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Unit 1 Section Ⅳ Learning about Language & Using Language

Unit 1


词汇集 释板块

句型解 构板块

综合演 练板块

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Step 1

Scan the text and match the numbers on the map with the museums.

Numbers on the map

Museums The Frick Collection Guggenheim Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum of Modern Art Whitney Museum of American Art


Step 2

Skim the text and answer the following questions.

1. What's the main idea of this passage? (no more than 10 words)

The passage introduces some best art galleries of Manhattan.
2.Who do you think the text was written for? (no more than 5 words) Tourists and art gallery visitors.

Step 3

Read the passage more carefully and choose the best answer to each question.

1.The passage may probably come from ________. A.a newspaper B.a magazine

C.a tourist guide book D.a text book 2.You must walk all the way instead of taking a lift if you visit ___.

A.Metropolitan Museum of Art B.Whitney Museum of American Art C.Museum of Modern Art D.Guggenheim Museum

3. If you want to see Van Gogh's paintings you may go to ________. A.The Frick Collection B.Guggenheim Museum C.Museum of Modern Art D.Metropolitan Museum of Art 4.You can expect to see videos in ________. A.Metropolitan Museum of Art B.Museum of Modern Art C.The Frick Collection D.Whitney Museum of American Art

5.If you want to know how people lived 5,000 years ago, you should visit ________. A.Metropolitan Museum of Art B.Whitney Museum of American Art C.Museum of Modern Art D.Guggenheim Museum
答案:1~5 CDCDA

提项目一? ?必记单词
Ⅰ.基础单词(根据汉语提示或首字母写出正确的英语单词) 1. Some children are much more aggressive (好斗的) than others. 2.We haven't fixed a specific (具体的) date for our meeting. 3.I picked up a piece of wood and started carving (雕刻).

4.She writes a lot of contemporary (当代的) music for people like Whitney Houston. 5.Heavy drinking can cause permanent (永久性的) damage to the brain. 6. The shabby street has been turned into a wide and busy avenue . 7.This kind of glasses is fragile , so you must be careful. 8.I like cats but unfortunately I'm allergic to them. 9.It would be very nice if we had a true figure of how many people in this country haven't got a job. 10.Although the coral looks hard, it is very delicate .

Ⅱ.拓展单词(根据提示写出下列单词的适当形式) 11. preference n.喜爱;偏爱→prefer vt.更喜欢 12. exhibition n.展览;陈列→exhibit vt.陈列,展览

13. scholar n.学者→scholarship n.奖学金;学术;学识 14.civilization n.文明;文化;文化社会→civil adj.公民的; 市民的;文明的 15. signature n.签字;署名→sign vt.& vi.签名;签字

16. visual adj.视觉的;看得见的→vision n.视力;视觉

项目二? ?必会短语
Ⅰ.根据汉语提示补全英语短语 1.be allergic to 2. in the flesh ... 对??过敏 活生生的;本人 向??申诉;使??感兴趣 一束 不只是;多于 被??覆盖 依次;轮流;替换


3.appeal to 4.a bunch of 5. more than 6.be covered with 7. take turns

Ⅱ.选用以上短语填空(其中有两项是多余的) 1.Miss White received a bunch of flowers from her admirer. 2. If it carries on snowing, the ground will be covered with by morning. 3.If you are allergic to something, you become ill or get a rash when you eat it, smell it, or touch it. 4.The magazine is intended to appeal to their 20s and 30s. 5.It is quite a thrill to see a real movie star in the flesh . snow

working women in

1.(教材 P4)based on general ideas rather than specific examples 基于一般概念而非特定范畴

specific adj. 确切的;特定的
[记法] 熟词:special(特别的)→生词:specific [用法] ①What is the specific aim since you are working so hard? 你工作这么卖力,有明确的目标吗? ②Is there anything specific you want from the shops? 你想从商店里买什么特别的东西吗?

③This disease is specific to this area. 这种疾病只发生在这一地区。 ④Could you be more specific about what you're looking for? 可否请你更明确的说明你要找的是什么? ⑤To be specific, he is 54 years old, though he looks much younger. 具体说来,他 54 岁了,尽管看起来很年轻。

(1)be specific to ... (2)be specific about ... (3) to be specific 针对??;对于??特有 对??确切 具体来说

2. (教材 P4)the art of making figures, objects, etc out of stone, wood, clay, etc 用石头、木材、黏土等制作人物、物体等艺术

figure n.数字;身材;画像;雕像 vt.计算;描绘;认为

[用法] (1)figure out figure in figure on figure that ... (2)keep one's figure 算出;解决;理解;弄清楚 把??包括在内;计算在内 计划;打算;预料到 认为?? 保持体形

①She claimed that she was not a political figure but a religious one. 她宣称自己不是一个政治人物而是一名宗教人士。 ②I was trying to figure out how to swim to the boys in a straight line. (四川高考阅读 B) 我想弄明白怎样才能直线游到那些男孩身边。 ③She does exercise every day to keep her figure . 为了保持体形她每天都要做运动。 ④Have you figured in the cost of the hotel? 你把住旅店的开支算进去了吗? ⑤She figured that both she and Ned had learned a lot from the experience. 她认为自己和内德都从这一经历中学到了很多东西。

3.(教材 P5)If Sam were here, he would be so excited about meeting a famous scholar in the flesh. 如果萨姆在这里的话,他将会对要会见一个著名的学者本人感 到非常兴奋。
in the flesh 活着的;亲自;本人

[用法] ①Bertha could hardly realize that her husband was by her side in the flesh, alive and well. 伯莎几乎还没有真正感到她丈夫还好好活着站在她身边。 ②A film star will come to our town in the flesh next month. 下个月一个电影明星要亲自来我们小镇。

[联想] flesh 构成的其他常见短语: ①flesh and flood ②sb.'s (own) flesh and blood 血肉之躯 亲骨肉;亲人

4 . ( 教材 P6)Frick had a preference for pretwentieth century Western paintings, ... 弗雷克偏爱 20 世纪以前的西方绘画??

preference n.


preference= prefer(vt. 更喜欢)+ence(名词后缀) [用法] ①A window seat is my preference. 我喜欢靠窗的座位。 ②Which is your preference, tea or coffee? 你喜欢喝哪一样,茶还是咖啡?

③She has a preference for blue, while I like red better. 她偏爱蓝色,而我更喜欢红色。 ④We give preference to applicants with some experience. 我们优先录用有经验的申请人。 ⑤I'd choose the small car in preference to the larger one. 我选择小的车而不要大的车。

(1)have a preference for (2)give preference to (3) in preference to 偏爱?? 优先考虑?? 优先于??

5.(教材 P6)It will appeal to those who love Impressionist and PostImpressionist paintings. 展览将吸引印象派和后印象派作品的爱好者。

appeal vi.有感染力;呼吁;求助 vt.将??上诉 n.呼吁;恳求
[用法] ①Bright colors appeal to small children. =Small children are fond of/like/enjoy/love bright colors. 小孩喜欢鲜艳的颜色。 ②The police appealed to the crowd not to panic. 警方向群众呼吁不要惊慌。

③The police made an appeal to the public to remain calm. 警方呼吁公众保持镇静。 ④The police are appealing to/making an appeal to the public for information about the crime. 警方呼吁公众提供有关这宗罪案的信息。

(1)appeal to (对某人)有吸引力; (使某人) 感兴趣;呼吁 appeal to sb. for sth. 为某事(向某人)呼吁 呼吁某人(不要)做某事

appeal to sb.(not) to do sth.

(2)make an appeal to sb. for sth.为某事向某人发出呼吁

[Word family] appealing adj.有吸引力的;求助的;恳求的 ⑤The idea of not having to get up early every morning is rather appealing to me. 每天早上不必早起的主意对我有相当的吸引力。


语法填空 1.(浙江高考改编)People develop





particular style of learning at an preferences affect learning.

early age and these

2.—Well, it was really a coincidence for me to see Jay Chou last week. —How nice! I am one of his fans, but I have never seen him in

the flesh.

3.—Did the speaker say anything that appealed to especially? —Not really. Actually I slept through his speech. 4.As far as I know, the animal is specific to this area. 5.The doctor said that I'm allergic to aspirin.



1.figure“万花筒” (1)写出下列句中 figure 的含义 ①She works out every morning, so she has a good figure. 身材 ②Can you read this figure? Is it a three or an eight? ③There are several figures in his painting. ④I saw the figure of a woman below the bridge.
(2)介、副词填空 ①He's a person you can always figure on his help.

数字 人物


②We have figured out/in the expenses of this trip.

(3)翻译句子 Being a popular social figure, she always has to appear with a fine figure and figures out ways to attract the attention of the majority. 作为一位受欢迎的公众人物, 她必须总是以良好的形象出现 ____________________________________________________

在公众面前并且设法吸引大众的注意力。 ____________________________________

2.preference“全扫描” (1)介词填空 ①She chose to learn the violin in preference to the piano.

②They gave preference to the ones who applied the job first. ③Teachers should not show preference for any particular student.

(2)句型转换(每空一词) I would rather stay at home than go out. →I would

stay at home rather than go out.

→I prefer staying (3)语法填空 Preference will university.

at home to going out.

be given

(give) to the graduates of this


1.Many art lovers would rather visit this small art gallery than any other in New York.

背写作佳句(先填后背) would rather read 1.I____________________ a novel than surf the
Internet all the

爱好者都更乐意参观这家小型艺术 陈列馆。

我宁愿看小说也不 愿整夜上网。

背教材原句 2.Henry Clay Frick, a rich New Yorker, died in 1919, leaving his house, furniture and art collection to the

背写作佳句(先填后背) 2.With the beautiful moon up in the sky, we sit together and eat mooncakes and sharing our stories fruit, __________________. 优美的月亮挂在天空,我们 坐在一起,吃着月饼和水

American people.
纽约巨富Henry Clay Frick死 于1919年,把他的房子、家 具和艺术收藏留给了美国人民。




3.When you walk into the 3.A young couple in a boat were
gallery, you feel as if you were inside a fragile, white seashell. 当你进入到画廊里时, eating, talking and laughing loudly as if they were the only people in _____________________________

the world __________.



背教材原句 4.The museum displays

背写作佳句(先填后背) 4.They are under threats of humans

more than just the
visual delights of art. 这家博物馆展出的不只 是可以看得见的艺术之 美。

and as a result, the numbers have
fallen to no more than 1,000. 它们正面临来自人类的威胁,结 果它们的数量已经减少到只有 1 000只。

1.Henry Clay Frick, a rich New Yorker, died in 1919, leaving his house, furniture and art collection to the American people. 纽约巨富 Henry Clay Frick 死于 1919 年,把他的房子、家具 和艺术收藏留给了美国人民。

[用法分析] 句中的 leaving his house, furniture and art collection to the American people 为动词的ing 短语,作动词 died 的结果状语。

①Both of his parents died in the war, leaving him an orphan. 他的父母都在战争中死去了,结果他成了孤儿。 [语法拓展] 动词ing 形式作状语时,还可表示时间、原因、条件、让步、行 为方式、伴随状况等,通常情况下句子的主语与该动词之间是逻 辑上的主动关系,表示时间关系的分词短语有时可由 when 或 while 引出。 ②Walking in the street, I saw him.(作时间状语) =When/While I was walking in the street, I saw him. 当我在街上走时,我看到了他。

③Not knowing her address or phone number, we couldn't get in touch with her.(作原因状语) =Because we didn't know her address or phone number, we couldn't get in touch with her. 由于不知道她的地址和电话号码,我们无法与她取得联系。

2.The museum displays more than just the visual delights of art. 这家博物馆展出的不只是可以看得见的艺术之美。
[用法分析] 句中 more than 相当于 not only,意为“不只是;不仅仅是”。 ①Modern science is more than a large amount of information. 现代科学不只是大量的信息。 [语法拓展] more than 后还可以跟其他形式:

(1)与数词连用,意为“多于,超过”;相当于 over。 ②More than twenty people were injured in the accident. 20 多人在事故中受伤。 (2)与形容词或副词连用,意为“非常”。 ③It's more than likely again next year. 他们很可能在明年再次更改规则。 (3)与含有情态动词 can 的句子连用,常用来表示否定意义, 意为“简直不;简直不可能”。 ④That's more than I can tell you, sir. 那一点我是不能告诉您的,先生。 that they will change the rules

名师点津:more ... than ... 意为“与其说??倒不如 说??”。 ⑤It is more a poem than a picture. 与其说这是一幅画,不如说这是一首诗。

Ⅰ.语法填空 1.He would

(stay) up late into the night rather than

stay (finish) the task by the next day.
2.Do you feel as if we were traveling through a long scroll of Chinese landscape painting? 3.—Do you need any help, Lucy? —Yes. The job is more than I could do myself.

4.We spent hours driving and another few hours waiting, only
to be told (tell) that the plane would be delayed until midnight.

Ⅱ.完成句子 She'd rather die than say a word (她宁愿死也不愿意说一句话) 1. to the enemy. 2.He is more than/not only (不仅仅是) my teacher, and she is also my friend. 3.The man put his hand into his pocket as if he was going to take out something (好像要拿出什么东西). 4.It rained heavily, causing/leading to (引起了)severe flooding in the area. 5.I hurried to the post office, only to find (却发现) it closed.

Ⅰ.词汇运用(用所给词的适当形式填空) 1.The lawyer became increasingly aggressive (aggress) in his questioning of the witness. 2.He had to make a decision to close down the factory

permanently (permanent). 3.She had a preference (prefer) for staying at home by

4.The novel is so exciting that it is worth second time. 5.He's interested in the Egyptian


(read) a

(Egypt) culture. (take)

6.Isn't it time that our government took/should take effective measures to save the environment of our city?

Ⅱ.功能词专练(在下列各句中填入适当的介词或副词) 1.The disabled girl showed her love for life in her poem. 2.During the Renaissance, some artists began to paint things in perspective. 3.By coincidence, the woman who saved him was his new manager. 4.We had to survive without light or heating for a whole month. 5. Among the most outstanding painters, Masaccio was the first to paint things in perspective. 6.Many people would rather live in the countryside the noisy city.


Ⅲ.完成句子 1.随着科技的发展,国与国之间的通信与合作变得越来越频 繁。

With the development of

science and technology,


communication and cooperation between nations become more and more frequent. 2.没有你的帮助,我不能在这次考试中取得如此大的进步。

Without your help , I couldn't make such great progress in
this examination.


On the one hand

the hotel is near the sea, but on the

other hand

it costs a lot.

4.汤姆宁愿在花园浇花,也不愿在运动场上跑来跑去。 Tom would rather water the flowers in the garden run about on the playground.


Ⅳ.根据汉语提示,选用练习Ⅲ中句子的短语完成语段训练 随着经济的快速发展,小明挣了不少钱。他说:“要不是 中国共产党,我们不可能过上好日子。”有钱了,他一方面 积极帮助身边需要帮助的人,另一方面还热心参与公益慈善 活动。他说以后宁愿把钱捐给社会也不会留给他的孩子们。

With the rapid development of economy, Xiao Ming has earned a lot of money. He says, “Without the Chinese Communist Party, it would be impossible for us to lead a happy life.”With money, on one hand, he takes an active part in helping the people in need around him; on the other hand he is enthusiastic to take part in the charity activities.He says he would rather donate the money to the society than leave it to his children.

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