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2012 学年奉贤区高三英语试卷
(本卷满分 150 分;完卷时间 120 分钟)

第 I 卷(共 105 分) I. Listening Comprehension Section A Directions: in Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A. in a hospital. B. in a school. C. in a hotel. A programmer. B. A writer. C. A reporter. At 6 p.m. B. At 11 p.m. C. At 5 p.m. A. In July. B. In August. C. in January. A.300. B. 200. C. 150. A. At last, she enjoys her college life. B. College life hasn't changed much since this year. C. She has many new friends. D. It is easier to find her way around this year. 7. A. He was an interesting guy. B. He deserved the title. C. He was very lucky to win the honour. D. His life was different from other people. 8. A. It will be an excellent facility in the neighborhood. B. it isn't needed. C. It should be built quickly. D. it is time to go swimming. 9. A. The woman insists on going out. B. The man promised her a gift on her birthday. C. The man is too tired to go out. D. The woman prefers to stay at home at their wedding anniversary. 10. A. She is thinner. B. She doesn't eat much. C. She knows how to dress herself. D. She seems to have lost weight. D. in a police station. D. An operator. D. At 9 p.m. D. in October. D. 100.

Section B Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.
Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. Boys grow up by playing it. B. Every American has watched baseball games.

C. Americans talk about it very often. D. Baseball has been in all aspects of American life. 12. A. They dressed in American uniforms and spoke English well. B. They lived in America for a very long time. C. They learned to play baseball. D. They knew everything about baseball. 13. A. By stopping them and asking them to play baseball. B. By asking them questions about baseball and star players. C. By checking their spoken English. D. By seeing whether they are strange or not. Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage 14. A. Eating habits. B. Unique customs in travel C. Different ways of travelling. D. How to respect different cultures. 15. A. In Asia. B. In America. C. In Europe. D. In the Middle East. 16. A. Safe and easy. B. Ugly and dirty. C. Complex and uncomfortable. D. Interesting and unnecessary. Section C Directions: In Section C, you will hear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. The man makes the call to the Telephone Company to: To 17___________ about the bill. The telephone number of the man: The reason why the bill ran high last month: Last month the man's wife might have called to: Write ONE WORD for each answer.
Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation.

18 __________. There was a long-distance call to 19 __________. Her 20 __________.

What happened to the man's wallet? What was in the man's wallet besides cash? What did the woman suggest the man do first? Why did the man ask the woman to show him her card?

It 21 __________ an hour ago. 22 __________ . Report his missing card to 23__________ To see the number of the 24 __________

Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

II. Grammar and Vocabulary
Section A

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

25?29 BBCDD 25. Larry Walters is__________the relatively few people who have actually turned their dreams into reality. A. at B. among C. between D. through 26. The low-budget iilm Lost in Thailand just __________ the most bankable Chinese film of all time. A. is...becoming B. has…become C. was...becoming D. did…become 27. Although Mo Yan __________ one of the top domestic literature awards before the Nobel Prize, he is not the most popular novelist in China. A. entitled B. had entitled C. was entitled D. has been entitled 28. Train stations in China are taking seasonal measures these days ________ large numbers of travelers during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. A. coping with B. coped with C. cope with D. to cope with 29. - I'm so tired. Give me some time to have a short break. -It's Monday today. You _____at weekends. A. ought to have stayed up C. might have stayed up 30?34 BADCC 30. Ice Hockey is a game played between two teams,______ with six players on the ice. A. each B. either C. all D. neither 31. In a way, privacy is like health _______people don't value it until they lose it. A. because B. owing to C. so that D. in case 32. __________for years, the house designed by an Italian architect finally collapsed. A. Having neglected B. Being neglected C. To be neglected D. Having been neglected 33. __________ in Canada rose 1.0 percent in the third quarter of 2012, following a 0.1 percent increase in the previous quarter. A. Tourist spend B. Tourist spent C. Tourist spending D. Tourist spends 34. Innovation is a natural desire of the human mind to develop variety, _____ activity is involved. A. no matter when B. however 35?40 CAAABB 35. According to the survey, the result is shocking ____ the number of people living alone has risen. A. which 36. B. what C. that D. whether C. whatever D. no matter which B. need have stayed up D. must have stayed up

What ________ makes the English version oi the musical Notre Dame de Paris different from the previous one?

A. is it that B. is that it C. that is it D. it is that 37. Decreasing the greenhouse effect, ________ may result in global warming, is a complicated problem facing the whole world. A. which B. that C. why D. as 38. Believe it or not, I’m not interested in ________ they will listen to my excuse. A. whether B. if C. however D. how


Although he has suffered an injury, people keep hoping the world will see Kaka, a talented player,________ the game he loves so much. A. enjoys B. enjoying C. having enjoyed D. enjoyed 40. Online education forces colleges to focus on the rest of the learning processes, which is________ the real value lies. A. how B. where C. when D. that Section B Directions: complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. C. extension 41?45 DJGFB 46?49 AEIH

They may be so small that they can crawl along the edge of a coin, but the endangered status of the Partula gibba snails means soon they may not be visible at all. The critically endangered snail, which is __41_ D. barely _ bigger than a pin head at birth, is facing __42 J. extinction n __ after a failed farming experiment almost wiped out its number in its native Pacific islands. When the predatory (食肉的)rosy wolf-snail from Florida was __43__ G. introduced to the islands in 1974 in an attempt to control land snail numbers, it instead fed on tree snails, including the tiny Partula gibba ones. Now British conservationists are battling to save the tiny creature. Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, England is home to 123 of the world's remaining 306 Partula gibba snails. This year, the zoo will r elease some of the snails into reserves on the Pacific islands. The snails will then be closely __44 F. monitored __ until they are released into the wild to look after themselves. Snail keeper Geoff Read at Marwell Zoo is deeply __45_ B. concerned _ about the fate of the snails. "i'm looking at a(n) __46_ A. species _ dying in front of me and to think these snails could become extinct in my lifetime is __47 I. seriously E. incredibly _ __ sad," he said. "I know they are only snails, and i hate to say that, BUT because they are not cute (可爱的) and fluffy (毛 茸茸的),people do not seem to care. These animals are rare." added the keeper, who called for responsibility to be taken "very __ I. seriously E. incredibly _48_. ”

But there seems to be some good news. The International Partula Conservation programme has plans to reintroduce the snails into the wild, so there could be hope for the future. "There home there is like a bio-security room and the environment is key to their __49 H. survival __ ." III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Clearly if we are to participate in the society in which we live, we must communicate with other people. A great deal of __50__ is performed on a person-to-person basis by the simple __51__ of speech. If we travel in buses, buy things in shops, or eat in restaurants, we are likely to have __52__ where we give information or opinions, receive news or comment, and very __53__ have our views challenged by other members of society.

Face-to-face __54__ is by no means the only form of communication and during the last two hundred years the art of mass communication has become one of the __55__ factors of current society. Two things, above others, have caused the enormous __56__ of the communication industry. Firstly, inventiveness has __57__ advances in imprinting, telecommunications, photography, radio and television. Secondly, speed has revolutionized the transmission and reception of communications so that local news often takes a back seat to national news, which itself is often almost eclipsed (失去优势)by international news. No longer is the possession of information __58__ to a wealthy minority. In the last century the wealthy man with his own library was indeed __59__ , but today there are public libraries. Forty years ago people used to go to the cinema, but now far more people sit at home and turn on the TV to watch a program that is being __60__ into millions of homes. Communication is no longer merely concerned with the transmission of information. The modem communication __61__ the way people live in society and broadens their horizons by allowing __62__ to information, education and entertainment. The printing, broadcasting and advertising industries are all involved with informing, educating and entertaining. Although a great deal of the material communicated by the mass media is very __63__ to the individual and to the society, of which he is a part, the vast modem network of communication is open to misuse. __64__, the mass media ARE with us, for better, for worse, and there is no turning back. 50?54 ADABA 55?59 BACBA 60?64 AABCD 50. A. communicating 51. A. ideas 52. A. conversations 53. A. reluctantly 54. A. contact 55. A. challenging 56. A. growth 57. A. come through 58. A. given 59. A. fortunate 60. A. channeled 61. A. influences 62. A. guidance 63. A. considerable 64. A. in addition B. delivering B. explanations B. conferences B. likely B. occasion B. dominating B. increase B. resulted from B. restricted B. visible B. bought B. provides B. access B. impressive B. for example C. addressing C. solutions C. attempts C. absolutely C. feedback C. attracting C. approval C. led to C. opposed C. hopeful C. applied C. corrects C. movement C. valuable C. therefore D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. exchanging means interruptions suddenly reaction improving invention brought in guaranteed respectable transformed protects reception available however

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall. No way could I have sent her away. No way, not me anyway. Maybe someone had kicked her out of their car the night before. "We're moving house." “No space for her any more with the baby coming." "We never really wanted her, but what could we have done? She was a

present." People find all sorts of excuses for abandoning an animal. And she was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. I called her Goldie. If I had known what was going to happen I would have given her a more creative name. She was so unsettled during those first few days. She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's. But eventually at the end of the first week she calmed down. Always by my side, whether we were out on one of our long walks or sitting by the fire. That’s why it was such a shock when she pulled away from me one day when we were out for a walk. We were a long way from home, when she started barking and getting very restless. Eventually I couldn't hold her any longer and she raced off down the road towards a farmhouse in the distance as fast as she could. By the time I reached the farm I was very tired and upset with Goldie. But when I saw her licking the four puppies I started to feel sympathy towards them. "We didn't know what had happened to her," said the woman at the door. "I took her for a walk one day, soon after the puppies were born, and she just disappeared." "She must have tried to come back to them and got lost," added a boy from behind her. I must admit I do miss Goldie, but I've got nugget now, and she looks just like her mother. And I've learnt a good lesson: not to judge people. A 篇 65?68 BADA 65. How did the author feel about Goldie when Goldie came to the house? A. Shocked. B. Sympathetic. C. Annoyed. D. Upset. 66. In her first few days at the author's house, Goldie________. A. felt worried B. was angry C. ate a little D. sat by the fire 67. Goldie rushed off to a farmhouse one day because she ________. A. saw her puppies B. heard familiar barkings C. wanted to leave the author D. found her way to her old house 68. The passage is organized in order of ________. A. time B. effectiveness C. importance D. complexity (B)

B 篇 69?71 CDB 69. Probably most injuries happen to skaters’ wrists because ________. A. few skaters wear wrist guards B. the wrist is the most fragile (脆弱的) body part C. skaters often push out their hands when falling D. skaters don’t know how to protect their wrists 70. ________ are the majority in the study. A. Those who wore helmets B. Those who wore wrist guards C. Those who wore knee pads D. Those who wore no protective gear 71. What was the main point of the study? A. To encourage people to learn skating. B. To advise skaters to wear safety pads. C. To advertise for skating protective gear. D. To introduce ways of protecting skaters. (C) Almost a decade after the hit Finding Nemo made clownfish seem totally warm and lovable, environmentalists are now looking for a real-life sequel: Saving Nemo. In the United States, a request has been made to extend the protections of the Endangered Species Act to marine species including the clownfish. But before you start shedding tears for Nemo and his buddies, keep in mind that this request is not based on any evidence of a decline in the clownfish population. Instead, what has sparked concern is the worsening health of coral reefs, which more than one million aquatic species including the clownfish depend on to thrive, even survive. In ways it makes more sense to move to protect a species when its habitat declines rather than its actual population. The most important mission of the Endangered Species Act is the protection of species’ habitats; without their habitats, there’s almost no hope of saving endangered animals, except perhaps in a zoo. Earlier this year, alarming news came about the world’s largest coral reef system, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR, 大堡礁). A study has shown the Reef is in sharp decline, with half of its coral cover gone in the past 27 years. Katharina Fabricius, an Australian coral reef ecologist co-authoring the study, has been diving and working on the GBR since 1988—and has watched the decline. “There are still a lot of fish ... but not the same color and diversity as in the past,” she said. The study team used information from more than 2,000 surveys to determine the rate of decline between 1985 and 2012. That overall 50-percent decline, they estimate, is a yearly loss of about 3.4 percent of the Reef. If the trend continued, the coral cover could halve again by 2022. Several main factors are responsible for the decline, the study found. Intense tropical cyclones (热带气旋), believed to be fueled by global warming, have caused massive damage to reefs in the central and southern parts of the Reef. Meanwhile, population explosions of the coral-consuming crown-of-thorns starfish (长棘海星) have affected coral populations along the length of the Reef. Two severe coral bleaching (变白) events, caused by ocean warming, have also had major damaging impacts in northern and central parts of the GBR.
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C 篇 72~75 BCAA 72. A request has been made in the United States to save the clownfish because ________. A. it is a totally warm and lovable species B. the health of its habitat is worsening C. its population has dropped sharply D. few clownfish can be found in zoos 72. What does the underlined word “thrive” in Paragraph 3 probably mean? A. To feed oneself. B. To keep oneself safe. C. To grow and develop well. D. To attract attention. 74. According to the article, what is the AUTHOR'S attitude toward the request in the U.S.? A. He/she supports it. B. He/she finds it ridiculous. C. He/she thinks it is reasonable but needs revising. D. There's no WAY to tell. 75. According to the article, all of the following factors contribute to the decline of Great Barrier Reef's coral cover except ________. A. the growing popularity of scuba (水肺)diving around the Reef B. stronger tropical cyclones fueled by global warming C. the rapidly growing population of type of coral-eating starfish D. coral bleaching caused by rising temperature of the ocean water Section C Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need.

D. Describe your personal interest Section C 76?80 CDABE People are always saying that you should make friends with native speakers to practise the language. Now in the internet age, that's much easier. The best way to strike up a friendship with English speakers online is to find those you share a common interest with. If you're able to discuss a hobby like movies or basketball together it will be much easier to start those friendships. 76. __ C. Join a forum you are interested in ________ Getting involved in a forum based on your interests is also a great way to learn words that you might never have met in class. Different people may join different groups or forums, and you have to find the one that suits your case. 77. ___ F. Online information _ D. Describe your personal interest ______ so, where do you go to find English speakers with like-minded interests? The most obvious places to look are Google and Yahoo. These popular Internet sites are bursting with groups and forums.
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Once you've found a group that suits you, spend some time thinking about what you want to say in your first post. it's a good idea to introduce yourself, give your nickname and age, say where you're from, and tell what your interests are. 78. _ A. The way to get involved This is generally the fastest way to get involved in a forum and to introduce yourself to others. On a movie forum you could ask something like, “I've just seen the movie Revolutionary Road. I thought it was brilliant. Has anyone read the book?” 79. _____ B. Websites to check out _____ www.englishforums.com: To find someone to talk to using Skype, check out his site. simply put Skype in the search engine and that will bring up the many people who have posted a desire to practice their English using Skype. Its chatrooms are also good places to find English speakers. mylanguagexchange.com: The website is an online language exchange community. There are even lesson plans to help structure the conversation. www.englishonline.org.cn/en: The British Council's English online website is another place with lively forums worth checking out. Or you could join a Facebook group. There are thousands on the website. 80. __ E. Online dos and don'ts One common mistake people make when they approach English speakers online is to begin by saying that they want to be friends to improve their English. While this may be the truth, don't say it. it suggests you have little interest in a real friendship. Be imaginative in approaching people. Perhaps you see that someone is from a certain country that you would like to visit. Tell them so, and then ask if they can tell you a bit about it. Then tell them about yours. Section D Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. When your country relies heavily on tourism and you lose more than a third of your visitors due to political revolution, you've got to do something pretty dramatic to get them back. And if you are Egypt, you reopen a pyramid. The Egyptian government recently announced that one of its great pyramids 一 the Pyramid of Chefren 一 and as many as six other ancient tombs at the Giza Necropolis (吉萨金字塔群) will be reopened after a long restoration project. The move was made in an attempt to revive (重振) a tourism industry that was badly affected by last year's unrest. Egypt became a no-go area following the unrest in 2011. Scenes of violent protests, mainly in the Capital Cairo, were broadcast ACROSS the world and understandably took the country off the holiday trail. Despite that questions are still being asked about the security of potential tourists visiting the region, Egypt's antiquities minister Muhammad Ibrahim insisted that it was a safe country. He said the region was far more stable one year on, adding that other archaeological (考古的) sites were due to be opened across Egypt in coming months. The Pyramid of Chefren, also known as the Pyramid of Chafren, is the second largest pyramid at the Giza site. It was built as the tomb for the Pharaoh Chafren from ancient Egypt's fourth dynasty. The pyramid and the other around it, were discovered in 1927 by American archaeologist George Reinser, and have been closed for restoration on several other occasions in the past.
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In 1990s a site management plan was carried out to try and preserve these historic treasures when the antiquities ministry discovered that the large volume of visitors over the years had raised levels of humidity inside the structures to levels of up to 80 percent. Research found that every visitor to the pyramids released an average of 20 grams of water vapor through sweat, which slowly caused damage to the walls inside. The project, which cost around $4 million, included cleaning the walls of the tombs and strengthening them, as well AS removing graffiti left by previous visitors. Inscriptions (铭文)and paintings were also preserved. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN FIFTEEN WORDS.) 81. The Pyramid of Chefren will be reopened following restoration project in an attempt to 82. According to the passage, why were tourists unwilling to go to Egypt after the unrest in 2011? 83. What else does the Egyptian government plan to do in the coming months to help the country's tourism industry? 84. A site management plan was carried out in the 1990s because_______________________________.

第 II 卷(共 45 分) I. Translation Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in toe brackets. 11.. 老师推荐的这本书深受我们的喜爱。Popular 22.. 只要我们有足够的耐心和恒心,,我们能够在英语方面取得进步。Make 33.. 这位年轻的科学家如此专注于他的研究,,每天很晚睡觉。so 44.. 面对各种各样的选择,,人们往往会举棋不定。Tend 55.. 以其捐款人命名的那个图书馆,,定期邀请名人作讲座,,吸引了许多市民的参与。Name II. Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 假定你校将举行ー个成人仪式,你将作为代表在仪式上发言。请你按以下内容要点准备ー篇 英文发言 稿。 1. 过去对成人的美好向往; 2. 现在对成人的初步认识。 注意:1. 发言稿的开头与结束语已为你写好(不计入总词数); 2. 文中不能出现真实的姓名、身份信息。

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Thank you for listening.

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2012 学年奉贤区高三英语试卷
Listening Comprehension Section A 1?5 ACBAB 6?10 BBCAD Section B 11?13 DAB 14?BCA Section C 17. complain 18. 66704032 19. Portugal 20. cousin 21. was stolen 22. A credit card 23. the card issuer 24. customer service center Grammar and Vocabulary Section A 25?29 BBCDD 30?34 BADCC 35?40 CAAABB Section B 41?45 DJGFB 46?49 AEIH Reading Comprehension Section A 50?54 ADABA 55?59 BACBA 60?64 AABCD Section B A 篇 65?68 BADA B 篇 69?71 CDB C 篇 72~75 BCAA Section C 76?80 CDABE Section D 81. revive Egypt's tourism industry 82. Because tourists were worried about their safety. 83. To reopen other archaeological sites across Egypt. 84. the large volume of visitors had caused damage to the walls inside pyramids 第 II 卷 I. Translation 1. The book recommended by the teacher is popular with us. 2. We can make progress in English as long as we have enough patience and perseverance. 3. So devoted is the young scientist to his research that he goes to bed very late every night. 4. When faced with various choices, people tend to try hard to make a decision.
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5. The library named after its donators regularly invites famous people to give lectures, attracting many citizens to participate in them. II. Guided Writing 略

Listening Comprehension Section A Directions: in Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard.





6. 7. 8.


M: Now what seems to be the trouble, Mrs. Green? W: I HAVE BEEN WEAK LATELY AND LAST NIGHT I HAD SOME CHEST PAIN. Q: WHERE DID THE CONVERSATION TAKE PLACE? M: Good morning, Mrs. Johnson. I am with the local newspaper. May I ask you a few questions? W: Sure. Go AHEAD, PLEASE. Q: What is the man's job? M: AT WHAT TIME DO YOU KNOW THE STORE CLOSES? W: At 11 in the evening on weekends and 6 in the afternoon at weekends. Q: When does the store close on Wednesday? M: Hey, Mandy, aren't you and Sam going to Singapore in January? W: We thought to go there in January, but the travel agency gave us a great deal if we go there in the summer holiday. So we are thinking about July. Q: WHEN WILL MANDY PROBABLY GO TO SINGAPORE? M: How many students took the physical exam last month? W: WELL, 300 HAD REGISTERED, BUT ONLY TWO-THIRDS TURNED UP. Q: How many students took the physical exam last month? M: Jenny, how do you feel about the life at the college this year? W: MUCH THE SAME AS THE LAST. Q: What does Jenny mean? M: DID YOU ATTEND LECTURE BY THE NOBEL PRIZE WINNER LAST NIGHT? W: Yes, he shared his life experience with us. No wonder he has made such great achievement. Q: What can we learn about the lecture? M: Our neighbourhood is going to have a swimming pool soon. W: IT IS ABOUT TIME. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT HAS TAKEN SO LONG. Q: What is the woman's opinion about the swimming pool?

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10. M: I don't feel like going out. Why don't we just stay home and watch a football match on

TV? W: COME ON. YOU PROMISED TO TAKE ME OUT FOR DINNER AND TO THE THEATRE ON OUR WEDDING anniversary. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 11. M: Your sister looks thinner. Is she on a diet? W: NO, SHE JUST KNOWS HOW TO DRESS SO AS TO MAKE HERSELF LOOK THINNER. Q: WHY DOES THE MAN THINK THE WOMAN'S SISTER BE ON A DIET? Section B Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. Baseball is called the great American game. Hardly a boy in the U.S. has grown up without playing it. The game is so a part of American life that its terms have become the common everyday speech of the people. Scores of baseball teams are used by people who may never have seen a game in their life. During World War ii, Germans dressed in American uniforms turned up behind the American lines. Many of them spoke English so well that they passed themselves off as American soldiers. However, the U.S. Army found a way to tell which were false and which were real. They stopped strange soldiers at check points and asked them questions about baseball and some of the star players. Genuine Americans could answer the questions easily. But the Germans, who couldn't, were promptly made prisoners of war. (Now listen again, please) Questions:
12. How does the baseball influence American life? 13. How could Germans pass themselves off as American soldiers? 14. In what way did the U.S. Army tell the false soldiers from the real ones?

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. A: One thing that I never really got used to when I was traveling in Asia was the way people MAKE noise when they drink soup. I think it is BECAUSE THEY want to show they are really enjoying the food. So they make a lot of noise. It alwAys BOTHERED me. I guess it is because my parents spent years when I WAS a kiD telling me not to make noise while i was eating. B: When I stayed in Spain, I WAS surprised how late people EAT in the evening. When you are invited to dinner, you ARE ASKED to come AROUND 9 p.m. AND usually, you don't start dinner until 10. And people stAY TERRIBLY LATE, SOMETIMES UNTIL 2 IN THE MORNING, OR EVEN LATER. I FOUND IT QUITE DIFFICULT. How DOES one get up and go to WORK or SCHOOL the next day after eating AND DRINKING UNTIL 3 in the morning? C: I toured in the Middle EAST for a while, and when I went out, I had to obey the local custom of wearing something over my head, and wearing a dress THAT covers my whole body. At first, I found it somewhat annoying, BUT after a while, I got used to it and even started to like it. You feel really secure and ALSO you don't have to worry about what to wear all the time. (Now listen again, please) Questions: 15. What are these three speakers talking about in common?
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16. Where was the man when he found people have supper too late? 17. How did the woman feel about ways of wearing in the Middle East?

Section C Directions: In Section C, you will hear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. W: HELLO, THIS IS T&N TELEPHONE COMPANY. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? M: Is this the complaint department? W: Yes. Go ahead please. M: Good, I want to complain about the bill last month. I can't believe my eyes when I received the bill. THE figures on the bill were beyond imagination. Are the rates going up? I think there might be a mistake. W: Wait a minute PLEASE. COULD you tell me your telephone number please so that I can check it for you? M: It is 66704032. W: Hold on please. Well, it seems that the bill is right. You seemed to have made a phone call to a foreign country last month. M: What is the exact number then? I don't THINK I have made a long-distance call. W: The country code is 00351. I think THAT is Portugal. M: Oh, then it must have been MY wife who called her cousin there. Thank you for your help. I'll check it out myself. Thank you very much and I am sorry for bothering you. W: It is okay. Thank you FOR calling. (Now listen again, please) Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer. Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. M: I got my wallet stolen an hour ago. W: Oh, what happened? M: Well, I was doing some BODY training in the gymnasium just now. I had put my wallet inside the locker. And I GUESS I forgot to LOCK the locker. W: I feel sorry for YOU. Did you lose a lot of money? M: Only about forty DOLLARS. But I LOST my credit card. That worried me a lot. You know, I have a high credit limit that is up to 20,000 dollars. W: Take it easy. I also LOST my credit card when I was traveling in PARIS last year. The first thing you should do is to report your missing credit CARD to THE card issuer as soon as you notice the card is missing. DON'T wait a day or even a minute. M: How will the credit card company react then? W: They will cancel your CREDIT card in case it is USED by the thief. M: I will call the company immediately. By THE way, COULD YOU show me your card? I want to see the number of the customer service centre. W: Sure, and next TIME you go out, be sure TO KEEP your card secure. That is the best protection against the THEFT. (Now listen again, please) COMPLETE the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

zty tvxq


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