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2016届高三英语上学期开学测试题分类汇编 三 完形填空

高三英语开学测 完形填空汇编
(一) My fiance (未婚夫) and I were excited about shopping for our first home. But our funds were , and none of the houses in our price range seemed satisfactory. One agent a house in particular. Although her description sounded wonderful, the price was our range, so we declined. But she kept urging us to have a look . We finally did and it was at first sight. It was Our Home, small and charming, overlooking a quiet lake. Walking through the rooms and talking with the owners, a nice elderly couple, we felt the warmth and of the marriage within that home. As perfect as it was, the price remained too high for us. But every day, we would sit by the lake, looking at the house and dreaming of it would be like to live there. Days later, we made a(n) —far below the asking price. Surprisingly, they didn’t __ us. They renewed their offer . It was also much more than we could afford, but far than the original asking price. The next day, we got a message that another buyer had offered a much higher price. Even so, we decided to talk with the directly. We made our final offer, which was thousands of dollars less than the other buyer’s bid. We knew it, __ we had to try. “Sold!” said the owner. Then he : He’d seen us sitting by the lake all those times; he knew how much we loved the place and that we’d the years of work they had put into their home; he realized he would take a by selling it to us, but it was worthwhile; we were the people they wanted to live there. He told us to consider the in the price “an early wedding present.” That’s how we found our home and how I learned that when people are they are not strangers, only friends we haven’t yet met. 1. A. needed B. limited C. enough D. large 2. A. recommended B. decorated C. sold D. rented 3. A. below B. within C. beyond D. between 4. A. at least B. at most C. at times D. at hand 5. A. relief B. concern C. love D. curiosity 6. A. pride B. happiness C. challenge D. desire 7. A. which B. why C. that D. what 8. A. effort B. offer C. promise D. profit 9. A. come across B. look after C. depend on D. laugh at 10. A. instead B. indeed C. aside D. apart 11. A. worse B. better C. less D. higher 12. A. relaxing B. disappointing C. pleasant D. regular 13. A. agents B. buyers C. managers D. owners 14. A. already B. still C. generally D. ever 15. A. so B. or C. for D. but 16. A. apologized B. complained C. criticized D. explained

17. A. check B. analyze C. appreciate D. ignore 18. A. loss B. risk C. chance D. lead 19. A. increase B. difference C. interest D. average 20. A. kind B. polite C. smart D. energetic 【答案】 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. B 9. D 10. A 11. C 12. B 13. D 14. B 15. D 16. D 17. C 18. A 19. B 20. A 【解析】 试题分析:文章大意:作者和未婚夫准备买房结婚,但是资金有限。一次作者对一个房子一见钟 情,但价格仍然很高,但通过最后的努力,作者以很低的价格买到了此房。 1. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. needed 需要的; B. limited 有限的; C. enough 足 够 的; D. large 大的。 根据下一句中的 and none of the houses in our price range seemed satisfactory.”可知答案选 B。 2. A 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A.recommended 推荐;B.decorated 装修;C.sold 卖; D.rented 租。根据后句 Although her description sounded wonderful 可知一 个代理人特别向我们推荐一栋房子。选 A。 3. C 考查介词以及对语境的理解。 A. below 在??下面; B. within 在??里面; C. beyond 超过;D.between 在??之间。根据后句 so we declined.可知价格超过了我们的承受 范围。故选 C。 4. A 考查短语以及对语境的理解。A.at least 至少;B.at most 至多;C.at times 有时;D.at hand 在附近。但她不停的催促我们至少去看一看。选 A。 5. C 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A.relief 欣慰;B.concern 关注;C.love 爱; D.curiosity 好奇。根据后句 It was Our Home, small and charming, overlooking a quiet lake.可知我们对此房一见钟情。故选 C。 6. B 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A.pride 自豪;B.happiness 快乐;C.challenge 挑战; D.desire 要求。我们感到温馨与快乐。故选 B。

7. D 考查名词性从句以及对语境的理解。A.which 哪一个;B.why 为什么;C.that 那 个;D.what 什么。宾语从句中 be like 缺少宾语,故用关系词 what。选 D。 8. B 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A.effort 努力;B.offer 提供;C.promise 许诺; D.profit 利润。根据后句—far below the asking price 可知是 make an offer 出 价。选 B。 9. D 考查短语以及对语境的理解。 A. come across 偶然遇到; B. look after 照顾; C. depend on 依靠; D.laugh at 嘲笑。令人惊讶的是,他们没有嘲笑我们。选 D。 10. A 考查副词以及对语境的理解。A. instead 相反 B. indeed 的确;C.aside 在??旁; D.apart 分开地。相反地,他们更新了他们的出价。选 A。 11. C 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A.worse 更糟的;B.better 更好的;C.less 更 少的;D.higher 更高的。但比原来的要价要少得多。选 C。 12. B 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。 A. relaxing 轻松的; B. disappointing 令人失望的; C.pleasant 令人愉快的;D.regular 有规律的。第二天,我们得到一个令人失望的消 息。选 B。 13. D 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A.agents 代理人;B.buyers 买方;C.managers 经 理;D.owners 物主。因此,我们决定直接跟房东谈。选 D。 14. B 考查副词以及对语境的理解。A.already 已经;B.still 任然;C.generally 普 遍地; D.ever 曾经。我们做出最终的价格,仍然比其他买家出价少很多。故选 B。 15. D 考查连词以及对语境的理解。A.so 如此;B.or 或者;C.for 为了; D.but 但 是。前后句为转折关系,故用连词 but。选 D。 16. D 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. apologized 道歉; B. complained 抱怨; C. criticized 指责;D.explained 解释。后面为房主解释的内容。选 D。 17. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A.check 检查;B.analyze 分析;C.appreciate 感 激;欣赏; D.ignore 忽视。其原因是我们欣赏他们投入家庭多年的努力。 选 C。 18. A 考查名词以及对语境的理解。 A. loss 损失; B. risk 冒险; C. chance 机会; D. lead 带领。根据上下文可知把房子卖给我们他将会有损失,所以选 A。 19. B 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A.increase 增加;B.difference 不同;C.interest 兴趣; D.average 平均。他告诉我们会考虑把价格的不同作为一份提早的结婚礼物。 选B 20. A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A.kind 热心的;B.polite 有礼貌的;C.smart 漂亮的;D.energetic 精力充沛的。根据后句 they are not strangers, only friends we haven’t yet met.可知人们是热心的。选 A。 【难度】一般

(二) The famous composer(作曲家), Albert Roussel, didn’t have a good start in this career. However,he achieved a great deal of success as a result of a . Roussel's parents died when he was eight and he went to live with his .As a little boy,he fell in 1ove with music and himself about it by reading through the family collection that his mother kept. which there were a lot of related books. Three years later.Roussel’s grandfather died,and his mother’s sister decided to him.Her husband was a kind man and for young Roussel’s music

lessons.One summer vacation at a Belgian seaside added a second to his life—the sea.Then he studied to be a naval cadet(海军学员),but still took time to study . In the French Navy,he and two friends found the time to a band,playing the works of Beethoven and other .Roussel also began composing.On Christmas day 1892,he had his first chance to as a composer,which turned out to be a success. That success Roussel to write a wedding march(婚礼进行曲),and one of his navy friends to show it to a famous conductor,Edouard Colonne.When Roussel’s friend with the manuscript(手稿), he reported that Colonne had advised Roussel to his naval career and devote his life to music. Not long ,at the age of 25,Roussel decided to Edouard Colonne’s advice.He gave his heart and soul to his composing and a major force in the twentieth century’s French music.Because of Eduoard Colonne’s inspiring ,Roussel devoted his life to music,but Rousssel’s friend later admitted that he had made it up.He said he had never even shown Roussel’s manuscript to the famous conductor.

【答案】 1. B 2. D 3. A 4. A

5. C 6. A 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. C 11. A 12. B 13. D 14. B 15. A 16. C 17. D 18. A 19. D 20. B 【解析】 试题分析:本文讲述因为一个玩笑成就了一个伟大的音乐家的故事。 1. B 考查动词辨析 A.joke 开玩笑;B.lie 说谎;C.guess 猜;D. hope 希望;句意:然而, 他由于一个玩笑而取得了巨大的成功。 2. D 考查名词辨析 A.neighbor 邻居;B.aunt 阿姨;C.teacher 老师;D.grandfather 祖 父; 句意: 当 Roussel 八岁时他的父母就死了, 他与祖父住在一起。 根据下方提到 Three years later, Roussel’s grandfather died 可知选 D 项。 3. A 考查动词辨析 A.taught 教;B.chose 选择;C.improved 提高;D.asked 问;句意: 作为一个小男孩,他喜欢上了音乐,通过读妈妈留下的书籍自学。Teach oneself 自学,故 选 A 项。 4. A 考查介词辨析 A.among 在。 。之间;B.between 两者之间;C.within 在, 里; D.before 之前;句意:在这些收集中,有许多相关的书籍。Among 指的是三个以上,故选 A 项。 5. C 考查动词辨析 A.miss 错过;B.catch 抓住;C.raise 养;D.leave 离开;句意:三年 之后 ,他的祖父死了,他的阿姨决定收养他;根据语境可知选 C 项。 6. A 考查动词辨析 A.paid 支付;B.applied 应用 ;C.looked 看;D.waited 等待;句意: 她的丈夫是个很善良的人,支付 Roussel 的音乐费用。Pay for 支付,故选 A 项。 7. B 考查名词辨析 A.page 页;B.love 爱;C.wish 愿望;D.job 工作;句意:一个假期增 加了他对妻子的另外一种爱。根据语境可知他的姨父对他相当的好,故选 B 项。 8. D 考查名词辨析 A.art 艺术;B.English 英语;C.dance 跳舞;D.music 音乐;句意: 后来他成为海军学员, 但仍然利用时间来学习音乐。 根据语境可知他一直没有放弃音乐的学 习,故选 D 项。 9. C 考查动词短语辨析 A.deal with 处理;B.make for 走向;C.set up 建立;D.take away 带走;句意:在法国海军,他和两个朋友找时间建立了支乐队,来演奏贝多芬和其它作曲家 的作品。根据 playing the works 演奏作品可知是组成乐队,故选 C 项。 10. C 考查名词辨析 A.teachers 老师; B.professors 教授; C.composers 作曲家; D.singers 歌手;句意:在法国海军,他和两个朋友找时间建立了支乐队,来演奏贝多芬和其它作曲家 的作品。根据 Beethoven 贝多芬可知是作曲家,故选 C 项。 11. A 考查名词动词辨析 A. perform 表演;B.produce 产生;C.study 学习;D.publish 出

版;句意:在 1892 年的圣诞节,他有机会作为一个作曲家来进行表演,结果非常的成功。 根据语境可知进行表演,故选 A 项。 12. B 考查动词辨析 A.found 发现;B.encouraged 鼓励;C.forbade 禁止;D.wanted 想; 句意: 成功鼓励着 Roussel 写了婚礼进行曲, 一位海军朋友把这个乐曲给一个知名的指挥家 Edouard Colonne.看。Encourage sb to do 鼓励某人做某事,故选 B 项。 13. D 考查动词辨析 A.came 来;B.brought 带来;C.refused 拒绝;D.offered 提供;句意: 成功鼓励着 Roussel 写了婚礼进行曲,一位海军朋友把这个乐曲给一个知名的指挥家 Edouard Colonne.看。Offer 表示主动提供,故选 D 项。 14. B 考查动词辨析 A.went 去; B.returned 返回; C.left 离开; D.ran 跑; 句意: 当 Roussel 的朋友带着手稿回来时,说这位知名的指挥家建议他放弃他的海军事业,继续音乐创作。根 据语境可知这是从指挥家那回来,故选 B 项。 15. A 考查动词短语辨析 A.give up 放弃;B.keep to 保持;C.begin with 开始;D.focus on 集中;句意:当 Roussel 的朋友带着手稿回来时,说这位知名的指挥家建议他放弃他的海军 事业,继续音乐创作。根据 devote his life to music 投入音乐,可知放弃海军事业,故 选 A 项。 16. C 考查副词辨析 A.however 然而; B.therefore 因此; C.afterwards 后来; D.then 然后; 句意:此后不久,25 岁的 Roussel 决定听从 Edouard Colonne 的建议。根据语境故选 C 项。 17. D 考查动词辨析 A.repeat 重复;B.change 改变;C.correct 改正;D.follow 跟随;句 意:此后不久,25 岁的 Roussel 决定听从 Edouard Colonne 的建议。Follow one’s advice 听从某人的建议,故选 D 项。 18. A 考查动词辨析 A.became 成为;B.replaced 取代;C.improved 提高;D.grasped 掌握; 句意:他全身心地投入到作曲中,成为 20 世纪法国音乐的中坚力量。根据语境可知选 A 项。 19. D 考查名词辨析 A.will 意愿;B.request 要求;C.order 顺序;D.advice 建议;句意: 因为 Eduoard Colonne 的鼓舞性建议,他投入到音乐的创作中。根据上文提到 Roussel decided to Edouard Colonne’s advice 可知听从这个指挥家的建议,故选 D 项。 20. B 考查名词辨析 A.school 学校;B.navy 海军;C.music 音乐;D.work 工作;句意:但 Rousssel 的海军朋友后来说,这是他编造的。根据 He said he had never even shown Roussel’s manuscript to the famous conductor 他从来没有把手稿给那个知名的指挥家 看,可知是那个海军的朋友,故选 B 项。 【难度】一般

(三) Motivation means the desire to work toward a goal. It can come from inside or outside and can be and negative. When you say," If I make a hit, we'll win the game and I'll be a ” you challenge yourself to do something and imagine what the will be. You might also say “If I fail in school, I will be .” Imagining the pain that brings is a negative way of motivating yourself. Sometimes motivation comes from . Your parents might say," If you do well in school, the whole will go to Disney World." now you have a reason to study hard. Your parents might also say, “if you do not your room, you will be forbidden to watch your favorite TV program." This is the negative . The best kind of motivation comes from inside you. In fact, motivating yourself to

do well waiting for someone else to tell you is a sign that you are . People who have no must be told what to do all the time. Self-motivation is one thing we learn from the martial arts(武术). When we begin, our master us everything. As we progress, the master tells us to every day at home- and leaves us on our own! The master does not ask in class whether we have practiced and does not us if we fail to do so. By saying nothing, the master us to be grown-up enough to motivate and discipline ourselves. If we are about the arts, we will practice at home and do well in class. Our master will this and encourage us to continue. Soon we will be for testing to advance towards the next stage. We will move up because we’ve motivated ourselves. 1. A. difficult B. positive C. impossible D. secret 2. A. hero B. player C. judge D. member 3. A. comment B. salary C. procedure D. reward 4. A. tired B. confused C. ashamed D. busy 5. A. wisdom B. practice C. danger D. failure 6. A. outside B. mind C. bottom D. work 7. A. group B. family C. class D. school 8. A. powerful B. personal C. typical D. similar 9. A. give up B. take up C. fix up D. clean up 10. A. result B. image C. approach D. number 11. A. more than B. except for C. apart from D. instead of 12. A. growing up B. coming back C. taking over D. watching out 13. A. orders B. goals C. suggestions D. experiences 14. A. lends B. teaches C. brings D. promises 15. A. think B. work C. practice D. listen 16. A. disturb B. punish C. visit D. trust 17. A. challenges B. forbids C. commands D. permits 18. A. nervous B. anxious C. serious D. certain 19. A. explain B. complete C. report D. notice 20. A. sorry B. famous C. ready D. Grateful 【答案】 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. D 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. C 11. D

12. A 13. B 14. B 15. C 16. B 17. A 18. C 19. D 20. C 【解析】 试题分析:本文是一个夹叙夹议的文章。围绕 motivation 的来源,意义以及怎样建立这种 动机等展开一系列的论述,能使我们正确树立人生价值观,帮助我们树立自觉行动意识。 1.B 考查形容词,后面的连词 and 起上下文的连接作用,所以此空应填入和 negative 相关 的词汇,选项中只有 positive 于 negative 构成反义词,句意为 motivation 来自于外界和 内界,也可是积极或消极的。A.艰难的 困苦的 C.不可能的 D.秘密的. 2.A 考查名词,根据上下文语境“如果我们赢得了比赛,我们就会成为英雄人物’故填写 hero。B.比赛者 演奏者 C 裁判 D.会员 成员 3.D 考查名词,根据上下文理解,“你会挑战自己去做一些事情并在脑海里构想出做这件 事情会带来的回报”,故 reward 符合语境 A.评论 看法 B.薪水 工资 C.程序 手续 步骤 4.C 考查形容词 ashamed 翻译为丢人的 惭愧的,在学校里做事情失败了,作为一个孩子, 自尊心是很强的,自然而然的是感到羞愧的。A.困乏的 厌烦的 B.困惑的 D.忙碌的 5.D 该空看似考查名词,实则命题人是在隐约考查一个语法,其先行词 pain(疼痛,痛苦) 就奠定了该句应填写负面情感词, 只有 failure 符合语境, 且是与上文 failure 一词相照应。 A.智慧 聪颖 B.练习 C.危险 6.A 该空起到承上启下或解释的作用,根据下句“your parents?”.可判断这种 motivation 是来自于外界的,而不是主观的。符合该文章一开始提到的 motivation 来自于 内界和外界的篇章结构。B.内心的 C.底部的 D.起作用的 7.B 家长对孩子说:“如果孩子在学校表现的很好,就答应全家人一起去迪士尼度假”。 A.组群 C.班级(同学) D.学校(学生) 8.A 考查形容词,根据上一空父母对孩子出去旅行的允诺,孩子从而在内心就有一股动力, 因此做什么事情就更加有 power 了。B.个人的 C.典型的 D.相似的 9.D 该空是父母对孩子说“假如你没有把房屋打扫得很干净,你就会被禁止看你所喜欢的 电视’。A.放弃 摒弃 B.出现 从事 C.修理 解决 10.C 考查名词,尤其是对同一个词不同词性的考查。approach 在此为名词是“方法,途 径”的意思,显然父母对孩子提出打扫屋子是一种强迫,命令的方式,从而让孩子内心产生 一种动力,故为消极的方法。A.结果 B.形象 印象 D.号码 数字 11.D 考查语境连贯能力。“最好的 motivation 是来自于内心而不是外界因素。”上面的 in fact(事实上)是起到解释说明的作用,告知读者“良好的动机不是等着其他人告诉你 已经长大了,而是应该......。’A.不仅仅 超过 B.除了 C.除了 12.A 根据上文“The best kind of motivation...”可知,最好的 motivation 是自己发 觉,并非是他人告知你已经长大成人了,该去做..... B.回来 C.接管 D.注意 提防 13.B 该题在巧妙地考查了一个语法知识点,即 who 引导的定语从句。“那些没有人生目标 的人常常被人告知该怎样做”。在做题的时候,一定要树立语法分析的意识,明确词性以及 在句中的语法成分。A.次序 C.建议 D.经历

14.B “当我们一开始练习武术的时候,老师会教授给我们所有的技能。”teach(动词, 教授)符合老师与学生之间教与学的关系。A.借出 C.带来 D.允诺 保证 15.C “随着时间的推移和进步,老师会告知我们要在家时常的练习。”动词 practice 为 “练习 操练”, 武术就是靠不断的练习来提高自己的功力的。 A.想 认为 B.工作 D.仔细听 16.B 考查动词。该句子为一个长难句,首先判断空白的词性为动词,而该句子又有 and 连接,再找到 and 以前的动词为 ask(且被负面情感成分所修饰) ,故该空也应是一个负面 的情感词汇。A.扰乱 妨碍 C.拜访 参观 D.相信 信任 17.A 作者在此娓娓道来,“为什么老师会一言不发,其实是老师想磨练挑战我们自己”。 Challenge 为动词,译为向...挑战 质疑。B.禁止 C.命令 指挥 D.允许 许可 18.C 该句子为“如果我们对艺术非常感兴趣 认真的,我们就会在家不辞辛劳的练习。” 考察固定搭配 be serious abouut 对...认真的,认真对待... A.紧张的 B.焦虑的 D.确信 无疑的 19.D 俗话说的好,是金子总会发光的,是良马终会遇到伯乐。“老师自然也会注意到那些 默默无闻但不停刻苦练习的人并鼓励这样的人坚持下去。”A.解释 B.完成 使圆满 C.报告 报道 20.C 这样以来,我们一路上会不断的经历着考验,时刻准备着走向下一个阶段。因为该文 在一开始就阐述 Motivation means the desire to work toward a goal。说明 motivation 是一个阶段性的, 而不是一成不变的, 故完成了一个阶段就要做好做下一个目标的打算和准 备。 A.感到抱歉的 B.著名的 D.感激的 令人愉快的 【难度】较难 (四) My grandma is good at gardening. She could make anything bloom(开花). ____ me. In my eyes, she was inspiring and ____. For most of her life, she lived on a farm, where she brought up four children, and buried my grandpa. I visited her on weekends. After the gardening work, I was ____ to climb the mountain, singing songs and gathering flowers. Sometimes the plants scratched me. She would say, "Beauty has a ____. I hope it was worth it." "Yes, ma' ma," I'd say. "____ was." I loved gathering flowers on my own. But what I loved best was gathering them with her. Even then, as a child, I knew what I wanted most from my grandma was not her flowers, but her ____. She's been gone for years, but sometimes, when I ____down to pick a flower or pull a weed, I see her ____, not mine. I thought I'd grow up to be a gardener too. I told myself, someday my children had children, I'd be a gardening grandma. Then the grandbabies started showing up, and I discovered 1'd much rather run after them ____ go digging. Actually I'm no gardener. I'm a ____, not a planter. I differ from my grandma in lots of ways, but this: I will always carry ____ me a heart she made from her own. I needn’t plant a garden. My children are my flowers. They delight and complete me with a beauty that is worth any price. All I need to do is ____ them with time, water them with love, and hope that someday, when they hold their first grandchild, they might see my hand. 1. A. Not B. Even C. Only D. Often 2. A. famous B. humorous C. caring D. amusing

3. A. determined B. anxious C. curious D. free 4. A. standard B. range C. price D. quality 5. A. It B. I C. She D. That 6. A. possession B. promise C. beauty D. time 7. A. climb B. reach C. lookD. sit 8. A. smile B. spiritC. soulD. hand 9. A. than B. untilC. unlessD. since 10. A. worker B. teacherC. pickerD. farmer 11. A.to B. within C. beyondD. for 12. A. attend B. missC. promoteD. influence 【答案】 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. C 11. B 12. A 【解析】本文讲述的是外婆对我的影响,以至于我也想把这种爱传给下一代,让他们感 到我的存在。 1. B 考查副词辨析 A. Not 不;B. Even 甚至;C. Only 只有;D. Often 经常;句意: 她会让一切东西开花,甚至是我;根据语境可知也包括*我,故选 B 项。 2. C 考查形容词产床的 A. famous 有名的;B. humorous 幽默的;C. caring 关心的, 有同情心的;D. amusing 令人愉快的;句意:在我的眼里,她是令人鼓舞的和有同情 心的。根据 inspiring 可知选 C 项。 3. D 考查形容词辨析;A. determined 有决心的;B. anxious 焦虑的;C. curious 好 奇的; D. free 自由的; 句意: 劳动之后, 我非常悠闲地去爬山, 唱歌和采花; 根据 After the gardening work 可知悠闲去玩,故选 D 项。 4. C 考查名词辨析 A. standard 标准;B. range 范围;C. price 价格;D. quality 品质;句意:她会说美丽也是有代价的,我希望这一切值得。根据上文提到 Sometimes the plants scratched me 有时这些植物会碰到我,故这是外婆对此的解释,故选 C 项。 5.A 考查代词辨析及语境理解;句意:是的,我会说,是这样的。It 代指的是一切是 值得的,故选 A 项。 6.D 考查名词辨析 A. possession 财产;B. promise 承诺;C. beauty 美丽;D. time 时间;句意:在当时,作为一个小孩,我知道我想从外婆那得到的不是她的花而是她的 时光。根据上文 But what I loved best was gathering them with her 我最喜欢的与 她呆在一起,故选 D 项。 7. B 考查动词辨析 A. climb 爬;B. reach 到达;C. look 看;D. sit 坐;句意:当我 摘花或扔下种子时,我看到的是她的手而不是我的。根据 She's been gone for years,

她已经去世多年,可知我能看到她在做这些事,故选 B 项。 8. D 考查名词辨析 A. smile 微笑;B. spirit 精神;C. soul 灵魂;D. hand 手;句意: 当我摘花或扔下种子时, 我看到的是她的手而不是我的, 根据文章最后一句话提到 they might see my hand.故选 D 项。 9.A 考查连词辨析 A. than 比;B. until 直到;C. unless 除非;D. since 自从;句 意:当孙子开始出现时,我发现我宁愿跑在他们后面也不愿意去挖掘。Would rather do than do 与其??也不愿意做某事,故选 A 项。 10. C 考查名词辨析 A. worker 工人;B. teacher 老师;C. picker 采摘者;D. farmer 农民;句意:我是一个采摘者不是个种植者。根据句意可知选 C 项。 11. B 考查介词辨析及语境理解;句意:我会带着从她那得到的爱。根据句意选 B 项。 12. A 考查动词辨析 A. attend 参加;B. miss 错过;C. promote 提升;D. influence 影响;句意:我所需要的是与他们一块度过,用爱呵护他们,希望某天当他们有了孙辈 时,也能看到我的手。 【难度】一般 (五) Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day, is a busy shopping day in the United States. Many people have a day off work on that day. Some use this to make trips; others use it to start for the Christmas season. Many stores have special offers and their prices on some goods. Some their opening hours. There can also be traffic jams on roads to shopping destinations. There are common theories as to why it is called Black Friday. One is that the wheels of vehicles in heavy traffic on the day left many black markings on the road surface, the term Black Friday. The other is from an old way of recording business accounts. were recorded in red ink and profits in black. Many businesses, small businesses, started making profits before Christmas, so they started to mark in black ink on the day after Thanksgiving. 1. A. traveling B. shopping C. visiting D. cooking 2. A. prepare B. check C. lower D. raise 3. A. shorten B. enlarge C. reduce D. extend 4. A. popular B. outstanding C. splendid D. ordinary 5. A. many B. two C. few D. no 6. A. leaving for B. leading to C. coming out D. sticking to 7. A. Prices B. Interests C. Losses D. Benefits 8. A. particularly B. specially C. obviously D. Eventually 【答案】 1. B 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. C 8. A

【解析】 试题分析:在感恩节后的第二天是黑色星期五,在美国这是一个繁忙的购物日。许多人 在这天是放假的。 1.B 考查动词。A. Traveling 旅行;B. Shopping 购物;C. visiting 拜访;D. Cooking 煮饭;根据下文的 Many stores have special offers 可知很多美国人开始购物了, 故选 B。 2.C 考查动词。A. prepare 准备;B. check 检查;C. Lower 更低;D. Raise 提升; 根据 special offers 特价,可知是商店都开始促销了,那么就是降价,故选 C。 3.D 考查动词。A. Shorten 变短;B. enlarge 变大;C. reduce 减少;D. Extend 扩 展;根据 their opening hours.开店时间,可知促销期间商店都开始延长开门时间, 故选 D。 4.A 考查形容词。A. popular 流行;B. outstanding 显著;C. splendid 灿烂;D. Ordinary 普通;shopping destinations.购物地点,可知一旦到了购物季节,就要去 著名的购物景点购物,故选 A。 5.B 考查形容词。A. many 很多;B. two 两个;C. few 很少;D. No 不;根据下文 One is,The other,可知黑色星期五的由来有两个理由,故选 B。 6.B 考查动词短语。A. leaving for 离开去...;B. leading to 导致;C. coming out 出版;D. sticking to 坚持;heavy traffic on the day left many black markings on the road surface, 与 the term Black Friday.之间是因果关系,故选 B。 7.C 考查名词。A. Prices 价格;B. Interests 利益;C. Losses 损失;D. Benefits 好处;were recorded in red ink and profits in black 根据 profits 利润,可知前 文提到的是一个相反的词,损失,故选 C。 8.A 考查副词。A. particularly 特别;B. specially 尤其;C. Obviously 显著;D. Eventually 最终;尤其是小企业开始在圣诞节之前盈利,因为后面提到的是一个具体 的例子,故选 A。 【难度】一般 (六) War started in our house in late July with a month to go before my first day of college. It was a battle of wills over what college I was to attend. Mom wanted me to attend a famous school, and I wanted to go to a small writing college. Every night for two weeks, we argued, shouted and gave treatments until both sides went to bed with regrets. It was mostly my . Since my junior year of high school, I had at being a nurse. I took all the science courses, and even worked as a in my town’s local hospital. My was to help the sick and be superwoman to the world. Yet, graduation and college neared, it all changed. Treating the sick was , but not what I was meant to do for the of my life. I could picture myself in hospitals, making rounds, and taking , but I couldn’t picture myself happy. It wasn’t the I wanted. Then, I realized I had been creating and writing stories for as long as I could . I loved it, and writing was what I had been doing as a . It was going to be my career. And it had to be. On August 1st, Mom and I sat down at the dinner table and I told her that she had

every to choose where to spend her money, just like I had every right to decide where I wanted to go to school. If it was her choice not to any of my college education, then I would take a year off to work and earn money so I could go to the college I wanted. Standing by my decision to be a writer had my firm belief to my mom. Finally we were at , and she decided to support me, which the world to me. Before that time, I had never stood up my parents on any major decision. Choosing which college to attend me to become a separate and complete adult. I am now finished with my first semester as a Professional Writing major and I cannot wait to see what comes next. 1. A. cooking B. gardening C. nursing D. writing 2. A. medical B. warm C. mental D. silent 3. A. success B. duty C. fault D. turn 4. A. wondered B. aimed C. pointed D. looked 5. A. student B. volunteer C. graduate D. doctor 6. A. goal B. job C. task D. post 7. A. before B. after C. until D. as 8. A. rough B. noble C. mild D. tough 9. A. rest B. part C. whole D. half 10. A. notices B. examinations C. temperatures D. drugs 11. A. future B. effect C. drill D. idea 12. A. see B. wait C. find D. remember 13. A. process B. hobby C. rule D. business 14. A. chance B. time C. right D. ability 15. A. finance B. expect C. raise D. offer 16. A. doubted B. followed C. shaken D. proven 17. A. peace B. war C. ease D. play 18. A. attached B. applied C. devoted D. meant 19. A. for B. against C. over D. by 20. A. forced B. promised C. allowed D. reminded 【答案】 1. C 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. C 11. A 12. D

13. B 14. C 15. A 16. D 17. A 18. D 19. B 20. C 【解析】 本文讲述作者在考大学前夕与自己的母亲在就读专业上发生严重分歧, 在坚持自己的选择之 后得到母亲同意,并成功就读且自身获得成长的故事。 1.本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。Cooking 做饭;gardening 园艺;nursing 保育;writing 写作。下文得知作者在医院做志愿者照顾病患,故 nursing 为护理,故选 C。 2.本空考查形容词基本含义的辨析。A. medical 医疗的;B. warm 温暖的;C. mental 心理 的;D.silent 沉默的。我们会争论,然后争吵,然后互相保持沉默,双方都很伤心的去睡 觉了,争论的几个阶段对应,故选 D。 3. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. success 成功;B. duty 职责;C. fault 错误;D. turn 次序。上下文过渡,为什么会发生争论,因为错在我身上,之前一直做医院的志愿者让母亲 误以为我想从事相关的职业,表示一个过渡关系,故用 fault。答案为 C。 4. 本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. wondered 想知道;B. aimed 把??设为目标;C. pointed 指出;D. looked 看起来。固定搭配,aim at,目标成为......。故选 B。 5. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. student 学生;B. volunteer 志愿者;C. graduate 毕业生;D. doctor 医生。高中生到医院里做志愿者,故选 B。 6. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. goal 目标;B. job 工作; C. task 任务;D. post 岗位。帮助病患和成为超人是我的目标,故选 A。 7. 本空考查状语从句引导词基本含义的辨析。A. before 在??以前;B. after 在??之 后;C. until 直到;D. as 随着,因为。as 表示随着,考查 as 的语法功能。选 D。 8. 本空考查形容词基本含义的辨析。A. rough 粗糙的;B. noble 高贵的;C. mild 温柔的; D. tough 艰苦的。照顾病患是高尚的工作,褒义词,故选 B。 9. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. rest 休息; B. part 部分; C. whole 全部;D. half 一半。这不意味着我的余生都要从事这份工作,故选 A。 10. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. notices 布告;B. examinations 考试;C. temperatures 温度; D. drugs 毒品。 巡视病房, 给病人量体温, 固定搭配, take temperatures, 故选 C。 11. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。 A.future 未来; B. effect 影响; C. drill 训练; D. idea 主意。这并不是我想要的未来。故选 A。 12.本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. see 看见;B. wait 等待;C. find 发现; D. remember 记得。从我记事起,我就一直在创作,在写东西。故选 D。 13. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. process 进程;B. hobby 嗜好;C. rule 制度;D. business 生意。原先,写作是我的一项爱好,而如今,它即将成为我的职业。故选 B。 14. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。 A. chance 机会; B. time 时间; C. right 权利; D. ability 能力。下文复现,I had very right to decide...,此处表示“她有权选择是否支持我去 写作” ,故选 C。

15. 本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. finance 攒钱;B. expect 期望;C. raise 繁殖, 提高;D. offer 提出。如果她选择不资助我的大学学费,我将休学一年去攒钱,故选 A。 16. 本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. doubted 怀疑;B. followed 跟随,理解;C. shaken 晃动;D. proven 证明。坚持自己要成为作家的观点向我的母亲证明了我坚定的信念。故选 D。 17. 本空考查名词基本含义的辨析。A. peace 和平;B. war 战争;C. ease 平和;D. play 玩耍。原文刚开始提到 war,此处终于平息了,因此 at peace。选 A。 18. 本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. attached 黏住;B. applied 应用;C. devoted 投 入;D. meant 意思是。母亲决定支持我,这对于我意义重大。the world 在这里表“全部” 的含义,故选 D。 19. 本空考查介词基本含义的辨析。A. for 为了;B. against 反对;C. over 超越;D. by 依靠。stand up against,在重大决定上违背父母的意见,选择“反对” ,故选 B。 20. 本空考查动词基本含义的辨析。A. forced 强迫;B. promised 许诺;C. allowed 允许; D. reminded 提醒。 选择上什么样的大学使得我成长为一个独立自主的成年人。 allow 有 “使 得”的意思,故选 C。 【难度】一般 (七) I was required to read one of Bernie Siegel’s books in college and was hooked on his positivity from that moment on. The stories of his unconventional _____ and the exceptional patients he wrote about were so _____ to me and had such a big _____ on how I saw life from then on. Who knew that so many years later I would look to Dr. Bernie and his CDs again to _____ my own cancer experience? I’m an ambitious _____, and when I started going through chemo (化疗) , even though I’m a very _____ person, I lost my drive to write. I was just too tired and not in the _____ . One day, while waiting to go in for ____, I had one of Dr. Bernie’s books in my hand. Another patient _____what I was reading and struck up a conversation with me ____ he had one of his books with him as well. It ____that among other things, he was an eighty-year-old writer. He was____ a published author, and he was currently ____ on a new book. We would see each other at various times and ____ friends. Sometimes he wore a duck hat, and I would tell myself, he was definitely a(n) ____of Dr. Bernie. He really put a ___on my face. He unfortunately ____ last year due to his cancer, ___he left a deep impression on me and gave me the ___to pick up my pen again. I ___ to myself, “If he can do it, then so can I.” 1. A. tastes B. ideas C. notes D. memories 2. A. amazing B. shocking C. amusing D. strange 3. A. strike B. push C. challenge D. impact 4. A. learn from B. go over C. get through D. refer to 5. A. reader B. writer C. editor D. doctor 6. A. positive B. agreeable C. humorous D. honest 7. A. mood B. position C. state D. way 8. A. advice B. reference C. protection D. treatment 9. A. viewed B. knew C. noticed D. wondered

10.A. while B. because C. although D. providing 11.A. came out B. worked out C. proved out D. turned out 12.A. naturally B. merely C. hopefully D. actually 13.A. deciding B. investing C. working D. relying 14.A. became B. helped C. missed D. visited 15.A. patient B. operator C. fan D. publisher 16.A. sign B. smile C. mark D. mask 17.A. showed up B. set off C. fell down D. passed away 18.A. since B. but C. so D. for 19.A. guidance B. trust C. opportunity D. inspiration 20.A. promised B. swore C. thought D. replied 【答案】 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. D 9. C 10.B 11.D 12.D 13.C 14.A 15.C 16.B 17.D 18.B 19.D 20.C 【解析】 试题分析: 本文是一篇记叙文。 作者读了 Bernie Siegel 的书, 深受书中积极人生观的影响。 之后作者不幸身患癌症,病痛的折磨使他放弃了写作,但在治疗期间结识一位同样受到 Bernie 影响,年迈却仍坚持写作的病友。在病友死后,作者又重新拾起纸笔。 1. B 考查名词。根据首段首句可知,作者读了 Bernie Siegel 的书,深受书中积极人生观 的影响。此处 unconventional ideas 意为“非传统的观点”与上句中“积极的人生观”呼 应。A 项“口味” ;B 项“观点” ;C 项“笔记” ;D 项“记忆” 。故选 B 项。 2. A 考查形容词。根据上文中“unconventional(非传统的) ”和“unexceptional(例外 的) ”提示可知,他书中所写的东西对我来说十分惊异。A 项“令人惊异的” ;B 项“令人震 惊的” ;C 项“有趣的” ;D 项“奇怪的” 。故选 A 项。 3. D 考查名词。have an impact on 为固定搭配,意为“对?有影响” 。A 项“打击” ;B 项“推,逼迫” ;C 项“挑战” ;D 项“影响” 。故选 D 项。

4. C 考查动词短语。根据下文可知,作者不幸身患癌症,病痛的折磨使他放弃了写作。但 病友的执着和 Bernie Siegel 积极的人生观让自己又重新拾起纸笔,渡过了这段艰难时期。 A 项“从??中获取经验,汲取教训” ;B 项“复习,仔细检查” ;C 项“渡过难关” ;D 项“提 到,涉及,参考” 。故选 C 项。 5. B 考查名词。根据下文中“?, I lost my drive to write”可知,作者是一名抱负的 作家。A 项“读者” ;B 项“作家” ;C 项“编辑” ;D 项“医生” 。故选 B 项。 6. A 考查形容词。句意:尽管我是一个积极的人,还是失去了写作的动力。a positive person 与 lost my drive to write 构成让步关系,且与上文 positivity 呼应。 A 项“积 极的” ;B 项“称心如意的” ;C 项“幽默的” ;D 项“诚实的” 。故选 A 项。 7. A 考查名词。句意:我就是感觉太累,没有心情去写。Not in the mood 意为“没有心 情” 。A 项“心情” ;B 项“位置,职位” ;C 项“状态” ;D 项“方式” 。故选 A 项。 8. D 考查名词。 句意: 一天, 当我在等待治疗时, 手里拿着 Bernie 的一本书。 A项 “建议” ; B 项“提及,参考” ;C 项“保护” ;D 项“治疗” 。故选 D 项。 9. C 考查动词。句意:另外一个病人注意到我在读些什么,主动跟我攀谈起来。A 项 “认 为” ;B 项“知道,了解” ;C 项 “ (无意中)注意到” ;D 项 “想知道” 。故选 C 项。 10. B 考查连词。句意:该空后是他主动和我攀谈的原因:他身上也有一本 Bernie 的书。A 项表示时间或轻微转折;B 项表示原因;C 项表示让步;D 项表示条件。故选 B 项。 11. D 考查动词短语。除此之外,他是一位八十岁的作家。A 项 “出现,出版” ;B 项“锻 炼,解决,制定” ;C 项“证明是合适的,令人满意的” ;D 项“证明是,结果是” 。it turned out that 是固定搭配,意为“结果是??,结果证明??”故选 D 项。 12. D 考查副词。句意:事实上,他是一位撰稿人,目前在写一本新书。A 项 “自然地” ;B 项“仅仅” ;C 项“有希望地” ;D 项“事实上” 。故选 D 项。 13. C 考查动词搭配。根据句意可知,他目前在写一本新书。A 项 decide on“决定,确定” ; B 项 invest on“投资,花时间在??上” ;C 项 work on“从事,忙于” ;D 项 rely on“依 赖,依靠” 。故选 C 项。 14. A 考查动词。句意:我们总是在许多时候见到对方,成了朋友。A 项 “成为” ;B 项“帮 助” ;C 项“错过” ;D 项“拜访” 。故选 A 项。 15. C 考查名词。根据句意可知,他的确是 Bernie 的粉丝。A 项 “病人” ;B 项“操作员, 接线员” ;C 项“粉丝” ;D 项“出版商” 。故选 C 项。 16. B 考查名词。 根据句意可知,他的举动感染了我, 使我在生活中面带微笑。A 项 “标志, 迹象,征兆” ;B 项“微笑” ;C 项“标记” ;D 项“面罩” 。故选 B 项。 17. D 考查动词短语。 句意: 他补充说道 Jason 因为不愿说谎没挣到钱。 A 项 “出现, 露面” ; B 项“出发,动身” ;C 项“跌倒” ;D 项“去世(死的委婉表达) ” 。故选 D 项。 18. B 考查连词。句意:他去年不幸死于癌症,但给我留下了深刻的印象。A 项表示时间;B 项表示转折;C 项表示结果;D 项表示原因。故选 B 项。 19. D 考查名词。句意:他激励我重新拾起纸笔。A 项 “指导” ;B 项“信任” ;C 项“机会” ; D 项“鼓舞,激励,启发” 。故选 D 项。 20. C 考查名词。句意:我对自己说: “如果他能做到,我也能。 ”A 项 “承诺” ;B 项“郑 重发誓” ;C 项 think to oneself “自言自语” ;D 项“回答” 。故选 C 项。 【难度】一般 (八) Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford. I’ve watched one friend after another land high-ranking, high-paying Wall Street jobs. As executives(高级管理

人员) with banks, consulting firms, established law firms, and major corporations, many are now on their way to impressive careers. By society’s , they seem to have it made. On the surface, these people seem to be very lucky in life. As they left student life behind, many had a drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with Longtime roommates, and out of small apartments into high buildings. They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine a college year’s monthly rent. They replaced their beloved old car with expensive new sports cars. The thing is, a number of them have that despite their success, they aren’t happy. Some of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight-hour workweeks devoted to tasks they . Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and __ . However, instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the __ to which they have so quickly become ____ . People often speak of trying a more satisfying path, and the end the idea of leaving, their jobs to work for something they or finding a position that would give them more time with their families almost always leads them to the same conclusion; it’ s . They have loans, bills, a mortgage(抵押贷款)to , retirement to save for. They recognize there’s something ___ in their lives, but it’s __ to step off the track. In a society that tends to __ everything in terms of dollars and cents, we learn form a young age to consider the costs of our __ in financial terms. But what about the personal and social costs __ in pursuing money over meaning? These are exactly the kinds of us tend to ignore — and the very ones we need to consider most. 1. A. much B. never C. seldom D. well 2. A. policies B. standards C. experiments D. regulations 3. A. last B. least C. second D. best 4. A. cycled B. moved C. slid D. looked 5. A. shared B. paid C. equaled D. collected 6. A. advertised B. witnessed C. admitted D. demanded 7. A. complain B. dream C. hear D. approve 8. A. distribute B. hate C. applaud D. neglect 9. A. calm B. guilty C. warm D. empty 10. A. family B. government C. lifestyle D. project 11. A. accustomed B. appointed C. unique D. available 12. A. yet B. also C. instead D. rather 13. A. let out B. turn in C. give up D. believe in 14. A. fundamental B. practical C. impossible D. unforgettable 15. A. take of B. drop off C. put off D. pay off 16. A. missing B. inspiring C. sinking D. shining 17. A. harmful B. hard C. useful D. normal 18. A. measure B. suffer C. digest D. deliver

19. A. disasters B. motivations C. campaigns D. decisions 20. A. assessed B. involved C. covered D. reduced 【答案】 1. D 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. D 10. C 11. A 12. A 13. D 14. C 15. D 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. D 20. B 【解析】 试题分析:讲述作者大学毕业后在工作和生活体验中理解了成功的真正含义,指出“物质上 的成功和享受并不代表精神的富足和幸福”这一价值趋向。 1. D 考查副词以及对语境的理解。 A. much 意为许多,B. never 意为绝不,C. seldom 意为很少,D. well 意为很好。根据前一句话“I’ve watched one friend after another land high-ranking, high-paying Wall Street jobs. As executives(高级管理人员) with banks, consulting firms, established law firms, and major corporations,” 意为“我 看到一个又一个朋友晋升,高薪。他们作为银行,咨询机构,律师事务所和大公司主管(高 级管理人员) ” ,能得出要表达现在都在职业生涯中过得很好。 2. B 考查名词以及对语境的理解。 A. policies 意为政策,B. standards 意为标准, C. experiments 意为实验,D. regulations 意为规章制度。根据句意,以当前的标准来看, 他们的确成功了。 3. A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. last 意为最后的,B. least 意为最少的,C. second 意为第二,D. best 意为最好的。根据上文不难得出生活好了,以后都不会去(这是 最后一次去)这些廉价的酒吧了,也搬到好的地方住了。所以选 A。 4. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. cycled 意为骑车或循环,B. moved 意为搬家,C. slid 意为滑落,D. looked 意为看。根据第 21 题不难得出生活好了,以后都不会去(这是 最后一次去)这些廉价的酒吧了,也搬到好的地方住了。所以选 B。 5. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. shared 意为分享,B. paid 意为支付,C. equaled 意为等同, D. collected 意为收集, They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine ____a college year’s monthly rent.句意是:生活好了,

预订的房间里的酒价格等同于大学一个月的房租。 6. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. advertise 意为广告,B. witnessed 意为目击, C. admitted 意为承认,D. demanded 意为要求。 “The thing is, a number of them have that despite their success, they aren’t happy.” 意为很多人承认,尽管他们很成功, 但是很不开心。 7. A 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. complain 意为抱怨,B. dream 意为梦想,C. hear 意为听到,D. approve 意为证明。根据上一句的不开心,所以不难得出答案是抱怨。 8. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. distribute 意为分发, B. hate 意为厌恶, C. applaud 意为鼓掌,D. neglect 意为忽略。根据上文的不开心和抱怨,不能得出答案是厌恶。 9. D 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. calm 意为平静,B. guilty 意为有罪的,C. warm 意为温暖,D. empty 意为空虚的,无聊的。根据前面的 tired 累不难得出答案。Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and___。意为有些人 不尊重他们工作的公司,说累,无聊。 10. C 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. family 意为家庭,B. government 意为政府,C. lifestyle 意为生活方式,D. project 意为项目。前文提到很多都是生活,如学校生活,工 作生活,结合语境不能得出答案是生活方式。 11. A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. accustomed 意为习惯的,B. appointed 意为指 定的,C. unique 意为独一无二的,D. available 意为可利用的。 “However, instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the_____to which they have so quickly become____ . 意为“但是,不是全身心投入于 工作,他们发现工作只是支持生活方式,而且慢慢他们已经对这种方式已经习惯了。 ” 12. A 考查连词以及对语境的理解。A. yet 意为但是,表转折,B. also 意为也, 表递 进,C. instead 意为代替,D. rather 意为相反。此句是长难句。意为:人们总是说走一 种满意的道路, 但是最后, 离开现在的工作去做一些他们相信或者是一种可以和家人在一起 的职务的想法最终都得出一个这样的结论:这是不可能的。根据句意,前后是转折的关系, 所以选 A。 13. D 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. let out 意为发出,B. turn in 意为上交, 归还,C. give up 意为放弃,D. believe in 意为相信。此句是长难句。意为:人们总 是说走一种满意的道路, 但是最后, 离开现在的工作去做一些他们相信或者是一种可以和家 人在一起的职务的想法最终都得出一个这样的结论:这是不可能的。 14. C 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. fundamental 意为基本的,B. practical 意为实 践的,C. impossible 意为不可能的,D. unforgettable 意为难忘的。此句是长难句。意为: 人们总是说走一种满意的道路, 但是最后, 离开现在的工作去做一些他们相信或者是一种可 以和家人在一起的职务的想法最终都得出一个这样的结论:这是不可能的。 15. D 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. take of 意为起飞,B. drop off 意为减 少,C. put off 意为推迟,D. pay off 意为支付。根据 mortgage(抵押贷款)以及结合常 识,不难得出答案。 16. A 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. missing 意为失去,B. inspiring 意为鼓舞,C. sinking 意为沉没,D. shining 意为闪亮。句意是:他们意识到,在生活中失去了一些什么, 但是他们却很难离开这个轨迹。根据句意不难得出答案。 17. B 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. harmful 意为有害的,B. hard 意为困 难的,C. useful 意为有用的,D. normal 意为正常的。句意是:他们意识到,在生活中失去 了一些什么,但是他们却很难离开这个轨迹。根据句意不难得出答案。 18. A 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. measure 意为衡量, B. suffer 意为遭受, C. digest

意为消化,D. deliver 意为运送。句意为当前的社会,人们趋向于用钱来衡量 measure 所 有的事情,我们在很小的时候就知道,应该考虑我们决定的经济代价。 19. D 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. disasters 意为灾难,B. motivations 意为动机, C. campaigns 意为战役,D. decisions 意为决定。句意为当前的社会,人们趋向于用钱来 衡量所有的事情,我们在很小的时候就知道,应该考虑我们决定 decisions 的经济代价。 20. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. assessed 意为评估,B. involved 意为涉及,C. covered 意为覆盖,D. reduced 意为减少。Involved in 意为参与。句意为:那么,在追求 钱高于意义的情况下,我们的参与的个人以及社会代价呢? 【难度】一般 (九) A Welcome Gift Dario and his mother loved their new apartment. The living room was large enough for their piano. That night, the two of them side by side at the piano. They played jazz music to celebrate their new home. The loud filled the room and made them feel very happy. The next morning, , their happiness disappeared. Someone had left a under their door during the night. One of their neighbor had written to complain(抱 怨) about the sound of the piano. Dario’s mother asked the building superintendent(管理员) if he knew anything about it. But he said that they were all people and he couldn’t imagine any of them had done that. Later that morning, Dario suggested that they write a letter to their and apologize for their playing. “Maybe we could go and everyone in person.” his mother said. “What if we invited them to come here for a instead? Dario asked. They both loved the . Over the next few days, they sent out invitations and prepared desserts their guests. They decorated the apartment with streamers(彩带) and party lights. Finally, the day of the party . Some guests brought presents. Others brought flowers. Some even brought desserts to . One woman, Mrs. Gilbert, Dario’s mother with a book of piano music by Chopin. “I heard you playing the other night,” she said. “The sounds woke me out of bed. I that you might play like this every night. So I wrote a short note. I hope you don’t think I disliked the playing.” Dario’s mother smiled at Mrs. Gilbert. “I think maybe we you an apology.” she said. “I didn’t __ how late it was when we were playing. Maybe we should play some quieter music at night. “You play, you play!” Mrs. Gilbert said. “I like what you play! Just not so loud at night.” She pointed to the book she had given them. “These songs are not such __ music.” “These songs are beautiful music.” Dario’s mother said. “We will be __ to play them in the evening.” “And we won’t play so loud or late!” Dario said. He was already looking forward to __ the new music. More than that, however, he was happy to see the big smile on his mother’s face. It gave him a feeling of __ and made him feel that they

were home at last. 1. A. sat B. stood C. lay D. walked 2. A. voice B. ring C. music D. cry 3. A. therefore B. however C. otherwise D. instead 4. A. note B. poster C. bill D. report 5. A. proud B. rich C. lucky D. nice 6. A. neighbors B. friends C. relatives D. audience 7. A. blame B. instruct C. question D. visit 8. A. party B. concert C. show D. play 9. A. experience B. idea C. performance D. action 10. A. to B. with C. for D. from 11. A. continued B. arrived C. passed D. finished 12. A. order B. sell C. share D. advertise 13. A. treated B. presented C. helped D. served 14. A. promised B. admitted C. agreed D. worried 15. A. give B. send C. offer D. owe 16. A. realize B. remember C. understand D. accept 17. A. sweet B. strange C. funny D. loud 18. A. brave B. sorry C. happy D. afraid 19. A. changing B. practicing C. recording D. writing 20. A. equality B. freedom C. warmth D. sympathy 【答案】 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. A 7. D 8. A 9. B 10. C 11. B 12. C 13. B 14. D 15. D 16. A 17. D 18. C 19. B 20. C 【解析】 试题分析:文章讲述了一对母子搬入新家,非常高兴,在深夜弹起钢琴庆祝,却打扰了周围

邻居。邻居留言抱怨投诉,母子积极回应,为邻居们办了一场派对来缓和邻里关系,并得到 邻居们的谅解。 1. A 考查动词辨析。A. sit 坐;B. stand 站立;C. lay 躺在;D. walk 散步。根据后文 内容在钢琴旁边弹琴的环节,可知应该是坐在钢琴旁边弹奏,故选 A。 2. C 考查名词辨析。A. voice 声音;B. ring 铃声;C. music 音乐;D. cry 哭声。考查 前文细节 jazzmusic 的原词复现,是音乐充满了房间。故选 C。 3. B 考查副词辨析。A. therefore 因此,所以;B. however 然而;C. otherwise 否则; D. instead 代替。通过上一段的欢乐幸福气氛和下文的幸福一下子 disappeared 的强烈对 比可知,本处需要一个逻辑关系为转折的副词,故选 B。 4. A 考查名词辨析。A. note 笔记;B. poster 海报;C. bill 账单;D. report 报告。本 题是一道同义词复现题,通过文章倒数第 5 段处得知,是由 Mrs.Gilbert 留了一张字条,故 选 A。 5. D 考查形容词辨析。A. proud 骄傲的,自豪的;B. rich 富裕的;C. lucky 幸运的; D. nice 美好的,愉快的。主人公想向管理员咨询,哪一位邻居可能是那位留言的抱怨者, 由转折词 But 可知管理者也并不能指出,由此可知大家通常都是通情达理的,故选 D。 6. A 考查名词辨析。A. neighbors 邻居们;B. friends 朋友们;C. relatives 亲属,亲 戚;D. audiences 听众。此题线索明显,全文都是围绕主人公和周围邻居展开的,故选 A。 7. D 考查动词辨析。A. blame 归咎于,指责;B. instruct 通知,命令;C. question 询 问,质问;D. visit 参观,拜访。由上文可知,母子两人对于扰民之事十分抱歉,想要去 道歉,因此“指责” 、 “指导”和“质问”都不符合语境,故选 D。 8. A 考查名词辨析。A. party 聚会;B. concert 音乐会;C. show 展览;D.play 游戏, 比赛。此题为线索题且为原词复现,由后文可知母子为解决此事办了一场派对,并邀请了邻 居们,故选 A。 9. B 考查名词辨析。A. experience 经历,经验;B. idea 主意;C. performance 表演; D. action 行为。此题可排除得知,母子打算办派对,这是一个打算,一个主意,而不是经 历、表演表现或行为。故选 B。 10. C 考查介词辨析。A. to 到;B. with 伴随着;for 为了;D. from 来自。 母子办派对,准备了甜点是为了招待客人们,介词 for 有表“为了”的含义,故选 C。 11. B 考查动词辨析。A. continue 继续;B. arrive 到达;C. pass 通过;D. finish 完 成。根据上文,他们举办了一次聚会,准备许久,这一天终于到来了,故选 B。 12. C 考查动词辨析。A. order 命令,点菜;B. sell 买;C. share 分享;D. advertise 做广告。根据本句话的意思:甚至有人带了甜点来分享,故选 C。 13. B 考查动词辨析。A. treat 招待,治疗;B. present 呈现;C. help 帮助;D. serve 为??服务。这道题有难度,根据本句话的意思:Mrs.Gilbert 送给了 Dario 的妈妈一本音 乐书,能表达出“送”这个动作的,就是 present“呈现??,给??” ,故选 B。 14. D 考查动词辨析。A. promise 承诺;B. admit 许可进入;C. agree 同意;D. serve 服务。根据题意,Mrs.Gilbert 之所以留了一张抱怨小纸条是担心每天晚上都会这么吵,故 选 D。 15. D 考查动词辨析。A. give 给;B. send 发送;C. offer 提供;D. owe 感激,欠??债。 这个空可以看作是固定搭配,owe sb. an apology 应该向某人道歉。故选 D。 16. A 考查动词辨析。A. realize 意识到;B. remember 记起;C. understand 理解,懂的; D. accept 接受。Dario 的妈妈道歉说:我也没意识到当时那么晚了我们还在弹钢琴。应该 选择“意识到”这个动词,故选 A。 17. D 考查形容词辨析。A. sweet 甜的;B. strange 奇怪的,陌生的;C. funny 滑稽的;

D. loud 声音大的, 吵闹的。 根据上一句: I like what you play! Just not so loud at night. 说明 Mrs. Gilbert 不喜欢那么吵的音乐, 因此她送了 Dario 的妈妈一本比较安静的音乐书, 也就是不那么吵的音乐(not such loud music)。故选 D。 18. C 考查形容词辨析。A. brave 勇敢的;B. sorry 抱歉的;C. happy 快乐的;D. afraid 害怕的。通过上文:These songs are beautiful music, 说明 Dario 的妈妈很喜欢这些音 乐,所以 we will be happy to play them。故选 C。 19. B 考查动词辨析。 A. change 变化; B. practice 练习, 实践; C. record 记录; D. write 写作。根据题意,应该是练习音乐,故选 B。 20. C 考查名词辨析。A. quality 品质;B. freedom 自由;C. warmth 温暖;D. sympathy 同情心。看本句话后半部分:and made him feel that they were home at last. 如在家 中一样,那就应该感受到了温暖,故选 C。 【难度】一般 (十) “Daily Star, sir” called Jason, carrying some newspapers under his arm. The little boy had been running up and down the street, but there were still twenty ___left. His voice was almost gone and his heart was ___. The shops would soon close, and all the people would go home. He would have to go home too, carrying the papers ___ money. He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a ___ for his mother and some seeds for his bird. That was why he had bought the papers with all his money. He ___ as he thought of his failure to sell all his papers. “You don’t know the ___ of selling papers. You must shout, “Hot news! Bomb bursting!” another newsboy Chad told Jason. “___ it’s not in the paper at all,” replied Jason. “Just run away quickly ____ they have time to see, and you’ll ___ out and get your money,” Chad said. It was a new ___to Jason. He thought of his bird with no ___ and the cake he wanted to buy for his mother, but was ___ that he would not tell a lie. Though he was ___ a poor newsboy, he had been ___ some good things. The next afternoon Jason went to the office for his papers ___. Several boys were crowding around Chad, who declared with a ___ smile that he sold six dozen the day before. He added that Jason___money because he would not tell a lie. The boy ___ at Jason. “You wouldn’t tell a lie yesterday, my boy?” A gentleman at the office came up and patted Jason’s shoulder___.”You’re just the boy I am looking for.” A week later Jason started his new ___. He lost sale of twenty papers because he would not tell a lie, but got a well-paid job because he told the truth. 1. A. shops B. coins C. people D. papers 2. A. open B. heavy C. pure D. weak 3. A. instead of B.in return for C. regardless of D. in exchange for 4. A. cup B. card C. comb D. cake 5. A. gave in B. broke down C. got away D. showed up 6. A. difficulty B. process C. goal D. secret 7. A. And B. But C. For D. So 8. A. before B. since C. though D. unless 9. A. call B. drop C. sell D. reach

10. A. edition B. idea C. policy D. task 11. A. bread B. insects C. seeds D. water 12. A. concerned B. amazed C. excited D. determined 13. A. still B. already C. just D. also 14. A. taught B. handed C. awarded D. allowed 15. A. at once B. by chance C. as usual D. on purpose 16. A. proud B. gentle C. warm D. polite 17. A. borrowed B. lost C. made D. saved 18. A. laughed B. shouted C. nodded D. started 19. A. bravely B. grateful C. fondly D. modestly 20. A. duty B. business C. job D. method 【答案】 1. D 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. B 11. C 12. D 13. C 14. A 15. C 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. C 20. C 【解析】 试题分析:本文是一篇记叙文。和其他卖报郎不同,Jason 不愿通过谎称报纸上有热点新闻 的方法卖更多报纸,挣更多钱,而是一直坚守着诚信,最终赢得了邮局里一位绅士的认可, 并获得了一份薪水丰厚的工作。 1. D 考查名词。根据上文“?, carrying some newspapers?”可知,此处表示还剩 20 份报纸没卖完。A 项“商店”;B 项“硬币”;C 项“人”;D 项“报纸”。故选 D 项。 2. B 考查形容词。根据上文可知,小男孩还有 20 份报纸没卖完,因而心情十分沉重。A 项“敞开心扉”;B 项“心情沉重”;C 项“纯粹,纯净”;D 项“虚弱”。故选 B 项。 3. A 考查介词短语。根据下文“?to make more money to?”可知,小男孩准备把剩下 的报纸而不是钱带回家。A 项“代替,而不是”;B 项“作为回报”;C 项“不管,不顾”; D 项“以换取??”。故选 A 项。

4. D 考查名词。根据下文“?and the cake he wanted to buy?”可知,小男孩想挣更 多的钱给母亲买一块蛋糕和鸟食。 A 项“茶杯”; B 项“卡片”; C 项“梳子”; D 项“蛋糕”。 故选 D 项。 5. B 考查动词短语。 句意: 当他想到没能卖完报纸, 他一下子垮掉了。 A 项“让步, 屈服”; B 项“精神崩溃”;C 项“离开,逃走”;D 项“出现,露面”。故选 B 项。 6. D 考查名词。句意:你不知道卖报纸的秘诀。你必须大喊:“热点新闻!爆炸新闻!”A 项“困难”;B 项“过程”;C 项“目标”;D 项“秘诀”。故选 D 项。 7. B 考查连词。句意:“(事实上)报纸上根本就没有。”此处语义与上文转折,故用转 折连词 but。A 项表示承接;B 项表示转折;C 项表示原因;D 项表示结果。故选 B 项。 8. A 考查连词。句意:在他们有时间看之前,迅速跑掉。A 项“在??之前”;B 项“自 从”;C 项“尽管”;D 项“除非”。故选 A 项。 9. C 考查动词。句意:你就会把报纸卖完,拿到钱。A 项 call out“大声叫喊”;B 项“退 学,退出”;C 项 sell out“卖完”;D 项 reach out“伸出(手)”。故选 C 项。 10. B 句意:这对 Jason 来说是个新主意。A 项 “版本”;B 项“主意,想法”;C 项“政 策”;D 项“任务”。故选 B 项。 11. C 考查名词。根据上文“?he wanted to buy a _34_ for his mother and some seeds for his bird”可知, 此处意为“没有鸟食”。 A 项 “面包”; B 项“昆虫”; C 项“鸟食”; D 项“水”。故选 C 项。 12. D 考查形容词。句意:但他坚决不会说谎。A 项 “担心的”;B 项“惊讶的”; C 项“激 动的,兴奋的”;D 项“坚定的,坚决的”。故选 D 项。 13. C 考查连词。 句意: 尽管他仅仅是个贫穷的卖报郎, 他受过良好的教育。 A 项 “仍然”; B 项“已经”;C 项“仅仅”;D 项“也”。故选 C 项。 14. A 考查动词。根据句意可知,他受过良好的教育。A 项 “教授”;B 项“上交”;C 项 “奖励”;D 项“允许”。故选 A 项。 15. C 考查固定搭配。句意:第二天下午,Jason 像往常一样去邮局取报纸。A 项 “立即”; B 项“偶然”;C 项“像往常一样”;D 项“故意地”。故选 C 项。 16. A 考查形容词。句意:好几个男孩都簇拥着 Chad,他面带微笑,自豪地宣称:前一天他 卖了 72 份报纸。A 项 “自豪的”;B 项“温和的”;C 项“温暖的”;D 项“有礼貌的”。 故选 A 项。 17. B 考查动词。句意:他补充说道 Jason 因为不愿说谎没挣到钱。A 项 “借”;B 项“失 去(没挣到)”;C 项“挣得”;D 项“节省”。故选 B 项。 18. A 考查动词。句意:男孩们都对 Jason 嘲笑,“老弟,昨天你不愿撒谎?”。A 项 “嘲 笑”;B 项“大叫,大嚷”;C 项“点头”;D 项“盯着看”。故选 A 项。 19. C 考查副词。句意:邮局里的一位绅士走上前来,喜爱地轻拍了 Jason 的肩膀。“你就 是我在找的男孩。”A 项 “勇敢地”;B 项“感激地”;C 项“喜爱地”;D 项“谦虚地”。 故选 C 项。 20. C 考查名词。根据下文可知,Jason 获得了一份薪水丰厚的工作。A 项 “责任,义务”; B 项“生意”;C 项“工作”;D 项“方法”。故选 C 项。 【难度】一般 (十一) Alexander the Great was the great Macedonian(马其顿)Emperor.As a young man he once himself a famous horse with his extraordinary power of observation and wisdom.

One day,his father,King Philip,received a horse as a(n) .Together with some of his men as well as the prince,the King with him his new horse out on a wide plain to .But they soon found that the horse was very .It kicked and shouted loudly so that no one could get on its back. The King was and gave orders for to be taken back at once.But the prince,Alexander,was sorry to this. “It’s a pity to such a fine horse just because man is brave enough to get on it, ”said he. “Your are brave, ”said the King,feeling that his son without thinking. “But are you brave enough to do that?’’ The young man went up to the nervous animal,took the bridle(缰绳)and turned its to the sun.He did so because he had that the horse was afraid of its own shadow kept moving upon the ground before his eyes. With its face to the sun,the horse could no longer see the shadow.It soon became .The young man patted it and by and by he jumped upon its back.Then it set at a great speed with the brave prince holding on.It ran farther and farther into the plain till at last it became tired and A1exander rode it back. The horse was thus given to the brave man.For many years it fought battle after battle together with him.One day in a fierce battle,both of them got seriously .The horse struggled to carry Alexander on its back and ran home.Then it died. his horse,Alexander had a city built and named the city Bucephalus,which was the name of his horse. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. A.brought A.honor A.rode A.ride A.ridiculous A.happy A.it A.find A.deliver A.a A.actions A.told A.head A.consulted A.who A.curious A.fiercely A.off A.harmed A.In favor of B.gave C.declared B.prize C.present B.pulled C.took B.drive C.feed B.nervous C.strong B.angry C.curious B.him C.her B.do C.hear B.kill C.release B.one C.such B.words C.comments B.spoke C.chatted B.side C.body B.expected C.observed B.as C.which B.exhausted C.quiet B.firmly C.tightly B.up C.aside B.burned C.wounded B.In memory of C.In face of D.won D.reward D.had D.run D.wild D.satisfied D.this D.say D.1ose D.no D.conclusions D.talked D.tail D.predicted D.it D.excited D.gently D.about D.damaged D.In terms of

【答案】 1. D 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. D 11. B 12. B 13. A 14. C 15. C 16. C 17. D 18. A 19. C 20. B 【解析】 试题分析:本文讲述了亚历山大大帝年轻时用他敏锐的观察力和他的智慧驯服了一匹良马。 他骑着它打仗无数。在一次战争中,亚历山大和他的马都伤的很严重,但是马拼尽全力把他 带回了家,而马却死了。为了纪念它,亚历山大大帝建立一座城并用马的名字来命名。 1. D 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. brought 买; B. gave 给; C. declared 声明; D. won 赢得。他用自己非凡的观察力和智慧为自己赢得了一匹名马。通过下文可知,故选 D。 2. C 考查名词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.honor 荣誉;B.prize 奖品;C.present 礼物; D.reward 报酬。他的父亲菲利普国王收到了作为礼物的一匹马。故选 C。 3. C 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. rode 骑乘; B. pulled 牵拉; C. took 带着; D. had 有。根据下文 It kicked and shouted loudly so that no one could get on its back. (马 又踢又叫以至于没有人能骑。 )可知,这里的意思是带着马去骑。故选 C。 4. A 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. ride 骑马; B. drive 开车; C. feed 饲养; D. run 跑。根据下文 It kicked and shouted loudly so that no one could get on its back. (马 又踢又叫以至于没有人能骑。 )可知,这里是去骑马。故选 A。 5. D 考查形容词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. ridiculous 可笑; B. nervous 紧张; C. strong 强壮; D.wild 狂野。根据 It kicked and shouted loudly so that no one could get on its back. (马又踢又叫以至于没有人能骑。 )可知,马性情狂野。故选 D。 6. B 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.happy 高兴;B.angry 生气;C.curious 好奇;

D.satisfied 满意。国王带着随从和王子出来骑马,没有做到,当然应该是生气。故选 B。 7. A 考查代词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.it 它,指马;B.him 他;C.her 她;D.this 这。国王下命令要把马立刻带回去。故选 A。 8. C 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.find 发现;B.do 做;C.hear 听到;D.say 说。王子听到要把马牵回去感到很遗憾。根据“It’s a pity to 49 such a fine horse 可知,王子的心情。故选 C。 9. D 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.deliver 发表,递送;B.kill 杀死;C.release 释放;D.1ose 失去。国王要把马带走,因为没人能骑得了。就是说国王要失去这匹马了。 故选 D。 10. D 考查代词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.a 一个;B.one 一个;C.such 这样的;D.no 没有。根据前面可知,没人能骑上马背。所以选 D。 11. B 考查名词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.actions 行动;B.words 话;C.comments 评价; D.conclusions 结论。这里是对刚才说的话的评价,故选 B。 12. B 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.told 告诉;B.spoke 说话;C.chatted 聊天; D.talked 谈话。国王觉得儿子说话不经思考就说了。故选 B。 13. A 考查名词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.head 头;B.side 侧面,旁边;C.body 身体; D.tail 尾巴。通过观察亚历山大知道马看到地上自己的影子才害怕,所以把马的头照着太 阳,马看不到自己的影子就不紧张了。故选 A, 14. C 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. consulted 咨询; B. expected 期待; C. observed 观察;D.predicted 预测。因为王子的细心观察才能发现问题所在。故选 C。 15. C 考查定语从句的关系词以及对语境的理解。A.who 定语从句的关系词,代先行词人; B.as 定语从句的关系词,正如;C.which 定语从句的关系词,代先行词物,或整个句子的 意思;这里说马的影子一直在它的眼睛前晃动;D.it 它。用 which 引导定语从句。根据下 文 With its face to the sun,the horse could no longer see the shadow.故选 C。 16. C 考查形容词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.curious 好奇;B.exhausted 疲惫;C.quiet 安静; D.excited 激动。脸朝着太阳,看不到自己的影子,马就慢慢安静下来了。故选 C。 17. D 考查副词辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. fiercely 猛烈地; B. firmly 坚定地; C. tightly 紧紧地;D.gently 轻轻地,温柔地。安抚马,当然应该要轻拍。选 D。 18. A 考查动词短语辨析以及对语境的理解。 A. set off 出发; B. set up 建立; C. set aside 放一边;D.set about 着手。勇敢的王子一坐到马背上马就立刻以极快的速度跑了出去。 后面说马跑累了才停下来。故选 A。 19. C 考查动词辨析以及对语境的理解。A.harmed 损害,指功能受损;B.burned 烧伤; C. wounded 使受伤;D. damaged 破损。战争中受伤用 wound,故选 C。 20. B 考查介词短语辨析以及对语境的理解。A. In favor of 有利于;B. In memory of 记 住;C. In face of 面对;D. In terms of 按照。马因为救亚历山大而死,为了纪念它,建 了一座城,用这匹马的名字命。名。选 B。 【难度】一般

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