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“be + 过去分词+ 介词 / to do”的常考结构归纳
1. be surprised / astonished/shocked

at/about sth./ to do sth. 对......惊讶/震惊 be excited/thrilled at / about sth. 对……感到兴奋 be upset/disappointed about be frightened at / about sth 对……感到害怕 be interested in be pleased / satisfied / content with / at / about / to do sth.对---感到高兴; 对---感到满意 2. be absorbed in… ; be focused/ concentrated on 专心于……. =fix one’s attention on sth. =be dedicated/devoted/ committed to (doing) sth. 致力于、献身于=put one’s heart into… be bent on sth.一心想做某事(贬义) 3. be associated with / be linked with / be connected with /be related to sth. =have something to do with…=be involved in … 与……有联系 注意:be concerned about 关心、为…担心=be worried about… As far as I’m concerned, …=In my opinion/view/point of view,… 4. be accused of…/ be charged with... 因…被指控 be put in prison/jail 被判入狱 be sentenced to death 被判处死刑 be hanged 绞刑 5. be / become / get accustomed / used to (doing) sth 习惯于…… be adjusted/adapted to(doing)… 适应…… 注意:Sth. be used to do sth. 意为“sth.被用来做某事 ” 6. be born 出生 be admitted to 被…录取;准进入 be attached to 附属于;喜欢;依恋 be engaged to… 与……订婚 be married to sb 与…结婚 be divorced 离婚 be divorced from sth 脱离 sth. (eg. be divorced from practice 脱离实践) 注意:be engaged in (doing) sth.=be occupied with sth.=be busy with sth./doing sth. =be buried in sth. “忙于做某事” 7 .be addicted to (doing) sth. 沉迷于=take to (doing) sth. 8. be applied to sth 被应用于;被涂抹在……上 9. A be compared with B 将 A 与 B 相比较 A be compared to B 将 A 与 B 相比较;把 A 比作 B 10. b e supposed to do sth. 应该做…… be opposed to(doing)sth.… 反对…… 11. be caught / trapped /stuck in 被困于 be lost in… 在……中走失/迷失;陶醉 在…… 12. be dressed in be seated be faced with 13. be crowded with 挤满 be equipped with 装备(设备等) be covered with 覆盖 be furnished with 配备(家具等) be decorated with… be lined with… be filled with… 装满…… be surrounded with 被……围绕 14. be supplied for ; be provided with 为……提供…… 15. be determined to do sth. 决定 be informed to do… 16. be reminded of sth. be convinced of… 17. be intended/ meant for 为…所打算或准备的 18. be exposed to sth. 暴露于 be reduced to 沦为…… 19. be (well)known to / for / as 对于/ 因为 / 作为……闻名 20. be located / situated in 坐落于 21. be tired of 对……感到厌烦; be tired from 因……感到疲倦; be tired / worn/burnt out=be exhausted 感到筋疲力尽 22.be made up of…=be composed of …=consist of… 由……组成 23.be considered/recognized/acknowledged as… 被认为是…… Practice1. Fill in each blank with the word given in its proper form:
1. Hurrying into the classroom, I found many teachers __________(seat) at the back of the classroom. 2. ___________(locate/ situate) near the square, our school is easy to find. 3. Do you know the boy __________(dress) in school uniform?

4. I have never found a more beautifully __________ (furnish) bedroom. 5. ___________ (decorate) with so many pictures and flowers, the classroom is comfortable for us to study in. 6. Though________(face) with so many difficulties, he never gave it up. 7. People praised him for his _____________________(devote / commit / dedicate) to his work. 8. _____________________(lose / absorb/ bury) in a novel , I didn’t notice the teacher come in. 9. His son ___________( addict) to playing computer games, the father looked worried. 10. His son’s ____________( addict) to playing computer games made his father worried. 11. Though ___________(tire) from working so long, he didn't stop for a break. 12. While ______________(engage / occupy) in writing a novel, he still takes exercise everyday. 13. He is the young man _____________(engage/ marry) to my sister last month. 14. He is the young lady _______________________(engage/ marry) to my brother next month. 15. ________________(satisfy/ please) with my homework, the teacher nodded with a smile. 16. _______________(convince) of his innocence, I decided to cooperate with him in the project. 17. ____________(wear/burn)out (Exhausted)after the work, he lay down on the grass.

Practice 2

Read the following sentences and try to understand phrases with the V-ed form

1. Tom, (who was)horrified at what he had done,could at first say nothing. Tom 对他做的事感到恐惧,一时说不出话来。 2. Frightened by Santa Claus words,Scrooge woke up. = Because he was frightened by Santa Claus ‘words,Scrooge woke up. 3. Moved by his speech,many people volunteered to help in the work. = Since they were moved by his speech,many people volunteered to help in the work. (原因)由于受他讲话的感动,许多人自愿参加这项活动。 4. He was found interested in English and listening to BBC every day. = He was found that he was interested in English and listened to BBC every day. 5. Given/Provided good weather, our ship will reach Shanghai Monday evening. 假如天气好, … 6. You may keep the book a further week provided/providing no one else requires it. Practice 3. Make your choice 1. ____________with so much trouble,we failed to complete the task on time. A. Faced B. Face C. Facing D. To face 2. ______for the breakdown of the school computer network,Alice was in low spirits. A. Blaming B. Blamed C. To blame D. To be blamed 3.No matter how frequently____,the works of Beethoven still attract people all over the world. A. performed B. performing C. to be performed D. being performed 4.________into use in April 2000,the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns. A. Put B. Putting C. Having put D. Being put 5. _________in a white uniform,he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress D. Dressing D. Having dressed


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