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1.(全国 III)An American and a Frenchman decided to cross the sea between France and England in the balloon in 1784. High 76. over the water, they discover a hole in the balloon. The 77. hole became bigger and bigger. The air keeps the 78. balloon up was escaping quickly and the balloon was 79. coming up. The two men threw all their equipment into 80. the water to make the balloon light. It started to rise 81. higher again. So it was still too close to the water. 82. finally, the men threw away most of his clothes to 83. save themselves. The crowd waiting for to greet them in 84. England was very surprised see this when the balloon 85. landed in front of them.

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

2.(江西)I am very excited to have accepted an e-mail from 76. _______ you. I'm glad you have made such a great progress 77. _______ that you can wcite your e-mail good Chinese. I read 78. _______ your e-mail to my parents and show them the photo you 79. _______ sent it to me. How rime flies! Our friendship has 80. _______ for several months. We have got to know but learned a 81. _______ lot from each other. Yes, it is clearly that your life in 82. _______ your country is quite different from me. Thanks again 83. _______ for writing to me. I'm looking forward to hear from 84. _______ you soon. Best wishes to you and your family. 85. _______ 3.(全国 I)We had guests last night who have not stayed 76. in a B&B hotel ago. They did not want breakfast 77. because that they were going out early in the 78. morning. They came back lately and had some 79. tea.I came into the living room and saw one of 80. them just to through the kitchen door but turn 81. on the light. He was looking for a glass the 82. cupboard. He had no ideas that the kitchen was 83. not for guesls. I just smiled to me and thought, 84. “What can I do? We are guests after all.” 85. 4.(四川)When our six children were young,suppertime is always 76. being interrupted by neighborhood children ring the bell. 77. They wanted one child or another to come out and played. 78. Finally we had good idea. We hung a sign on the front 79. door that was read: “We’re having dinner. Come back 80. later.” That night,we sat down to what they thought would 81. be a pleasant,uninterrupted meals. But as soon as we 82. began dinner,the doorbell rang. On the front door stood a 83. five-year-old boy from across the street. He looked up 84. at us and said, just want to know what the sign say.” “I 85. 5.(重庆)My hometown is a pretty city,so people there are 76. kind and polite.With coming of spring,grass and 77. trees turn green,and flowers grew in many colors. 78. In summer,the sea under the blue skies is even more 79.

beautiful.After autumn arrives,the city looks as an old man with leaves fallen from the trees.In winter, a lot of white birds come to my city for food.I can wait more patiently above the sea for quite a long time. While they find fish come to the surface,they fly down immediate and catch them without delay. That is my city,and I love it so much. 6.(陕西) Dear Anish, Here are the information about Manchester University. It is about 200 miles far away from London,and it has a very big schoolyard.You can live in the school or near the school.They have all sorts of course. I’m sure you will find one you like it. I know you are particuiar interestes in Human Rights. So I will see that there is anything on their website(网址)。 I’ll send my friend Charlie meet you at the airport When you arrived.You mat him a few years ago,but he Has changed a lot since then,Both your aunt or I look Forward to seeing you again. See you soon. 7.(福建)Dear John. Last summber I take a part-time job in the lnternational Camp for ehildren. I have been told one more worker Will be needed this year and I think you arre fit it. How About join as? The camp is al the foot of a small hill Close to a river. It is so a beautiful place! We can hear Birds singing happy all around. Everybody sleeps in Tents, that is very exciting. We usually work only five Hours a day, so we will have plenty of spare time visit the Area and laye a him, I am sure it will be an unforgetlahle Experience. If you have interests in it, reply to me soon.

80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83.______ 84.______ 85.______


Yours, Ping 8.(辽宁)Many students feel that a popular teacher must be kind 76.it and easy going. He and should make the class very 77.or active for joking with the students. However, the popular 78.by teacher is at ∧ same time the one who should be strict with 79.the students. Last year, my English teacher proved to be the move 80.most popular in our school. She was usual patient with her students 81.usually/unusually and never made them disappointed. She always stays in full 82.stayed control of the situations. She always made sure that our 83.√ homework was finished on time, but she marked strictly 84.and on student’s actual performance. 85.students’/our


9.(山东) Dear Ming, It was very nice to hear from you for such a long time. I’m glad to learn that you’ve been settled down in Boston and are getting used to the local ways of life. As you know,I’m still buried in books at school you are So familiar with. What may surprise you are that I’m going to The US this July in a summer camp! Surely I’m expecting lots Of sightseeing tours, parties and another exciting things. We must Definitely meet when I’m over. As is planning, I’m coming To Boston around the 15 , and I wonder if you’ll free then so We could chat about the good older days. Hope to see you soon. Yours, Xiao Lei 10.(天津)Dear Ms. Smith, I apprecite your help very well. On the first day of Camp, you came up to myself while I was sitting alone. After That, you always gave me specially attention and inspired to me to join in activities. As a result, I gradually got to know The other campers. Because the help you gave me that summer, My life changed. I gained so much confidence that I go back To school as new person. My grades improved. I became Very active but made new friends. Today, I got a letter that Said I had been admitting to a college. I am proud of it. I just Want to thank you for helping me becoming a different person. Yours, Bob 11.(安徽) There is a public library in every town in Britain. Anyone Can borrow books if he or she wish. In some please you May borrow as more books as you need, but in others You are limited in a certain number of books. You may Keep the books for several weeks so as you can have Enough time to finish it. If the book you want is out You may ask it to be kept for you. Most public libraries Also have a reading-room, that you can sit at the desk And read the daily newspapers, magazines and the other Books, but you are not permit to take them out. 12.(广东 B)When a young man starts to earn his own living, he can no longer expect others to pay his food, his clothes, or his room, but he has to work till he wants to live comfortable. If he spends most of his time playing about in the way that he used to as a child, they will go

76.______ 77.______ 78.______ 79______ 80.______ 81.______ 82.______ 83.______ 84.______ 85.______

56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 76. 77. 78. 79.

hungry. And if he breaks the laws of society that he used to break the laws of his parents, he may go to the prison. If, therefore, he works hard, keeps out of trouble and has better health, he can have the great happiness of seeing himself to make steady progress in his job and of building up for himself his own position in society. 13.(全国 II) An American and a Frenchman dicided to cross the sea Between France and England in the balloon in 1784 .High Over the water ,they discover a hole in the balloon .The Hole became bigger and bigger .The air keeps the Ballon up was escaping quickly and the their equipmennnnt into The water to make the balloon light.It started to rise Higher again.So it was still too close to the water. Finally ,the men threw away most of his clothe to save themselves .The crowd waiting for to greet them in Endland was very surprised see this the balloon Landed in front of them. 14.(浙江) Dear Mr. Donforth,

80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

I’m writing to ask you come to our class for a visit. I’ve 76. ________ heard that you have been to Greece. In our Greece unit, we have been learning about it’s rich culture and long history. Since you have visited Greece several times, so I would like to know whether you have seen the old buildings here. We have learned a lot from the text book, but I believe you personal experience will be a lot better. Your knowledges of Greece can help the whole class. Could you share you experiences for us? It will be surely exciting and rewarding. I hoped that you think about my request and visit us as soon as possibly. 77. ________ 78. _________ 79. _________ 80. _______ 81. _________ 82.________ 83. _________ 84. _________ 85.__________


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