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选修七unit 4 学案

高二英语选修七第四单元学案 Unit 4
一、语言要点 I 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). imaginative/imaginable/imaginary adj. 【解释】 imaginative 富有想象力的,创新的 imaginable 可想象得到的 imaginary 想象中的,虚构的 【练习】选择 imaginative/imaginable 或 imaginary 并用其适当的形式填空 1) Although the main characters in the novel are so true to life, they are _______. 2) It’s _______ for such an _______ writer to create _______ stories. 3) This is the only solution _________. 4) The famous poem was from an ______ poet. Keys: 1) imaginary 2) imaginable; imaginative ; imaginary 3) imaginable 4) imaginative 2). dry up/dry out 【解释】 dry up 使完全变干; (河流,湖泊等)干涸 dry out 变干,干透(不及物短语) 【练习】选择 dry up 或 dry out,并用其适当的形式填空 1) The farmers pumped water to their fields to stop the soil ________. 2) The pool ________ in the late autumn. 3) The villagers had to wait for the sun to _________ the dirt road. 4) Don’t leave the vegetable on the table, or it will ________. Keys: 1) drying out 2) dries up 3) dry up 4)dry out 3) otherwise/therefore/however 【解释】 otherwise 否则;不然 therefore adv.因此, 所以 however 无论如何, 可是 【练习】选择 otherwise/therefore 或 however 并用其适当的形式填空 1) He didn't work hard at English_______ he wouldn't find it difficult to learn now. 2) We do not have enough money._________we cannot afford to buy the new car. 3) The first part was easy;the second,________,took hours. 4) He is noisy, but ________a nice boy. 5) We were going to play football,but it was so hot that we decided to do_____________. Keys: 1)otherwise 2)Therefore 3)however 4) otherwise 5)otherwise II 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1. operate v. 操作, 动手术 2. donate v. 捐赠, 赠予 3. arrange v. 安排, 排列, operator n. 操作员, (电话)接线员, donation n. 捐赠品, 捐款, 贡献 arrangement n. 排列, 安排



n. 操作, 实施

4. adjust v. 调整, 调节 5.participate v. 参与,分享,

adjustable adj.可调整的 participant n. 参与者,

adjustment n. 调整, 调节 participation n. 分享, 参与

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) They encouraged the _______ to _______ in the singing performance after the contest..(participate) 2) The doctor are ________ on an ______ of a factory who got injured when _______a machine, and the ________ is said to last over ten hours.(operate) 3) The seats in the plane are ________ , and you can ________ them to a certain angle. The ______ is not difficult to make. (adjust) 4) The drinks were ________ to them by coca cola company and they received _______from other companies as well. (donate) 5) Our department will be in charge of _______the conference. Would you please give us some suggestions on the _______ for it? (arrange) keys:1) participants; participate 2) operating; operator; operating ; operation 3) adjustable; adjust; adjustment 4) donated; donation 5) arranging; arrangement III 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. adjust vt.&vi.调整;使适合. [重点用法] adjustment n. 调整;修正 adjustable adj. 可调节的;可调整的 adjust(sth./oneself)(to sth.)使适应;适应。 注意:该词作不及物动词时,其意思是“适应于” ,后常跟介词 to。 [典例] 1) I usually adjust my watch before I go to work in the morning.我通常早上上班前校准我的表. 2) It seems that the newcomers have adjusted themselves in the schoo1. 新来的同学看来适应了学校生活。 3) He adjusted himself very quickly to the heat of the country. 他使自己很快适应了这个国家炎热的气候。 4)The desks and seats can be adjusted to the height of any child. 这些桌子和凳子能被调整到适合任何孩子的高度。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他很快就适应了这种生活方式,从此幸福地生活着。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 许多新兵没能很快适应军中生活,结果病倒了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) He soon adjusted himself to the way of life and has lived happily ever since.2) Quite a few new soldiers could not adjust themselves to army life and fell ill. 2. participate vi.参与;参加; 分享 [重点用法] participant n. 参与者,共享者 participate in a discussion 参加讨论 participate in profits 分享利润

participate in sb. ’s sufferings 分担某人的痛苦;与某人共患难 [典例] 1) If only I could participate in your good fortune. 要是我能分享你的好运就好了 2) When in grief, you need some friends to participate in your suffering.悲伤时,你需要朋友帮你分担 痛苦。 [练习]根据括号里所给的中文意思补全句子。 1) I managed to get in touch with my old schoolmates graduated in 2003 _________ (参加校庆 100 周年) 2) If only_____________________________________(分享你的好运). 3) He is an ___________________________________ (积极参加社会活动的人). Keys: 1)to participate in the hundredth anniversary of schoo1 Day of our high schoo1.2)I could participate in your good fortune 3)active participant in social work 3. otherwise adv.用别的方法;其他方面. adv & conj.否则;不然\ [重点用法] and otherwise 等等;其他 but otherwise 然而在别的方面却 or otherwise 或相反 [典例] 1) He is slow but otherwise he is a good worker.他虽慢,但在其他方面却是个好工人。 2) He reminded me of that; I should otherwise have forgotten. 幸亏他提醒了我,要不然我就忘了。 3) You should go now,otherwise you'll miss the bus.你现在该走了,否则就赶不上公共汽车了。 4) He thinks otherwise.他是另外一种想法。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 今天我身体不舒服,否则我会去机场接你了。 2) 房租贵了些,但其他方面还挺令人满意的。 3) 我们得到达那儿,搭乘飞机或者其它方式。 Keys: 1) I’m not feeling well today; otherwise I would meet you at the airport. 2) The rent is a bit high, but otherwise the house is satisfactory. 3) We’ll get there somehow, by plan or otherwise. 4. arrangement n.安排;排列. [典例] 1) He arranged the books on the shelf.他把书架上的书整理了一下。 2) We have arranged a party.我们准备了一个晚会。 3) Arranged with her to meet at 8.和她商定 8 点钟见面。 [重点用法] arrange v.安排, 排列, 协商 come to an arrangement 谈妥;达成协议 make arrangement for 为……做好准备;为……做好安排 make arrangement with sb.与(某人)商定或约好,(和某人)达成协议;做好准备;做出安排 [练习]根据括号里所给的中文意思补全句子。 1) The secretary has _____________ (为这次会议时间和地点做好了安排)the meeting. 2) The flower shop provided flowers and saw to _______________________________. (这花店提供花卉并保证为他们的典礼作好布置。)

3) The doctors had _______________(为外科手术做好了准备) before the patient was carried in. Keys: 1) made the arrangement of a time and place for 2) their arrangement for the ceremony 3)made arrangements for surgery 5. donate vt.捐赠. [重点用法] donation n.[C]捐赠物;n.[U]捐赠,赠送 donator n.捐赠者 donate sth.(to sb./sth.)捐赠,赠送(钱、物等) make a donation(donations)l 提示:donate 虽然是及物动词,常与介词 to 搭配,但位于直接宾语前的介词 to 不能省略。类似用法 的词语还有:introduce sb.to sb. ;explain sth.to sb.等。 [典例] 1) All the teachers and schoolmates donate blood to the nation annually. 全校师生每年都向国家献血。 2) Would you like to make a donation to our charity appeal? 你愿意响应我们慈善团体呼吁来捐物吗? 3) Donation is the act of giving to a fund or cause.捐赠是对某一基金或事业的赠送行为。 [练习]用 donate 的相关介词或正确形式填空。 1)The Hope Project_____ which everyone at work donates a day’s pay is significant. 2)Almost a third of the best seats are set aside for members,who have made_____ to the opera. 3)The activity of charity______ is due at 8 tomorrow morning. 4)The_____ refused his name after______ a large sum of money. (donate) Keys: 1)to 2)donations 3)donation 4)donator; donating 6. purchase vt.& n.买;购买; (以某种代价)换得;(经过努力)取得,赢得(常与 with 连用) [典例] 1) The new couple spent some money on the purchase of the furniture necessary for their new house.这对 新婚夫妇花费了一些钱购买新房子里必需的家具。 2) The farm was sold at ten years’ purchase. 这农场以相当于 10 年间土地收入的价钱售出。 [重点用法] made a purchase 买件东西 leave sb.to his purchase 让某人自谋生路 live on one's purchase 自谋生计,自找活路 purchase freedom with blood 以血的代价赢得自由 purchase and sale 买卖 [练习]根据括号里所给的中文意思补全句子。 1) It is __________________________________(我前几天买来的一件东西。). 2) You can't_________________________________(你不努力什么也不能得到). 3) He gave his son some money______________________ (买课本). Keys: 1)a recent purchase of mine/what I purchased the other day 2)get any purchase without efforts/purchase anything if you don't make any effort 3)for the purchase of/to purchase his school books


7. distribution n.分配;分发;分布状态. [重点用法] distribute v. vi. 分配; 散布 distribute sth. to 把某物分[配, 发]给... distribute sth. among 把某物分[配, 发]给... [典例] 1) At present, the distribution of profits cannot satisfy most of the people. 目前利润的分配未能满足大多数人民。 2) Before the opening ceremony of the super-market, some workers are sent to distribute handbills on the street.超市开业前,一些工作人员被派去街上散发传单。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 幼儿园的老师正在给小朋友们派发礼物。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2)救援物资的发放依然在讨论中。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) The teacher in the kindergarten is distributing the small gifts to the children. 2) The distribution of the rescuing goods is under discussion. 8. relevant adj. 有关的, 相应的 [典例] 1) More relevant details have been found out.找到了更多有关的细节 2) He refused to say anything not relevant to the present question 他拒绝回答和目前的问题无关的内容。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 要了解更多信息,请登陆相关网站。 ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 你有关于健康饮食的书吗? ______________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) For further information, please refer to relevant website. 2) Have you got any book relevant to healthy diet? 9. operate v. 操作, 运转, 开动, 起作用 [典例] 1) The medicine operated quickly.这药很快就起作用了。 2) He is operating a patient on the head 他正在给病人头部做手术 3) He helped his father with operating a business.他帮他的父亲经营着一家企业 [练习] 汉译英 1) 起初发动机工作正常. 2) 这家公司在 30 多个国家开了快餐店。 3) 时下许多小孩擅长于操作电脑。 Keys: 1) At the beginning, the motor operated smoothly. 2) The company operates fast-food restaurants in over 30 countries. 3) Nowadays many kids are good at operating computers. IV 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. be dying for sth/to do sth 迫切想要;渴望 [短语归纳]

be thirsty for sth/to do sth 渴望 [典例] 1) I'm dying/thirsty for something to eat.我极想吃点东西。 2) She is dying/thirsty to know where you have been。她极想知道你去了哪儿。 3) After a long dry season the trees are dying/thirsty for water.经过一个漫长的旱季,树木迫切需要水分。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我姐姐非常渴望能在外企工作。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 我和我的同学们都迫切想看电影《马达加斯加 II》 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) My sister is dying for a chance to work in a foreign enterprise. 2) My classmates and I are dying to see the movie Madagascar II 2. the other day 几天前 [典例] 1) I came across my old friend in the street in the other day.我几天前在街上碰见一个老朋友。 2) I heard of the news in the other day, but I dared not tell you. 几天前我就听说这个消息了,但不敢告诉你。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 前几天通过的决定已经被执行了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 几天前发生的车祸让这对老夫妇依然心有余悸。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ keys: 1) The decision passed the other day has been carried out. 2) The traffic accidence happening the other day still frightened the old couple. 3. stick out. 伸出,突出,坚持到底 [短语归纳] stick to sth. 坚持(to 是介词) stick with sb/sth 继续支持某人/某事 提示:stick(stuck,stuck)不规则动词 [典例] 1) Don't stick your head out of the car window.不要把头伸到车窗外。 2) Stick with me and you'll be all right.有事你来找我就没问题了 [练习]选择填空 1) He wore shoes that looked 30 years old, too small for his feet,with holes all over them,his toes______ out. A.stuck B.came C.went D.rushed 2) Because Edgar was convinced of the accuracy of this fact, he _____ his opinion. A. stuck at B. stuck to C. stood for D. stuck out Keys: 1) A 【解析】考察短语记忆 B “出来;长出; 出现” C “出去; 熄灭” D “冲出去“ 2) B【解析】 对固定短语的记忆和句意的理解是解题的关键。A“不断地认真做了顾虑、犹豫(指 坏事) ;C“主张,容忍,代表,象征” 。 4. in need. 在困难中;在危急中.

[短语归纳] in need/want of 需要 the need for sth.对……的需要 at one’s need 在某人困难时 satisfy/meet one’s needs 满足某人的需要 [典例] 1) After the lack of water for a long tie, crops are in great need of water; 长时间缺水后, 庄稼急需要水. 2) As we all know, everyone in the world has a need for affection. 我们大家都知道,每个人都有对感情的需要 [练习] 汉译英 1) 无论孩子们提出什么要求,家长们总是设法满足他们的需要。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 勤奋工作是成功的需要。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) No matter what requirements are raised by children, the parents would manage to satisfy their needs. 2) Hard work is the need for success. V 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. Sometimes I wonder how relevant chemistry is to these students, most of whom will be going back to their villages after Year 8 anyway. 有时候,我真想知道化学对这些孩子究竟有多大的用处。他们中大 多数学完八年级以后就回到他们的村庄去了。 [解释]名词/代词/数词+of+which/whom…引导定语从句 [典例] 1) She has two sons, both of whom are serving in the army.她有两个儿子,都在部队服役。 2) Today my mother bought several shirts, one of which is for me. 今天妈妈买了几件衬衣,其中一件是给我的。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他有许多朋友,但没一个能帮他解决问题。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 他向震区孩子捐赠了许多衣物,其中有些是全新的。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) He has many friends, none of whom can help him out of problems. 2)He donated many clothes to the children in earthquake area, many of which are completely new. 2. You asked whether I’m getting to know any local people.你问我是否了解当地的老百姓。 [解释]get to+喜好/认识,表示渐变的过程。 [典例] 1) I got to realize how important the happy life was as I grew older. 随着年龄的增长,我逐渐意识到幸福生活的重要性。 2) I got to like the flat we were going to move in.我逐渐地喜欢上我们即将搬进去的公寓。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他渐渐地知道了为什么他奶奶那么小心地保存这张相片的原因。

___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 莎莉逐渐意识到她母亲为她做的一切。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) He got to know why his granny kept the photo so carefully. 2) Sally got to realize what her mother did for her. 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: Jo worked at a bush school 1 classroom were made from bamboo and grass. There’s no electricity or water there. It 2 the students about two hours 3 (get) to the school. Jo hoped to make some difference to the Children’s lives by teaching them. The other day, Jo visited Tombe’s home. When they arrived 4 the village, Tombe’s mother who 5 (work) in the garden , started crying “ieee ieee”. Tombe’s father led them to his house, 6 low bamboo hut with grass 7 (突出) out of the roof, 8 he could only see a few tin plates and cups and greens. That night Jo and Jenny slept on a 9 (新 近地) made platform. They left the village the next morning 10 many goodbyes and shaking of hands. 答案: 1. whose 6. a 2. took 7. sticking 3. to get 8. what 4. at 5. had been working 9. newly 10. after

2 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1.【原句】The other day I was showing the boys the weekly chemistry experiment when, before I knew it, the mixture was bubbling over everywhere. 有一天,我正在给孩子们做每周一次的化学实验的演示,我 还没明白怎么回事,混合剂就到处冒气泡了。 [模仿要点] 句子结构: when + 时间状语从句+before +时间状语从句 【模仿 1】陈凯歌,电影梅兰芳的导演,正在为这部电影做大量准备的同时,甚至在它公演前,他 都承受着巨大的压力。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Chenkaige, director of MeiLanfang , was making quantities of preparations for the movie when, even before it was put on , he suffered from great stress. 【模仿 2】八月的时候我们收到了他的一封信,在此之前我们不知道他已经入伍了。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:It was August , before we knew he had joined the army, when we received a letter from him.


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