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一职中 14 高考班英语期末考试试卷

一、 单项选择(10 分) ( )1. Do you often online? A. go B. went C. been D. play ( )2. do you spend online every day? A. How often B. How much time C. How far D. How much

( )3.It will us several years to learn a foreign language well. A. cost B. take C. spend D. use ( )4.I him since I began to live in the city. A. know B. have known C. knew D. will know ( )5.The meeting didn?t start everyone was there. A. because B. until C. why D. if ( )6.What is London famous ? A. of B. from C. with D. for ( )7.We can just lie the beach and have a great time. A, on B. in C. over D. at ( )8.When you the bus, be sure to take all your belongings. A. take B. get C. by D. get off ( )9.How can you travel and pay ? A. more, less B. many, little C. little, more D. much, less ( )10.Beijing is a city a long history. A. have B. with C. and D. in 二、交际用语(10 分) ( ) 11. ---- Congratulations on your success. ---. A. Thank you B. You are welcome C. All right D. The same to you ( )12. -----I?m so glad to meet you. -----. A. Thanks B. So do I C. Me, too. D. Great ( )13. ------I?m going to a party. ----. A. Good luck B. Congratulations C. Very good. D. Enjoy yourself ( )14.-------Could you help me open the door? ------. A. Right B. Of course C. Yes, please D. That?s all right. ( )15.------Happy New Year! ------. A. You are welcome. B, The same to you C.Congratulations! D. Thank you. ( )16. -------Hello! Is that Kate speaking?





-------Yes, . A.it?s Kate B. I?m Kate. C. this is Kate D. Kate is me. )17.--------Dad, I?ve passed the exam. ------! A. Never mind B. Good luck C. Well done. D. All right. )18. -------How is it going? ------. A. No, I don?t think so. B. Yes I?d love to. C. It?s great. D. It?s a pleasure. )19. -----What?s your father? -----. A. He is working in Fukang B. He is always kind to others. C. He is really a good man. D. He is an engineer. )20.------Thanks for your help. -----. A. No, thanks B. Let me see. C. It doesn?t matter. D. That?s OK.

三、补全对话(10 分) Sally: Hello, Peter. You look very happy. 21 Peter: I went to see a movie called Ye Wen with my friend. Sally: Oh, I?ve heard of it.. 22 Peter: Well , it?s an action movie. I like Chinese Kung Fu very much. Sally: What do you think of the movie? Peter: 23 . Sally: Oh, it sounds wonderful. 24 By the way, 25 Peter: Every 40 minutes from 17:00 to 21:30. Hope you enjoy it. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. What type of movie is it? I had a good time last night, I think it?s very interesting. When did the movie start? I?d like to see it. What did you do last night? What time is it on in the evening?


四、 匹配(10 分) A 26.往返机票 27.禁止停车 28.无烟区 29.免税商店 30.货币兑换

B A. Nonsmoking Section B. Money Exchange C. No Drinking D. Duty-free Shop E. Smoking Area

F. No parking G. Round-way Ticket H. Free Ticket 五、完型填空(10 分) Several days ago, some students from the US visited our school. When we talked, I discovered 31 differences in school life between the US and China. For example, each class 32 fifty min utes in the US. It is a little 33 than that in China. We usually have forty-five minutes in each cl ass. Another difference is that they have less break time between 34 . Besides, although most sc hools in both countries finish their 35 classes at 12 o?clock, the students in the US only have a n hour-long break, so they 36 eat lunch quickly. Their afternoon classes begin at 1:00 pm and s chool is over at 37 3:00 pm. Then they take part in club activities or play sports. Many Chinese students don?t work during their high school years, while the US students like to find a part-time job in 38 free time. They don?t have a dream job in mind. They think 39 is no difference between jobs. Working is a useful experience for them and they make money at th e same time. Some of them even take one-year full-time jobs 40 they leave high school and the n go to college. ( )31. A. no B. few C. little D. some ( )32. A. lasts B. finishes C. starts D. stays ( )33. A. shorter B. longer C. earlier D. later ( )34. A. schools B. classes C. meals D. students ( )35 A. day B. night C. morning D. afternoon ( )36 A. can?t B. mustn?t C. need to D. are able to ( )37. A. in B. for C. during D. around ( )38. A. my B. his C. their D. your ( )39. A. it B. there C. that D. this ( )40. A. after B. with C. while D. during 六、阅读理解(30 分)

When an big earthquake hit Wenchuan on May 12, many houses fell down. After the earthquake, all the newspapers reported many stories about some of the families who were in trouble. One Sunday , when I was reading a newspaper , a special picture touched ( 触 动 ) me. It gave the clothing sizes of each family member. I thought that this would be a good chance t o teach my children to help those who were less lucky than themselves. I said to my seven-year-ol d twins , Brad and Brett , and three-year-old Meghan. "We have so much , and these poor people now have nothing. We'll share what we have with them.‖ I filled a box with foods and clothes. While I was doing this , I encouraged( 鼓 励) the boys to choose their toys and donate some of their less favorite things. Meghan watched qu ietly as the boys took out his old toys and games and put them together. Then she walked away. A few minutes later she came back with Lucy---- her much-loved doll. She put the doll on top of the oth er toys. "Oh, dear, ‖I said, ―You don't have to give Lucy. You love her so much.‖ Meghan said,―Lucy makes me happy,Mommy. Maybe she'll make another little girl happy,too.‖

I looked at Meghan for a long moment. She taught me a lesson. It's easy to give something that we don't want any more,but harder to give what we cherish(珍爱) ,isn't? ( )41. The writer has children. A. one B. two C three D. four ( )42. The underlined word "donate" probably means . A.捐赠 B.丢掉 C.展出 D.放好 ( )43. Lucy is the name of . A. a girl B. a game C. a doll D. an earthquake ( )44. Which of the following is TURE? A. An earthquake happened in the writer's hometown. B. The writer didn't let Meghan give her much-loved doll at last. C. The writer decided to buy some clothes for those people in trouble. D. The writer thinks it is more difficult to give what we love a lot. ( )45.What's the best title of this passage? A. A Family Story. B. The Spirit(精神) of Giving. C. The way of helping others. D. A Sad Experience.

Tom, an 11-year-old boy, was ill. He had got a cough. His mother was worried and took him t o see a doctor. The doctor looked over Tom carefully and said, “Tom, nothing serious”. Then he ga ve him some medicine. These are the words on the instruction of the cough medicine. Instruction Take three times a day after meals Dose : (剂量)Grown-ups: 2 spoons each time Children: 8-14 yrs. One spoon, 4-7 yrs. 1/2 spoon Not for children below the age of 4 years Notes: 1.Store in a cold place 2.Using before Oct. 2004 Tel & Fax: 021-56317708 判断正误(正确 T 错误 F) ( )46.Tom should take three spoons in a day. ( )47.Tom had better have his meals before he takes the medicine. ( )48The medicine can be kept in a fridge. ( )49.Children aged five can?t take this medicine. ( )50.From this instruction we know Tom can go on using the left medicine after Oct. 2004.

One day the famous American scientist Albert Einstein met an old friend of his on a street in New York. “ Mr Einstein,” said the friend, “ it seems that you need to put on a new overcoat. Look, how worn-out it is!” “It doesn? t matter,” answered Albert Einstein. “No one knows me here in New York.” Several years later they met in New York again. Einstein had been a world-famous physicist a

fter then but he still wore the same old overcoat. Once more his friend persuaded him to buy a new one. “There is no need now,” said Einstein, “Everybody here has known me.” 根据短文内容,回答问题。 51 Where did Albert Einstein met an old friend of his? ________________________________________________________________ 52. What did the friend want him to buy? ________________________________________________________________ 53. How about Einstein?s overcoat? ________________________________________________________________ 54. Did Einstein still wear the same old overcoat when he became a world-famous physicist? ________________________________________________________________ 55. What did Einstein say when the friend persuade once more him to buy a new overcoat? 七、 书面表达(20 分) 第一节 翻译(10 分) 56. Once you are in Sydney, it is a must-do.

57.Computers are our friends unless you use them in the wrong way.

58.The sweater is made of wool.

59. Do you often


60. I often skipped supper and (熬夜) 第二节 应用文写作(10 分) Dear Cathy, We had 61 (电脑课) today. We have never gone online 62 (以前). The search told us how to 63 (使用网络). I found a very good 64 (网站), Google. It helped me to 65 (搜索信息)quickly. I also 66 (和朋友聊天) in an English Learning Forum. It was 67 (非常有趣). I liked this way of 68 (沟通). We also learned how to 69 (下载音乐) and films. As long as the technology continues to develop, our life will be 70 (越来越丰富多彩).

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