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Unit 4

Making the news 基础落实

1.inform [In′f??m] vt.告知;通知 2.acquire [?′kwaI?] vt.获得;学到 3.gifted [′ɡIftId] adj.有天赋的→gift n.天资;礼物 4.assist [?′sIst] vt.帮助;促进→ as

sistant n.助手 5.demand [dI′mɑ?nd] vt.& n.需要;查询 6.delighted [dI′laItId] adj.欣喜的;高兴的 7.concentrate [′k?ns?ntreIt] vt.集中;聚集

8.accuse [?′kju?z] vt.指责;控告 9. approve [?′pru?v] vt.赞成;认可;批准→approval n. 赞成,认可 10.process [′pr??ses] vt.加工;过程;n.程序;步骤 11. journalist [′d???n?lIst] n.记者;新闻工作者 12.photographer [f?′t?ɡr?f?] n.摄影师 13. admirable [′?dm?r?bl] adj.值得赞扬的;令人钦佩的 14.profession [pr?′fe?n] n.职业;专业 15. amateur [′?m?t?] n.& adj.业余爱好者;业余爱好的 16. eager [′i?ɡ?] adj.热切的,激切的

17.deliberately [dI′lIb?r?tlI] adv.故意地 18.department [dI′pɑ?tm?nt] n.部门;部;系 19.appointment [?′p?Intm?nt] n.约会;任命 20.accurate [′?kj?r?t] adj.精确的;正确的→

accurately adv.精确地
语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 Accurately speaking,his profession is a journalist.He’s also a gifted amateur photographer.He is always eager to assist others,so he’s admirable but he sometimes breaks appointment deliberately.

Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1. accuse sb.of...指控某人犯……罪 charge sb.with sth.指控某人犯有……罪 2.by accident 偶然

on occasion(s)偶尔
3.in turn 轮流;依次;反过来 in return 作为(对……的)回答 4.be supposed to应当;认为必须 be expected to do被期待/指望做

5.have a nose for 对……敏感 6.make an appointment with sb.与某人约会 7.look forward to期待,盼望 8.on one’s own独自

of one’s own属于自己的,独特的 9.concentrate on (doing) sth.集中精力做某事 focus on集中注意力;聚焦 10.account for 是……的说明;查明 on no account决不,绝对不

Ⅲ.翻译下列必背短语? 1.集中,全神贯注 concentrate on? _______________? accuse...of...? _______________? be supposed to...? _______________? inform oneself of? _______________?

3.应该 4.使自己了解

6.渴望干某事 7.对……敏感 8.批准,赞成 9.有罪;因……内疚 10.对……感到好奇

defend...against? _______________?
be eager to do? _______________? have a nose for? _______________?

approve...of? _______________?
be guilty of...? _______________? be curious about? _______________?

Ⅴ.单元知识活用 翻译句子 1.我希望成为一名记者,以便能够采访新鲜事件。(be occupied in)

I hope to become a reporter so that I can
be occupied in covering new events.
2.如果我成为一名记者,我将专心地工作。(concentrate on)

If I become a reporter,I will concentrate on my job.

3.我会保护公众的利益不受伤害。(defend against)

I will defend the benefits of the public against various attacks.
4.我会公正地报道事件,不怕别人指控。(accuse sb.of)

I will report the events in a fair way,

not fearing being accused of doing that.
5.我相信我会成为一名对新闻有敏感力的新闻记者。(have a nose for)

I believe that I will become a reporter who has a good nose for news.

连句成篇——用适当的关联词或句将上述句子连接成文 I hope to become a reporter so that I can be occupied in covering new events.If I become a reporter,I will concentrate on my job.I promise that I will defend the benefits of the public against various attacks and that I will report the events in a fair way,not fearing being accused of doing that.I believe that I will become a reporter who has a good nose for news.

Ⅱ.写出下列单词的变化形式? profession 1.职业;专业(n.)_____________;职业的;专业的(adj.) professional profession __________________ ;专业人员(?n?.)_____________; professor 教授(n.) _____________? approve 2.赞成;称许;批准(v.)_____________;不赞成;不批准(n.)

disapproval _____________?
guilty 3.犯罪的,有罪的;内疚的(adj.)_____________;犯罪;内疚 guilt (n.)_____________? deliberately deliberate 4.故意地(adv.)_____________;故意的(adj.) _____________

5.技术(上)的(adj.)_____________;技术上,学术上,工艺上 technical technically technology (adv.)_____________;技术(?n?.)_____________?

6.居住、占用;职业(?n?.)_____________;与职业有 occupation occupational 关的(?adj?.)_________________ ;占用,占领,占据

occupy (?vt?.) _____________?
7.热心的;急切的(?adj?.)_____________;热心地; eager

eagerly 急切地(?adv?.)________________ ;热切,渴望(n.)
eagerness _____________?

二、单词拓展 (A)单词派生
photography 1. _____________ n. 摄影

photograph _____________n. 照片 vt. 给……照相
photographer _____________ n. 摄影师

2. ____________ n. 帮助; 协助; 援助 assistance

____________vt. 帮助; 协助; 援助 assist
____________ n. 助手; 助理 assistant

3. ___________ n. 职业; 专业 profession
professional ____________ adj. 专业的 n. 专业人员

4. ___________ vt. 获得; 取得; 学到 acquire
acquisition ___________ n. 获得; 取得; 学到

5. __________ vt. 告知; 通知 inform ____________ n. 信息 information
technique 6. __________ n. 技术

__________ adj. 技术(上)的; 技巧方面的 technical

editor 7. ___________ n. 编者; 编辑
___________v. 编辑 edit ___________ n. 版(本); 版次 edition appoint 8. ___________ n. 指定; 任命

appointment ______________ n. 约会; 任命


1.He criticized the repressive(镇压的)methods _______by the country,s government.(employ)?

2.He didn,t ______________of my leaving school this year. I
desperately accepted his __________ .(approve)? 3.His_______was proved beyond all doubt by the prosecution (原告)and he feels _______about not telling the truth to the judge.(guilt)?

4.I couldn,t hide my ________ to get back home.(eager)

5.Building such a bridge is not an easy job; we must

have enough ________engineers.(profession)?
6.It was by accident that he broke the beautiful vase; he didn,t do that _________ .(deliberate)?

答案:1.employed?2.approve; disapproval?3.guilt; guilty 4.eagerness? 5.professional? 6.deliberately?

Ⅵ.语篇领悟? 根据课文My First Work Assignment完成下列短文? It is Zhou Yang,s first day at the office of China Daily. He is excited and 1 to go out 2 a story on his own, but he can,t because he isn,t 3 ?(experience) enough. His new boss, Hu Xin, is sharing with him how to be a good reporter.? To be a good reporter, one needs to be curious, which 4 (able) one to ask many different questions and acquire all the information he needs to know. Besides, it,s important for a reporter to have a nose 5 a story, 6 (know) if someone is telling the truth. And while interviewing people, a reporter has to listen to the answers carefully

because he has to listen to the 7

(detail) facts and

prepare the next question ? 8 ?(depend) on what
people say. If possible, a reporter can ? 9 (recorder)

the interview in case he ? 10 ?(accuse) of printing lies.

答案:1.eager? 2.on? 3.experienced?4.enables 5.for? 6.knowing? 7.detailed ?8.depending? 9.record? 10.is accused of?

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