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uint8 reading language points

Unit 8

Brave it Out

Reading Is Life Fair ?
Para 1. Ⅰ.Words 1.公平的 adj. 5.观点、想法 n 2.朋友 n 6.提醒 v 3.问题 n 7.高级的 adj. 4.同意 v

8 通常 adv

9.认为 v 10.有时候 adv 11.对不起 adj 12.事实 n Ⅱ. Phrases 1.一天 2.我的一个朋友 3.问问题 4.同意 5.一个好的(问题) 6.使---想起某事 7 一名高中生 8 为...感到可惜 9 事实上 10 是公平的 Ⅲ.Language points 1.One day, a friend of mine asked me a question,“ Do you agree with the idea that life is fair?” 译文 ⑴.agree v agree with sb------同意某人的意见 agree on sth----- 同意某事 Eg . 1). I you. 我同意你(的建议). 2).Do you ____ ___(赞同) my idea that we should speak more English ? 3).He disagrees the plan. 他不同意这个计划. 2.His question was a good one. It reminded me of something a teacher said when I was a high school student----- “ life isn’t fair” 译文 ⑵.remind sb sth 提醒某人某事 .1)That me a story I once heard.这使我想起曾经听到一个故事。 2)His words me my childhood. 译文 . 3.we usually think that life should be fair, but we sometimes feel sorry for ourselves .In fact, life is not fair and will not be fair.译文 ⑶.feel/be sorry for…为...感到可惜,表同情 ,后悔 eg.1).You will it later(以后). 你以后会为那件事而后悔的 2).I feel sorry . 我为自己感到惋惜。 3). I feel it my duty to help you .译 Para2. Ⅰ.Words: 1.挑战 n 2.挑战性的 adj

.3.地方 n

4 青少年 n 7 每个人 pron 10 期望/期待 v Ⅱ.Phrases: 1. 充满 挤满 3.在年轻人的生命里 5 有不同的经验

5.今天 adv 8 不同的 adj. 11 完美的 adj.

6 意思是 v 9 经验,经历 n

2 最有挑战性的地方 4 看起来不同 6.make a living

Ⅲ.Language popints: 1. Life is full of challenges, School is the most challenging place in the life of youth today. when we say that life isn’t fair , we mean everyone is different. 译文 ⑷.be full of :充满 挤满 = with Eg . 1).The bus people. 公共汽车上挤满了人 2). My family ____ _______ _____(充满) love and warmth. 2.We look different and have different experiences. 译文 ⑸ experience : 1)(一次)经历;体验, 可数名词; 2). 经验, 不可数名词。 Eg.1).He has many interesting__________ in his life.他的一生中有很多有趣的 经历。 2).She has years of_______________in teaching. 有她多年的教学经验。 ⑹.mean: mean to do 打算做-----mean doing 意味着-------eg . 1)I you with it. 我打算帮你这个事。 2)His words means . 他的话意味着伤害。 3. We can’t expect life to be perfect. Life is what we make it.译文 ⑺.1).expect sb. to do sth. 期盼、期望某人做某事 ; Eg .You can't me 你不能期望我 仅在两天之内完成这项工作。 2).Life is what we make it. 表语从句,英语中系动词的表语由一个句子充当, 称为表语从句。考点连接词,分析句子成分,缺人用 who;缺物用 what;什么也 不缺用 that. Eg : (1).It seems he is ill. (2).It is we want to get. (3)The problem is can help us.


Para 3 .: Ⅰ.Words: 1.美国出生的 adj 2.打破,折断 v 3.脖子 n 4.意外,事故 n 5. 轮椅 n 6.完成 v 7.教育 n 8.成功 n 9.独立 n .10.独立的 adj Ⅱ.Phrases 1.十三岁的时候 2. 在一次事故中 3.从那以后 4.放弃 5.继续 6.完成学业 7.好的教育 8.唯一的方法 Ⅲ.Language points: 1.Patrick is an American-born Chinese. When he was thirteen years old, he broke his neck in an accident. Since then he has been in a wheelchair. But he never gave up and went on to finish school. ⑻.since then 从那时起 ,单独做状语。 Eg . , he never played games . 从那时起,他不再玩游戏。 ⑼.give up 放弃+doing Eg .1).You should . 你应该戒烟了。 2). I will never ______ _______(放弃) learning English. ⑽.go on to do sth (干完某事之后)接着干某事 go on doing sth 继续做 (同一件事,中途不停止) eg . 1).After he finished writing the letter, he the text. 他写完信后,接着就读课文。 2).Although it is dark, the farmers on the field.(work). 尽管天已经黑了,农民仍然在田地里工作着。 ⑾.never 否定词, 1).构成否定句,反义部分用肯定; Eg . He never gives up studying English, ? (是吗?) 2).置于句首时,句子用倒装; Never have I been to the USA. 译文 。 ⑿.educate (v.) 教育,educate sb to do sth 教育某人做------

Eg. He always ⒀ .success n. succeed vt successful adj. successfully adv. his son a good man .教育他的儿子做好人。 succeed in doing 在----取得成功


Eg He ⒁.independence n 独立,

adj 独立的

Eg .That country is now. 那个国家现在独立了。 Para 4-5: Ⅰ.Words: 1.艰苦的 adj 2.克服 v 3. 困难 n 4 变成 v 5.最后 adv 6.完成 v 7.课程/项目 n 8.积极的 adj 9.成功的 adj 10.科学家 n 11 失败 v 12.失败者 n 13.责备/责怪 v 14 另外的/别的 adj Ⅱ.Phrases: 1.克服很多困难 2.最好的学生 3.博士课程 4 在---中积极 5.失学 6.一名美国科学家 7.很多次 8.直到---才 Ⅲ.Language popints: 1. Now he is very active in teaching English and helping children who are out of school. (15). 积极从事某事 Eg .1)He is classmates who have difficulties in their learning. 他积极帮助在学习上有困难的学生。 2). . Our teacher ____ _________ ___(积极从事) English teaching. (16). be out of 脱离 在…范围之外 The sick man danger at last. 病人终于脱离危险。 2. Life isn’t fair for Patrick, but he has become successful. Burro ughs---an American scientist---was right in saying,” A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. (17) . not …until … 直到……才…… He did go to bed 10 o’clock. 他直到十点才睡觉。 (18).begin to do 开始去做…… He began what he did was wrong. 他开始知道他所做的是错的。

.A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. 一个人可能会失败很多次,但是直到他开