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I.单项选择 1. ---Father, you promised! ---Well, _________ . But it is you who didn?t keep your word first. A. so was I B. so did I C. so I was D. so I did 2. The stranger complained that the old man made no answer when ________ where he lived. A. asking B. asked C. to ask D. having asked 3. How did it ___________ that the car fell off the bridge into the river? A. come out B. come about C. come across D. come up 4. To everyone?s surprise, the promising young man __________ to be a thief. A. was proved B. worked out C. turned out D. was turned out 5. --- How about eight o?clock outside the cinema, Lucy? ---That _________ me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits 6. Zhangjiagang is no longer ______ it was thirty years ago, ________is quite clean and modern. A. what;which B. that;which C. what;when D. that;when 7. --- Did you find the missing couple in the mountain yesterday? ---No, but we _________ to get in touch with them from then on. A. have tried B. have been trying C. had tried D. had been trying 8. I wonder if you _________. I can hardly find a hotel except that one__________ and I don?t think it safe to stay there. A.put me up; in the distance B. put me through, in the distance C. put me up; at the distance D. put me through , at a distance 9. The chances _________ attcaked by a shark are very small _________ other dangers. A. of being, compared to B. to be, compared with C. of being, comparing to D. to be, comparing with 10. --- Are you going to the basketball match? --- No, the tickets are ________ for me. A. too much high B. so much expensive C. far too expensive D. too much expensive 11. In no country _______ South Africa ________ enjoy watching World Cup football games. A. rather than; one can B. rather than; can one C. other than;can one D. other than;one can 12. These two areas are similar ________ they both have a high rainfall during this season. A except that B in which C in that D to that 13. There are only about 30 out of 400 different types of sharks that ________ as ________ human beings ever since. A. have been reported, attacked B. have been reported, attacking C. were reported , attacked D. are reported, attacked 14. ______ in the regulation that you should not tell other people the password of your e-mail account. A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires 15. Linda is ____to attend this lecture, but it is ____that she will be ten minutes late. A. possible; likely B. likely; possible C. maybe; likely D. likely; possibly II.词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1. ---Oh, dear! I didn?t recognize you! Where have you been these years?

---Of course you couldn?t. Years of r_______ jobs, little food and a small room to live in. I have become an old woman . 2. ---They help others willingly and don?t expect any kind of payment. ---You know they v__________ to help the welfare house.. 3. ---Have you explained to her why I was late? ---Yes. I have, but I think it?s necessary for you to make an apology to her p_______. 4. ---In the story, the farmer receives a d__________ bite. ---He shouldn?t have saved the snake. 5. ---After hours? of reading, I feel s__________. Shall we go swimming? ---Ok, it?s good way to relax. 6. ---I heard that a traffic accident happened last night and the driver was injured. Was it serious? ---Yes, but he was first sent to the nearest hospital t__________. Later he was taken to a hospital in Suzhou for an operation. 7. ---Who can help me? Who can help me? Oh, nobody can help me. ---Why? All of us are here. Don?t i_________ any of your friends. 8. ---Amy, you?d better get dressed. It?s impolite to meet guests in your n__________. ---I forgot it. 9.---I am to go diving in Hainan when I am on holiday next week.. ---Really? Don?t wear bright clothing or j_________ in case of sharks. Ha, it?s just a joke. Anyway , it?s safe to swim in sea in Hainan. 10.---Shall we take a taxi there? ---I don?t think it necessary. His house is within walking d________ from our hospital. III. 同义转换 1. The new church is three times as high as the old one. The new church is three times the__________ of the old one. 2. It is possible that he?ll call again tonight. __________he will call again tonight. 3. Some sentences in your book are impossible to understand. Some sentences in your book make no ________. 4. She wanted to run away from the lion, but she was frozen with fear. She wanted to run away from the lion, but fear ________ her still. 5. Anyone who comes late will be punished. _________ comes late will be punished. 6. After we had sailed for ten days, we finally saw the island. . The island _________ in sight after we had sailed for ten days. 7. The police took nearly one month finding the parents who gave up the baby. The police took nearly one month finding the parents of the _________ baby. 8. She looked directly and fixedly at a man who was standing and putting his hand on her arm. She _____ at a man standing with his hand resting on her arm. 9. We spoke to each other in a low voice for fear that we might wake the baby. We _______ to each other in a low voice for fear of waking the baby. 10. It?s hoped that he will come out first in the coming maths competition.. ___________, he will come out first in the coming maths competition.

IV. 翻译句子 1. 许多人都想知道我们的感官是否与我们整体的健康有关。 (wonder if ) ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. 一到街上,Polly 就急匆匆的向往常乘车的车站走去。 (once) ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. 最后他发现自己正走在拥挤的街道上,被许多人围着。 (find oneself doing sth. ) ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. 实际上,与被闪电击中的几率相比,人类被鲨鱼袭击的几率是很小的。 (chance) ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. 我把自行车停在了商店附近,但是当我回来时,车子就不见了。 (nowhere to be seen) ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. 与忙碌而拥挤的城市生活相比,乡村的生活更加宁静,祥和。 (compare) ___________________________________________________________________________ 7. 你那样浪费时间有意义么?(make sense) ___________________________________________________________________________ 8. 你没有必要去书店的,现在我们阅览室的书是三年前的五倍多了。(倍数表达法) ___________________________________________________________________________ 9. 这是一个好主意而且有现实基础,但最终事实证明是不实用的。 (prove) ___________________________________________________________________________ 10. 在火车站,妈妈一直在和女儿挥手告别,直到火车消失在视野中。 (out of sight) _______________________________________________________________________________

I.单项选择 1.In 1399, Henry Ⅳ became ______ King of England and then _____ English language began to be used for all official occasions. A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. a; / 2.What the doctors really doubt is _____my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. (上海 2001) A. when B. how C. whether D. why 3.His mistake is said to have _______ the accident. Which of the following can?t be used here? A. contributed to B. led to C. resulted in D. resulted from 4.In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in _____ we now call America. A. where B. that C. what D. which 5.“Goodbye, then,” she said, without even _____ from her book. (2007 全国) A. looking down B. looking up C. looking away D. looking on 6.As is known to all, ______ is very important. The best way to improve it is to live in a(n) _____ country for a period of time. A. spoken English; English-spoken B. spoken English; English-speaking C. English speaking; English-spoken D. English speaking; English-speaking 7.French had a great _____ on English. Which of the following can?t be used here? A. affect B. effect C. impact D. influence 8.Could I speak to_________ is in charge of International Sales, please? (2007 山东)

A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who 9._____ France banned some ?borrowed words? from English, including ?weekend? and ?e-mail?. A. At a time B. At one time C. At times D. From time to time 10.When you write questions, don?t waste time _____ details(细节). You?d better _____ the point. A. to give; come to B. giving; get to C. giving; refer to D. to give; go to 11.Animals suffered at the hands of Man _____ they were destroyed by people to make way for agricultural(农业的) land to provide food for people. (2008 江西) A. in which B. for which C. so that D. in that 12.---Nancy is not coming tonight. ---But she ______. A. promises B. promised C. has promised D. had promised 13.She finds _____ difficult to make herself _____ when she speaks her dialect. A. her; understand B. it; understood C. it; understand D. herself; understood 14.In some places women are expected to earn money _____ men work at home and ______ their children. A. but; rise B. while; rise C. while; raise D. while; rise 15. ---Is he coming? ---_____. He may not have the time. A. That depends. B. Of course. C. It?s up to you. D. I don?t know. Ⅱ.词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1.---Is it convenient for you to pick her up tomorrow afternoon? ---It _________. My car is being repaired. 2.---Steven is said to be a shy boy and afraid of speaking in public. ---Just the __________. Actually, he is active and talkative. 3.---How does it come about that she is always quarreling with her parents? ---As far as I?m concerned, lack of communication ________ to the conflicts. 4.---Should I wear a tie at the party? ---I think you should. It?s their custom to wear a tie on such ________ occasions. 5. ---I heard that Tom was not born by the Simiths. ---As they had no children of their own, they _________ an orphan. 6. ---I?m not always attaining the definite meaning of the word. ---Don?t worry. This is a __________ word because it has a quite a few different meanings. 7. --- The computer h as made a great _________ on modern life. --- I cannot agree more. More and more work has to be done with the computer. 8. --- Why does he go to work by bus recently? --- He was punished for drunken driving and _______ from driving for 6 months. 9. ---What?s the total price? --- $125, postage and packing _________. 10. --- Whom does the house belong to? ---This house is so old that it is impossible to find its _________owner. Ⅲ.同义转换 1. The English language which is made up of many rules is difficult to learn well. The English language _________ of many rules is difficult to learn well. 2. Accept yourself, even though you may be overweight. Accept yourself __________ your being overweight. 3. The yellow shirt and the white one were of different sizes. The yellow shirt ________ from the white one in size. 4. More and more students have chances to use computers. More and more students have ________ to computers. 5. Even today, where a person comes from will havean effect on his style of speech.

Even today, where a person comes from will _________ his style of speech. 6. The Oriental Pearl Tower has become the symbol of the city Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl Tower _________ the city Shanghai. 7. Those young people contributed a lot to our country. Those young people made great _________ to our country. 8.I?m sorry to say that you haven?t passed the examination. I _________to inform you that you haven?t passed the examination. 9. His dream of becoming an economist has come true in the end . He has _________ his dream of becoming an economist eventually. 10.His laziness and carelessness led to his failure of the final examinations. His laziness and carelessness _______ in his failure of the final examinations. IV. 句子翻译 1. 他随身带走了把雨伞,以防下雨。 _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 这个节目的成功极大地提高了当前人们对流行音乐的兴趣。 _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 那时我已经到了必须选择自己工作方向的关键时刻。 _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 他的演讲为双方进一步的合作定了基调。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 中国的传统体育运动与西方体育运动的相似之处在于两者都是为了促进人体的健康。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. 他的书里有许多例子反映了他家乡近几年发生的巨大变化。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. 有些汉字已经简化了,有些随着时间的推移变得更加复杂了 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. 尽管法语没有作为第一语言替代英语,法语对英语还是有影响的。 ____________________________________________________________________________________

I. 单项选择 1. Mr. White, along with his assistants, ______ on the project day and night to meet the deadline. A. work B. working C. is working D. are working 2. It is not I but you who ____to blame for the accident. A. is B. am C. is going to D. are 3. I?d like to do something for you ______ everything you?ve done for me. A. in exchange B. in turn C. in return for D. in terms of 4. Every possible means ____ to prevent the air pollution,but the sky is still not clear. A.is used B.has been used C.are used D.have been used 5. He is the only one of the students who _________ a winner of scholarship for three years. A. is B. are C. have been D. has been 6. Either you or the headmaster _________ the prize to these gifted students at the next meeting. A. is handing out B. are to hand out C. are handing out D. is to hand out

7. Don?t leave the water while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run 8. The missing boys were last seen _______near the river. A. playing B. to be playing C. play

D. to run D. to play

9. The manager asked us to keep him _______ of how our business was going on. A. to be informed B. informed C. on informing D. informing 10. — David has made great progress recently. —_______________, and_______________. A. So he has; so you have B. So he has; so have you C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have 11. In_____ of the dead soldiers, a grand_____ was built on the spot of the great campaign. A. memory; memory B. memory; memorial C. memorial; memory D. memorial; memorial 12. The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the _______________. A. 20 dollars remained B. 20 dollars to remain C. remained 20 dollars D. remaining 20 dollars 13. When she came in, she found a stranger ________ at the back of the classroom with his eyes _________on her. A. sitting; fixing B. seats; fixing C. seating; fixed D. seated; fixed 14. Growing around the lake___________ wild flowers of different colors. A. is B. has C. are D. have 15. The thief was brought in with his hand _________ on the back. A. tying B. being tied C. tied D. to be tied II. 词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1. ---There seems to be too many ____________ between the two TV plays. ----Yes, except some differences in detail, they are almost the same. 2. --- I haven?t seen Jane for a long time. Is she very busy? --- Yes, she has been ___________ herself in the research recently. 3. --- Have you found a way to solve the problem? --- Yes, a practical ___________ to the problem has been put forward. 4. --- I have heard the couple are quite __________. --- Really? But I have never seen them buy any expensive things and I thought they were poor. 5. --- Do you know what happened in the year 206 BC? --- Yes, the Qin Dynasty was ____________ and the Han Dynasty was founded. 6. ---Have the passengers gone on _________ yet? ---Yes, they are all on the plane now. 7. ---The children are beginning to understand what I said at the class meeting __________. ---So, you see, children learn new things little by little. Don?t be hurried 8. ---It?s said that the car has been used many years, can it run? --- Don?t judge a book by its cover, in fact, the used car is in good ____________. 9. ---With more and more forests being_____________, some animals are facing the danger of dying out. ---Yes, I think it is high time we did something to protect the environment. 10. ---The news says that the president is deeply _________ about the issue. ---Of course, he should care about it for the issue is related to the fate of the whole country.

III. 句型转换 1. What interests us is that the other largest city was Rome. What is _________ is that the other largest city was Rome. 2. Likewise, China?s influence also spread across other countries. ________, China?s influence also spread across other countries. 3. China was once ruled bu different groups and this caused many wars. China was once ruled by different groups , ________ caused many wars. 4. Atlantis was situated in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was a center for trade and commerce. Atlantis was ________ in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean and was a center for trade and commerce. 5. In 753 BC, the city of Rome was built, and in 509 BC, it became a republic. In 753 BC, the city of Rome was _________, and in 509 BC, it became a republic. 6. Tomorrow we are heading for Naples to visit the museum that houses many treasures from Pompii. Tomorrow we are ______ to Naples to visit the museum that houses many treasures from Pompii. 7. Sven found the remains of buildings buried under the sand, together with a lot of treasures. Sven found the remains of buildings buried under the sand, ________ with a lot of treasures. 8. This small, wealthy commercial city came into existance almost 2,000 years ago. This small, wealthy commercial city ________ almost 2,000 years ago. 9. When I came back, he was still waiting for his son, with an ice-cream in his hand. When I came back, he _______ waiting for his son, with an ice-cream in his hand. 10. They have performed a new experiement to prove their idea. They have _______ out a new experiement to prove their idea. IV. 翻译句子 1.孔子对中国的文化和教育的发展产生了深远影响。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 人们想知道,董事长退休后公司将由谁来接管。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 人们开始在这个地区挖金银财宝,这对遗址造成了很大破坏。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 火山在接着的三天继续爆发。结果所有的人被活埋了,庞贝城也被埋没了。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 走在古城里中,我看到原样保存下来的街道,上面铺满了踏脚石。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. 1860 年, 那个意大利考古学家受命担任了庞贝遗址挖掘工作的总指挥。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. 现在的沙漠一度是一片绿色的土地,长着参天大树,然而,尽管如此也没有能阻止这座城市被风 沙覆盖的命运。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. 在接下来的几百年里,罗马和中国都经历了一番磨难。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. 早在公元前 200 年,作为东方贸易通道的丝绸之路就开始使用了。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 当时的罗马不仅是一座城市和一个共和国,它也将成为历史上最大帝国之一的都城。 ____________________________________________________________________________________

I.单选 1.The average price of commercial houses in our city has reduced by ______ 10 percent, so we can buy one at ______ low price. A. the ; the B. the ; / C. / ; a D. / ; the 2.---What is the book mainly about? ---Well, it ________ a little boy who suffered a lot during the war. A. deals with B. deals about C. makes up D. talk about 3. You told me that you had seen the performance _____. A. two days later B. two days before C. two days ago D. the day before yesterday 4. He is not very good at getting his ideas ________, so he is easily misunderstood by others. A. over B. along C. across D. about 5. He left the place, _______never ________back again. A. determined; to come B. being determined; to come C. determined; coming D. determining; coming 6. ---I?d like a table for six. ---Sorry, sir, but we don?t have any tables ______ right now. A. usable B. suitable C. comfortable D. available 7. The middle-aged woman told me she ______ to visit our mountain village in 2005. A. comes B. came C. has come D. had come 8. Come over and Have a chat with me whenever ______. A. you will be convenient B. it will be convenient to you C. you are convenient D. it is convenient to you 9. While doing shopping, people sometimes can?t help ______into buying something they don?t really want. A. persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. to be persuaded 10. A _______ customer is _______ who has no complaints. A. satisfied; people B. satisfying; that C. satisfy; which D. satisfied; one 11. —What?s the market _______ of their computer? —About 20% percent. A. number B. figure C. sales D. figure 12._______ enter better colleges, the teachers are making every effort. A. In order to B. In order for the students to C. So as to D. So as for the students to 13.I came to know that knowledge _______ from practice after I _______ middle school. A. came ; finished B. had come ; finished C. comes ; finished D. would come ; was finishing 14.It is recommended that the system of buying train tickets in real names _____ out during spring festival. A. is carried B. will be carried C. be carried D. to be carried 15. I asked him ______ he had bought such a beautiful hand bag for his wife. A. which B. that C. where D. what II.词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1. ---Do you have any room_________?I want to book a room for two. ---Wait a minute, sir. I?ll check it for you .. 2. --- Congratulations! I?ve heard that you have been __________to a new post as headmaster. ---Thanks. 3.---Can you tell me something about ads? ---Well, advertisements usually encourage customers to buy a product or service. The language is _________ and the images are attractive. 4. ---Is there anything in _________ you?d like for dinner? ---Anything is Ok with me . 5. ---If it is _________ for you, I?d like to invite you to dinner this evening. ---Thank you.

6.---What?s the market __________ of their computer? --- About 20 % at present. 7. ---Mum, can I go with you to see the film? --- Sorry, honey, the film is not __________ for children, so it?s not fit for you. 8. ---Hi, Jack, long time no see. How are you doing? --- A crime was _________ last week. We are looking into the case, but we haven?t found any clues. 9. ---Why do you look so sad? --- Bad luck! A cheat __________ me into giving all my money to him. 10. ---Tom failed in the College Entrance Exminations. ---Bad luck. But there are many other _________. All roads lead to Rome. III.句型转换 1. What attracts me most are the colors he used in his paintings What ________ to me most are the colors he used in his paintings. 2. They finally realized the importance of English. Eventually, they were _______ of the importance of English at last. 3. When we took the ice outside, the ice would become water soon. When _______ outside, the ice would become water soon. 4. She is a cleaner, but she is seldom tired of her job. She is a cleaner, but she is seldom ________ with her job. 5. I won?t be taken in by his tricks again. I won?t _________ for his tricks again. 6. You are proud of your cooking, so shouldn?t you buy the very freshest food? You take ________ in your cooking, so shouldn?t you buy the very freshest food? 7. He left his hometown, deciding not to come back again. He left his hometown, __________ never to come back again. 8. John couldn?t make others understand his plan. John couldn?t ________ his plan across to others. 9. Li Yang suggested to us his unique approach to the English study. Li Yang __________ to us his unique approach to the English study. 10. She gave us a lot of advice, which did much good to our English study. She gave us a lot of advice, from which our English study ________ greatly . She gave us a lot of advice, which was greatly _______ to our English study. IV. 句子翻译 1. 商业广告是一种人们为了推销某商品或服务而花钱作的广告。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. 这个活动旨在提高学生的英语口语能力。(intend) ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 这种疾病老年人比较普遍,但这种疾病有 90%的患者能被治愈的。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 这是杰克第三次没能通过驾驶考试,不过他并不泄气。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 他父亲想让他当工程师,但他根本就不是当工程师的料。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. 你得确切的知道你想传递给人们的信息是什么,你又想让他们做什么,这是很重要的。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. 要始终迎合受众的反应,这是很重要的。

____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. 许多人认为植树造林是保护环境的最佳方式。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. 在策划广告宣传活动时,你会发现有许多不同的手段让你将信息传达给目标受众。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 你可能需要问自己受众关注或者担心这个问题的哪些方面。 ____________________________________________________________________________________

I. 单项选择 1.Was it in the year 776 BC ______ the old Olympic Games _______ the modern games came began in Greece? A. when…which B. when…from which C. that…from which D. that…that 2.You full marks, but you were too careless a spelling mistake. A. could gain…to make B. could have gained…to make C. could have gained…and made D. could have gained…as to make 3._______ think of their plan, they will carry it out. Your opinions will not affect their decision. A. No matter how you may B. How you may C. What you may D. Whatever you may 4.After _______ practice, I have finally brought my Santana ________. A. lots of…under control B. many a… into control C. a plenty of…under control D. a large amount of…out of control 5.Albert Einstein is probably the greatest scientists the world _____ . A. has ever experienced B. is ever experienced C. has ever seen D. is ever seeing 6.The teacher repeated the explanation several times _____ the child to understand it completely. A. in order to B. so as to C. in order that D. in order for 7.Working at home, which one could hardly imagine, has been made _____ with the development of computer technology. A. possible B. it possible C. possibly D. to be possible 8.______ I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless 9.John _______ his father about the failure in the exam . A. dares not tell B. dare not to tell C. dare not tell D. not dare to tell 10.Robert is said ________ abroad, but I don?t know what country he studied in. A. to study B. to have been studying C. to be studying D. to have studied 11.______ with what he had done, the public thought highly of him. A. Delight B. Delighting C. Delighted D. Being delighting 12.Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially ______ containing as many different cultures as America, is a difficult thing. A. the one B. one C. it D. either 13.As we joined the big crowd I get ______ from my friends. A. lost B. spared C. separated D. missed 14.The boy was praised at the meeting because he was thought _______ a good example to all of his schoolmates. A. to set B. for setting C. to have set D. to have been set 15. Will you please write the words ________? I mean you write them on the first line and then the third line and so on. A. every third line B. every second lines C. every other lines D. every other line II. 词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1.---Tom and Mary will get married next month.

---I?m ________ to hear that. 2.---Do you think it is difficult for us to get the contrast(合同)? ---Yes, several advertising agencies are _________ with each other for it. 3.---Can you tell me something about Charlie Chaplin? ---Ok, he was a famous film star, who made great _________ to the film industry. 4.---_________ in their argument, she felt embarrassed. ---I can imagine that. 5.---The city?s bright lights, theatres, movies, etc, are great _________. ---No wonder many tourists want to visit the city. 6.---Could you help me look after my dog during my _________? ---With pleasure. 7.---Tom and Jack have to sleep in one bed, but their brother has a _________ one. ---Oh, it?s unfair.. 8.---Why should we have the electric equipment inspected before the new term starts? ---To _________ that they are safe.. 9.---In some countries, people eat too much fat and sugar. They should eat a _______ diet to keep healthy. ---I can?t agree more. 10.---2009 was a g_________ year. We had the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the PRC. ---Yes, we had an exceptionally grand celebration.. III. 句型转换 1.He made an effort to escape from the prison, but he couldn?t find anybody to help him. He ________ to escape from the prison, but he couldn?t find anybody to help him. 2.This discovery of oil is very significant to the country?s economy. This discovery of oil is of great _________ to the country?s economy. 3.I don?t think it is a good idea to give up the environment in order to develop economy. I don?t think it is a good idea to give up the environment to make ______for economic development. 4.We need to think carefully about various ways to improve our efficiency. We need to ________ very carefully at various ways to improve our efficiency. 5.Unmarried women were allowed to take part in their own competition at a separate festival in memory of the wife of the Greek god Zeus. Unmarried women were allowed to _________ at a separate festival in honour of the wife the Greek god Zeus. 6.Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of the greatest presidents in American history by most people.. Abraham Lincoln is widely__________as one of the greatest presidents in American history. 7.To our great delight, our team won over theirs. We are greatly _________ that our team won over theirs. 8. Would you please give us a brief explanation of this complex sentence? Would you explain this complex sentence to us _________?. 9.Will you do me the favor to take these desks to another classroom? Will you do me the favor to ________ these desks to another classroom? 10. Apart from the two of them, another three students took part in the English Contest in our school. Besides the two of them, another three students ________ in the English Contest in our school. IV. 翻译句子 1. 不管遇到什么困难,我们都得克服。 (no matter) _____________________________________________________________________________________

2. 迈克尔.乔丹被看作美国 NBA 最有名气的超级明星之一。( recognize) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 母亲节是一个向所有母亲表达敬意的节日。 (honor) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. 很明显,为了按时把事情做完,有必要迅速采取行动。 (in order for sth to…) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. 他的愿望是奥运会能让国与国、民与民之间和平共处成为可能。(V. + it + adj. …) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6. 刘翔大约在 10 年前就开始被公众注意了。 (attention) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. 托尼本不应该将你的秘密告诉我,但是他没有恶意。 (should have done) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 8. 工人们强烈建议把机器每年检修一次。 (recommend that…) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. 他的建议在公司的飞快发展中起了主要作用。 (role) _____________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 我们要求孩子们上课认真听讲。 (require that…) _____________________________________________________________________________________

I.单项选择 1. The pretty girl appears to be honest, but ______ she?s a cheat. A. in realities B. in reality C. in truth D. in facts 2. You shouldn?t have rejected his proposal that another way ______ to accomplish the task. A. was tried B. be tried C. should try D. would be tried 3. ______ at the cinema, we found the film, _______ Beijing in the 1980s, had begun. A. On arrived; is set in B. Upon arriving; set in C. Arriving; written on D. When arriving; was seat in 4. Much of the discount is pocketed by retailers instead of _______ computers. A. passing on to B. passed on to C. being passed to D. being passed on to 5. The policeman has questioned all the people _______ the robbery. A. relating to B. related to C. connected with D. All above 6. The flu is believed _______ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. A. causing B. being caused C. to be caused D. be have caused 7. “The interest be divided into five parts, according to the agreement made by both sides,” declared the judge. A. may B. should C. must D. shall 8. He had called several times to invite me to his birthday part and I had to _______. A. give up B. give away C. give in D. give out 9. --- How did you find him out ? ---- I _____ his name by chance on a list.

10. 11.


13. 14.


A. came down B. came about C. came up D. came across At the meeting, a proposal that he should take charge of the project _____. A. put forward B. came up C. came up with D. showed The police found that the house ____ and a lot of things ____. A. has broken into; has been stolen B. had broken into; had been stolen C. had broken into; stolen D. had been broken into; stolen --- This kind of cloth ____ well and____ long, besides, it?s cheap. --- OK, I?ll take it. A. washes ; lasts B. is washed; lasts C. washes ; is lasted D. is washing; is lasting It won?t be long before we ____ each other again. A. will meet B. met C. meet D. would meet --- I don?t suppose the police know who did it. --- Well, surprisingly they do. A man has been arrested and ____ now. A. has been questioned B. is being questioned C. is questioning D. has questioned After May Day, I wrote down whatever _____ me during the journey, especially the little girl who couldn?t go to school for being disabled. A. expressed B. effected C. impressed D. influenced

II.词汇检测 (根据上下语境写出一个语法上和语义上均正确的词) 1.---Gaby, who was the boy that______ milk to you? --- Oh, he is Jake, Miss Scavo?s youngest son. 2. --- I got an _______ to study abroad in Oxford. ----- Really? Congratulations! 3. ---Has the teacher ________ the result of the physics exam? ---Yes, that?s why we are so happy. 4. --- He was _______ of the robbery by the police --- You don?t say. I think the police may get something wrong with it. 5. ---Since Harry Potter was published, it has won great _________ among children. --- Yes, I bought one too. 6. --- What did the mayor proposed at the meeting? --- His _______ is that we do something to protect our environment efficiently. 7. --- He was arrested and ________ about the murder. --- No wonder his wife is so worried at home. 8. --- In Miss Hodge?s class, everyone is free to _______ their opinions. --- That?s why she is my favorite teacher. 9. --- The building has been on fire for half an hour. ---Fortunately, the firefighters has come to _______ those people from the burning building. 10. --- Be _______ with the girl. After all, she is no more than six. --- Ok. III.句型转换 1. He worked hard and finally turned his lifelong intention into reality. He worked hard and finally _______ his lifelong intention. 2. His words made a strong impression on my memory. His words were strongly ________ on my memory. 3. Should scientists take responsibility for the negative effects made by their discoveries?

Should scientists be ____________for the negative effects made by their discoveries? 4. He was taken by the police because he was accused of stealing a car. He was taken by the police because he was __________ _with stealing a car. 5. From my point of view what he said is not true at all. _______, what he said is not true at all. 6. I happened to see Peter on the way to the bookstore yesterday. I ___________ across Peter on the way to the bookstore yesterday. 7. She is said to lack experience in teaching beginners. She is said to be____________in teaching beginners. 8. Edwards's always chasing after rainbows and has never put forward a really practical idea. Edwards's always chasing after rainbows and has never ______ a really practical idea. 9. Since Harry Potter was published, it has become popular among children. Since Harry Potter was published, it won great _________ among children. 10. Michael Jordan was the highest scorer for the gold-medal-winning USA basketball team at the 1984 Olympics. Michael Jordan _______ most for the gold-medal-winning USA basketball team at the 1984 Olympics. IV. 翻译句子 1. 有人提出了这样的不同看法:电影会让某些观众感到失望,因为虚拟现实毕竟不是现实。 An argument has been that some viewers will ___________ RealCine because VR is not real. 2. 可以借用 RealCine 电影训练消防员, 而不必让接受训练的消防员冒险进到一间正在熊熊燃烧的房 子。 Firefighters could be trained RealCine without __________ them into a building. 3. 在我看来,我们是该配置新电脑的时候了。 , it is about time we new computers. 4. 在黑洞力量的帮助下,三个年轻人终于将失控的宇宙飞船安全的导航到地球上。 from a black hole, they are able to the spaceship back to the earth. 5. 那张报纸看完了就传给别人。 __________ __________ _________ _________ the others when you have finished it. 6. 他被指控偷窃而入狱。 He __________ __________ _________ _________ and was put into prison. 7. 我印象最深的是不管他何时出现在我面前,都是面带迷人的微笑。 __________ ___________ _________ _________is that whenever he appears in front of me, he wears a charming smile. 8. 我终于有机会向他吐露我的心声了。 I finally had an __________ _______ ________ ________ _______to him. 9..如果你做错了什么,你就应该负责任。 If you do anything wrong about the matter,you should _________ _________ _______ it. 10.Tom 是时候做作业了。 It's __________ __________ that Tom ________ __________ _________.

Keys to M3U1 I.单项选择 1-5 DABCD 6-10 ABAAC 11-14 CCBCB II.词汇检测 1. rough 2. volunteer 3 personally 4deadly 5 stressed 6 temporarily 7 ignore 8 nightshirt 9 jewellery 10. distance III.句型转换 1. height 2. Possibly 3. sense 4. held 5. Whoever 6. came 7. deserted 8. stared 9. whispered 10. Hopefully IV. 句子翻译 1. Many people wonder if our senses have anything to do with our overall health. 2. Once out in the street, she walked quickly towards her usual bus stop. 3. At last he found himself walking in a crowded street with people all around him. 4. Actually,chances of being attacked by a shark are very slim in comparison with being hit by lightning. 5. I had left my bike near a shop, but when I came back, it was nowhere to be seen. 6. Compared with busy and crowded city life, country life is quieter and more peaceful. 7. Does it make sense to kill time like that? 8. You needn?t to go to the bookstore, for the books in our library now is five times more than three years ago. 9. It was an nice idea and had some basis in reality, but it proved to be unpractical in the end. 10. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daghter until the train was out of sight.

Keys to M3U2 I.单项选择 1~5 CCDCB 6~10 BACBB 11~15 DBBCA II.词汇检测 1. depends 2.opposite 3.contributes 4.official 5. adopted 6. confusing 7. impact 8. banned 9. included 10. original III.句型转换 1.consisting 2.despite 3.differed 4. access 5. affected 6. represents 7. contibutions 8.regret 9. realized 10. resulted IV. 翻译句子 1. He took an umbrella with him in case it rained. 2. The success of the programme has contributed greatly to the current interest in pop music. 3. I had reached a point in my career when I needed to decide which way to go. 4. His speech set the tone for the further co-operations between the two sides. 5. Traditional Chinese sports are similar to the Western sports in that both are meant to improve people?s health. 6. Examples reflecting the great changes that have taken place in his hometown in recent years can be found throughout his book. 7. Some characters have been simplified, and others have been made more complex over time. 8. Despite the fact that French did not replace English as the first language, French still had impact on the English language.

Keys to M3U3
I. 选择题 1-5.CDCBD 6-10. DBABB 11-15.BDDCC II. 词汇检测 1.similarities 2. burying 3. solution 4. wealthy/rich/ well-off 5. overthrown 6. board 7. gradually 8. condition 9. destroyed 10. concerned III.句型转换 1. interesting 2. Similarly 3. which 4. located 5. founded 6. off 7. along 8. existed 9. remained 10. carried IV. 翻译句子 1. Confucious greatly influenced / had a great influence upon the development of China?s culture and education. 2. People are wondering who is going to take over when the president of the board retires. 3. People started to dig in the area for treasure, which caused much damage. 4. The volcano continued to erupt for the next three days. As a result, all the people were buried alive and so was the city of Pompeii. 5. When I walked around the city, I saw streets just as they had been, with stepping stones along the road. 6. In1860,the Italian archaeologist was made director of the Pompeii dig. 7. The desert was once a green land with enormous trees, but even that didn?t prevent the city from being buried by sand. 8. In the following hundred years both Rome and China had a difficult time. 9. As early as 200 BC, the Silk Road, which was the route for trade between the East and the West, was in use. 10. Not only was Rome a city and a republic,but it was also to become the capital of one of the largest empires in history. Keys to M4U1 I. 单选 CABCA DBDCD BBCCC II. 词汇检测 1.available 2. promoted 3. persuasive 4. particular 5. convenient 6. share 7. intended/meant 8. crimitted 9. tricked 10. appeals III. 句型转换 1. appeals 2. aware 3.taken 4. bored 5. fall 6. pride 7. determined 8. get 9. recommended 10. benefitted/ beneficial IV.翻译句子 1. A commercial advertisement is one which someone has paid for to promote a product or service. 2. This activity is intended to improve the students? spoken English. 3. This disease is common to the old and ninety percent of the patients can be cured of the disease. 4. This is the third time that Jack has failed the driving test. He isn?t discouraged, though. 5. His father meant him to be an engineer but he was never meant for an engineer. 6. It is important to know exactly the message you want to sent to people and what you are tryingto get them to do. 7. It is important to always try to appeal to the way the audience will react. 8. Many people regard planting trees as thebest way that the environment can be protected. 9. There are lots of different ways to get your message across when you are putting together an ad campaign. 10. You may want to ask yourself what parts of this issue they would care about or be concerned with.

Keys to M4U2 I. 单项选择 1---CCDAC 6---DAACD 11---CBCCA II. 词汇检测 1.delighted/glad 2. competing 3. contributions 4.Involved 5.attractions 6.absence 7.separate 8.ensure 9.balanced 10.glorious III.同义转换 1.attempted 2. significance/ impotance 3. way 4. look 5. compete 6. recognized 7. delighted 8. briefly 9. remove 10. participated IV.翻译句子 1. No matter what difficulties we meet with, we must overcome them. 2. Michael Jordan is recognized as one of the most famous NBA superstars in the USA. 3. Mothers? Day is a celebration in honor of all mothers. 4. Clearly, in order for things to be done in time, it is necessary to act quickly. 5. His dream was that the Olympic Games would make it possible for countries and people to live in peace side by side. 6. Liu xiang came to public attention about 10 years ago. 7. Tony shouldn?t have told me your secret, but he meant no harm 8. The workers strongly recommended that the machines (should) be tested once a year. 9. His suggestions played a leading role in the rapid development of the company. 10. We require that children (should) listen carefully in class. Keys to M4U3 I. 单项选择 BBBDD CDCDB DACBC II.词汇检测 1. delivered 2.opportunity 3. announced 4.accused 5. popularity 6. proposal 7. questioned 8. voice 9. rescue 10.gentle III. 同义转换 1. realized 2. impressed 3. responsible 4. charged 5. Personally 6. came 7. inexperienced 8. raised 9. popularity 10. scored IV. 翻译句子 1. put forward, be disappointed by 2. using, the risk of sending , burning 3. in my opinion, had 4. with the help of force , guide , lost 5. Pass the newspaper on to 6.. was accused of stealing 7. What impresses me most 8. Opportunity to voice my opinion 9.be responsible for/take responsibility for 10.about/high time; did his homework.

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