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一、动词-ing 形式作主语和宾语

动词-ing 形式的基本用法 动词-ing 具有名词的性质,可在句中担当主语、宾语、标语、 定语、宾语补足语和状语, 动词-ing 形式作主语常用来表示经常性和习惯性的动作。动词 -ing 形式作主语通常放在句首。但不能单独做谓语。

动词-ing 做主语的用法: 1)动词-ing 作主语时,往往表示习惯性、经常性的动作,在 口语中也表示具体的动作。如: Paiting is his hobby. 2)动词-ing 形式作主语和不定式作主语一样,也可以用 it 做形 式主语,但不定式作主语往往表示具体的特别是将来的动作。 如: It is no use talking without doing. 光说不做是没用的 It is so hot. what I want to do now is to have a swim in a river. 天这么热,现在我想做的事情就是在河里游泳。 动词-ing 形式作主语时,为了保持句子平衡,可以用 it 作形 式主语。常用的结构: 1. It is + no use / no good / useless etc.+ v-ing

2. It is + nice / good / interesting / a waste of ? etc. + v-ing 例 如: It is no use crying over spilt milk. 事 考点三: 动词-ing 形式作宾语的用法 1. 有些动词或动词短语常用动词-ing 形式作宾语: admit, avoid, appreciate, consider, enjoy, escape, finish, keep, mind, miss, suggest 等动词; can’t stand, give up, feel like, keep on, think of, set about, dream of 等短语。 避免 错过 少延期 建议 完成 多练习 喜欢 想象 禁不住 承认 否定 与嫉妒 逃避 冒险 莫原谅 忍受 保持 不介意 考虑 欣赏 还愿意 2. 在下列短语中,to 是介词,后面应用动词-ing 形式作宾 语: be / get used to, look forward to, devote?to, pay attention to, object to 等。 3。有些句子结构省略介词 in,由 doing 做宾语

3. 下列动词或短语既可以跟动词-ing 形式作宾语, 也可以跟不 定式作宾语,但意义上有区别: ● like, love, prefer 如表示经常性的行为后接动词-ing 形式; 如 表示具体的行为常用动词不定式, 但要注意: 如果 like, love, prefer 前有 would, 后面则接动词不定式。 如: Would you like to go shopping with me ● 下列几组词接动词-ing 形式作宾语和不定式作宾语含义不 同: forget doing 忘记已做过某事; forget to do 忘记要做某事

remember doing 记得做过某事; remember to do 记住要做 某事 mean doing 意思是,意味着; regret doing 后悔做过某事; can’t help doing 禁不住做; 忙做。 ● 在 allow, permit, forbid ,advise,等动词后直接跟动词-ing 形式作宾语,如果这些词后面有名词或代词作宾语,其后 要用动词不定式作宾语补足语。如: We don’t allow smoking in the classroom. We don’t allow students to smoke. ● 动词 need, require, want 作“需要”解时,其后用动词-ing mean to do 打算做 regret to do 遗憾要做某事 can’t help (to) do 不能帮

的主动形式或不定式的被动形式作宾语,这时动词-ing 的 主动形式表被动意义。如: Your coat wants washing. = Your coat wants to be washed.

三、动词-ing 的复合结构 动词-ing 的复合结构即: 物主代词或名词所有格(作宾语时也可 以用代词宾格或名词普通格) + 动词-ing。如: Lucy’s turning up surprised everyone present. Would you mind my / me using your mobile phone?

四、动词-ing 的时态、语态以及否定形式动词 -ing 有一般式 (doing) 和完成式 (having done) 两种时态, 一般式的被动语态 是 being done, 完成式的被动语态是 having been done。 动词-ing 的完成式所表示的动作发生在谓语动词的动作之前。 动词-ing 的否定形式是在 doing 之前加 not。例如: I’m sorry for not having told you the news earlier.

【巩固练习】 单项填空。
1. The suggestion they all objected to ________ very effective finally. A. proved A. To have had B. proving B. Having had C. prove C. [Have D. 、o prove D. Having 2. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview. ________ the answers ready will be of great help. 3. — What made you so happy? — ________ the first prize.

A. Get A. you to take A. to take A. need repairing C. needs repairing

B. Getting B. your to take B. taking

C. Got C. your taking C. being taken

D. To get D. your being taken D. to be taken

4. I really appreciate ________ a great effort to help me out of the trouble. 5. I still remember ________ to see films in the open air when I was small. 6. As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area ________. B. needs to repair D. need to repair

7. — You did very well at the meeting, Black. — Well, I regret ________ that to the boss. A. say own. A. introduces B. to introduce C. introducing D. introduced B. to say C. said D. having said 8. It is worth considering what makes ”convenience” foods so popular, and ________ better ones of your

Key: 1–4 ADBC

5–8 CADC

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