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广东省广雅中学、 佛山一中等 2014 届高三英语下学期 2 月联考试卷 (扫描版)新人教版













2014 届高三下学期 2 月联考答案 I 听 力 (共一节,满分 15 分)

第一节 Part B Role Play(共 8 小题,满分 15 分) 题目 Question 1 参考答案 Is it very common for American college students to work part-time? Is it very common (1 分) for American college students(1 分) to work part-time / to have a part-time job (1 分) Question 2 How many hours / How long a week do you work? How many hours / How long a week(1 分) do you work(1 分) Question 3 You enjoy your job, don’t you? You enjoy your job(1 分) don’t you? (1 分) Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 (Peter works part-time) In / At a coffee shop. A friend of his brother’s / One of his brother’s friends Working in a coffee shop or a restaurant. Working(1 分) in a coffee shop or a restaurant(1.5 分) Answer 4 Answer 5 20 hours. He thinks / Because it is a good opportunity to make new friends.. He thinks / Because(0.5 分) it is a good opportunity(1 分)

分值 3分



1分 1分 2.5 分

1分 2.5 分

to make new friends. (1 分) 评分标准:时态错误扣 0.5 分/个,用词不当或单词拼写错误均扣 0.5 分/个,单复数形 式错扣 0.5 分/个,漏冠词扣 0.5 分/个。

W: Hi! Peter! How have you been? I haven’t talked to you in ages. M: I know. I’ve just been so busy between school and working part-time that I haven’t had time to keep in touch with any of my friends in China. W:I didn’t know you had a part-time job. What do you do? M: I just work at a coffee shop on campus. W: How did you find this job? M: I know one of the waiters there. He is my brother’s friend. He worked part-time there. But he is graduating this summer and can’t go on working there. The owner of the coffee shop hopes he can find someone to replace him. So he thought of me.

三问部分: 1. Question: Is it very common for American college stiudnts to work part-time?

Answer: Definitely. Working in a coffee shop or a restaurant is pretty typical,
but lots of students get jobs on campus, too, like working in the library, the dining hall, or an office. Some students also work for professors as assistants. 2. Question: How many hours a week do you work?

Answer: Usually about 15. I think the average is10 or 15 hours a week — 20 hours
at most. Lots of students work full-time over the summer, although it’s also really common to do an unpaid job as a way to gain experience for your future career,

or to help you decide if a certain career is right for you.. 3. Question: You enjoy your job, don’t you?

Answer: Yes. It is nothing special, but I enjoy it because it’s a good opportunity
to make new friends.

五答部分: 1. Question: Where does Peter work part time?

Answer: In / At a coffee shop.
2. Question: Who helped Peter find this job?

Answer: A friend of his brother’s / One of his brother’s friends.
3. Question: What job is typical for American college students ?

Answer: Working in a coffee shop or a restaurant.
4. Question: How many hours / How long a week do American college students usually work at most?

Answer: 20 hours. 5. Question: Why does Peter enjoy the job?
Answer: He thinks / Because it is a good opportunity to make new friends.



(共计 135 分)

I 语言知识及应用 ( 共两节, 满分 45 分 ) 第一节:完形填空 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 1—5 DCAAD 6—10 BADBC 11—15 AABDC

第二节:语法填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 16. spent medical

17. the


19. against

20. it


22. helps

23. and


25. failure

II 阅读 (共两节;满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 26—30 CDBDA 31—35 BDBDC 36—40 CADCC 41—45 BDACC

第二节:信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 46—50 CFBAE

Ⅲ 写作 (共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:基础写作 (共 1 小题,满分 l5 分) Microblog,a kind of online diary, covers a wide range of topics ranging from small daily incidents to major global events. It provides the regularly updated information which is open to the public with very brief contents, usually within 140 words. As a new way of communication, microblog definitely has some positive influence on our life because it makes it convenient for people to express their feeling or opinions and exchange them with others. Besides, it enables news and message to spread more quickly and widely than ever before. On the other hand, it also affects our life negatively because it is possible for people to give away their privacy or other significant personal information and some misleading information prevents the public from telling the right from wrong.

基础写作评分标准及说明:(共 15 分) 1. 基础写作主要考查考生语言结构的应用能力:能够用正确、规范的语言表达特定的内 容。 2. 本试题要求考生根据所提供的信息,使用 5 个句子表达“写作内容”中所提供的全部

内容。命题思想是希望考生在表达这些内容时能够: 3. 在评分的时候,按照评分标准,采用分析法评分,即,按照语言、内容和连贯三项指 标分别给分,最后累计作为该题的总得分。 a) 在语言方面,重点评判句子的语法结构是否正确、用词是否规范:考生是否使用 了合适的句子结构 b) 在内容方面,重点评判考生是否表达了所提供的全部信息:如果考生在表达完整 的内容时,适当添加了一些内容,意在使要点更连贯,不扣分 c) 在连贯方面,重点评判 5 个句子是否构成一篇连贯的短文 4. 具体写作内容相关说明: a) 整篇合计 7 个信息点,允许用不同的语言表述。如缺 2 个(含 2 个)信息点以上, 或 2 个(含 2 个)以上的信息点表达文不对题的,内容分只能给 3 分以下。 b) 缺 1 个句子或多 1 个句子扣 1 分 5. 其他均按以下高考评分标准执行:

具有很好的语言运用能力; 语法和句子结构准确性高, 词汇方面使用较好, 7 只有少许错误。 (不能出现句子结构、语法结构的错误) 具有较好的语言运用能力;语法和句子结构准确性较好,有一些语法结构 5-6 或词汇方面的错误,但不影响理解。

语 言

语言运用能力一般;语法和句子结构基本准确,语法结构或词汇方面的错 误不影响理解。 语言运用能力较差;语法和句子结构基本不够准确,语法结构或词汇方面 1-2 的错误较多,而且影响了对句子意义的理解。 0 5 语言运用能力很差; 语法、 句子结构、 词汇错误很多, 句子意义无法理解。 包括了所有信息内容。 包括了大部分信息内容。 包括了基本信息内容。



2 1 0 3

包括了小部分信息内容。 包括了少许信息内容。 没有包括所提供的信息内容。 内容连贯,而且结构紧凑。 内容连贯性比较好,而且结构比较紧凑。 内容连贯性较差,而且结构不够紧凑。 内容缺乏连贯性,而且结构松散。 文不对题,给 0 分。

连 贯

2 1 0


第二节:读写任务(共 1 小题,满分 25 分) The Author is often asked to give advice about education due to his successful experience. He thinks it is unwise to drop out and that learning is sure to be beneficial. Some students want to drop out of school, believing schooling has nothing to do with a successful career, because there are many cases where people who don’t finish their schooling are successful, such as Bill Gates. Besides, the high tuition of college education is too much for ordinary families. Dropping out to find a job helps them to lighten the heavy financial burden on their parents. Furthermore, experience counts most for a career and no wonder some would like to accumulate experience by taking a job at an early age. Knowledge is power. Schools are where people become knowledgeable. As for me, I will make full use of time to complete my schooling and achieve my dream.

读写任务评分标准及说明: (25 分)

1. 读写任务是有材料作文:要求考生在阅读的基础上写一篇相关主题的作文;主要考查 考生的篇章概括和语言表达能力。本试题要求考生阅读一篇英文短文后,谈谈对教育 的想法 2. 按照评分标准,实行分析综合法评分,即:根据总体影响给分。分概要、内容和连贯 性三个部分,分值分别为 5 分、17 分和 3 分。 3. 具体写作内容相关说明: a) 概要: 允许用不同的语言表述,但须涵括以下 3 大要点:①作者因其成功经历 经常被问及关于教育的建议;②不赞成放弃学业;③读书是有用的。要点齐全占 3 分,表达、连贯性 2 分;缺一个要点扣 1 分;如有照搬原文(主要指抄袭句子 的主要结构、动宾结构等,扣 1 分。 b) 正文: ①须涵括 3 个内容要点,缺 1 要点扣 3 分,即降一个档次;②所有要点 须围绕主题,如所写的内容与主题相矛盾或模棱两可,扣 3 分,即降一个档次。 c) 连贯性占 3 分,分 0,1,2,3 四个档次评分,应该重点关注文章整体上下文在内容 上的连贯和主题观点一致性。 4. 其他均按以下高考评分标准执行:

项 分值 目 按照要求概括了原文的全部主要信息,没有增加与原文无关的信息,没 5 有照抄原文的句子。语言结构正确,行文规范。 基本按照要求概括了原文的主要信息,没有增加与原文无关的信息,没 概 括 3 4 有照抄原文的句子。语言结构正确,行文规范。 基本按照要求概括了原文的主要信息,但包含一些不相关的信息,有个 别句子抄自原文。语言结构基本正确,行文比较规范。 不能按照要求概括原文的主要信息,包含较多不相关的信息,有较多的 2 抄袭。语言结构不够准确,行文不够规范。


没有按照要求概括原文的主要信息,基本是不相关的信息,大多数句子 0-1 都抄自原文。语言结构不准确,行文不规范。 包含题目所给全部或绝大部分的内容要点。主题明确,内容丰富。 16-1 7 词汇丰富,用词得当。能有效运用合适的语言结构,而且没有(或极少) 语法错误。 包含题目所给全部或绝大部分的内容要点。主题明确,个别内容不准确 13-1 5 或者不相关。 词汇较丰富,有个别用词错误。较好地运用了合适的语言结构,有少许 的语法错误。 包含题目所给全部或绝大部分的内容要点。主题比较明确,个别内容不 10-1 2 内 包含题目所给的部分内容要点。主题基本明确,有些内容不准确或者不 容 7-9 相关。 词汇有限,有较多的用词错误。语言结构出现较多的语法错误。 只包含题目所给的个别内容要点。多数内容不相关或者不准确。文章有 4-6 些地方照抄源文。 词汇贫乏,有较多的用词错误。大多数的句子出现语法错误。 只包含与题目所给要点内容有关的一些单词。主题不明确,文章基本照 抄原文。 1-3 词汇极其贫乏,基本不能正确用词。几乎没有正确的句子。篇章结构零 乱。 以下几种情况,给0分:1)完全抄袭原文(或其它文章) ; 2)文不对题; 0 3)只写一些零散的单词,完全没有表达完整的内容 连 3 通篇内容连贯,一致,而且结构紧凑。

准确或者不相关。 词汇较丰富,有个别用词错误。较好地运用了合适的语言结构,有少许 的语法错误。

2 1 0

通篇内容连贯性比较好,而且结构比较紧凑。 通篇内容连贯性较差,而且结构不够紧凑。 通篇内容缺乏连贯性,前后矛盾或不相关,而且结构松散。


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