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新课标.考点规范练.必修5 Unit4

考点规范练 24(必修 5 Unit4)
Ⅰ.阅读理解 1. A (2014· 河北邯郸调研)
Dear Mr Wong, This is my first day back from my trip to Asia.I want to send you a note right away to thank you for the warm reception and help you provided during my visit.You and your staff showed excellent professionalism,kindness,and talent in all your efforts.The presentation to the leadership team was well received. My two trips to Singapore over the last three months have shown that you and your team are definitely the right choice for our next project.I feel very confident that our cooperation will be very successful. I will formally prepare the proposal details to send to my Chief Executive Officer,and I will recommend we take the next step and confirm a contract for this upcoming project with you.Once that has been drafted,I would like you and your senior members to take a trip to our offices here in New York to review the final details together.We will make all the necessary travel arrangements once we have a better idea about the time. I trust that this will be good news for you and your team.Please contact me with any questions in the meantime.I will be in touch with you early next week. Sincerely, Wayne Forman President,PGI Communications To:Claire Lauder,CEO From:Wayne Forman,President Date:March 19 Re:Quick notes on my trip to Asia Claire, I just want to send you a quick note before my formal proposal regarding my trip to Asia and my assessment of the Adventure Media Services Group. As discussed briefly,my trips to Singapore over the last several months have proved to be very helpful in determining our next partner.Adventure Media Services presented credentials(资格证书),supported by further meetings,research findings,and facility tours. I will be preparing my draft notes for the formal proposal,which I will submit for official recommendation by the end of the week. With your approval,we will then have the senior members of the Adventure Media Services join us here in New York to work out the details. Please keep your calendar open for their visit early next month.In the meantime,if you have any questions,please let me know. Wayne


What is the purpose of Mr Forman’s letter to Mr Wong?
A.To request a further update on the information discussed while he was in Singapore.

B.To show his appreciation for the friendly reception and treatment during his trip. C.To make an appointment to meet the president of Adventure Media Services. D.To tell Mr Wong he will make a trip to Singapore to check out the operations. 2.What can be inferred about Wayne Forman?
A.He often makes business trips to Singapore.

B.He has made up his mind to work with Adventure Media Services. C.He has completed drafting the contract. D.He does not get along well with his employees. 3.What will Wayne do if Claire approves his proposal?
A.Take another trip to Singapore to meet Mr Wong.

B.Write a summary of his trip to Asia for the directors. C.Arrange flight details for the guests. D.Send an e-mail to Mr Wong to propose a joint project. 4. B U.S.BankScholarship Are you a United States citizen and a high school senior or college undergraduate student?Then you can win $1,000.No other qualifications.Just be what you already are.Each year,U.S.Bank gives away 40 $1,000 scholarships for simply being an American citizen who will be or is attending college.All you have to do is fill out some basic information about yourself.It takes hardly any time at all. “NoEssay”Scholarship Most scholarships come but once a year and some once in a lifetime.The beauty of the $2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship is that it comes once a month and you can apply every single month.And the application is very easy.In fact,you could have filled it out probably 20 times since starting to read this article.You can only apply once a month,but if you’re a high school senior or college student,then you can win $2,000.Winners are drawn at random. $1,000WeeklyScholarship Even better than once-a-month is once-a-week.The Zinch.com weekly scholarship is just as simple as filling out basic information about yourself.All U.S.high schoolers and college students are fit for this $1,000 scholarship.All it requires is filling out a short form about yourself and answering an unusual question in 280 characters or less.The question changes weekly.You can apply every week,once a week.Have fun with it.


ScholarshipZoneScholarship It seems nearly every website wants you to register.But not many sites offer as great a possible reward as Scholarship Zone does.By simply registering,you’re automatically entered for the next scholarship drawing of $10,000.You’re really not required to do anything after that.Are you in college?Then why not take two minutes to apply? What do we know about the “No Essay” Scholarship?
A.It chooses its winners in a strict way.

B.It is only for high school students. C.It can be won several times a year. D.It takes a long time to apply for. 5.To apply for the $1,000 Weekly Scholarship,one needs to answer a question which
A.is common but interesting


B.can be different every week C.deals with personal experiences D.should be answered in at least 280 words 6.Which scholarship is only intended for college students?
A.U.S.Bank Scholarship.

B.“No Essay” Scholarship. C.$1,000 Weekly Scholarship. D.Scholarship Zone Scholarship. 7.What do the four scholarships have in common?
A.They are easy to apply for.

B.They are for American citizens. C.They must be applied for online. D.They can be applied for again and again. Ⅱ.七选五 1.(2014· 辽宁五校协助体联考) For more than six million American children,coming home after school means coming to an empty house. 1 Some may hide.But all of them have something in common.They spend part of each day alone.They are called latchkey children.They’re children who look after themselves while their parents work. 2 Lynette Long was once the headmaster of an elementary school.She said,“We had a school rule against wearing jewelry.A lot of kids had chains around their necks with keys attached.I was


constantly telling them to put them inside shirts.There were so many keys.It never came to my mind what they meant.” 3 She and her husband began talking to the children who had them.They learned of the impact working couples and single parents were having on their children. 4 One in every three latchkey children the Longs talked to reported being scared.Many had nightmares and were worried about their own safety. The most common way latchkey children deal with their fears is by hiding. 5 The second is TV.They’ll often play it at high volume.It’s hard to get statistics on latchkey children,the Longs learned.Most parents are slow to admit they leave their children alone.
A.Slowly,she learned they were house keys.

B.But they don’t mind. C.Fear is the biggest problem faced by children at home alone. D.Some deal with the situation by watching TV. E.Some go to see their friends or their relatives. F.And their bad condition has become a subject of concern. G.It might be in a shower stall,under a bed or in a closet. Ⅲ.书面表达 1.(2014· 武汉武昌调研) 请根据以下提示,并结合你生活或学习中的一个事例,用英语写一篇短文。 As students in Senior Grade 3,we are under the great pressure of the College Entrance Examination and quite often feel depressed.However,if we are realistic about our abilities and do our best to achieve our goals,we can always be happy in school. 注意:1 无需写标题,不得照抄英语提示语; 2 除诗歌外,文体不限; 3 文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; 4 词数 120 以上。



1.B 解析:推理判断题。从第一封信的内容可以看出,这是写给未来合作伙伴的信,感谢他们的热情接待,并商

议未来的计划,因此选 B 项。 2.B 解析:推理判断题。从第一封信的第二、三段中的“therightchoiceforournextproject”“takethenextstep”等信

息可以判断,WayneForman 已经决定与 AMS 公司合作,因此选 B 项。 3.C 解析:细节理解题。根据第二封信中第四段的

“Withyourapproval,wewillthenhave...joinushereinNewYorktoworkoutthedetails.”可知,应选 C 项。 4.C 解析:细节理解题。由“NoEssay”Scholarship 部分的“itcomesonceamonthandyoucanapplyeverysinglemonth ”

可知。 5.B 解析:细节理解题。由$1,000WeeklyScholarship 部分的“Thequestionchangesweekly.”可知。

6.D 解析:细节理解题。由最后一段末尾的“Areyouincollege?”可知,ScholarshipZoneScholarship 只针对在校大 学生。 7.A 解析:推理判断题。通读全文可知,每项奖学金的介绍中都提到了很容易得到,故 A 项正确。


1.HowcanwebehappyunderthegreatpressureoftheCollegeEntranceExamination?Theanswerliesinthefactthatwecanhavea nobjectiveunderstandingofourabilitiesandsetareasonablegoal.Furthermore,whatreallymattersisthatwehavetriedourbestt oachievethem. Injuniormiddleschool,Iwasoneofthetoptenstudentsinmyschool.Iwasconfidentandhappy.Butthingshavechangedsinc eIstartedseniorhighschool.HoweverhardItried,Iwasunabletobelistedonthetoponehundred.Ifeltstressedanddepressed.Aft erthinkingcarefully,IpainfullyrealizedthatIwasnotassmartasIimagined.Tomycomfort,Ihavealwaysbeendoingmybestand Ihaveneverwastedasinglehour.Whatmakesmeproudisthatallmyhardworkpaidoffatlast. Inourlifevoyage,wecan’tchangethedirectionofthewind,butwecanadjustoursailstoreachourdestinations.Berealistica ndhardworking,andwecanalwaysbehappyenoughtolivethroughourhardschoollife.


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