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新课标.考点规范练.必修5 Unit5

考点规范练 25(必修 5 Unit5)
Ⅰ.阅读理解 1.(2014· 长春第一次调研) Paddling out to catch the next wave at a competition in Christchurch,New Zealand,James Tuhikarama had a heart attack,which knocked him off h

is surfboard(冲浪板).He almost choked to death in the water,lost consciousness,and was soon floating facedown in the ocean. For a few moments,no one noticed as he drifted away from the main competition area.About that time,Hira Edmonds,25,a lifeguard and senior instructor for a surf-safety company,was teaching 14 other lifeguards the finer points of emergency rescue on the second floor of a building overlooking New Brighton Beach.Edmonds had watched dozens of surfers ride the waves that day.As he glanced out of the window,he saw someone in a wet suit facedown in the water.“It doesn’t take much to realize someone’s in trouble,”says Edmonds.“Lifeguards are never really off duty.”Edmonds called the team,grabbed first aid equipment,and rushed down to the water.The lifeguards dragged Tuhikarama,47 and a father of two,to the beach.More than a dozen rescuers took turns pumping oxygen and pressing his chest to start his breathing again.For nearly an hour—far longer than a single lifeguard would have been able to continue the lifesaving technique—the team continued all these.An ambulance finally arrived and took Tuhikarama to the hospital,where he spent a week unconscious in Intensive Care Unit(ICU) while his brain and heart healed. A month after he recovered,Tuhikarama was reunited with six of the teenage lifeguards who saved him.“Being spotted by a group of lifeguards was the only thing that saved me,”he says.“I’ve been given a second chance.” What was James Tuhikarama doing when he had a heart attack?
A.Surfing the Internet.

B.Taking part in a competition. C.Paddling a boat in the ocean. D.Swimming in the swimming pool. 2.What can we learn from the text?
A.James called for help before he drifted away.

B.James had two sons watching him on the beach then. C.No one was willing to help James except the lifeguards. D.James met the lifeguards after he came out of hospital. 3.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?
A.Lifeguards are always off duty.

B.James didn’t know who saved his life. C.It took James several days to come back to life. D.Hira was learning to rescue lives when he spotted James.


4.Where will you probably read this text?
A.In a newspaper.

B.In a textbook. D.In science fiction.

C.In a fashion magazine. Ⅱ.完形填空 1.(2014· 山西第三次四校联考)

I hear a lot of people talking about New Year’s resolutions(新年计划).Some say,“I can’t keep them and I never make resolutions.” Perhaps the real 1 is that we have trouble changing.We get 2 in our way of life and even if things aren’t good, 3 they are familiar. As the years go by,our resolutions seem to lose some 4 In spite of the fact that my own eagerness seems to 5 ,I still like the idea of making resolutions.It is the 6 of not giving up that is important. I think of the year 7 as a carpet of new fallen snow that has not yet been 8 by footprints or marks of any kind.It 9 before us so perfect and beautiful,but it won’t remain that way for long. 10 we know it,we must get out in the snow and make our own marks and tracks.Soon,we will see all kinds of 11 and paths in the snow.We will see everything from 12 ,icy mud to the prints of snow angels made by children at play. It’s all part of our 13 As we close out the old year,a new set of months lies ahead of us and we think,“Maybe,just maybe I can do 14 ”Perhaps,this time,we can lose those 15 pounds, 16 a bad habit,improve our behavior, 17 build a better relationship.Even though there are situations in our lives that can get us 18 ,we can look forward to beginning again and doing what we can do to 19 our lives according to how we are able. As the New Year comes around,what kind of marks will you make in the

20 ?


C.puzzle B.curious D.painful B.at last B.enthusiasm D.confidence B.exist B.rule B.between B.noticed D.cleared B.lies B.Before


2.A.comfortable C.serious 3.A.at most 4.A.faith C.sense 5.A.increase 6.A.spirit 7.A.behind 8.A.discovered C.damaged 9.A.stands 10.A.Although

C.at least

D.at first

C.decline C.challenge C.around

D.disappear D.decision D.ahead




C.Until 11.A.prints 12.A.tidy 13.A.quality 14.A.better 15.A.exact 16.A.pick out 17.A.and 18.A.over 19.A.save C.start 20.A.snow Ⅲ.语法填空

D.If B.stones B.soft B.attitude B.worse B.final B.call off B.or B.across B.experience D.improve B.mud C.carpet D.ice C.plants C.dry C.belief C.easier C.extra C.cut down C.so C.down D.pictures D.dirty D.wisdom D.harder D.former D.give up D.for D.away

1.(2014· 河南商丘二模) HowDoLearningHabitsInfluenceLearningResults? It’s useful and necessary to discuss learning habits.There is a famous saying:“Good habits lead to good endings.”,1 shows the importance of habits. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”also shows how a healthy everyday habit helps to build up our body.Thus,good learning habits can help us gain great learning results 2 (include) high scores and abundant knowledge.At first,learning habits form our ways of thinking and 3 (attitude) to the content of our learning.Obviously,a good habit can help us to speed up to reach our destinations.As we 4 see,developing a good habit is so important 5 I would like to introduce one kind of good learning habits—keeping a learning diary every day.We can start the habit by 6 (write) learning summaries and remember to record something impressive and 7 (meaning).Keep 8 in mind,and gradually we can gain this good learning habit and benefit from it. What’s more,I find out that I still have some bad learning habits as well.I can only concentrate 9 reading for a short time and I 10 (conquer) this problem by spending more effort on concentration practice. I believe that through my efforts,I can gain good learning results by having good habits. Ⅳ.短文改错 1.On my way to work I would see this old man sitting beside the road and waved at everyone which passed by.I noticed that he sat there every day as if it was raining or very hot outside. One day while going to work I remembered that I had a umbrella at my house.But I turned around,got the umbrella,and took it him.He was so happy and for about another six month I saw him sitting beside the road waving at people from under the umbrella.


I late found out that the man had died.But I hope that the umbrella brings him more happiness while she was making everyone else’s days more pleasant.


1.B 解析:细节理解题。根据第一段的第一句中的

“PaddlingouttocatchthenextwaveatacompetitioninChristchurch ...”可知,詹姆斯是在比赛的时候突发的心脏病,故选 B 项。 2.D 解析:推理判断题。从文章最后一段的 “Amonthafterherecovered,Tuhikaramawasreunitedwithsixoftheteenagelifeguardswhosavedhim.”可知 D 项正确。 3.C 解析:推理判断题。根据第二段中的“Lifeguardsareneverreallyoffduty.”可知 A 项不正确;从最后一段可知

詹姆斯知道是谁救的他,B 项不正确;根据第二段最后一句中的“hespentaweekunconscious...”可知 C 项正确;根据 第二段第二句中的“...andseniorinstructorforasurf-safetycompany,wasteaching...”可知 D 项不正确。 4.A 解析:推理判断题。这是一篇新闻报道,可以在报纸上看到,故选 A 项。

1.D 解析:根据空后的“...wehavetroublechanging.”可知,真正的问题(problem)是我们很难改变。 2.A 解析:我们很难改变,因为我们的生活方式使我们感到舒适。comfortable“舒适的,轻松的”,符合语境。 curious“好奇的”;serious“严重的”;painful“痛苦的”。 3.C 解析:即使事情并不顺利,但至少它们是我们熟悉的事物,这也是我们很难改变的原因。atmost“最

多”;atlast“最后”;atleast“至少”;atfirst“首先”。 4.B 解析:随着岁月的流逝,我们似乎对做计划失去了热情。下文的 eagerness 可作提示。faith“信

念”;enthusiasm“热情”;sense“感觉,意识”;confidence“信心”。 5.C 解析:尽管作者自己的渴望似乎在下降,但他仍然喜欢做计划的想法。increase“增加”;exist“存

在”;decline“下降,降低”;disappear“消失”。 6.A 解析:由上文内容可知,在作者看来,重要的是不放弃的精神(spirit)。 7.D 解析:此处指新的一年,因此用 ahead“将来,今后”。


8.C 境。 9.B 10.B


解析:此处指雪地以一种完美而又漂亮的姿态呈现在我们面前。lie“处于,保持(某种状态)”,符合语境。 解析:在我们发觉之前,我们肯定会到外面的雪地里留下我们的印记。故选 B 项。

11.A 解析:根据空后的 andpaths 并结合语境可知,此处应与 marksandtracks 同义,因此选 A 项。12 空后的 prints 也是提示。print“手印,脚印,足迹”。 12.D 解析:雪地上会留下各种印记,从脏的被冰雪覆盖的泥到孩子们玩耍时在雪上画的图案,我们什么都可以 看到。dirty“脏的”,符合语境。 13.B 解析:根据下文内容可知,这些都是我们态度的组成部分。attitude“态度”,符合语境。

14.A 解析:根据下文举的例子可知,此处指我们设想自己可能会做得更好(better)些。 15.C 解析:此处指减肥,因此用 extra“额外的”。

16.D 解析:此处指改掉坏习惯。pickout“挑出,选出”;calloff“取消”;cutdown“削减”;giveup“放弃,抛弃”。 17.B 18.C 解析:此处为选择关系,因此用 or,表示“或者”。 解析:即使生活中有一些让我们感到沮丧的事,我们仍可以期待重新开始,做一些力所能及的事来改善我

们的生活。down 在此处表示“情绪低落,沮丧”。 19.D 解析:参见上题解析。improve“改善,提高”,符合语境。 20.A 解析:根据前文可知,作者将新的一年看作了雪地,因此选 A 项。

1.which which。 2including 考查非谓语动词。空处在句中作定语,修饰前面的名词 learningresults,两者构成主谓关系,故用 including。 3attitudes 4can 考查名词。form 后有两个并列的名词作宾语,其一是 ways,故其二也应用 attitude 的复数形式。 考查定语从句。该空引导非限制性定语从句,先行词是“Goodhabitsleadtogoodendings”这句话,故用

考查固定句型。Aswecansee 表示“正如我们看到的那样”。

5that 考查连词。“养成一种好的习惯如此重要以至于我想介绍一种好的学习习惯”。由句意可知,that 引导结 果状语从句,与 so 构成“so...that...”句型,表示“如此……以至于……”。 6writing 考查非谓语动词。介词后应使用动词-ing 形式。 7meaningful 考查形容词。修饰不定代词时,形容词后置,impressive 与 meaningful 同时修饰 something。


8it 9on

考查代词。it 指代前文提到的“如何养成习惯”这件事。 考查介词。concentrateon 表示“集中注意力于……”。

10willconquer 考查时态。克服这个问题是将来的事情,故用一般将来时。

1. OnmywaytoworkIwouldseethisoldmansittingbesidetheroadandwavedat everyone whichpassed by.I noticed that
waving who even

he sat there every day as if it was raining or very hot outside.

One day while going to work I remembered that I had a umbrella at my house.ButI turned around,got the umbrella,and took it ∧ him.He was so happy and for about another six monthI saw him sitting beside the road waving
to an So months

at people from under the umbrella.

I latefound out that the man had died.But I hope that the umbrella bringshim more happiness while shewas
brought he

making everyone else’s days more pleasant.


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