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Nice to meet you again!

New Term New Hope

How about your summer vacation?

New Term New Hope

Do you want to know my summer vacation?


ew Term New Hope

Faced with the training course, I have two choices:
1. Stay there suffering and always imagine going out. 2. Enjoy the training course there and have a good time with those classmates.

New Term New Hope

? As a result, I really had a good time and made several good friends.

New Term New Hope

The aim of telling you my story : 1. We have similar characteristics, no matter teenagers or adults.

2. ATTITUDE decides everything.

Let’s do a task: ? Suppose A to Z stand for 1 to 26, can you sum up the following letters? ? KNOWLEDGE 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96分 HARDWORK 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98分 ? ATTITUDE =?

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%
It is OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100% ! ! !

New Term New Hope
高二阶段是整个高中阶段重要的组成部分之一,打 好高二的基础,对于成功完成高中阶段的学习任 务具有深远而重大的意义。

1. 制定计划,明确目标 2. 专心听讲,当堂巩固 3. 及时复习,防止遗忘 4. 错误归类,解决疑难 5. 勤奋多练,广泛阅读 6. 系统总结,掌握规律

New Term Goals

2 3 4

Vocabulary Grammar Reading Writing

New Term New Hope Vocabulary
1. 掌握课本单词
2. 记住课外阅读经常出现的词汇 3. 注意方法(词不离句,句不离文) 4. 经常复习

New Term New Hope

? 1. 记牢语法点 ? 2. 背例句
? 3. 勤做题练习 ? 4. 总结规律

New Term New Hope
? ? ?


1. 精读和泛读相结合。 2. 每天坚持1—2篇阅读,训练中要以限时阅 读为主,把握好速度和准确度的关系 。 3.加大阅读量、扩大词汇量(培养对陌生词 汇的猜测能力),提高概括能力,分析问题 ,解决问题的能力。 4. 学会总结规律和方法,培养解题能力和解 题技巧。 5. 养成朗读、背诵的习惯。

New Term New Hope
1. 书写规范、字迹工整、卷面整洁 2. 背诵重要句子或段落并能仿写 3. 多朗读、多背诵,培养语感和写作能力 4. 锻炼组词造句能力,从简单句到复杂句过渡

? If you do not think about your future, you cannot have it.

? Every step towards your dream today is a step away from your regret tomorrow.
今日为梦想所付出的每一份努力都会减少明日的 一份后悔。

Pursue excellence and success will follow.

Life English

乐百氏 飘柔

Sprite 精灵
Robust 健壮的 Rejoice 欣喜


Tide 潮流 Nice 美好的

品 牌

舒肤佳 Safeguard 保护

标 识

标 识

网 络 热 词

naked wedding flaunt wealth 骨感美女 boney beauty 人肉搜索 flesh search

微博 山寨 水货 裸婚 炫富

Micro blog copycat smuggled goods

watch cousinsister
no door way no

表妹 没门 色狼
走着瞧 爱谁谁 你给我站住!

colour lady-killer wolf
We will see. go and look Love I don’t who care. who Stop! You give me stop!

搞 笑 英 语

“ ”

horse Just so horse so. tiger tiger


English Practice 1.励志小短文翻译 2.阅读理解一篇

Just because life has let you down, it doesn't mean that you must let yourself down. Pick yourself up, quickly take a positive step, and know that you are closer to reaching your goal than you have ever been before.

生活让你感到失望了,但这并不意味着你一定要让 自己感到失望。 站起来,快速踏出积极的一步。 要知道你现在距离你的目标比之前更近了。

You have already been through some of the hard part and experienced some of the difficulty that you have to go through.
So keep going, and make that experience count. 你已经通过了一些艰难险阻,也体验过了一些必 然要经历的困苦。 所以,坚持下去,让这些经历变得有价值。

Change your approach if that is what is called for. Learn from where you have been, adapt and adjust your efforts to be even more effective.

如果需要,请改变方法。 从过去吸取教训,适应、调整让你的付出更加物有 所值。

Every day, every encounter1 and every outcome is a new opportunity to move yourself forward. Keep focusing on the goal you have chosen, and keep moving in the best way that you know.

每一天、每一份阅历、每一次结果都是你进步 的新契机。 坚持你选定的目标,并通过最有效的途径朝它前进。

Disappointments are just as much a part of the process as victories. Be truly thankful for it all, and in your gratitude you will find a way to put it all to positive use. 失望,正如成功一样,是奋斗过程中的一部分。 对你所有的经历充满感激,你会从中发现莫大的 益处。

Whatever has happened is a perfect reason to keep going. Keep going, and create the life you have chosen to live. 发生过的一切事情都是坚持下去的极好的理由。 坚持下去,创造自己选择的生活。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Did I recite words today? 背单词了吗? Did I read aloud today? 大声朗读了吗? Did I do some reading today? 阅读了吗? Did I listen to the tape today? 听英语录音了吗? Did I finish the homework today? 完成作业了吗? Did I go over the lesson today? 复习功课了吗 Did I prepare for tomorrow’s lesson today? 预习功课了吗? ? Did I try communicating in English today? 用英语交流了吗?


Thank you!

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