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Word Formation

英语构词法主要有三种: 合成法(conversion) [k?n?v?: ?n] ? 派生法(derivation) [?der??ve??n] ? 转化法(compounding)

另外截短,混合和缩写也是次要 构词法。

/> 1. 合成 : 有两个或更多的词合成一个词。

class + room = classroom (名词+名词)
black+ board= blackboard (形容词+名词)

2)复合形容词 warm + heart + ed = warmhearted 热心肠的
good + looking = good-looking 相貌好看的

world +wide= worldwide 世界性的
hard+ working=hard-working 努力工作的


over + come = overcome克服
4)复合数词 fifty+ four= fifty-four 5)复合代词


everyone, somebody, anything, nobody

( 不定代词+名词)

6)复合副词 down+ stairs = downstairs在楼下 ( 形容词+名词) whole+ heartedly =wholeheartedly 全神贯注地 (副词+副词)

2. 派生 : 是通过在词根上加前缀或者后缀 构成一个新词。 happy --- unhappy develop --- development

前缀一般只引起意思上的变化而不 造成词类的变化,只有少数能引起 词类的变化。
mis- 错误的 + understand v. 理解 --- misunderstand v. 误解 en + large adj. 大的 --- enlarge v. 扩大

后缀一般只引起词性上的变化而不 造成意思的变化。

care v. 照料 --- careful adj. 细心的 work v. 工作 --- worker n. 工人


(A)表示否定的前缀: un-unfair,unhappy non-nonsmoker (常用在n. adj. adv. 前) in-inactive (常用在adj.后) dis-disagree, disappear im-impolite, impossible (用在b,p,m 开头的词前)

(B).表示错误或失当的前缀: mis-misunderstand, misdirect(误导)

(C)表示两个,双边的前缀: bi- bicolor ( 双色的), bicycle (D)表示相互, 交互, 在一起的前缀 inter—interview, international, internet (E)表示又,再,重新的前缀 re—review, return, rewrite (F)表示远的前缀 tele– telephone, television


1.动词变名词: -tion education, invitation, prediction -ment development, movement, disappointment -er teacher, worker, runner, singer -or visitor, sailor, tutor, actor

-ist ( 人, 名词后缀)

scientist, terrorist

-ese( 民族,语言,名词后缀)
Chinese, Japanese



happiness, meanness, carelessness ability, possibility

3.名词变形容词: -y windy, rainy, healthy, funny, cloudy -ish foolish, feverish -some handsome, troublesome -ous dangerous, humorous -ful helpful, careful, peaceful, colorful -less homeless, helpless, careless

-ed surprised, balanced, talented -ing interesting, outstanding -al

traditional, international, natural

4. 名词、形容词变动词:

beautify, simplify


quicken, widen, sharpen

3. 转化 : 是指有一种词类转化为另一种词类。 单词转化后的意义往往与之前的意义联 系密切. water n. 水 ------ water vt. 浇水 常见的转化形式:

动词 --- 名词
名词 --- 动词 形容词---动词

动词----名词 stop v. 停止 --- n.车站 love v. 爱 --- n. 爱 watch v. 观看 --- n. 手表 look v. 看 ----have a look n. 看 walk v. 散步,走---take a walk n.散步

名词 ---- 动词
hand n. 手 seat n. 座位 --- vt. 上交 --vt. 坐

nurse n. 护士
oil n. 油


vt. 护理
vt. 上油

time n. 时间--- vt. 为…安排时间,测时

show n. 展览,展示—vt. 表现出,演示

形容词----动词 slow( adj. 慢的)---slow ( v. 放慢) open (adj. 开着的)—open( v.开)

4. 一些次要的构词法
(1)截短法(clipping):即把一个词的一个部分 去掉,构成一个新词
? bicycle →cycle

(2)混合(blending):把两个词各取一部分,混合成一个 新词
? Europe + Asia→ Eurasia 欧亚大陆

(3)缩写(abbreviation):把几个词的首字母连在 一起
British Broadcasting Corporation →BBC



advertisement—ad examination--exam

另外还有许多缩写词是由各个单词的首字母组 成. CD ( compact disk)

CCTV( China Central Television)
NBA (National Basketball Association)

UFO( unidentified flying object)
UN( United Nations) ID( identification) USA( United States of America)

careful 1. If he had been __________(care), he would not have fallen from the ladder. doubtful 2. It is ________(doubt) whether he will come. 3. My house is in a very quiet street, so I can disturbance work here without any _____________(disturb). simultaneously 4. Thunder and lightning happen ______________ (simultaneous). [?s?ml?te?ni?s] adj. 同时发生的 5. The weather was good except for an occasional _________ (occasion) shower. silently 6. Seeing that he was working ____________ (silence) in the room, I left on tiptoe at once.

7. It was obvious that all this information was far from enough to ___________ (satisfaction) him. satisfy 8. Jane has never liked meat, and has always had preference a ___________ (preferable) for vegetables and fruit. hopeful 9. We are ___________ (hope) that we shall win the championship. 10. You may find this hard to believe, but it is undoubtedly(undoubted) true. __________ seller 11. A man who sells things is called a ________ (selling). complaints 12. The managers listened to the ___________ (complain) from the customers patiently.

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