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ing表被动高中英语选修7 Unit 3语法

Grammar——现在分词的被动 Revision 观察下列句子,分析句中现在分词分别做什么成分。 1. Swimming is good for health. 2. Teaching is learning. 教学相长 3. To see is to believe.= Seeing is believing. 4. We would appreciate hearing f

rom you.我们会珍惜你的来信。 2. He asked an embarrassing question. 他提了一个令人难堪的问题。 3. A little child learning to walk often falls. 正在学走路的小孩子经常摔着。 4. The men working here are all from the rural areas. 在这儿工作的男人都来自乡 村地区。 5. Climbing to the top of the tower, we saw a magnificent view. 8. Knowing that he was tired, I told him to have a rest. 9. Turning to the right, you will find a path leading to his cottage. 10. Admitting what she has said, I still think that she hasn't tried her best. 11. He ran up to her breathing heavily. 12. It rained heavily, causing severe flooding in that country. 13. Having answered the letter, she went on to read an novel. 15. Not having received a reply, he went there himself. 复习总结: 1. 动名词和不定式都可以作主语,动名词作主语表示一般或抽象的多次性行为, 不定式作主语往往表示具体的或一次性的动作。如: Playing with fire is dangerous. (泛指玩火) To play with fire will be dangerous. (指一具体动作) 2. It’s no use (good) doing sth It’s a waste of time doing sth it 作形式主语, 只用 V-ing,不用不定式。 ※ It is + adj. + (for sb ) to do sth It is no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水难收。 3. V-ing 形式和不定式都要有对称性;当主语是不定式时, 表语也用不定式; 反之, 当主语是 V-ing 形式时,表语也用 V-ing 形式。 To see is to believe.= Seeing is believing. 4. 作宾语(如句 4) ,在 avoid, admit, appreciate, consider, delay, enjoy, escape, excuse, finish, forgive, imagine, mind, miss, practise, risk, suggest, give up, put off, feel like, insist on , instead of, look forward to, object to, keep on 等后只接 V-ing 形 式作宾语。 5. 句 13-15 现在分词的完成形式主要用在____语中,表示动作在谓语动作之 ______发生

(一) 现在分词(ing-形式)的构成 V-ing 形式由 “do+ing” 构成,其否定形式是 “not doing”, V-ing 可以带宾语或 状语构成 V-ing 短语,没有人称和数的变化,但有时态和语态的变化。 语态 主动语态 被动语态 时态 一般式 完成式 (1) 作主语 Being offered such a job was good luck. 被给予这样一份工作是好运气。 (2) 作宾语 ①They couldn't stand being treated like that.他们不能忍受别人那样对待他们。 ②She doesn’t remember having ever been given a chance to go abroad. 她不记得曾给过她出国的机会。 ③He was afraid of being left at home.他害怕被留在家里。 ④He came in without being asked.没有让他进来,他就进来了。 注意:在 want,need,deserve,require,等动词及形容词 worth 后,习惯用动词 -ing 的主动形式表示被动意义,相当于“to be done"。如: ①The house wants cleaning. ②My watch needs repairing. ③The way deserves mentioning. ④These young trees will require looking after carefully. ⑤The film is worth seeing. (3) 作定语 ①The building being repaired is our dormitory. ②The questions being discussed are of great importance. ③That building being repaired is our library. ④He asked who was the man being operated on. (4) 作宾语补足语 ①I saw him being taken away by the police ②You’ll find the topic being discussed everywhere. ③As we entered the village, we saw new houses being built. (5)作状语 ①Having been asked to stay,I couldn't very well leave. 人家请我留下,我就不好意思离开了。 ②Having been given such a good chance,how could you let it slip away? 人家给了你这样一个好机会,你怎能轻易放过? ③Being asked to give a performance, she couldn’t very well refuse. 在用分词短语作状语时, 它逻辑上的主语一般必须与句子的主语一致, 但有时它

也可以有自己独立的逻辑上的主语, 这种结构称为: 独 立 结 构 独立结构可以表示伴随动作或情况, 表示时间、原因、条件等, 例如: 1. He rushed into the room, his face covered with sweat. (伴随情况) 2. So many students being absent, we decided to put the meeting off. (原因) 3. Weather permitting, we’ll have an outing tomorrow. (条件) 4. All things considered, her paper is of greater value than yours. 5. The job done, we went home. 6. The composition written, he handed it to the teacher. 有少数并不表示句子主语的动作,而是表示说话人的态度。 Generally speaking, the novel is not very inspiring. 总的来说,这部小说并不感人。 Judging from what you say, he ought to succeed. 从你说的情况看,他应能成功。 练习一、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. _________________ (raise) your hat to a a lady is good manners . 对一位女士脱帽致敬是礼貌的。 2. _______________________ (kill) by sharks in the sea is a common thing . 3.My hobby is __________________ (make) model planes. 4. What worried the child most was _______________________ (not, allow) to visit his mother in the hospital . 5. ______________(see)Tom, I couldn’t help thinking of his brother. 6. _________________________the work well, we decided to try again. 7. The bird escaped ____________________________ (catch) . 8. I feel like ______________________ (join) the army. 9. He was afraid of _______________________ (abandon) by us. 10. It is a waste of time ___________________ (talk) to him . 11. It is important for me _______________________ (learn) English . 12. Your car needs_____________________(fill). 你这车要充气了。 13. This city deserves____________________(visit). 这座城市值得光顾一下。 14. The problem requires ________________(study)carefully .这个问题需要认真研 究。 15. The trees want _______________(water).这些树需要浇水了。 16. His suggestion is worth _____________________(consider) 17. The book is worth _____________________(read) 18. We don’t allow __________________(smoke)here. 19. We don’t allow students ____________________(smoke) 20. The girl________________(stand) there is my sister . 21. This is a piece of ____________________ (surprise) news . 22. The problem_________________ (discuss) now is very important. 23. The farmers _________________ (work)in the fields are tired . 24. _______________(hear)the good news , he jumped with joy . 25. He sat at the table , ________________ ( read ) China Daily .

26. ______________ (ask) to answer the question, she couldn’t refuse. 27. ________________ ( work ) hard , you will succeed . 28. I saw people ________________________(come and go)in the street . 29. I heard her ________________ (sing) a song in her room. 30. You’ll find the topic ______________________ (discuss) everywhere now. 31. __________________(light)a candle , she went out. 32. _______________________(ask)to stay , I couldn’t leave . 33. ________________________(hear)this , our teacher expressed her satisfaction . 34. He hurried home , __________________(look)behind from time to time . 35. The building __________________________(repair)is our dormitory. 36. ______________ (turn) to the right , you will find the place you want . 37. ___________________ (ask) to put on performance , she refused . 38. _________________________ (finish) his work , Henry went home . 39. _____________ (learn) new words is useful. 40. He disliked ___________________________ (interrupt)in his experiment . 41. I apologize for _____________________________(not, wait) for you . 42. ____________________________ (not, receive) an answer , I wrote to him again . 43. __________________________________ (give) such a good chance , you should catch it . 44. I didn’t mind ____________________________ (leave)at home . 45. The house wants __________________________________ (clean). 46. He came in without _________________________ (ask). 47. ___________________________ (show) around the library , we were taken to see the lab. 练习二、 1. _____ the exam will disappoint your parents. A. You failing B. Your failing C. You fail D. You to fail. 2. _____ the same mistake again made his parents very angry. A. His being made B. He has made C. He had making D. His making 3. I don't think it's much good _____ to him. A. writing B. to write C. write D. written 4. Such books are not worthy _____ at all. A. of being read B. being read C. reading D. to read 5.It is no use ________ without through _________. A. to read; understood B. reading; understanding C. to read; understand D. read; to understand 6. I can hardly imagine Peter ____ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A. sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed 7.— The light in the office is still on. — Oh, I forgot_____ A. turning it off B. turn it off C. to turn it off D. having turned it

off 8. I would appreciate ____ back this afternoon. A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you’re calling 9. How about the two of us ____ a walk down the garden? A. To take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 10. — I must apologize for ____ ahead of time. — That’ all right. A. letting you not know B. not letting you know C. letting you know not D. letting not you know 11. — You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. — Well, now I regret ____ that. A. to do B. to be doing C. to have done D. having done 12. He has always insisted on his ___ Dr Turner instead of Mr Turner. A. been called B. called C. having called D. being called 13.. Do you mind ___ alone at home? A. Jane leaving B. Jane having left C. Jane’s being left D. Jane to be left 14. She looks forward every spring to ___ the flower-lined garden. A. visit B. paying a visit C. walk in D. walking in 15. Once your business becomes international, ___ constantly will be part of your life. A. you fly B. your flight C. flight D. flying 16. — What do you think made Mary so upset? — ___ her new bicycle. A. As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing 17. — Let me tell you something about the journalists. — Don’t you remember ___the story yesterday? A. told B. telling C. to tell D. to have told 18. One learns a language by making mistakes and ___them. A. correct B. Correcting C. corrects D. to correct 19. Fishing is his favorite hobby, and ____. A. he’d like to collect coin as well B. he feels like collecting coins, too C. to collect coins is also his hobby D. collecting coins also gives him great pleasure 练习三、 1.The thief entered the room without _____. A. noticing B. being noticed C. having noticed D. having been noticed 2. Besides _____, she is kind and tender. A. beautiful B. being beautiful C. she beautiful D. is beautiful 3. When he heard the big noise, Tom stopped _____ and _____ to the window to see what was happening.

A. to read; went B. reading; to go C. reading; going D. reading; went 4.I am busy _____ for the entrance examination, so I can’t help _____ housework at home. A. preparing; doing B. preparing; to do C. to prepare; doing D. to prepare; to do 5.Sorry, we don’t allow __________ in the lecture room. A. to smoke B. smoke C. smoking D. to smoking 6. They don’t permit __________ noise her. A. to make B. make C. making D. made 7. The sentence wants __________ once more. A. to explain B. explaining C. being explained D. to be explained it 8. The squirrel was lucky that it just missed __________. A. catching B. to be caught C. being caught D. to catch 9. Ali said that she wouldn’t mind _________ alone at home. A. left B. being left C. to be left D. leaving 10. She __________ the key. A. admitted taking B. admitted taking C. admitted having taken D. admitted to have taken 11.— Did you enjoy yourself last night? — It’s very nice of you. I appreciated _____ to the party. A. to be invited B. to have invited C. being invited D. having been invited 12. While we’re developing agriculture and industry, we must prevent the earth _____. A. from polluting B. polluted C. polluting D. being polluted 13.. The missing boys were last seen _________ on the playground. A. playing B. to be playing C. play D. to play 练习四、 1.______ that it was going to snow,the climbers decided to put off their attempt on the highest mountain. A. Having told B. Having been told C. be told To D. have told To 2.I heard the terrible sound of ________last night. A.the door's shutting B.the door being shutting C.the door was being shut D.the door being shut 3.The building_______now will be a hospital. A. built be B. be built to C. being built D. being building 4._______ for months,the room is very dirty. A.We haven't clean it B.Having not cleaned C.Not having been cleaned D.Having not been cleaned 5.--Did you enjoy yourself last night?

--It's very nice of you.I appreciated______ to the party. A.to be invited B.to have been invited C.being invited D.having been invited 6._________not very popular with all its members,he wasn't appointed chairman of the committee. A.To be considered B.Being considered C. Considering D.Having considered 7. The building______ will be completed in a month.It will be our lab building. A.being painted B.painting C.to have painted D.to paint 8.The old man needs_________. A. look after B. look after to C. 1ooking after D. being looked after 9. I don't like _________ at in the public. A.1aughing B.being laughed C.1aughed D. to laugh 10.The problem is worth_________ . A.discussing B. discuss C. being discussed D.discussed 11.________many times,the boy still didn't know how to do the exercises. A. Having taught B. Having been taught C. Taught D. Teaching 12._________in an atmosphere of simple living was what she wished for. A.The girl to be educated B.The girl's being educated C. The girl to educate D. The girl to be educating 13. Please excuse my ________ in without ________ . A. come; asking B. coming; asking C. to come; being asked D. coming; being asked 14. No one can prevent the plan __________. A. from carrying out B. to be carried out C. being carried out D. to carry out 15. The bird was lucky that it just missed __________ . A. catching B. being caught C. to be caught D. to catch 16. Most of the artists __ to the party were from South Africa. A. invited B. to invite C. being invited D. had been invited 17. __________ to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one's skin. A. Exposed B. Having exposed C. Being exposed D. After being exposed 18. He has always insisted on his ________ Dr. Turner instead of Mr. Tunner. A. been called B. being called C. having called D. called 19. While shopping, people sometimes can't help _______ into buying something they don't really need. A. to persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. be persuaded 20. Little Jim should love ________ to the theatre, but his father refused him because it was late. A. to be taken B. to take C. being taken D. taking 21. The well was found __________ when we got there. A. digging B. to be dug C. to dig D. being dug 22. __________ in the mountains for a week, the two students were finally saved by the local police.

A. Having lost B. Lost C. Being lost D. Losing 23.. --- What made Bill so angry? --- ___. His girl friend promised to come at 8:30, but she hasn’t come yet. A. Having kept waiting B. Being kept waiting C. To be kept waiting D. Being kept waited 24. ___ the idiom, he looked it up in the dictionary. A. Not learning B. Never having learned C. Having not learned D. Having never learned 25. Any driver ___ a license ought to be punished. A. doesn’t have B. having not C. has not D. not having


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