typhoon caused widespread damage. 9. I will __________ (cheer) do your work for you. 10. Smoking is __________ (harm) to your health. You’d better give it up _______ ___ (gradual).

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