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What do you think of when introducing somebody?

What words will you think of to describe a person?


1有毅力的 2热心肠的 3精力充沛 4慷慨的 5有吸引力的


etermined warm – hearted energetic generous attractive/charming

6诚实的 7幽默的 8勤奋的 9独立的 10耐心的

honest humorous diligent independent patient

1 温家宝总是举止得体。 __________________________________________

2 李泳不但很有天赋而且很勤奋。 __________________________________________
3他 是个很有能力的班长。 He is a very capable monitor __________________________________________

4 她有一颗宽容的心。 __________________________________________ She has got a forgiving heart / is tolerant.

What should be paid attention to when introducing a person ?

1). 属于记叙文体裁 2). 基本类型:记人,叙事,写景 3). 常见高考书面表达题:介绍同学,朋友, 老师,父母,名人等等 4). 记叙方法:顺叙,倒叙,插叙 5). 注意事项:选材代表性;精炼,感人, 不拖泥带水;注意5W1H;人称时态。 6). 常见段落结构: 主题句-发展句-结论句

What are the steps of introducing a person?

人物简介的写作步骤; (概 ,貌 ,育 ,平 ,评 )

概况)age, sex, birth-place, background 外貌)appearance ,character 教育)education 生平)big events in one’s life ( in order of
time )


A. 概况 ……was/ were born in/into a poor/ rich family his/her family was so poor that… his/ her father was very strict with him… when he was a small boy/ young during his/ her childhood live a happy/ hard life

尽量用非谓语/同位语结构,使文章简洁,通顺) 1)他是一个出生于一个平穷的家庭的辛勤工作的人。 Born in ___ ________ __________, he is a ________________man . hardworking 2) 袁隆平1930年出身于一个农民家庭。 Yuan Longping,____________________________, the son of a peasant fa was born in1930. 3) 孙中山先生的妻子宋庆龄是当代中国历史上一 位伟大的女性。 .___________________________________________ Song Qingling, Dr Sun Yat-sen’s wife ,was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history _________________________________________




B.外貌,性格 (巧用with做定语)
1) 梁志波是个近视的男生,他戴着一副眼镜 Liang Zhibo is a near-sighted /far-sighted boy ___________________________________. with a pair of glasses on his nose. 2) 杨扬很漂亮,有着长长的头发。 Yang Yang is good-looking /ordinary-looking /funny-looking ____________________________. with long hair. 2) 何泽宇高高瘦瘦, 浓浓的眉毛,看上去挺帅的。 He Zeyu is a tall and thin guy _________________, with thick eyebrows looking very handsome.

C. Education background
be admitted to …college

graduate from…department of …university
when at college, he majored in…

receive a doctor’s degree
go abroad for further studies

1 查理.狄更斯出生贫穷,只受很少的教育。 _______________________________________ Born of a poor family, Charles Dickens had _____________________________________ little schooling.

2 居里夫人在大学里主修物理并获得了博士学位 ___________________________________________ When at college,Madam Curie maj ___________________________________________

physics and received doctor’s degr

D Big events in one’s life
be interested in? /be fond of? work hard at? devote his lifetime/himself to?

concentrate himself to?
do research about/ into?

do sth with great determination and perseverance

have a …way of doing sth

try one’s best to do sth.
encourage sb to do fight for, give up one’s life for sb/sth

win a prize/the first prize in …competition
receive/obtain/win the Nobel Prize for… be good at… do well in… be crazy about… enjoy …

D.生平 (尽量用复合句,倒装,非限制定语从 句等,润色文章)

1)侯耀文不仅对科学感兴趣,而且有音乐天赋。 is Hou Yaowen interested in science Not only_____________________________, but also ________________________. he has a gift for music 2)祖龙涛创造了新的游泳的世界记录,为 国家作出了贡献。 Zu Longtao set a new world record of which makes a great swimming,__________________________ contribution to China. ———————————————————.

E.评价 (注意运用一些动词,形容词等短语/词组)

one of the best/ most important … set a good example for… be respected by everyone be honored as (an excellent athlete) His hard work brought him great success.

1)裴继升给我们作出了榜样, 大家都赞扬他 Pei Jishen _________________________,so sets us a good example all the people speaks highly of _________________________him. 2)鲁迅是中国最伟大的小说家之一,并且将 会作为杰出人物为人们所永远记住. Lu Xun is one of the greatest novelists in China and will ___________________an be remembered as outstanding man forever.

? To write a passage to introduce Pen Liyuan


彭丽媛,1962年11月20日出生于山东省菏泽市 郓城县,中国著名女高音歌唱家,中国第一位 民族声乐硕士,国家一级演员,1987年9月1日, 彭丽媛和习近平结为夫妇.彭丽媛长期致力于 公益事业,是中国“预防艾滋病宣传员”作为 “中国第一夫人”的首次亮相,她出色的表现 获得众口一词的肯定和赞誉。不仅在中国国内 引发好评如潮,连外媒都掀起一股“彭丽媛热” ,许多外媒评价彭丽媛“优雅”、“大气”。

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