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V&S 1+2 答案

Vocabulary and Structure (I) 1 He _____B__ to adopt a positive but realistic attitude. a. engaged a. crucial b. endeavored b. overwhelming c. avoided c. magnificent d. objected d. critical 2

He knew clearly that success or failure here would be _____A____ to his future prospects. 3 His colleagues and former students compiled and published his essays _______C___ his thirty years' service with the university. a. in name of c. in honor of a. strike a. drag on a. fall back on c. get bogged down a. converted a. bunch a. perspective a. in the hands of c. in support of a. conflict b. competition b. transmitted b. decrease b. prospective b. hit b. count on b. in case of d. in the case of c. punch c. call on b. look down upon d. cut back on c. transported c. eliminate c. instinctive b. in favor of d. in place of c. conversation b. Read the letter a second time d. The letter being read a second time c. something but c. Being faced c. deathly c. So much to c. of little d. anything but d. Faced with d. died d. To so much d. having no d. comparison d. altered d. poise d. respective d. stroke d. look on

4 By a _____D___ of good luck, Tom, who had been in the ice-box for 2 hours, came out alive. 5 As the war is going to _____A_____ for years, we have to be prepared for the worst. 6 As the economy shows no signs of picking up, many companies __D__________ capital investment.

7 After the war broke out, many schools were __A______ into hospitals. 8 We should try our best to avoid making mistakes, but we can't ____C______ them all. 9 Salespeople often try to learn about the needs of the ___B_______ customer to make their advertisements more persuasive. 10 In Japan, most husbands leave their salaries and children entirely _A_________ their wives.

11 The ______B__ between various buyers caused the prices to advance. 12 ________A_, the meaning became clearer. a. As I read the letter a second time c. Having the letter read a second time a. nothing but a. Facing with a. dead a. To much a. no b. all but b. Having faced with b. deadly b. Much to b. little of

13 The old man was so kind that he could be ___D____ a murderer. 14 _____D__ a lot of problems, many factories have begun to lay off workers. 15 It is said that Mr. smith dropped ___A____ from a heart attack when he was watching a football game. 16 _____B_ our regret, our women's team lost out to the Japanese. 17 She spoke about it so casually, as though it was ____C___ consequence.

18 We are not sure _D______ who should be held responsible for the dreadful accident. a. as of a. deceptive a. paralyzed a.alternative a.get rid with a.in no way b. as for b. credible b. rendered b.suspicious b.do away with b.in vain c. as regards c. incredible c. conquered c.indispensable c. drop out c.without effect d. as to d. domestic d. reckoned d.desirable d.cut short d.at a loss 19 The _____C___ beauty of the mountain scenery draws thousands of visitors every day. 20 The introduction of the electronic calculator has _____B___ the slide rules(计算尺) out of date. 21 He’s good but not ____C____ for the team -- no player is. 22 If we want to make progress, we must ___B_____ these old customs. 23 The thief tried to open the locked door but _____B__. 24 A culture in which the citizens share similar religious beliefs and values is more likely to have laws that represent the wishes of its people than is a culture where citizens come from ___C__ backgrounds. a.extensive a.Accidentally a.reacted to a.scale a.position b.influential b.Occasionally b.prevented from b.diagram b.component c.diverse c.Subsequently c.put off c.reference c.quarter d.identical d.Incidentally d.opposed to d.dimension d.zone 25 I must go now. ___D____, if you want that book I’ll bring it next time. 26 The trade unions in this industry are ____D_______ any reduction in wages. 27 This map carries a ______A______ of one centimeter to ten kilometers. 28 The actress lives in a very fashionable ______C__ of town. 29 Professor Taylor’s talk has indicated that science has a very strong D_______ on the everyday life of non-scientists as well as scientists. a.motivation a.turned ... out a. troubled a.under a.are ended a.assemble a.derive a.absence b.perspective b.turned ... in b.disturbed b.over b.be ended b.generate b.acquire b.shortage c.impression c.turned ... down c.confused c.above c.were ended c.yield c.benefit c.minimum d.impact d.turned ... up d.puzzled d.beyond d.must be ended d.gather d.reward d.decline 30 He asked Jane to marry him, but she ___C_____ him ________. 31 However, at times this balance in nature is _____B__, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. 32 Finding a job in such a big company has always been ____D__ his wildest dreams. 33 It is high time that such practices ______C___. 34 Extensive reporting on television has helped to ___B____ interest in a wide variety of sports and activities. 35 Not only the professionals but also the amateurs will _C____ from the new training facilities. 36 The pressure of too much homework has led to an evident _D_____ in interest in sports among the students.

37 These goods are _______A for export, though a few of them may be sold on the home market. a.essentially a.occur to b.completely b.occur in c.necessarily c.happen to d.remarkably d.happen with 38 Did it ever ____A____ you that he could be the murderer? 39 The president has __D____ his foreign minister, Mr. Burns, to act as the representative to the international conference to be held in Tokyo next month. a.appointed a.accumulated b.elected b.assembled c.named after c.collected Vocabulary and Structure (II) d.authorized d.added 40 Sand had _______A_ at the mouth of the river and formed a bank which boats could not pass.

1 The company can very well ____D____ their vast reserves to pay for the project. a. work off a. got rid of c. done away with a. futile b. lucrative b. derive from c. stick to b. sprung up d. run out of c. justified d. fertile d. draw on 2 Can you spare me some fuel? I've ____D____ mine.

3 It is quite _____A_____ trying to convince such a stubborn man of his mistake. 4 People take different attitudes towards work. Some people think it a pleasure to work, but others think it a(n) ____A____ to work 8 hours a day. a. burden a. in a way c. by the way a. anything of b. nothing but b. honor c. terrorism b. in the way d. in no way c. something of d. everything of d. endurance 5 He is right ______A______, but I don't quite agree with him.

6 It was ______C___ a surprise when I saw all of them standing there waiting for me. 7 At that time, the railroad system was _____B_____ so that the factory couldn't get the raw material they needed. a. declined b. paralyzed c. offended d. discouraged 8 People who buy cars, furniture, etc. through the rent-purchase system are ___C____ until they have completed their payments. a. in danger a. abundant a. in case c. in any case b. in effect b. scarce c. in debt c. excessive b. in case of d. in the case of d. in error d. sufficient 9 Good fruit is _____B___ just now, and costs a lot. 10 Climate is especially important _____D____ articles that are readily affected by moisture.

11 Mr. Foster tried to get Parliament to approve a new law which would make hunting that consisted of ____B_____ a fox across the countryside with a group of specially trained dogs illegal .

a. pressing a. obliged a. potential a. retreated

b. pursuing b. controlled b. physical b. resided

c. persecuting c. strained c. preceding c. submerged

d. provoking d. upset d. productive d. rendered

12 It was the old-world politeness that ____A____ me to go on with the unbearable conversation with him. 13 I like talking to _____A____ customers, informing them of the new products of our factory. 14 The bad news _____D___ the woman unable to go on working. 15 As the old empires were broken up and new states were formed, new official tongues began to ______C__ at an increasing rate. a. strike up b. speed up c. spring up d. bring up 16 Some experts feel that the automobile is bound to fall into disuse; however, some __A______ experts think the auto is here to stay. a. optimistic a. break...down b. pessimistic b. take...down c. beneficial c. break...up d. terrorist d. take...apart 17 Though he could ______D_ the clock _______, he couldn't reassemble it. 18 I chose to study at a liberal-arts(文科)university with the intention of becoming a technical genius and sensitive humanist(人文学者)all in one. But soon my noble ideals crashed into ___A______. a. reality a. prospect a. mingle b. installation b. priority b. blend c. capacity c. prosperity c. dissolve d. cooperation d. permission d. spray 19 Their demand for a pay raise has not the slightest ___A____ of being met. 20 Bill found out that oil does not _________C_ in water. 21 The revenue ____B___ from tourism can be certainly increased in the next ten years provided that the business is properly organized. a. derived a. raised a.to get wet a. crude b. to be derived b. rose b. to have got wet b. fresh c. deriving c. arose c.getting wet c. rude d. having derived d. aroused d.having got wet d. original 22 Our suspicions were first _____D_____ when we heard some strange noises in the woods. 23 He didn’t want to risk ____C____ as he had only one suit. 24 Petrol is refined from the _____A__ oil we take out of the ground. 25 He was proud of being chosen to participate in the game and he __D___ us that he would try as hard as possible. a. insured a.employed a. drowsy b.guaranteed b.involved b. aware c.assumed c.occupied c. alert d.assured d.engaged d. dizzy 26 The teachers ______C__ themselves with planning out the work of the coming semester. 27 Although Uncle John was sick, he was _______C__ enough to hear and see everything around him. 28 Frequently single-parent children ___D____ some of the functions that the absent adult in the house would have served. a.take off b.take after c.take in d.take on

29 Go and see what your mother is ____B__ now. a. for a.diagram a.perception a.turn in a.extension a.demanding a.confusion a.represent for a.submit b. at b.label b.acquaintance b.turn over b.extend b.dominating b.conflict b.present b.account c.about c.signal c.recognition c.turn up c.extending c.competitive c.concrete c.stand for c.equalize d. busy d.mark d.association d.turn down d.extent d.straining d.contrast d.call for d.amount 30 The ___B_____ stuck on the envelope says “By Air”. 31 It was in the United States that I made the _B____ of Professor Jones. 32 None of us expected the chairman to _____C___ at the party. We thought he was still in hospital. 33 The pupils were amazed at the ____D____ of the teacher’s knowledge. 34 I’m trying to learn Chinese, and I find it quite ___A_____. 35 The arrival of five unexpected guests threw everything into _A_______. 36 The red lines on the map _____C___ railways. 37 His answer could only ______D___ to a flat refusal. 38 Extensive reporting on television has helped to _B______ interest in a wide variety of sports and activities. a.assemble a.bare b. generate b.vacant c.yield c.hollow d.gather d.blank 39 Could you take a ___D__ sheet of paper and write your name at the top? 40 The Second World War, _________C__ the earlier one of 1914, prompted public concern about the physical and intellectual well-being of the country's human resources. a. so as b. as were c. as did d. same as

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