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高一外研版英语必修4同步课件 Module 3 Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication 第1课时 Introduction




Body Language; Non-verbal communication
ankle, aggressive, bend, deal, eyebrow, forehead, formal, gesture, hug, informal, stare, unconscious, weapon, wipe, wrist, chest, finger, greet, kiss, knee, lips, nod, point, position, raise, shake, shoulder, smile by accident, give away, hold up, lift up, make a deal, on guard, say hello to, switch on, up and down Giving advice(给出建议) ①You should shake hands when you meet new people ②You shouldn't arrive too late ③You must thank your host for a wonderful evening ④You mustn't arrive early Adverbial clause of condition(条件状语从句) Adverbial clause of concession(让步状语从句)




1.social adj. 社会的;社交的
①These problems are social rather than economic. 这些是社会问题,而不是经济问题。 ②Her reasons for visiting were purely social. 她的访问理由纯粹是社交性的。 知识拓展 socially adv. 在社会上;社交上 socialism n. 社会主义

socialist n. & adj.社会主义者;社会主义的
society n. 社会;协会;社交界;交往

2.introduce v. 介绍;引见;使相互认识;采用;实
施;推行 知识拓展 1)introduce sb. to sb. 把某人介绍给某人 The headmaster introduced our new teachers to us. 校长把新教师们介绍给了我们。 2)introduce oneself 自我介绍 Let me introduce myself. My name is Melody Johnson.


3)introduce sth. to/into 把??引进??;使??传
入?? Some Western cultures are introduced into our country. 很多西方文化传入中国。 4)introduce sb. to sth. 使某人初次尝试某物 Mother introduced me to the joys of learning. 妈妈让我初次尝到了学习的乐趣。

introduction n. 介绍;采用;传入

(1)(2008· 北 京 )It ones of your own. A.introduces C.introducing B.to introduce D.introduced is worth considering what makes“covenience”foods so popular, and________better

解析:本题句意为:值得考虑一下什么使得“方便” 食品这么受人欢迎,并且介绍一下你自己比较喜欢的那些

用v.-ing形式作为worth的宾语使用。 答案:C

(2)(2009·湖南)—The food here is nice enough.
—My friend ________ me a right place. A.introduces C.had introduced B.introduced D.was introducing

解析:本题考查动词的时态。这里用一般过去时表示 过去发生的事实。句意为:我朋友还真给我找对了地方。 从对食物的评价来看,introduce这一动作当然是已经发生, 故用一般过去时。


3.match v. 1)般配;与??相配 It's difficult to match the color of old paint. 很难找到和旧画颜色相配的色彩。 2)(与??)相同;相似;相一致 Her fingerprints match those found at the scene of the crime. 她的指纹与犯罪现场的指纹相吻合。 3)match sb./sth.(to/with sb./sth.)相称(或相关)的人(或 物);将??配对 The aim of the competition is to match the quote to the person who said it. 比赛的要求是把引文和它的作者配在一起。

The teams were evenly matched. 各队的水平旗鼓相当。

1)[C]火柴 He struck the match twice, but it couldn't burn. 他擦了两次火柴,可是点不着。 2)[C]比赛;竞赛 They are playing an important match against Liverpool on Sunday. 星期天他们和利物浦队有一场重要比赛。

He is John's match for bravery. 他与约翰勇气相当。

The napkins were a nice match for the tablecloth. 餐巾和桌布相配得很好。

match sb./sth. against/with sb./sth. 让??同??较量 find/meet one's match(in sb.) 遇到对手;棋逢对手

(2008·天津 )Her shoes________her dress; they look very well together. A.suit C.compare B.fit D.match

解析:考查动词词义。句意:她的鞋子和衣服很配, 它们搭配起来很好看。match“般配;与??相配”。fit 指“大小尺寸吻合”;suit指“(衣服,颜色等)合身,相


(2009· 山 西 临 汾 模 拟 )What surprised us was that he________his shooting skill against the expert's. A.matched C.showed 答案:A B.fitted D.made

4.communicate v.
1)交流(信息、消息、意见等);沟通 We only communicate by E-mail. 我们只通过电子邮件进行交流。 2)传递;传达(想法、感情、思想等) He was eager to communicate his ideas to the group. 他急于把想法传给小组。

1)communication n. 传达;信息;通讯;通信 2)communicate with sb. 与某人联络 be in communication with 与??通讯;与??保持联 系 注意:communication作“通讯;通信”解时,为不 可数名词;作“信息”解时,为可数名词。 Radio is the only means of communication in remote


Look at the drawings and read the observations, and then explain how the experiment was done and try to explain how the bees communicate directions________their partners. A.with C.to 答案:C B.for D.of

1.not at all
这个短语有两个含义,要根据上下文来确定: 1)一点也不,等于not in the least,这时not和at all可 以隔开,not放在助动词后,而at all放在句末。 I don't know him at all.我根本就不认识他。 —Are you hungry? 你饿了吗? —Not at all. 一点也不饿。 2)用于回答thank you时,you're welcome和that's all

—Thank you for your treatment! 谢谢你的款待! —Not at all. 不客气。

1)at all用在肯定句中起强调作用,带有一些感情色彩, 相当于on earth,有时可以不翻译,也可以译作“到底; 竟然”。 ①What have you done at all? 你到底做了些什么? ②I'm surprised at his passing the examination at all. 我奇怪他竟然通过了考试。

2)not at all=not in the least=not a bit 一点也不;not
a little=very 非常

高考直击 (1)(2008·江苏)—Do you mind if I record your lecture? —________. Go ahead. A.Never mind C.Not at all B.No way D.No, you'd better not

意吗?——一点也不(介意),你录吧。B、C与下文相矛盾; never mind句意“没有关系;不要紧”,相当于it doesn't

matter.例如:“——We've missed the train!”“—Never
mind, there'll be another in ten minutes.”而本题问句中的 mind为“介意;在意”之意,故C为最佳答案。 答案:C

(2)(2009·陕西)—Have you finished your first paper?
—________. Just half of it. How about you? A. Not at all C. Not a bit B. Not likely D. Not yet

解析:考查交际用语。Not at all“一点也不;根本 不”;not likely“不可能”;not a bit“非常;很;极 其”;not yet“还没有”。根据应答句中的just half of it可 知此处D。


(1)—Would you mind my smoking here? —________. A.Yes, please B.No, not at all C.No, I‘d rather you didn’t D.Yes, do as you like

(2)—So, Nancy, you had no difficulty finding your way
here? —________. A.Yes, no difficulty at all B.No, none at all C.Yes, no problem D.Nonsense 答案:(1)B (2)B

2.in the distance 在远处(但可以看到或听到) We saw light in the distance. 我们看到远处有灯光。 知识拓展 1)at/from a distance 在远处/从不太近的地方 The detective followed him at a distance. 侦探远远的跟着他。 2)keep one's distance from sb./sth. 与某人/某物保持一 定距离 3)distance n. 距离 distant adj. 远方的 distantly adv. 淡然地

All human beings have a comfortable zone regulating the________they keep from someone they talk with. A.distance C.range 答案:A B.scope D.boundary

1.Perhaps more than I think.也许比我想得要多。
more than的意义非常多,在许多情况下,它都失去了 比较级的含义。 知识拓展 1)表数量:多于 There are more than 60,000 students in our school. 我们学校有6万多名学生。 2)不仅仅;远甚于;不只是

Hibernation is more than sleep. It is a deep sleep.

3)more than=not only or very 不仅仅;不只;非常
Hearing the news, he was more than a little angry. 听了这个消息他非常生气。 4)more...than...与其说??不如??;肯定前者,否 定后者。 Lu Bu was more brave than wise. 吕布有勇无谋。

辨析:no more than/not more than
1)no more than: (1)(表数量)仅仅;只有;强调“少”。 I have no more than 50 yuan in my pocket, so I can't lend any money to you. 我口袋里仅仅有50元钱,所以我不能借钱给你。 (2)仅仅;只是 Most of my classmates in college are still no more than

small potatoes now, while our monitor is more than a
famous professor, but he is also a young scientist of great achievements.

的班长现在不仅是个著名教授,而且是个颇有成就的年轻 科学家了。 (3)no+adj./adv.的比较级+than,表示对比较双方都 否定,常译为:并不比??更??;和??一样不??。 My English is no better than his, so I can't help him. 我的英语并不比他好,所以我不能帮助他。

2)not more than:
(1)(表数量)不超过;最多(客观地说明数量,不强调 “少”)。 The boy who is fond of playing chess isn't more than 20 years old. 那个喜爱下棋的男孩最多20岁。 (2)not+adj./adv.的比较级+than,表示对比较双方程 度的比较,不含否定意义,常译为:??不如??。

We are both good at English, but my English is not
better than his. 我们都擅长英语,但我的英语不如他好。

高考直击 (2009· 浙 江 )It took ________ building supplies to

construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains, too.
A.other than C.rather than B.more than D.less than

解析:考查短语辨析。根据后句“也需要脑力。”可 知要建设节能房屋不仅仅(more than)需要建筑材料。 答案:B

(1)Americans eat________vegetable per person today as they did in 1910. A.more than twice C.twice as many as made in China. —Yes, some of the goods made in China are of high B.as twice as many D.more than twice as many

(2)—Goods imported from abroad are________those

A.not always better than B.always as good as

C.no better than
D.no longer better than 答案:(1)D (2)A

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