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Met you by _________ I didn't realize That my life would _______ forever Saw you standing there I didn't ______ I cared There was somethi

ng _______ in the air Dreams are my reality The only kind of real fantasy Illusions are a common thing I ______ to live in dreams It seems as it's meant to be Dreams are my reality A _________ kind of reality I dream of loving in the night And loving seems a night Although it's only fantasy


If you do exist honey don't resist ________ me a new way of loving Tell me that to do show me what to do I feel _________ special about you Dreams are my reality The only kind of reality Maybe my foolishness has past And may be now at last I'll see _____ a real thing can be Dreams are my reality A wonderous world where I _____ to be I dream of holing you all night and holing you seems right Perhaps that's my reality

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Surprise Change Know Special Try Different

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