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E-mail: buptrl@gmail.com

Mobile-phone: (86)152 1089 7038

09/2006 – Present Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) M

aster Major: Telecommunication & Information System Mathematics Score (139/150) 09/2002 – 06/2006 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) Bachelor Major: Telecommunication Engineering Mathematics Score (140/150)

Languages: IT Background: Global Capability: Chinese (Mandarin): Native speaker English: CET-6; Oral Excellent; Written Excellent German: Basic (simple conversation) Good at: C/C++, Bash, Perl, etc. and Sound knowledge: TCP/IP, SIP, CDMA2000 system, Unix/Linux Proficient in: MS Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, etc. Be well in data mining, information collection, and so on Global way of thinking and Insight, together with International perspective

10/2008 — 09/2009: Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH Location: Munich, Germany Department: Business Strategy Position: Marketing Assistant (Trainee) Responsibility: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Market Analysis Achievements: 1) Managed 6 competitors analysis, including company intelligence, financial reports, etc. 2) Conducted market analysis and research for regional and industrial market segments, such as telematics /automotive, recommendations for strategic business direction. 3) Delegated 1 independent project and the good results were integrated in the overall project. 4) Generation of weekly newsletters, total 38 weeks, summarizing recent incidents in the markets. 04/2008 — 09/2008: Ericsson Location: Beijing, China Department: XNW Position: Software Engineer (Intern) Responsibility: Automating the management of tools and daily maintenance. Achievements: 1) Modified 5 exist tools such as fixed bugs, added new features, as well as developed 1 new tool. 2) Wrote project analytical reports of different stage, including 5 Drop-documents (1 drop per month). 3) Gained sound knowledge about related programming languages in a short time, which sharpened my quick learning ability and skills. 4) Good command of user requirements collection and analysis, including outstanding communication with customer. 10/2006 — 07/2007: CDMA2000 High Rate Packet Data (HRPD) System Responsibilities: Researched the related technology, mainly focused on equalization, and system structure of CDMA2000 system, Provided new algorithm to improve the performance of the system and conducted simulation to verify the results. Achievements: 1) Published 1 Paper as 1st writer: An Improved Frequency-domain Interference Cancellation with DFE for CDMA uplink (Listed on IEEE VTC 2008 Fall).


2) Built up and strengthened my analytical ability to a great degree. HONORS & CERTIFICATE TRAINING
09/2006 11/2004 03/2003 10/2002 National First Scholarship for the whole period of Master Degree Study CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) Study-progress Award 2nd Prize for College Karaoke Competition

07/2007 — 09/2007: Organized a Summer Camp to Cisco CRDC (located at Shanghai) for 19 club members, handled the logistics such as train tickets, apartment arrangement, etc. 10/2006 — 09/2008: One of the 2 founders and president of Cisco API Club. (Officially established at April 16, 2007) 1) Wrote the proposal and contacted Cisco Systems, Established the first campus Club of Cisco in the whole APAC region. 2) Provided assistance for CRDC 2007 campus recruitment. Established a 3-person-team to produce a promotional video, which cost 23 days and met the deadline at last, based on the summer camp life and interview with 6 members. 3) Built the core team of the Club, broaden club scale from 2 members to 40 members. Lead them plan, organize and execute nearly 10 successful various activities, got good comment both from Cisco and Campus. 4) Been taken as the running model by Cisco in all five clubs around the nation and the excellent bridge between university and enterprise for our students. 11/2004—09/2008: College Commissary in charge of entertainment. 09/2003—05/2005: Member of bass department of music lover association. Hobbies: Chinese Chess, travel, climbing, badminton, swimming, etc.

邮箱: buptrl@gmail.com

手机: (86)152 1089 7038 考研数学(139/150) 高考数学(140/150) 硕士 学士

09/2006 — 至今 09/2002 — 06/2006 北京邮电大学 北京邮电大学 通信与信息系统 通信工程

中文(普通话) :母语 英语: CET-6; 口语 优秀; 写作 优秀 德语: 基本 IT 背景: 熟练掌握C++、Bash、Perl等编程语言, 并熟悉TCP/IP、SIP、CDMA2000、XML等协议 熟练使用微软 Work、Excel、PPT、Outlook 等工具, 以及 Windows/Linux 操作系统 国际背景: 全球化的思维视角 语言:

10/2008 — 09/2009: Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH 地点: 德国慕尼黑 部门: 战略发展部 职位: 市场助理 (培训生) 职责: 机器与机器通信市场分析 1) 深入分析了 6 个竞争对手信息,包括公司情报、财务状况、公司战略等 成 绩: 2) 组织研究并分析了区域性和行业性的市场,例如车载通信等,并向公司业务战略发展提供建议 3) 独立负责了 1 个项目,其大部分结果被纳入公司整体市场分析报告 4) 跟踪市场情报并撰写周报(共 38 份) 04/2008 — 09/2008: 爱立信 地点: 北京 部门: XNW 职位: 软件工程师(实习生) 职责: 部门工具的管理自动化与日常维护 成 1) 修改了已有的 5 个工具,如添加新功能,以及根据团队需要开发了 1 个新工具 绩: 2) 撰写了项目阶段性分析报告(共 5 个阶段,每月完成一个) 3) 在很短时间内熟悉了工具使用的编程语言,锻炼了我快速学习的能力和技能 4) 熟练掌握收集和分析用户请求,包括出色的同客户沟通的技巧

10/2006 — 07/2007: CDMA2000 高速分组数据系统 职责: 研究了 CDMA2000 相关技术和系统结构,提出了新的算法改进系统性能,同时通过仿真验证了结果的正确性 成绩: 1) 作为第一作者在 IEEE VTC 2008 Fall 上发表了 1 篇论文: An Improved Frequency-domain Interference Cancellation with DFE for CDMA uplink 2) 很大程度上培养和加强了自我的分析能力

09/2006 11/2004 03/2003 10/2002 获得研究生国家一等奖学金 CCNA (Cisco 认证网络支持工程师) 获得学院学习进步奖 获得学院卡拉 OK 比赛第二名

07/2007 — 09/2007: 组织了 19 名同学参加思科公司上海研发中心夏令营,统筹及协调活动的相关事宜 10/2006 — 09/2008: 北邮思科俱乐部 2 名创建人之一,并任主席(俱乐部官方成立时间 2007 年 4 月 16 日) 1) 负责策划并同思科公司沟通可行性等一系列问题,独自联系策划,创建了思科公司在亚太地区的第一个学生社团 组织,经历了社团从无到有的过程 2) 协助思科公司上海研发中心 2007 年校园招聘:成立了 3 人团队,在 23 天的有限时间内,采访及制作了相关宣传 材料,并使得校园宣讲超过了预期目标 3) 组建社团的核心团队,把俱乐部由 2 人发展为 40 人的规模,期间成功计划,组织,执行了近 10 项活动 4) 该俱乐部被思科公司誉为全国 5 个俱乐部中的模范俱乐部,以及大学同企业之间极佳的桥梁 11/2004—09/2008: 担任班级文艺委员 09/2003—05/2005: 学校爱乐合唱团成员 业余爱好: 中国象棋、旅游、登山、羽毛球、游泳等

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