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课前导学案 年级 高一 学科 英语 章节 module5 语法 定语从句 主备人 贾万福 集备人 高一英语 时间 学习内容




旧课巩固检测区 Brief introduction of Confucius 语篇填空
Confucius was a Chi

nese thinker and social philosopher, 1 teachings and philosophy have deeply 2 (influence) Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese thought and life. His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. These values gained prominence in China over other doctrines, such as Legalism (法家) or Taoism (道家) during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE). Confucius' thoughts have been developed into a system of philosophy 3 as Confucianism ( 儒家). It was introduced to Europe by the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci, 4 was the first to Latinise the name as "Confucius." His teachings may be found in the Analects of Confucius (論語), a collection of "brief aphoristic fragments", 5 was compiled many years after his death. For nearly 2,000 years he was thought to be the editor or author of all the Five Classics (五經) 6 as the Classic of Rites (禮記) (editor), and the Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋) (author).


known who which such

以下部分名句原文已删去,以便于各位用英文阅读理解后,猜出原文 ( )In teaching there should be no distinction of classes. ( )He was of an active nature and yet fond of learning, and he was not ashamed to ask and learn of his inferiors. ( )The wise find pleasure in water; the virtuous find pleasure in hills. The wise are active; the virtuous are tranquil. The wise are joyful; the virtuous are long-lived.

学习内容 grammar ----attributive clause
一、了解定语从句及相关术语 1. 定语从句:修饰一个名词或代词的从句称为定语从句,一般紧跟在它所修饰的先行 词后面,相当于形容词在句中作定语。 2. 先行词:被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。 3. 关系词:引导定语从句的关联词称为关系词。关系词有关系代词和关系副词。关系 代词有 that,which,who,whom,whose,as 等;关系副词有 where,when,why 等。 二、掌握关系代词及其作用 最常用的关系代词是 who, whom, whose, that,which 和 as。关系代词同时起了两个作用。它们可以像别的代词一样,可以代表一个名词,在 定语从句中用作主语或宾语, 同时, 它们又起到了连词的作用, 把主句和从句连接起来。 三、掌握关系副词及其作用 关系副词有 when、where、why,他们在引导定语从句时, 既在定语从句中充当状语,又起连接作用。


尝试分析一下句子中的关系代词 1. Who____________________________。如: Do you know the man who is speaking to your father? Do you know the man who we are talking about? 2. whom________________________________。如: He is the man (whom) we just talked about. He is the man from whom we learn a lot. 3. Whose__________________________________。如: This is the girl whose father is a policeman. They live in a house whose windows face south. 4.which___________________________________________。如: Physics is a subject which is very difficult to learn. Physics is a subject which we learn. 5. That________________________________________________________ 。 如:He is the man that lives next door. He is the man that you are looking for. English is a subject that is not easy to learn. English is a subject that we are learning. 尝试分析一下句子中的关系副词 1. When__________________________。如: I still remember the day when I first came to Dalian. 2. Where_______________________________。如: This is the house where we lived when we were young. 3. Why_______________________________。如: I know the reason why he was late for the meeting. 智者乐水,仁者乐山。智者动,仁者静。智者乐,仁者寿 敏而好学,不耻下问 有教无类

学习内容 语法定语从句 学习定语从句应该注意的问题 1. 关系代词和关系副词的选用 方法一: 用关系代词,还是关系副词完全取决于从句中的谓语动词。例如: This is the mountain village where I stayed last year. I'll never forget the days when I worked together with you. 判断改错 This is the mountain village where I visited last year. I will never forget the days when I spent in the countryside. 方法二: 准确判断先行词在定语从句中的成分(主、谓、宾、定、状) 例 1. Is this museum ___ you visited a few days ago? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 例 2. Is this the museum ____ the exhibition was held? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 1)I’ll never forget the time ________________ we worked together. 2)I’ll never forget the time ________________ we spent together. 2. 限制性定语从句只能用 that 的几种情况 1)当先行词是 anything, everything, nothing (something 除外), few, all, none, little, some 等代词时,或者是由 every, any, all, some, no, little, few, much 等修 饰时。如:All that can be done has been done.所有能做的事情都做了。 2)当先行词被序数词修饰。3)当先行词被形容词最高级修饰时。如: I think the film Assembly《集结号》 is the best film that I have seen. 4)当先行词被 the very\right, the only,just the 修饰时。如: This is the very dictionary that I want to buy. After the fire in his house, the old car is the only thing that he owned. 5)当先行词前面有 who, which 等疑问代词时。如: Who is the man that is standing there? Which is the T-shirt that fits me most? 6)当先行词既有人,也有动物或者物体时。如: Can you remember the scientist and his theory that we have learned? 7)关系代词在句中作表语时, He isn’t the person that he used to be. 8)主句为 there be 句型时, There’s a pen that belongs to Tom on the desk. 3. 关系副词 when, where, why 的含义相当于"介词+ which"结构,例如: 1)Beijing is the place where (=_________) I was born. 2)Is this the reason why (=________) he refused our offer? 4.关系代词 as 和 which 引导的定语从句 1) As 和 which 都可以在定语从句中做主语或者宾语,代表前面整个句子。 He married her, which was natural. He was honest, as/which we can see.


2) as 引导非限制性定语从句,可放在主句之前,或者主句之后, ;which 引导 的非限制性定语从句只能放在主句之后。另外,as 有“正如??,正像??” 的意思 3) 当先行词受 such, the same,so 修饰时,常用 as 5. 以 the way 为先行词的定语从句 The way in( which/ that) he answered the question was surprising. 【巩固练习】 一、用适当的关系词填空: 1. I still remember the night _______I first came to the house. 2. We are learning English, a language _____ is used in many places in the world. 3. I will never forget the days _______I spent with your family. 4. Tell me the reason ______ the American lady left. 5. Do you still remember the place______ we visited last week? 6. Do you still remember the place_______ we found the lost child? 7. The house _____ stands on the top of the hill was built last month. 8. He is the only person ______ saw the accident yesterday. 9. Who is the student _____was late for school today? 10. He lives in the room____ window faces to the south. 二、请找出下列各句中的错误加以改正。选做题 1. This is the factory where we visited last week. 3. The person to who you spoke is a student of Grade Two. 4. The house in that we live is very small. 5. The sun gives off light and warmth, that makes it possible for plants to grow. 6. I’ve read all the books which I borrowed from the library. 7. This is the best film which I have ever seen. 8. My father and Mr. Smith talked about things and persons who they remembered . 9. Everything which we saw was of great interest. 10. His dog, that was now very old, became ill and died. 11. The reason which he didn’t go to school is that he was ill. 12. Those who wants to go with me put up your hands. 13. The boy, his mother died last year, studies very hard. 14. I have two sisters, both of them are doctors. 15. We’re going to visit the school where your brother works there.


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