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2012 届田家炳中学高三英语寒假作业
由田家炳高三英语组辛苦整理编写 Jan. 8, 2012

请同学们在寒假期间合理安排学习时间,每天完成一套练习,核对答 案后认真思考,查阅工具书并纠正答案。寒假结束以后作业上交老师检查。

一、完形填空 If you think about the future and come up with nothing but a question mark,then you?ve got some 1 to make. This might seem like a 2 undertaking, but the flip side (另一方面) of this situation is that if your future is wide open then there are many exciting 3 you can explore. Taking a gap year, 4 your education,undertaking an apprenticeship(学徒)and landing your first job are all options 5 to you, so now it?s just up to you to 6 the future! Taking a gap year is 7 a long term option for teenagers leaving secondary school, but for a few months or even a few years it might 8 you well. Today British 9 can be found backpacking around the world, working their way across a few continents , 10 for international charities and even working with the 11 at home in the UK. Gap years are a great choice for teens looking to pause before carrying on down their future path, and also for teens looking for a little adventure, exposure to different 12 and time to work on skills that can only be 13 while working with others. Leaving secondary school can be 14 . Everywhere you look there are options,but no one can tell you which one is 15 right for you. 1. A. choices B. plans C. preparations D. decisions 2. A. stressful B. painful C. cheerful D. thoughtful 3. A. options B. chances C. opportunities D. problems 4. A. quitting B. abandoning C. continuing D. pausing 5. A. acceptable B. considerable C. accessible D. available 6. A. figure out B. set out C. find out D. let out 7. A. simply B. rarely C. hardly D. briefly 8. A. devote B. fit C. suit D. adjust 9. A. teens B. adults C. people D. youth 10. A. working B. volunteering C. looking D. sending 11. A. disabled B. disadvantaged C. disarmed D. disappointed 12. A. religions B. customs C. cultures D. backgrounds 13. A. acquired B. enquired C. required D. requested 14. A. satisfactory B. terrific C. happy D. scary 15. A. extremely B. fully C. highly D. exactly 二、语法填空 During the Spring and Autumn Period, the State of Wu launched an attack against the State of Yue. The king of Wu was seriously wounded and soon died. 1____ son Fu Chai became the new king. Fu was determined to revenge (复仇). He trained his army strictly 2____ it was a perfect fighting force. Three years later, he led his army 3_____the State of Yue and caught its king Gou Jian. In order to avenge his father?s 4_____ (die), Fu let him live in a shabby stone house by his father?s
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tomb and ordered him to raise horses for him. Gou pretended to be loyal to Fu 5____he never forgot his humiliation(羞辱). Many years later, he 6______(set)free. Gou secretly accumulated a military force after he went back to his own state. In order to make himself tougher he slept on firewood and ate a gall-bladder 7______ having dinner and going to bed every night. At the same time he administered his state carefully, 8_________ (develop) agriculture. After a few years, his country became strong. Then Gou seized a favorable opportunity to wipe off the State of Wu. Later, people use it to describe one 9_____stands self-imposed (自愿接受的) hardships to 10_________ (strong) one?s determination to realize one?s ambition. 三、信息匹配 下面是上海博物馆展品的介绍,请阅读下列应用文和相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请 在答题卡上将对应题号(46-50)的相应选项字母涂黑。 A. A collection of over 3,000 pieces covers the history of the birth and development of Chinese currency. The ancient Silk Road coins record the economic history of those ancient nations along the Silk Road. B. About 100 pieces of furniture illustrate the elegant simplicity of Ming style and the brilliant appearance of Qing style. A Ming-style reception hall and a study, together with a set of furniture models unearthed from a Ming tomb, represent the household life of centuries back. C. Beginning with the writing carved on oracle(94E) bones and bronzes, to the age of bamboo slips and stone steles (石碑), about 70 masterpieces, including those by Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, present the interpretations of seal, official, running, cursive and regular scripts. D. Long long rolls by masters from Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties are displayed in the showcases by the long corridor, unfolding the glorious history of Chinese painting. E. Over 400 bronzes of unique shapes, delicate decor and excellent techniques tell you the 1500-year history of the great Chinese Bronze Age from 18th century B.C. till 3rd century B.C. F. About 120 statues in the gallery cover the development of Chinese sculpture art from the Warring States to the Ming dynasty. The Buddhist sculptures show how Buddhism confronted and harmonized with Chinese traditional culture over the history. 下面是部分参观者的信息,请为他们找到各自需要的展馆。 46. Liu Qiang -- Liu Qiang is a middle-school student, who is fond of art handwriting. He is curious about the development of all art handwriting in history. 47. Cha Leon -- Cha Leon is from Thai and he is a devoted Buddhism believer. He wants to learn what Buddhism has brought into Chinese culture, especially at an aspect of art. 48. Mr. Chang -- Mr. Chang is a successful businessman. One of his hobbies is to collect house fittings in old look but delicate and unique shaped, especially beds, chairs or desks centuries ago. He won't lose a chance to appreciate such kind of things. 49. Mai Ya -- Mai Ya is studying in a university majoring in economy. Next week she will present her project with a lot of pictures of ancient money in her PPT, but she still needs to learn more about the money and the history period. 50. Xiao Yang -- Xiao Yang is fond of fine art. He believes enjoying masterpieces is a shortcut for him to develop painting ability, and he is fond of Chinese traditional ones
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一、完形填空 I was successful at my job. I worked very hard, but it 1 me and my family a fabulous (极好 的) lifestyle. I?d worked for the same company for twenty years and had worked my way up to department director. However, one afternoon last May, I was called to the office, and it was 2 explained to me that they were letting me go. I just sat there as they talked on and all I could think was, “I?ve 3 .” I?d been so well respected; suddenly I was of no value. For six weeks, I was in a very 4 place. I wandered around my house like a zombie (僵尸). I could 5 things needed doing, but would not do anything. My beliefs in looking forward and seeing the positive in everything 6 me. Then, in late June, my youngest son?s football team made the city cup final. The year before, he?d been very sad when I 7 the same final, so he was delighted when I told him I?d go. Not only did they win, but the look on his face as he saw me 8 him on was unbelievable. From then on, I spent the summer enjoying my 9 and their passions(激情). I attended match after match and performances of my elder son?s band — I even went to another city to watch him play. These moments were so 10 . My life had been so much devoted to 11 for so long, and I felt thankful that my sons were happy to welcome me into their world. 12 , being unemployed gave me back a sense of purpose I was someone?s mum! I felt a sense of being 13 again. Now I feel more positive about my professional 14 and I?m getting on better with my family than I ever have. Losing my job made me realize just how 15 it is to achieve real balance in life. 1. A. promised B. afforded C. showed D. left 2. A. quickly B. gently C. partly D. easily 3. A. failed B. finished C. tried D. changed 4. A. secret B. quiet C. lonely D. dark 5. A. see B. get C. suggest D. understand 6. A. defended B. directed C. deserted D. disturbed 7. A. watched B. missed C. lost D. won 8. A. cheering B. taking C. leading D. passing 9. A. daughters B. sons C. sisters D. brothers 10. A. hopeful B. Meaningful C. difficult D. strange 11. A. work B. Family C. match D. performance 12. A. Naturally B. Doubtfully C. Disagreeably D. Unexpectedly 13. A. employed B. comforted C. valued D. encouraged 14. A. education B. experience C. relationship D. future 15. A. important B. helpful C. simple D. surprising 二、语法填空 Few people would even think of beginning a new job at the age of 76, 1____ one of America?s most famous artists did just that. Anna Mary Robertson, better known as “Grandma Moses”, turned to painting 2 ____________she was too old to work on 3 ___ farm. Grandma Moses was crazy about painting soon after she picked it up and worked hard at it. She painted 4_________(care)and her works were nice. She first painted only 5 ________ (please) herself, and then began to sell her works 6 ___a little money. In 1993, a collector, Louis Caldor happened to see several of Grandma Moses
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works 7________(hang)in a shop. He liked them, 8_______(buy)them at once, and set out to look for more. Caldor held 9 ___show to introduce the works of Grandma Moses to other artists. Grandma Moses, 10 _____was world-famous, died on December 13, 1961, at the age of 101. 三、信息匹配 请阅读下列餐馆的信息: A. The Regal Palace Chinese Restaurant The Regal Palace Chinese Restaurant at Days Hotel & Suites offers healthy Chinese fare, with nourishing delicacies like braised chicken with Chinese herbs and braised crocodile meat with Chinese herbs. Available in January.8778 9888 ext 292 B. Han Mei Fang Chinese Restaurant Zhaolong Hotel's Han Mei Fang Chinese Restaurant has prepared Taiwan-style seafood and classic dishes for the New Year. The menu features five-flavored nine-hole abalone, sweet and sour flavored squid roll, garlic-flavor prawn, and three-cup chicken. There are also the delicious noodles with pig's claw and prawns prepared with spirit served in a bamboo barrel.6597-2299 ext 0215 C. Huang Ting Cantonese Restaurant Enjoy Chinese folk music over the New Year's Eve dinner at Huang Ting, Cantonese restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel Beijing, decorated in courtyard house style. It offers a set menu with a variety of seafood dishes. There are iced abalone, pan-fried king prawn with pesto sauce, grilled cod fish with fresh mango.8516-2888 ext 6691 D. Paulaner Brauhaus Paulaner Brauhaus at Kempinski Hotel in Beijing has a live band performing over authentic German beer and dinner for New Year's Eve, and a countdown at midnight. On New Year's Day the hotel has beach games, with a Bavarian brunch.(0898) 3889-8888 E. Italian restaurant Da Giorgio Italian restaurant Da Giorgio at the Grand Hyatt Beijing has a five-course set dinner for New Year Eve, with a complimentary glass of champagne. At the same time Grand Caf offers a dinner buffet with unlimited soft drinks, juices and imported red and white wines.8518-1234 ext 3738 F. Ken de Rouge To mark its first anniversary, Ken de Rouge, located by the beautiful west bank of Houhai Lake, introduces two promotional feasts, at 988 yuan and 1,288 yuan, each comprising 14 courses, plus soup and dessert. The 988 yuan banquet has braised sea cucumber, tea-flavored prawn, and red carp in lotus leaf. The 1,288 yuan banquet has Buddha jumps over the wall soup, venison tendon and kong pao prawn. Offer valid until January 20th.6402-6665 请阅读下列就餐者的信息,并匹配适合他们的餐馆: 46. Niu Xiang is planning to study abroad and he would like to spend his New Year?s Eve in a western style restaurant, where he can join some foreign friends in welcoming the coming of the New Year. 47. The Blacks newly arrived at Beijing from Italy. Mr. Black prefers to try some sea-food while Mrs. Black would like to feel the traditional Chinese environment. 48. The Johnson boys have very good appetite and are especially fond of different drinks and juice. Their mother wishes to bring them to a place where they need not pay extra money for the drinks. 49. Yao Mingming is tired of the Hakka food his mother cooks. He wants to take her to some nourishing delicacies from other regions, like some special flavored seafood. 50. Mr. Smith owns a very big company. He would like to treat some business friends to a luxurious dinner in a quiet and beautiful environment.

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一、完形填空 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is one of life?s ___1___ questions and people have been debating about it for thousands of years. Now scientists believe they have solved this ___2___. Researchers from Sheffield and Warwick Universities in England discovered the answer ___3___. They used a super computer to observe the shell-making process while a new shell was ___4___. Then they found one protein called OC17 that is ___5___ for forming eggshell. This is only found inside a chicken?s body, which is proof that the ___6___ came first. The team was ___7___ looking at how animals and birds make eggshells but suddenly made their surprising ___8___. The big question now is where chickens came from. The ___9___ is from dinosaurs. The research team said eggshells are one of nature?s most ___10___ creations. Professor John Harding from the team told reporters: “Understanding how chickens make eggshells is fascinating in itself, but it can also be ___11___ in designing new materials.” Eggshells are very lightweight but incredibly strong. Even the most up-to-date materials ___12___ by the world?s top engineers cannot produce anything as ___13___ as an eggshell. Professor Harding added that ___14___ eggshells could help to cure bone diseases and design materials for the construction industry. “Nature has found wonderful ways that ___15___ for all kinds of problems in materials science and technology — we can learn a lot from them.” he said. 1. A. strangest B. best C. oldest D. closest 2. A. puzzle B. fact C. history D. opinion 3. A. on purpose B. by chance C. without hesitation D. at work 4. A. breaking B. changing C. disappearing D. forming 5. A. necessary B. easy C. kind D. impossible 6. A. egg B. eggshell C. chicken D. dinosaur 7. A. obviously B. originally C. thoughtfully D. surprisingly 8. A. invention B. mistake C. statement D. discovery 9. A. answer B. research C. road D. egg 10. A. common B. ridiculous C. funny D. amazing 11. A. interesting B. helpful C. normal D. correct 12. A. bought B. cut C. designed D. carried 13. A. brilliant B. ordinary C.1ight D. small 14. A. finding B. watching C. studying D. making 15. A. happen B. work C. wait D. look 二、语法填空 Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at Stanford Hospital, I got to know a little girl 16 ______(name)Lisa who was suffering from a rare and serious disease. Her only chance of recovery appeared to be a blood transfusion 17 _____her five-year-old brother, 18 ____had miraculously (奇 迹般地) survived the same disease and had developed the antibodies (抗体) needed to fight the 19 ________(ill). The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the boy 20 ____ _______ he would be willing to give his blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking 21 ___deep breath and saying, “Yes, I?ll do it if it can save Lisa.” As the transfusion progressed, he lay in a bed next to his sister and 22_______ (smile), as we all did, seeing the color returning 23 ___ her cheeks. Then his face grew pale and his smile faded. He looked up at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice, “Will I start to die right away?” Being young, the boy had _________ 24(understand) the doctor; he thought he was going to have to give her all 25 ____ blood. 三、信息匹配 A. Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Bonsai Dish
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Give them something to talk about! The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree with its "reflection pool" planter is a wonderful gift that adds a relaxing island feel to any setting. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is a tropical plant and will thrive in sunny area. Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west. In warm weather, bonsai will grow best outdoors. Never allow bonsai to freeze. Shape of pot may vary slightly B. Curling Lucky Bamboo Give the gift of good fortune! Popular and easy to care for, Curling Lucky Bamboo is the perfect gift to offer good fortune. This combination of curling canes is truly unique, and makes a perfect “welcome to the tram” Office gift, Father?s Day present, and more. C. Good Harmony Lucky Bamboo What a perfect way to welcome a new co-worker, or celebrate a new home, or to help a college freshman settle in to their new digs. Our Lucky Bamboo plant is easy to care for, and includes everything you need to keep it healthy (just add water!). And this bamboo plant can last for years, being a living reminder of your thoughtfulness. D. Golden Gate Fouse Bonsai This Golden Gate Fouse Bonsai is about 4 years old, and a fitting present for a coming CEO or a treasured relative: no occasion necessary! The Golden Gate Fouse Bonsai is a tropical plant and will grow fast and well in sunny area. Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west. Care instructions are included. E. Tranquil Jade Bonsai This Dwarf Jade combined with the divided land water pot makes a wonderful indoor miniature landscape. Let the beauty and simplicity of this bonsai plant bring peace of mind and tranquility to the soul. Dwarf Jade is a tropical plant and is one of the easiest trees to grow. It is also well adapted to low light and tolerant of short periods of dryness. Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west. In warm weather, bonsai will grow best outdoors. Never allow bonsai to freeze. Humidity tray is not included, but can be purchased when ordering. F. Azalea Bonsai Perfect for the office or home, this beautiful blooming bonsai will brighten up any room. Though it mainly blooms during the spring, this azalea bonsai will produce periodic blooms summer through winter. Easy to care for and interesting to learn about, this charming, blooming, pink azalea tree is sure to please. These Satsuki azaleas will produce periodic blooms. For best results, place azalea outdoors in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade. During winter months where there is danger of frost, place plant in a protected area such as a garage or shed. Care instructions are included. 下列国外旅游者有意购买盆景,请根据他们的信息,匹配他们拟买的盆栽: 46. Judy is about to move to New York for her new job but she wanted to take a bonsai with her to remind her of the beautiful days in Hawaii. 47. Juliet wants to buy a bonsai with periodic blooms for her newly decorated office. Pink blooms are her favorite. 48. Amy?s friend moved to a new apartment a week ago and he invited Amy to his apartment this Sunday. Amy wants to buy something for him as a moving gift. 49. Tom wants to get along well with Candy , who is about to be appointed as the new leader of the department. He is considering buying a bonsai as a congratulatory gift. 50. George is thinking about buying a present for his father on the upcoming Father?s Day, and he hopes the present will bring his father good fortune.

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一、完形填空 The market for children?s products in China will double within the next five years, a report made public at a kids expo in east China?s Zhejiang Province has predicted. The market 1 for children?s products in China was more than 1 trillion yuan (152 billion U.S. dollars) in 2010 and that 2 is expected to hit 2 trillion yuan by 2015 according to the report. The report owes the 3 growth of the business to the country?s large population, steady consumption and 4 attention to child health and education in recent years. It is 5 that China has a population of about 200 million 6 under the age of 10, the report said. A Chinese family will spend an 7 of 5,000 yuan (758 dollars) per child each year, according to a 8 by the Hangzhou Association of Industry on Children. This money goes to a variety of companies 9 child products and 10 such as baby milk powder, clothing, toys, education and entertainment. According to a report by the China E-commerce Research Center, online purchases of baby milk powder from overseas companies 11 reached 2.4 billion yuan in 2010, 12 second only to make-ups. Education is another area that has 13 investors at home and abroad. Twelve Chinese 14 institutions have won financial support from overseas risk capitalists, with 15 totaling 100 million dollars so far. 1. A. request B. demand C. requirement D. devotion 2. A. figure B. result C. production D. money 3. A. smooth B. small C. rapid D slow. 4. A. existed B. reduced C. drawn D. increased 5. A. confirmed B. advertised C. assessed D. proposed 6. A. children B. adults C. teenagers D. students 7. A. offer B. account C. expense D. average 8. A. survey B. record C. document D. finding 9. A. making B. providing C. sending D. leading 10. A. prices B. services C. cares D. qualities 11. A. hopefully B. unexpectedly C. theoretically D. fortunately 12. A. ranking B. standing C. topping D. keeping 13. A. surprised B. influenced C. shocked D. attracted 14. A. entertaining B. educational C. training D. cultural 15. A. materials B. exports C. investments D. products 二、语法填空 Sometimes Chinese English teachers are puzzled by such questions, “Have you got any skills in reading comprehension?” Actually, many of the teachers can?t give students 1 ___ efficient way to deal with reading. Anyway, 2 _____often simply say, “Read more and practice more, and you 3 _______ (get) more experience in reading comprehension.” Frankly, these teachers? good 4 _________ (suggest)are only helpful to arouse students? interest in reading 5 ____not helpful to deal with the questions in the examinations of reading comprehension. Personally, I think the skill for reading comprehension should be based 6 __ the knowledge of English writing.7 _____ the English passages are written under some rules or principles, the science of reading and understanding may have a close relationship with writing. Reading comprehension can?t be independent from the knowledge of writing. So 8_____ (do) better in reading comprehension, we should learn the knowledge of writing, study 9 _____ questions are designed and the relationship 10 _______
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questions and the reading materials. 三、信息匹配 请阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应 选项字母涂黑。 以下是几本儿童书籍的封面: A. I Will Hold You ?til You Sleep B. Wtp Finger Puppet Magnet Book


D. Disney?s Little Einsteins

E. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

F. Learn about Math With Bert & Ernie

以下是儿童书籍的介绍,请匹配与之对应的书籍: 46. Based on the new hit animated show airing on the Disney Channel, this new series takes preschoolers along on the thrilling adventures of Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie, whose missions are illustrated with beautiful, full-color photos. Emmy-Award winner Susan Ring specializes in writing for children, and has written for all types of media. Her books for Disney Publishing Worldwide include Winnie the Pooh Encyclopedias on Animals and Nature; boxed sets of Pixar?s Fun with Phonics, featuring Nemo and Toy Story characters; and the Baby Einstein books. 47. Here is the rare book that not only expresses a parent's love for their child, but offers a hope for what that love will become. It begins with a wish at bedtime, as parents hold their children tight and hope their love will cradle them, safe and sound. It continues through the day their children have grown up, proud and strong, and can pass that love on to someone else. This is a book that
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goes beyond a parent's "I love you" to the generous wish that our children will make the world a better place. 48. This bestselling book features riddles that send readers searching through 13 photographs with a fun house theme. Children will love to purse the mystery of the pirate?s hidden treasure, narrowing their search with every delightfully cluttered page. Looking for an additional challenge? Try the extra-credit riddles. 49. Pooh, Piglet, and the gang from the Hundred-Acre wood are here to guide you through some amazing activities. Just slip one of the pointing puppets onto your finger, and see if you can solve the puzzles inside. Your puppet will be drawn to the solutions, and your heart will be hooked by the colourful crew! This book includes 2 magnetic finger puppets. 50. This exciting new workbook from Sesame Workshop and Learning Horizons is designed so your child can have fun learning right along with Big Bird and the other friends from Sesame Street! In this workbook, your child will learn to recognize numbers, count and match sets of like items. Your child will even begin to add and subtract! A special “think icon” feature calls attention to activities that are challenging and more advanced. A special Explore More feature provides several easy-to-do home activities to extend learning in practical and fun ways.

一、完形填空 A Love Note to My Mom When I was a little girl, I would often accompany you as you modeled for fashion photographers. It was years later that I finally understood what role modeling 1 in your life. Little did I know you were 2 every penny you earned to go to 3 school. I cannot thank you enough for what you told me one autumn afternoon when I was nine. After finishing my homework, I wandered into the dining room where you were buried under piles of law books. I was 4 . Why were you doing what I do -- memorizing textbooks and studying for 5 ? When you said you were in law school, I was more puzzled. I didn't know Moms could be lawyers too. You smile and said, "In life, you can do anything you want to do." As young as I was, that statement kept 6 in my ears. I watched as you faced the 7 of completing your studies, starting companies with Dad, while still being a 8 and a Mom of five kids. I was exhausted just watching you in 9 . With your words of wisdom in my 10 mind, I suddenly felt unlimited freedom to dream. My whole world opened up. I set out to live my life filled with 11 , seeing endless possibilities for personal and professional achievements. Your words became my motto. I 12 found myself in the unique position of being either the first (woman doctor in Maryland Rotary) or one of the few women (chief medical reporters) in my field. I gained strength every time I said, "Yes, I'll try that." Encouraged by your 13 , I have forged ahead (毅然前行) with my life's journey, less afraid to make mistakes, and 14 meeting each challenge. You did it, and now I'm 15 it. Sorry, got to run. So much to do, so many dreams to live. 1. A. found B. played C. kept D. provided 2. A. saving B. making C. donating D. receiving 3. A. business B. fashion C. law D. medical 4. A. amused B. worried C. puzzled D. disappointed 5. A. roles B. tests C. positions D. shows 6. A. ringing B. blowing C. falling D. beating
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7. A. choices B. chances C. challenges D. changes 8. A. professor B. doctor C. reporter D. model 9. A. danger B. action C. trouble D. charge 10. A. weak B. powerful C. youthful D. empty 11. A. hope B. hardship C. harmony D. sadness 12.A. constantly B. shortly C. hardly D. nearly 13. A. description B. statement C. praise D. introduction 14. A. secretly B. curiously C. carelessly D. eagerly 15. A. doing B. considering C. correcting D. reading 二、语法填空 Does going to college really pay off?Certainly! I remember taking __1__ English class in college on the short story. Our first assignment was to read __2__ short stories and then discuss which one was better. After __3__(read)both,I wasn?t sure. Over the __4__ several months, my professor taught me __5__ one story was so much better than the other.__6__ was rich in metaphor(隐喻)and character development, __7__ the other was humorous __8__ too shallow.I couldn?t see this at first. Yet, in a few months, my brain got reeducated and __9__ could see the difference between good and bad writing and could appreciate literature at a whole new level. Going to college helps build a strong mind, which leads __10__ greater success in one?s life. 三、信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应的选项涂黑。 下面是新书介绍, 请根据各段内容介绍,完成文章各题匹配。 A. Busy parents? Bored children? Do you want something educational to entertain your children while you do something else? This is the most popular book for the under-fives. Wonderful stories and beautiful pictures. They are promised to be quiet when they open the book. What?s more, it is cheap. B. Written by Bill Poole, CEO, president, and founder of Life Lead International, it is a good choice for your children. With an animated fable, the Journey to Newland storybook provides readers with a cast of memorable characters, a captivating story, and a common language to deal with difficult and often emotionally sensitive issues in negotiating change within their organizations. C. Sorts out some misunderstandings and common confusions of the English language with practical savvy and occasional sass. The Word Book from Writers.com answers simple questions succinctly (is it discreet? or discrete? sensual or sensuous?). Other answers go a step further—with entertaining forays into the quirks and fascinations of English. D. IELTS consists of four parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening is very important. Are you confident? Have you made well preparation? IELTS Listening is helpful for your preparation for IELTS, which is supposed to enable you to obtain an overall score. E. As the world's most popular automotive magazine, Car and Driver informs and entertains people who like cars. It offers the highest quality vehicle tests in the business by applying a discerning eye to every car, pickup truck, van, and sport-utility vehicle that is marketed for consumers. The magazine also covers the latest developments in technology, which affect automobiles and driving. F. Susan Weinschenk?s excellent ideas on making a perfect speech are so effective that once you own the book, you will become a good speaker. How to organize, how to present, how to conquer your audience become so easy. Speakers will become confident with the guidance of the book. 请阅读以下的人员资料,依据不同人员的需求,进行信息匹配。
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46. Susan comes from China. As a middle school student, she wrote quite a lot of short stories, some of which were published in the newspaper. But sometimes she is confused when she comes across some words and phrases. She wants to find something to help her to sort out the misunderstandings and common confusions of the English language. 47. Arthur has been working in China for about two years. Now he needs a car, for he has to send his daughter to school before he goes to work. Before that he has to collect all kinds of information about cars so as to make a good choice. 48. Ron?s wife is in hospital. He has to take care of the four-year-old John and do all the housework. But John follows him all the time. Ron feels tired and he wants to find something suitable for John, which should be educational and cheap. 49. Li Ming tends to enter the training for IELTS for immigration purpose next term. But he is afraid that his listening is not good enough. He needs more special training on his listening to make well preparations for the IELTS. 50. Alice is now studying in China, and she is especially interested in making a speech. She is invited to make a speech to introduce IELTS for her new classmates next week. She needs a book to help her improve her speech.

一、完形填空 Dad loved children. And he always wanted a ____1______ family. Eventually, he got what he wanted with twelve children in the family. Without fail, he would show us off to visitors. Once, Dad _____2_____ presented the first three children in the family, Ann, Mary and Ernestine, to some visitors. Then he picked up a fourth child, and said, "And this is our _____3_____ model, complete with all the improvements. And don't think that this is all; we are _____4_____ the 1953 model some time next month." But what he _____5_____ most was taking us out for a drive. On one occasion a man in a village we were passing through shouted _____6_____ that he had seen eleven people in our car, not _____7_____ Mum and Dad. _____8_____, Dad called out over his shoulder, "You _____9_____ the second baby up from the front here, Mister." Another time, Dad told us this joke, though we were not sure then whether he was telling us the ____10_____. Mum, who was a psychologist (心理学家), once went to give a lecture and left Dad in charge of the _____11_____. When Mum returned, she asked him if everything had been OK. He said everything was fine _____12_____ one of the children had been taught a lesson because he had been _____13_____. When he pointed at the child that had been _____14_____, Mum looked at him calmly and said, "That's not one of ours, dear. He _____15_____ next door." 1. A. rich B. lovely C. close D. large 2. A. surprisingly B. nervously C. kindly D. proudly 3. A. dearest B. smallest C. latest D. youngest 4. A. ordering B. selling C. expecting D. improving 5. A. hated B. enjoyed C. cared D. hoped 6. A. crazily B. excitedly C. curiously D. directly 7. A. counting B. naming C. showing D. reaching 8. A. Immediately B. Carefully C. Angrily D. Easily 9. A. saw B. missed C. forget D. left 10. A. truth B. story C. adventure D. accident
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11. A. lecture B. house C. office D. activity 12. A. even if B. apart from C. so that D. except that 13. A. troublesome B. careless C. active D. quiet 14. A. found B. caught C. punished D. wounded 15. A. goes to B. belongs to C. works D. plays 二、语法填空 Lao Tzu was traveling with his followers. They came to a forest __1__ hundreds of woodcutters were cutting the trees.__2__ whole forest had been cut except for one big tree __3__ thousands of branches. It was so big __4__ 10,000 persons could sit in its shade. Lao Tzu told his followers __5__ (go) and ask why this tree had not been cut. They went and asked the woodcutters and they said, “This tree is absolutely __6__(use).You cannot make anything out of it because every branch has so many knots in it—nothing is straight. You cannot use it as fuel because the smoke is dangerous __7__ the eyes. This tree is absolutely useless, and that?s __8__ we haven?t cut it.” The followers came back and told Lao Tzu. e laughed and said, “Be like this tree. If you are useful you will be cut and you will become furniture in somebody?s house. If you are beautiful you __9__ (sell) in the market. Be like this tree, and you will grow big and vast and thousands of people will find shade under __10__ .” 三、信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请将46-50各小题中的人物与A-F中的 书目匹配起来。 以下是一些书目介绍的信息: A. 20 Years Younger The book details easy and effective steps we can all take to rebuild the foundation of youth and enjoy better health, improved energy, and a positive outlook on life. The four basic programs are: an exercise system for fighting muscle and bone loss, a longevity-focused diet, sleep rejuvenation, and wrinkle-fighting skin care. Woven throughout the text is practical advice on changing appearances, controlling stress, staying mentally sharp, navigating medical tests, and much more. B. Born To Run Full of incredible characters, amazing athletic achievements, cutting-edge science, and, most of all, pure inspiration, Born to Run is an epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? In search of an answer, Christopher McDougall sets off to find a tribe of the world?s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets, and in the process shows us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong. C. Natural Running In Natural Running, Abshire explains how modern running shoes distort the efficient running technique that humans evolved over thousands of years. He reviews the history of running shoes and injuries, making the case for barefoot running but also warning about its dangers. D. Woodworking This book includes excellent instruction from a best-selling woodworking author on all aspects of woodworking with hand tools. He approaches setting up the all-hand tool shop, explains how the tools work in wood, addresses the joinery, and finishes with instructions on building a workshop accessory to use with hand tools. Also included are other sample projects and information on finishing the hand-worked projects. E. Whittling Little Folk: 20 Delightful Characters to Carve and Paint At the beginning of the book, readers will find step-by-step carving and painting instructions for
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a Scandinavian inspired man and woman. Once they have learned to carve these two projects, readers will find an additional 18 patterns that can also be created with the same technique and some subtle changes. F. Quick and Easy Meals The book offers healthy, low-carb Primal-approved recipes that can all be completed in under half and hour and, in many cases, in just a few minutes. Sisson and Meier show you how to delight your family or guests every time with quick, delicious meals using local produce, CSA meats, healthy fats (yes, and real butter) and common herbs and spices. 请阅读以下购书者的信息,然后匹配相关的书籍。 46. Carina is fond of art and likes carving very much. In order to make something for the coming Mothers Day, she is searching a new idea. 47. Daisy is a busy salesgirl, who is difficult to find time to cook. She likes home meals. 48. Alexander is a college student. He likes running. He wants to know more about the secret of shoes and running. 49. Sammy majors in PE. He will do a research on how to train long distance runners. 50. Nancy is looking for a book about advice on controlling stress, changing appearances, and enjoying a better health

一、语法填空 Many people are wondering if it is safe to talk on the cell phones while driving. Most of people think that the use of cell phones should 1 (ban) while they are driving, 2 in that case accidents can easily happen. A growing number of states are making rules to keep young drivers 3 using cell phones while they are driving. When there is 4 car accident, police officers will find out 5 any of the drivers is using a cell phone. There have been some very bad car accidents 6 (cause) by drivers being distracted by cell phones. Drivers sometimes forget to watch the road 7 (careful) when they are using their phones. 8 paying attention to the road can be dangerous, even deadly. 9 is important for drivers to focus on the road. They need to pay attention to 10 is going on around them. So, stop using your cell phones while driving. 二、语法填空 In Africa, when the antelope wakes up every morning, the first thing 1. comes into his mind is, “I must be able to run 2. (fast) than the fastest lion, 3. I will be killed by a lion.” And at just the same time, the lion 4. (wake) out of his dream, and the first thing 5. (flash) into his mind is, “I must be able to catch up with the slowest antelope, otherwise I will starve to 6. (dead).” So almost at the same moment 7. the antelope and the lion jump to their feet, and start 8. (run) toward the rising sun. Such is life — 9. you are an antelope or a lion, you ought to dash forward without 10. (hesitate) when the sun rises.

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寒假作业参考答案 第一天
1.D 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.B 11.B 12.C 13.A 14.D 15.D 1 His 2 until 3 against 4 death 5 but 6 was set 7 before 8 developing 9 who 10 strengthen 46-50 CFBAD

1.B 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.B 11.A 12.D 13.C 14.D 15.A 1. but 2because/when 3 her 4 carefully 5 to please 6 for 7 hanging 8 bought 9 a 10 who 46—50:DCEBF

1-15 CABDA 1.named 2 from 3 who 9 misunderstood 10 his 46-50 AFCDB CBD AD BC A CB 4 illness 5 if/whether 6 a 7 smlied 8 to

1-15 BACDC ADACB BADBC 1. an 2 they 3 will get 4 suggestions 5 but 6 on 7 Since 8 to do 46. D 47. A 48. C 49. B 50. F 9 how 10 between

1-5. BACCB 1.an 2.two 46-50 CEADF 6-10. ACDBC 3.reading 4.next 5.why 6.One 11-15. AABDA 7.while 8.but 9.I 10.to

1-5 DDCCB 6-10 BAABA 11-15 BDACB 1.where 2.The 3.with 4.that 5.to go 9.will be sold 10.you 46-50 EFCBA 6.useless 7.to 8.why

一、语法填空 1. be banned 2. because 3. from 4.a 5. if/whether 6.caused 7.carefully 8.Not 9.It 10.what 二、语法填空 1. that 2. faster 3. or (else) / otherwise 4. wakes 5. flashing 6. death 7. both 8. running 9. whether 10. hesitation

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