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单词语境记忆 Unit 3 Travel journal

Unit 3 Travel journal


The Smiths are fond of travelling. They’ve been to many places in the world ever since they got married. This summer, as usual, they plan to travel abroad. Their son, Tom, who has just graduated from university, makes up his mind to join them this time. However, they have different attitudes towards the transport and schedule of the journey. The couple prefers to travel by train which they think is cheap and reliable although it leaves at midnight. While Tom, who cares much about the health of his parents, is for taking the plane, which is quick and convenient in his eyes. He tries all possible means to persuade his parents to change their minds. After days’ efforts, the couple finally gives in. They let Tom organize the whole journey. And as the young man promises, the journey proves to be pleasant in the end.

热点词汇学习 ★ prefer: vt.更喜欢,选择某事物 prefer sth./sb.更喜欢?? prefer (sb.) to do sth.更喜欢某人做?? prefer A to B 更喜欢 A 胜过 B prefer doing A to doing B 宁愿做??不愿做?? prefer to do?rather than do?宁可??也不?? prefer that 更喜欢【that 从句中常用 should+动词原形】 ①I prefer coffee to tea. ②I prefer to go to the movies. 我更喜欢咖啡胜过茶。 我更想去看电影。

③I prefer living abroad to staying at home. 我宁愿去国外生活也不愿呆在家中。 ④I prefer to do it on my own rather than ask for help. 我宁愿自己独立完成也不想请求帮助。 ⑤I would prefer that you will not mention my name. 我希望你不要说出我的名字。 Many university students prefer _____ in the countryside rather than _____ in a big city. A. to work; stay C. working; stay Preference B. working; to stay D. to work; staying


①It is a matter of personal preference.这是个人喜好问题。 preference for sb./sth. ②Many people expressed a strong preference for the original plan.

很多人强烈表示喜欢原计划。 give (a) preference to sb./sth.给??以优惠,优待 ③Preference will be given to graduates from this university. 这所大学的毕业生会获得优先考虑。

★persuade: vt.劝说,说服 persuade sb(not)to do sth persuade sb into doing sth 劝说某人做某事

①I persuade her into entering the competition. 我劝她参加比赛。 ②Try to persuade him to come. 尽量劝他来。
persuade 和 advice 在含义上的区别在于 persuade 表示说给出了建议并一定被采纳了,强调已经说服。 ③-Have you ____him to give up the job? -Yes, I have. But he doesn't listen to me. A. persuaded B. advised 另外,advice 既可接-ing 形式做宾语,又可接 that 引导的宾语从句(必须用虚拟语气,should+动词原 形,should 可省略),而 persuade 不能。 persuasive: adj. 有说服力的,令人信服的。

④While shopping, people can’t help ______ into buying something they don’t really need. A. to persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. be persuaded



insist on sth ①She insisted on her innocence. 她坚称她自己是无辜的。 insist on(one’s) doing sth 执意继续做, 坚持做某事 ②They insist on playing their music late at night.

他们执意地演奏他们的音乐直到深夜。。 ③I insisted on their arriving there ahead of time. 我坚持要他们提前赶到那儿。 insist +that-从句 用陈述语气。 从句常用虚拟语气(should+动词原形);从句表示客观事实时,

She insist that he could come. 她执意要他来。 The boy insisted that he hadn’t broken the glass. 那男孩坚持说他没有打破玻璃杯 The young men insisted that they (should) be sent to the front. 那些年轻人坚持要求被派往前线去。 He insisted that he______ nothing wrong and ______. A. should do; should set free C. had done; be set free B. do; be set free D. had done; would be set free

★determine vt.坚决确定;(使)下定决心 ①His advice determined me to delay no more. 他得劝告使我决定不再拖延。 Determine +n./pron.决(确)定 determine on/upon sth. ②I have determined upon/on going to the countryside after graduation. 我已经决定毕业后到农村去。 determine to do sth.决定做某事(表示动作,非延续性动词短语) determine sb. to do sth.使某人决定做某事

determine sb against sth.使某人决定不再做某事 be determined to do sth.决心做某事(表示状态,可与表示时间段的状语连用) ③I am determined to find out who is responsible for this. 我决定要弄清楚谁该对此事负责。 determined adj. 坚决的;有决心的 determination n. 决心 ________to give citizens a happy and peaceful life, the government of Chongqing continues gang crackdown. A. Determining B. Determine C. To determine D. Determined

★ journey:长途旅行,特指旅行本身。 make a journey; go on a journey Wish you a pleasant journey! 祝你一路顺风! tour:为公务,娱乐,教育等参加多处名胜的旅行。 on tour:巡回演出。 travel: n.[U]泛指一切旅行。 Trip:短途旅行。take/ go on a trip.

★ give in to sb./sth. 屈服,认输 ①They argued again and again until finally Jack gave in. 他们反复争论,直到杰克最后让步为止。 give up: 放弃做某事 give off:发出;散发出(气味,光等) give way to:给??让路;对??让步 give away:分发;赠送 give back:归还 give out:分发;用完;耗尽

②He gave away immense amounts of money to charity. 他向慈善机构捐赠了大量资金。 ③After a month their food supplies gave out. 一个月后他们的食物储备消耗殆尽了。


n.风景;视野;观点;见解 vt.观看;注视;考虑

①This room has a fine view of the mountains.(n.风景,景色) ②What is your view on school punishment?(n.观点,见解) ③There is nothing in view except the white snow.(n.视野,视线) ④These people were viewed as their most dangerous rivals.(vt.看待,考虑) ⑤People from all over the world to view her work.(vt.观看) in one’s view:在某人看来 in full view of sb./sth.完全看得见 come into view:进入视野,看得见 in view of sth.鉴于,考虑到,由于

with a view to sth./to doing sth.为了,指望 ⑥In view of the weather, we will cancel the outing. 因为天气的关系,我们要取消此次郊游。 View ,sight, scenery, scene 的区别 i:view 指从固定的地点观看风景。 The view from the balcony of the apartment is agreeable. 从公寓阳台望去的景色很宜人。 ii:sight 主要指人工制成的景物,只景色是可数名词时,往往指眼见的景色,常用复数。 a better sight. 一个更好的景点。 iii:scenery 是不可数名词,一般指自然风景。

The road passes through the most beautiful scenery. 这条大路穿过极为迷人的风景区。 iv:scene 也是指景色,有场景的意思。包括了其中的人以及活动。 There is a happy scene of child playing in the garden. 孩子们在花园里玩耍,好一派欢乐的景象。 One of the advantages of living on the top floor of a high rise is that you can get a good ______. A. sight B. scene C. view D. look

★change one’s mind:改变主意 make up one’s mind to do sth:下定决心做某事 bear/keep sth in mind:将??记在心中;记起;考虑 be/go out of your mind:心智时常,发疯

★ dress: v. dress sb. in?给某人穿衣服 sb. dressed oneself 自己穿衣服 dress up:穿上盛装 ①There is no need to dress up, come as you are. 不必盛装出席,像平常一样过来就行了。

★ Company:


①I enjoy her company. 我喜欢她的陪伴。 in the company of: 在??的陪伴下 ②a pleasant evening in the company of friends.和朋友一起度过的愉快夜晚。

the company sb keeps:某人所为伍的人 ③Judging by the company he kept, he must have been a wealthy man. 从他交往的人可以看出,他是一个富人。

★ A determined person always tries to finish job, no matter how hard it is. 有决心的人总是努力完成工作的,不管它多么困难。 no matter how 引导让步状语从句,意为:“无论多么??”how 后面紧跟形容词或副词, 相当 however。 If we work with a strong will, we can come over any difficulty, _____ great it is. A. what B. how C. however D. whatever


1.My sister and I have dreamed about cycling along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 我姐姐和我一直梦想要沿湄公河从源头到终点骑车旅行。

2. The man insisted that he didn't steal anything and he (should) be set free at once. (陈述语气、虚拟语气)


3 She gave me a determined look - the kind that said she wouldn't change her mind.


4. He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything. 他是如此的固执以致没有人能说服他做任何事。

5. My sister doesn't care about details. 我的姐姐是不会考虑细节的。

6. She is a determined woman. Once she determines to do something, she will do it well. 她是个意志坚强的人。如果她下决心做什么事,就一定要做好。

7. He recorded the important events ad his afterthoughts in his travel journal. 在旅行日记中,他记下了重大的事件及自己的想法。

8. I am not familiar with this city, because this is my first visit. 我对这个城市不熟悉,因为这是我的第一次来访。

9. I don't think it is necessary for us to give in. 我认为我们没有必要让步。

10. The topics of a travel journal can be different from a diary , often including people, things, and events less familiar to readers. 游记的主题可以和日记不同,经常包括那些读者不太熟悉的人和事。

11. It was great fun to put up tents here. 在这儿搭帐篷真好玩。

短文写作借鉴 范文一

假设你是李华, 你的美国笔友 George 来信询问你家乡的家庭旅馆的情况, 打算今年暑假 在这种旅馆住一段时间。请你给他回信介绍, 具体内容如下:

住房:单人间每天 30 元;双人间每人每天 20 元;

餐费:每人每天 20 元。和住户主人一家一起吃中餐,有菜单,可点菜, 也




注意:1. 短文必须包括表格中的所有内容, 可以适当增加细节,使其连贯;

2. 开头已给出;

3 词数:100 左右;

4. 参考词汇: 家庭旅馆 household hotel。 One possible version: Dear George, Very glad to have received your letter. Now I’d like to tell you about household hotels in my hometown. The household hotel is nice to stay in. Not only can you learn about China clearly, but also you can feel at home as well by dining with the family for only 20 yuan a day. Of course you can cook by yourself if the menu doesn’t satisfy you. It is really cheap to live in a single room for 30 yuan a day and a double room for 20 yuan each. You can bathe and swim in the sea, climb the hill and do unpaid jobs in the greenhouse if you’d like to. I’m looking forward to your coming. Yours, Li Hua

范文二 写一篇关于旅游益处的短文 One possible version:

Advantages of Travel

Travel is beneficial to us in at least three ways. First, by traveling we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places. We will see with our own eyes many places read of in books, and visit some famous cities and scenic spots. Second, we will meet people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs of other people, taste different foods and local flavors if we like. In this way, we can understand how differently other people live. Third, travel will not only help us to gain knowledge of geography and history and other knowledge, which will arouse our deep love for our m0therland, but also will help us keep healthy and make us less narrow-minded. Travel does benefit us both mentally and physically. With all these advantages of travel, it is no wonder that travel has now become more popular than ever in China.


多项选择 1. To keep the project _____ is regarded as one of the most important rules to complete the project on time. A. diary B. journal C. schedule D. promise

2. The word “concerned” is far from enough to describe the _____ of the speaker towards the worsening situation. A. determination B. pace C. forecast D. attitude

3. ----What do you think of the meal? ----Although some dishes _____ with me, it is really a nice meal. A. concern B. disagree C. agree D. upset

4. Be wise! Don’t let yourself be_____ into buying something you don’t need even at a low price. A. transported B. warned C. translated D. persuaded

5. When considering men for jobs in his company, he always gives _____ to those with much working experience.

A. attitude

B. altitude

C. prediction

D. preference

6. If you don’t speak good English, you will be at a big_____ when you try to get a good job. A. disadvantage B. loss C. bend D. shortcoming

7. He confidently _____ a big increase in sales, and he turned out to be right. A. determined B. forecast C. scheduled D. decided

8. My wife _____ me to give up smoking last month and my health has been improving ever since. A. persuaded B. preferred C. advised D. requested

9. As a husband, he can always bring me the gift I dream of as if he could _____ my mind. A. determine B. make C. change D. read

10. In the interview, she expressed he strong will that nothing could make her____ her job as a teacher. A. give out B. give in C. give away D. give up

11. As our teacher puts it, we should take detailed notes in class because they are more ______ than our memory. A. stubborn B. reliable C. native D. attractive

12. Even though she has many ______, I _______ any less. A. faults; don’t fond of her C. errors; don’t like her B. shortcomings; don’t love her D. mistakes, am not fond of her

13. It might be very difficult to find the ____ of the information. A. cause B. resource C. source D. course

14. Go about your business your own way. Don’t ___what others think or say. A. care for B. care about C. care with D. care of

15. You have to keep on learning if you want to keep ______ with the development of modern science and technology. A. peace B. touch C. pace D. connect

16. Is it true that light travels in a straight line and never ______ ______ it hits something that reflects it. A. turns; until B. bends; unless C. breaks; when D. changes; until

17. She was so ____ that she wouldn’t give in until she received a full apology.









18. My father has never liked meat, but he always had a _______ for fruits and vegetables. A interest B hobby C preference D devotion

19.—Have you________your father to give up smoking? —No,I talked to him many times but he would not accept my advice. A.persuaded B.advised C.promised D.suggested

20.Excuse me,sir,can you tell me how much the ___is to Guangzhou by plane? A.cost B.fare C.price D.money

21. To write a good article you must first ________your ideas very carefully. A.organize B.settle C.report D.speak

22. Dad was ________whisky,but normally only drank in the evening when work was done. A.tired of B.fond of C.familiar with D.afraid of

23.She is not easy to work with,because she is very ________in everything, not willing to accept others’ opinions even if she is wrong. A.absentminded B.stubborn C.outgoing D.confident

24.Something must be done to prevent the fruits from going bad in the long ___. A.transportation B.run C.term D.transport between

25. It is always the husband who______ first when a quarrel breaks out the young couple. A.gives away B.gives out C.gives up D.gives in

写作基础训练 (完成句子) 1. I have been working here ________________________________(自从大学毕业之 后).(since) 2. The stubborn man __________________________________(不得不妥协)in the end and give up the plan.(give) 3. She_______________________________________________ (宁愿讲实话)to lying.(prefer)

4. You’d better find a large atlas with good maps _______________________(明 细图)the world’s geography.(detail) 5. It’s I _____________________________(要去的是我)Thailand next Wednesday. (leave) 6 .He preferred taking exercise outdoors___________________________(不愿呆在 家里) watching TV. (stay) 7. My sister insisted we ___________________________________(沿着?骑) the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. (cycle) 8. The new teacher is not_______________________________(容易相处), so you’d better behave yourself. (get) 9. Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off your mobile phones. Our flight ___________________(起飞) in a few minutes. (take) 10. With time going by, the number of vocabulary in the dictionary______________________(在被丰富)year by year. (enrich)

11 I wonder ______________________________(是谁) that first has the idea to take a bike trip. (be) 12 We have never dreamt of _____________________________(有机会) for us to go hiking with our favourite teacher. What a surprise! (be) 13 Excuse me, could you help me? I ___________________(飞往) Guangzhou, but I can’t find the right gate. (fly) 14 Please come back quickly, _________________________________(火车要来) in a minute. (arrive) 15I didn’t get along well with my kids. I ____________________________(本应 该多关心) them. (care)

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