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高考英语语法填空 Cloze) (Rational Cloze) 考点分析与解题技巧

1.考什么? (Ⅰ)纯空格形式的考点如下表: 复习思考 考什么? Ⅰ 纯空格形式的考点如下表 纯空格形式的考点如下表: 考什么
测试内容 内 冠词 介词 物主代词 指示代词 人称代词 不定代词 连词 从属连词 并列连词 容 2007年 年 题号 35 33 39 40 37 32(宾从 宾从) 宾从 36(定从 定从) 定从 答案 a as for her 31 36 33 34 Behind/In after/from his this/it 2008年 年 题号 答 案


Other/ Some who 35(同 That 同 where 位) 37 but/yet


(II)用所给词的适当形式填空的考点如下: 用所给词的适当形式填空的考点如下: 用所给词的适当形式填空的考点如下
测试内容 内 容 非 谓 动 语 词 动 词 2007年 年 题号 答案 不定式 -ed分词 分词 -ing分词 分词 broke 40 38 merrily 39 results higher natural 34 settled 2008年 年 答案 题号 32 to help

谓语动词的时态 语 谓语动词的时态,语 31 态 形容词或副词的比较级 38 词性转换



?What’s the usual way you fulfill the task Grammar Filling?
三步完成: 三步完成:

概读理解 – 分析填空 – 连贯检查
思考:面对语法填空中如此繁杂的语法点, 思考:面对语法填空中如此繁杂的语法点, 我们到底该怎样入手呢? 我们到底该怎样入手呢


语法填空以要求根据上下文填入一个以动词 语法填空以要求根据上下文填入一个以动词(verb) 动词(verb) 或其适当形式) 名词(noun)、代词(pronoun)、 (或其适当形式)、名词(noun)、代词(pronoun)、 冠词(article)、介词(prep.)、情态动词(modal 冠词(article)、介词(prep.)、情态动词(modal verbs)、连词(conj)或引导词 形容词(adj.)和副词 verbs)、连词(conj)或引导词、形容词(adj.)和副词 或引导词、 (adv.) 考查各项语法内容。 考查各项语法内容。


考点一: 考点一:冠词

? 无提示词 ? 可数名词单数之前

1. There once were a goat and a donkey…. So the farmer killed [40]__________ goat and gave the the (07惠州一模 惠州一模) donkey medicine made from its heart. (07惠州一模) 2.When I see a child subject to this kind of pressure, I a think of Donnie. He was [35]________ shy , nervous perfectionist. (08深圳二模) (08深圳二模 深圳二模) 3. …the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to a small town some 20 kilometers away (07年广东) (07年广东 年广东) 考查语法点: 定冠词,不定冠词的用法 考查语法点 定冠词 不定冠词的用法


[解题技巧 解题技巧] 解题技巧 下列情况很可能填不定冠词: 下列情况很可能填不定冠词: 不定冠词 (1)________+可数名词 单数 ; 可数名词(单数 可数名词 单数); (2)________+形容词 可数名词 单数 。 形容词+可数名词 单数)。 形容词 可数名词(单数 下列情况下很可能填定冠词: 下列情况下很可能填定冠词: 定冠词 (1)________ (+定语)+名词+ of等介词短语(表示特 (+定语 名词+ of等介词短语 定语)+名词 等介词短语(表示特 指); ; (2)________ (+定语 名词 定语从句 表示特指 ; 定语)+名词 定语从句(表示特指 定语 名词+定语从句 表示特指); (3)________ (+定语 名词 不定式短语或分词短 定语)+名词 定语 名词+不定式短语或分词短 表示特指)。 语(表示特指 。 表示特指


考点二: 无提示词: 考点二: ? 无提示词:注意搭配问题 ?与名词相连构成介宾短语担任状语,补 与名词相连构成介宾短语担任状语, 与名词相连构成介宾短语担任状语 介词 语等 ? 与不及物动词构成动词短语接宾语
of 1. In short, I believe that it is [39]________ great use to (07深二模 深二模) keep a dairy in English… (07深二模) 2. When I took the money from her grandparents, I looked back [34]_________the girl, who was giving me at the most optimistic, largest smile I had ever seen. (08
深圳一模) 深圳一模)

on 3. She found some good quality pipes_________ sale. (09广东) (09广东 广东) from/after 4. He was very tired _______________ doing this for a whole day…(08广东) (08广东 广东) 考查语法点: 考查语法点 介词的基本用法及惯用搭配


考点三: 考点三: ? 无提示词 ? 作主语用主格,作宾语用宾格,注意 作主语用主格,作宾语用宾格, 代词 形容词词性和名词性物主代词的区别。 形容词词性和名词性物主代词的区别。 ? 指示代词(it和this),不定代词,等 指示代词(it和this) 不定代词, it 1. She remembered how difficult _________ was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father. (08广东) (08广东 广东) 2. When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in my village, I wanted to reward the old her (07广东 woman for the trouble I had caused _____ . (07广东) 广东) 3. It has been said before, but experiencing it myself has me made _____ want to say it again: a smile…(09江门二模) …(09江门二模 江门二模)
考查语法点: 考查语法点 代词的基本用法


[解题技巧 解题技巧] 解题技巧 因句子的主语或宾语主要由名词、代词、 因句子的主语或宾语主要由名词、代词、动名词 或不定式等充当,而名词、 或不定式等充当,而名词、动名词或不定式等实 词通常会放在有提示词的空格中考查, 词通常会放在有提示词的空格中考查,所以纯空 格所填词在句子中作主语或宾语时,通常填代词, 格所填词在句子中作主语或宾语时,通常填代词, 包括人称代词、指示代词、不定代词、 包括人称代词、指示代词、不定代词、名词性物 主代词、疑问代词、反身代词(不能作主语 不能作主语)等 主代词、疑问代词、反身代词 不能作主语 等。 在名词前作定语就只能用形容词性物主代词了。 在名词前作定语就只能用形容词性物主代词了。


考点四:连词或 考点四: 从句引导词

? 无提示词 ?两个主谓结构连接 两个主谓结构连接

before 1. It was not long [39]_________ the waitress came back and then she began to wipe down the table and (07深圳一模 深圳一模) suddenly was surprised at what she saw. (07深圳一模) when 2. But nothing changed until midterm, [39]_________ Mary Anne, a student teacher, was appointed to our classroom. (08深圳二模) (08深圳二模 深圳二模) where 3. Jane paused in front of a counter ______ some (09广东 广东) attractive ties were on display.(09广东) 4. One day, he came up with an idea _____ he would that (08广东 广东) pluck up all of his crop a few inches.(08广东) 考查语法点: 各类复合句中连词,引导词的用法 考查语法点 各类复合句中连词 引导词的用法


[解题技巧 解题技巧] 解题技巧 (1)连接两个功能对等的单词或短语时,应填并 连接两个功能对等的单词或短语时, 连接两个功能对等的单词或短语时 列连词and, or, but等。 列连词 等 (2)若两个句子 有两个主谓结构 之间,没有句 若两个句子(有两个主谓结构 之间, 若两个句子 有两个主谓结构)之间 号或分号,也没有连词, 号或分号,也没有连词,那空格处必定是填连接 否则,句子结构就不完整。 词,否则,句子结构就不完整。 根据两句之间的意义和逻辑关系, 根据两句之间的意义和逻辑关系,或者根据句 式结构,确定是并列句(多要求考生填 多要求考生填and, but, 式结构,确定是并列句 多要求考生填 while, when, or等)还是某种主从复合句。然后根 还是某种主从复合句。 等 还是某种主从复合句 据各类从句的特点,结合连接词的意义和用法, 据各类从句的特点,结合连接词的意义和用法, 确定填具体的某个连词。 确定填具体的某个连词。


考点五:谓 考点五: 语动词

? 有提示词 ? 与主语构成主谓结构

1. I was certain she would like it because I was told _______ (tell) by my classmates that she loved hot food. (07广 (07广 kept 2. His fear of failure ________ (keep) him from classroom games that other children played with (08深圳二模 深圳二模) joyous abandon. (08深圳二模) 3. Being too anxious to help an event develop often results ________ (result) in the contrary to our intention.(08
广东) 广东) 州一模) 州一模)

考查语法点: 谓语动词的时态及语态, 考查语法点 谓语动词的时态及语态 及主谓一致


考点六:非谓 ? 有提示词 考点六: ? 除谓语动词以外的动词形式 语动词
1. We must also consider the reaction of the person receiving [32]__________ (receive) the gift. (07广州一模) (07广州一模 广州一模) 2. …I then noticed that I had just 10 minutes left to complete (complete) the rest! (07广二模) ____________ (07广二模 广二模) included 3. My pupils, Donnie [40]__________ (include), adored her. (08深圳二模) (08深圳二模 深圳二模) to please 4. She wished that he was as easy _________ (please) as her mother, who was always delighted with perfume.(09广东) (09广东 广东) 考查语法点: 考查语法点 非谓语动词及变形的使用


考点七: 考点七: ? 有提示词 ? 介词,冠词,所有格后接名词,形容词修 介词,冠词,所有格后接名词, 词性转换 饰名词,副词修饰形容词动词或整个句子 饰名词,
rudely 1. “Thirty-five cents,” she said [36]__________ (rude). “Thirtysuggestion 2. As far as I am concerned, my [37] ____________ (suggest) is that we should always have a notebook and a Chinese-English within easy reach. (08惠二模) Chinese(08惠二模 惠二模) 3. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in natural their _______ (nature) course. (08广东) (08广东 广东) Undoubtedly 4. ____________ (doubt), although there is still room for improvement to this policy, I think it is still a good one which brings more good than harm to the students and the nation. (09汕头水平考试) (09汕头水平考试 汕头水平考试) 考查语法点: 考查语法点 各类词性的正确使用及转化
(07深圳一模 (07深圳一模) 深圳一模)


考点八: 考点八: ? 有提示词 ?通常,有表示范围的in /of介词短语或 通常,有表示范围的in /of介词短语或 形容词的 通常 形容词前有the the时 一般要用最高级; 形容词前有the时,一般要用最高级; 级 than的前面一定要用比较级 than的前面一定要用比较级
worst 1. One of the [33]__________ (bad) gift choices I ever made was for my high school English teacher… (07
广州一模) 广州一模)

2. … We were both laughing the whole time at our complete inability to communicate in words. When it was time to leave, I said “thank you” in Korean, using some of the few words I had learned. I less lonely felt __________ (lonely) than I had expected that night. (2009届江门二模) (2009届江门二模) 3. Lucille Clifton is an award-winning poet and writer. awardCritics call her one of the _________ (great) writers greatest of our time.(双语报第3期) 双语报第3


一.根据句子结构,确定词性 根据句子结构,确定词性

一 般 有 提 示 词


动词 名词 形容词 副词

冠词 介词 连词 代词

无 提 示 词


二.根据上下文意义及语法,确定词形 根据上下文意义及语法,确定词形 冠词 代词 连词 介词 谓语动词 非谓语 词性变化 定冠词,不定冠词 定冠词 不定冠词 人称代词,物主代词,不定代词, 人称代词,物主代词,不定代词, 指示代词, 指示代词,反身代词 并列句及复合句 介词的常用用法及词组搭配 谓语动词的时态及语态, 谓语动词的时态及语态 及主谓一致 非谓语动词 to do, doing, done 及变形 词汇, 词汇 构词法


提示:四步走归根到 底其实就是寻找依 检查搭配, 检查搭配, 前后连贯 根据语义, 确定词形 根据语义 确定词形 分析句子,确定词性 分析句子 确定词性 确定词 通读全文,理解大意 通读全文 理解大意

的空格里所需的单词 或短语其实都可以在

所在的句子中或 者上下文中找到


2009年广州调研 年广州调研

Long ago the Emperor decided to hold a swimming race between 13 different animals. The order in which they finished would decide the order of theirappearance (appear) in the Chinese 31 calendar. All the animals lined up on the river given (give) the task of getting to bank and were32 the opposite shore. The cat wondered how he would get across because/as he was afraid of water. 33 The ox worried how he would cross with his poor 34 eyesight. The calculating rat suggested that he and the cat jump (jump) onto the ox's back and guide 35


him across. The ox, steady and hard-working, did not notice the two animals on his back. In the meanwhile, the rat ran behind the unsuspecting cat and pushed him into the water. As the ox 36 came ashore, the rat jumped off and finished the race first. So the rat got the first year named 37 38 (name) after him and the ox got the second year. When/After the lazy pig reached the finish line in 39 the 12th place the race was over and he was awarded the final place on the calendar. From that day the cat, 40 who never finished and lost his place on the calendar, became the enemy of the rat.


A young man, while traveling through a desert, , came across a spring of clear water. The water 31 was sweet. He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder who had 32 been his teacher .After a four-day journey, the young man presented(present) the water to the old 33 man. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled warmly 34 (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. The young man went home with 35 a happy heart. After the student left, the teacher let another 36 student taste the water. He spit it out, saying (say) 37

it was awful. Apparently, it was no longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher,” Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like it 38 ?” The teacher replied,” You tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be sweeter (sweet).” 39 We understand this lesson best that we 40 receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe on a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing.

几点建议: 几点建议:

1. 对于文章,要熟悉语境。 对于文章,要熟悉语境。
2. 对于句子,要能够分析其结构,懂得在什么时候该 对于句子,要能够分析其结构, 什么词性。 用 什么词性。

3. 对于动词,要掌握常用的时态、语态、非谓 对于动词,要掌握常用的时态、语态、 语动词的用法以及词形变化。 语动词的用法以及词形变化。 4.对于名词、形容词、副词等,不仅要背诵其意 对于名词、形容词、副词等 对于名词 义和拼写,还好掌握基本的词形变换。 义和拼写,还好掌握基本的词形变换。 5. 对于连词、介词、关系代词、关系副词 等不 对于连词、介词、关系代词、 它们的意思,还要熟记它们, 仅要理解 它们的意思,还要熟记它们,在考试 时能准确、快速地提取它们。 时能准确、快速地提取它们。

? ? ? ?

不断记忆, 不断记忆,积累词汇 夯实基础, 夯实基础,学好语法 大声朗读, 大声朗读,培养语感 坚持不懈, 坚持不懈,多做练习

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